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Politicians keep admitting they’ve smoked pot

A round-up of who smoked marijuana, and who just said no


Pawel Dwulit/CP

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s admission that he smoked marijuana “five or six times,” including one instance after becoming an elected MP, has created a strange ripple effect of other politicians disclosing their previous pot use.

We’ve compiled a sample of the (ever-growing) list of pot-smoking politicians and what each has said about their use, or non-use, of the drug.

If you’re looking for more serious arguments on legalization, these related links might help:

If not, here’s a handy graphic of who said what:


Politicians keep admitting they’ve smoked pot

  1. Finally, a holistic explanation of Canadian politics that makes sense.

  2. And now, they all wanna be cool (except PM). As I recall, Brad Wall made a BIG DEAL about laughing about this a few years ago to the media. I don’t see how they can all say they smoked it, didn’t like it, were not harmed by it at all, but it should not be available to others. Hypocrites.

    • its funny eh, some politicians will do just as you said say they did, didnt like it and was harmless, yet the idea of legalizing is ridiculous since its so damaging and addictive….wait a minute

    • And now, they all wanna be cool (except PM).

      I suspect the PM wants to be cool too.

      On the one hand, he sometimes speaks as though he deplores the idea of smoking pot, but on the other hand he keeps on blaming his asthma (as if to say, “if only it weren’t for my damned asthma I could have gotten high too!”).

      It’s like he wants to have his Doritos and eat them too.

    • Wait a minute, by your standards Rob Ford is the coolest one of all.

  3. Trudeau is to Ford as Robyn Thicke is to Miley Cyrus…
    He may have the hit of the summer, but he still can’t compete on pure shock value.

  4. Oh goody.
    Our politicians have found a new bandwagon to get onto. Another issue to kiss up to because they can show Canadian taxpayers that the money they send to Ottawa every year is being well spent. What’s next? A grow-op on Parliament Hill? We’ll get Junior, who never turns down an opportunity to pose for the media, to make an appearance at the ribbon cutting.

  5. I suspect Harper is lying or didn’t have any friends when growing up in Etobicoke. I say this as I lived less than a km away from his high school and was on 2 years ahead of him. Weed was everywhere. Markham was where the organized crime art of it was. You have to remember Woodstock hippies move into homes and were big time smokers of weed. Hippy generation owned homes in the 70s.

    • I didn’t know that Harper grew up in Etobicoke! What a revelation. Did he run in the hood? Rob any little old ladies? Knock over any 7-11’s for some spare cash? Or was he the quintessential high school hall monitor/nerd running for class president with the day-glo pocket protector?

    • I suspect if your cat pooed the rug Harper would somehow be involved

  6. Harper’s reason for not smoking pot, was as dumb as Trudeau’s reason for smoking pot. You have one guy saying he couldn’t because of a medical condition and the other guy saying he did because everyone else was.

    Great choice between leaders.

    Some advice for the NDP….take a real stance on the issue; either you smoked it because you wanted to or you didn’t smoke it because it is illegal or you didn’t want to.

    • Dude…take a pill.

      For the first time ever…we are actually talking about it…in an adult way…at least some are…

      That is a good thing…

  7. It is nice to see hear that this issue has been gnawing at theses politicians so that when the dam breaks open the truth comes flowing out.
    It is a interesting observation that Stephen Harper was the one of the only never to have tried it. It kind of goes to character that if it is not part of his ideology he will not consider it.

  8. As a senior citizen who once drank beer, I say to all of this: “Who really gives a crap??”

  9. Was Harper habitually too drunk to take a toke? Is he today? I mean, that’s pretty drunk, like recovery-position drunk. And this man uses a high-powered rifle to shoot fish in the Ottawa River, if I recall recent photos correctly? Shouldn’t the police be on this?

  10. I have tried pot a few times, now I don’t because I get drug tested at work quite often, twice a year randomly. Legalization, I am just not sure. It has some positive aspects. It is legal in other countries and seems to be working fine. It would eliminate the ownership of illegal pot growers who are probably financing gangs and organized crime.

  11. If marijuana is legalized, does that mean no more drug testing at the workplace?
    Or, could companies still insist based on their workplace safety policies?

  12. Well, nice to see a few honest politicians…….sort of.