PQ leadership candidate Veronique Hivon promising electoral reform

Hivon said any electoral-reform changes would have to go to a province-wide referendum


QUEBEC – Parti Quebecois leadership candidate Veronique Hivon promised Tuesday to introduce electoral reform if she becomes premier.

Hivon said changes need to be implemented to take into account the percentage of votes garnered by each party represented in the national assembly.

She did not specify which system she prefers.

Hivon said any electoral-reform changes would have to go to a provincewide referendum.

The former cabinet minister also wants more free votes in the legislature.

“From the moment I become party leader in the fall, it is something that will be applied on a more sustained basis,” she said.

She and fellow ex-cabinet ministers Alexandre Cloutier and Jean-Francois Lisee are the three declared candidates so far in the race to succeed Pierre Karl Peladeau as permanent PQ leader.


PQ leadership candidate Veronique Hivon promising electoral reform

  1. Where I come from, the UK, it’s not worth a leader candidates political life, to cross an incumbents parliament on the voting system.
    The present UK (compare his Canadian counterparts) Conservative leader and PM took good care to make plain his devotion to the single member system to his followers (actually his leaders – like the man left at the Paris barricades, who exclaimed: I am their leader, I must follow them!)

    The UK Labour party, leader included, (like the NDP) want MMP, because it is an incumbents PR (a doubly safe seat system: see Richard report on Welsh Assembly elections).

    The Canadian Liberal leader expressed a preference for Ranked ballots. The UK Liberals have quite a good future behind them, because they destroyed themselves in coalition with the Conservatives, not helped by their falling into the trap of a 2011 AV/Ranked ballots referendum, which was a Dickensian farce.

    The fact is that the parties are incapable of refereeing themselves, unlike all the other sporting contests. And therein is the problem.
    The BC Citizens Assembly took a year to discover the finer points of election method and did recommend by far the most democratic election system (Single Transferable Vote/Scrutin Transferable. But that still leaves most of the rest of democratic Canada in the dark. Even as to the fact that Calgary and Edmonton, for many years, had good proportional representation with STV, and Winnipeg had very good PR with its ten-member city constituency.
    Richard Lung.
    Free e-books Peace-making Power-sharing.
    Scientific Method Of Elections. (Smashwords.)

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