PMO to pay for business travellers on Harper Mideast tour


OTTAWA – The Prime Minister’s Office says taxpayers will pay for an entourage of business people and others to accompany the PM on his Middle East visit starting this weekend.

Jason MacDonald, spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, says he doesn’t yet have a full list of those going along.

He does says air travel and some accommodation will be paid for from government coffers, but he adds he doesn’t have full details of the costs.

Harper is to spend a week in Israel, the West Bank and Jordan.

He will meet Israeli and Palestinian leaders and the king of Jordan.

Harper is also to address the Israeli Knesset, the first Canadian prime minister to do so.


PMO to pay for business travellers on Harper Mideast tour

  1. Well, given that during the “Team Canada” mission held by the LIberals every year also included the costs for travelling business leaders……it should’nt really be an issue should it?
    After all…I never saw any journalists or pundits reporting this practice when the Liberals did it…..and they did it more often.

    • maybe you weren’t reading the right newspapers? Or maybe you’ve just forgotten all the criticisms leveled at the previous government?

      • Eigenman……watch the coverge of this now that Harper is providing the businessmen with travel.
        You will note it will be quite a bit more than when Chretien did it. Chretien got about a 15 second sound bite….Harper will no doubt get many more minutes about this.
        It will be the same as the senate “scandal” whereupon Conservative Senators being ordered to pay back money….got 8 months of coverage (and still counting) whereas Mac Harb, or Judy sgro got three lines in the paper.

    • When i was a very young child I learned that two wrongs do not make a right. And so here is James another baby grown old. Beyond the infantile regression, what is more is that this government flogs its fiscally conservative policies. So when it behaves in the same way as the liberals not only does that make the conservatives indistinguishable from their foe (is that really what you want?), but it makes them worse because it makes them is hypocritical. But, then, if everyone is doing I guess it is alright eh, James. In fairness it is at least easier to blindly follow ideology.

      • Actually, al…..
        I would prefer that NO money is wasted…regardless of who is doing it; Liberal of conservative. My point was that Harper will get a lot more negative coverage because of it, than did Chretien.
        That being said, if these businessmen can get some deals done that will benefit Canada….good on them. If the benefit outweighs the cost, then it is justified.
        For the record….the current Government does a lot of stuff that ticks me off….but not so much that I would ever consider voting NDP or Liberal.
        Couple of things I don’t like about the current Government:
        1. Action Plan ads
        2. Incandesscent Light bulb ban.
        3. Cheryl Gallant
        4. Rob Anders

    • Ah!
      When it comes to a tit-for-tat opportunity then all accountability is off…””It’s the Liberals fault”, sleazebagging opportunities are never to be passed over by the current government/leader.

  2. …. and maybe, on Harper’s return journey back (also at Taxpayer’s expense), he can drop in and see how those frightened children of “Lev Tahor” are doing these days, around here. ?
    I mean, if nothing else, atleast as a goodwill gesture within our own country.

  3. Oy vey, 200 “guests” to Israel, a place where Canada has virtually no trade or economic interest. Although this is brother Steve’s first trip to the land of David, this is looking more like an open house for vacant settlement homes in the West Bank, and to put some finishing touches on preparations for the second coming. The cost alone is an existential threat to Canada.

  4. Appropriate choice; a mosquito infested swamp in the middle of a desert to be named in honor of our PM. Israel won’t regret that move.

  5. Based upon the feedback on this thread….it seems pretty clear, the folks opposed to this trip aren’t really concerned about the costs…..they seem more concerned about the destination.
    Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  6. Canada already has free trade with Israel. This is a Pilgrimage. A taxpayer funded Hajj