PQ to Harper: Only Quebec can decide its future on independence question


QUEBEC – Quebec’s Parti Quebecois government is lashing out at Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his government’s decision to fight a Quebec law that outlines its right to secede.

Alexandre Cloutier, the PQ’s minister of intergovernmental affairs, says the move is a “direct” and “devious” attack against the Quebec nation.

He says only Quebec and its own provincial legislature have the right to determine whether the province stays in Canada.

Cloutier says he will instruct government lawyers to do everything they can to fight the court challenge.

Bill 99 declares that a referendum vote that gets 50 per cent plus one in favour of independence should be considered enough to separate from Canada.

The federal government decided to file a legal intervention in a court challenge against the law last week.

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PQ to Harper: Only Quebec can decide its future on independence question

  1. Quite true.

    When and if that time ever comes, there will be a simple announcement from Quebec City….and that, as they say, will be that.

    • Well, yes.. and no. That’s really only the beginning. Then comes negotiations of terms with the rest of the country. And the bloodshed. Because anyone who thinks there won’t be bloodshed at some point is a complete and utter fool.

  2. Cloutier knows full well that the bill is ultra vires.

    He’s just making smoke and fumes.

  3. Ahhhh, the charade of “Quebec separation”… again. If french talking Quebecers really wanted to “separate” Canadian territory from Canada they would welcome the inclusion of the other Provinces in the vote. Unfortunately, french talking Quebecers won’t do that because the result would be an affirmation for “separation”, something “separatists” try desperately to avoid as it would spoil their whole act. Too bad.

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