Police investigate bomb threat to Rob Ford at Toronto city hall

Police investigate bomb threat to Rob Ford at Toronto city hall

Email demands Mayor Rob Ford quit, or face bomb threat

Mark Blinch/Reuters

Mark Blinch/Reuters

TORONTO — Police were dispatched to Toronto city hall Monday after Mayor Rob Ford said a threat was made to bomb the building unless he resigned, but no evacuation was ordered.

Toronto police spokesman Const. David Hopkinson said officers were sent to the building after city hall security informed them of the threat that morning. Police earlier said they were first notified Sunday night.

Hopkinson said the building was not being evacuated and couldn’t confirm whether a bomb sweep had been done.

Ford announced the bomb threat to reporters. He said the email was sent to his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, on Sunday night.

The mayor held up a copy the typo-ridden note, which says there has been “chaos” since Ford returned from rehab last month.

“He has 12 hours to vacate otherwise city hall will blow. I have already set up explosive around.”

Ford said he wasn’t phased by the threat.

“I’m moving on. Business as usual. Obviously the police will be around and the police (will) handle this from here on in,” he said.

Ford also defended going public about the email.

“When I get something this serious sent to my brother’s office and to the deputy mayor’s office it’s only proper that the mayor of the city addresses this.”

Coun. Paula Fletcher said there is a protocol dealing with threats, but that it doesn’t restrict officials from revealing them. But she said she hopes Ford knew the threat wasn’t real before he announced it.

“I hope he’s followed what I would call the good rules, or good common sense. And since we’re still here in the building I’m going to assume it was just an angry letter from a disturbed individual.”

Toronto spokeswoman Wynna Brown said in an email Monday afternoon that police “are conducting a thorough investigation in co-ordination with city hall security.”

The controversial mayor has faced numerous calls for his resignation amid admissions of drug use, alcohol addiction and various instances of being caught on tape making offensive comments.

But he’s brushed all them aside and is running in the October 27th election to remain in the mayor’s chair.

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Police investigate bomb threat to Rob Ford at Toronto city hall

  1. For those outside of Toronto: TPS (Toronto Police Service) has spent over a million dollars investigating drug related incidents to Rob Ford. This recent “bomb scare” is a poor PR stunt at best. Given Mayor Ford’s long history of crack addiction (Google Rob Ford’s quote “I have done all drugs under the sun”), I think it is more plausible that he and his brother smoked some crack and came up with a crazy PR idea to save their dying campaign.

    Now while TPS is focused on this sorry excuse of a mayor, entire blocks in his stronghold of Scarborough, Toronto are participating in organized cross-border drug trafficking. Just in my area alone, there is a battery of 5-10 houses all connected together and involved in drug trade via transportation and shipping companies (and you can imagine how many more people are involved in this game to do it at this scale). I live next to a popular dealer here (between Morningside and Hupfield) and I can tell you they sure love this guy. I don’t know what the connection is but their drug related activity went up exponentially after Rob Ford’s selection as mayor of Toronto. TPS in their fight have given up on large areas of Toronto like mine. This is the damage Mr. Ford has done to ordinary tax-paying law-abiding citizens like myself. Under Mayor Ford, it feels like I’ve been living in a “hood” area of Jamaica :)