Podcast: The Elliot Lake mall collapse — a tragedy 30 years in the making

Michael Friscolanti talks about his investigation into the collapse of the Elliot Lake mall

Drawing from court documents, property records, inspection reports and dozens of interviews with the people who lived it, Doomed: The Untold Story Behind the Collapse of the Elliot Lake Mall, tells the shocking backstory of a mall that was cursed before it even existed, a star-crossed structure plagued by dreadful timing, dubious decisions and a collective case of wilful blindness.

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Podcast: The Elliot Lake mall collapse — a tragedy 30 years in the making

  1. The major problem, as I saw it, living in EL for 2 years, was that all the buildings left after the mine closed were built to last for, probably, 30 years or so, and I think that shortish term thinking is the basic reason EL is a sort of magnet for trouble – plus their engrained habit of living on government grants. I didn’t have any feeling at all that the place and its leaders really knew what to do for the long term. In my career, I had the opportunity to work with former mining communities and this is not an unusual problem. I think of it as the `mining mindset’.

  2. It can’t be a very good book if Friscolanti doesn’t know the difference between a “widow” and a “widower”. My goodness, where did he go to school?

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