Pressure mounts on PM to address Theresa Spence’s demands

NDP and Liberal MPs express concern for health of chief


OTTAWA – A visibly weak Chief Theresa Spence made a brief appearance on Sunday — in Day 20 of her fast —as a parade of politicians and protesters turned up the volume to demand action from the Harper government on treaty issues.

Through a spokesperson, the chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation said she was “deeply humbled” by the support she’s received from aboriginals and non-aboriginals in her appeal for a face-to-face meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Gov. Gen. David Johnston.

A demonstration in support of her hunger fast took place at Toronto’s Eaton Centre, where protesters crowded a section of the mall in a loud, but peaceful gathering.

There were also demonstrations at the legislature in Edmonton and in Calgary, outside of Harper’s constituency office.

The main rail line between Montreal and Toronto was blocked for several hours Sunday evening delaying Via Rail passenger trains but traffic was moving later in the evening.

Spence acknowledged the outpouring from members of the Idle No More movement, but called for other First Nations leaders to also step up.

“This is a call to arms and a call to action in the most peaceful and respective way that reflects our natural laws as Indigenous nations,” she said in the statement. “First Nations leadership need to take charge and control of the situation on behalf of the grassroots movement. We need to re-ignite that nation-to-nation relationship based on our inherent and constitutionally protected rights as a sovereign nation. We are demanding our rightful place back, here in our homelands, that we all call Canada.”

Spence invited MPs and senators to visit over a two-hour period Sunday at her teepee, situated on an island in the frozen Ottawa River looking up at Parliament Hill.

Former prime minister Joe Clark, the highest-profile visitor, made an appearance Saturday, meeting with Spence and issuing a statement that said honest conversation can often lead to common ground.

Members of both the opposition NDP and Liberals expressed concern Sunday for Spence’s health.

“She’s a very determined woman and she’s heard the message from others that she’s done what people think she needed to do, but she noted that the prime minister has not talked to anyone, or put out a message that he is willing to meet with leaders, and that’s all she’s asking for,” said New Democrat MP Paul Dewar, who was among 16 of the party’s politicians to be invited inside.

Both Dewar and fellow New Democrat Craig Scott said they were worried about her condition.

“She’s very peaceful in her demeanour, but that goes along with being quite weak now,” said Scott. “She talks about sleeping more than she had earlier, in the first two weeks. I think it’s very clear it’s starting to take a physical toll.”

Concern is strong enough that some have urged her to give up and let Opposition politicians take up the fight — something Craig said he tried to convey to her.

“I spoke directly to her and said, ‘You know, you’ve done more anybody could expect one person to do, and there’s no reason you and you alone should have to carry this burden.’ And she said, ‘It’s my burden to carry.'”

Spence stopped eating solid food on Dec. 11.

An adviser to the chief and band council said there is no backing down.

“The chief is a strong-spirited, determined individual,” said Danny Metatawabin. “We need to get the message out to the prime minister of Canada.

“Although she is drinking her liquids of water and fish broth, you know, she is getting weak in body when you don’t eat solids. The body tends to shut down. They should just come and talk to us. Why are we afraid to communicate with one another?”

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq joined other federal officials Friday asking Spence to accept a meeting with Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan, but Spence rejected the recommendation.

The government points to a meeting it held last January with First Nations leaders as proof it is serious about improving their relationship, and adds it has spent millions on aboriginal health, housing and education.

But aboriginal leaders say they are being left out of the discussion the Harper government is having about how best to develop Canada’s lucrative natural resources.

Joe Clark, who was a Tory prime minister from 1979 to 1980, said friends of his in the First Nations community had suggested he meet with Spence, chief of a remote reserve in Northern Ontario.

“My experience has been that direct and honest dialogue is always useful and sometimes essential, particularly in dealing with issues as complex and multi-faceted as the relations between First Nations and Canada,” he said in a statement.

“Chief Spence expressed a humble and achievable vision — one which I believe all Canadians can embrace.”

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Pressure mounts on PM to address Theresa Spence’s demands

  1. “This is a call to arms and a call to action in the most peaceful…”

    You can’t have a ‘call to arms’ that is peaceful.

    But the idlenomore movement is so full of contradictions anyway that I suppose one need not be surprised.

    • Ever heard of a political call to arms? Look it up and come back when you are better informed. Thanks.

    • Reminds one of Occupy no clear direction and likely zero results

    • Remember Woodstock? Isle of Wight? Festival Express? Altamont? Altamont was the only festival with the gun violence. Then recall what Mick said in a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle regarding the death of Meredith Hunter? “It just shows how people can behave when they’re together in large gatherings.”

      If you can aggregate enough people together on one issue, then tension builds until executive order is placed and protest occurs if the issue is not of the consensus of the people. That’s why Omnibus bills are effective in covering the issues that matter most to Canadians with vague policies and a lack of transparency.

  2. I sometimes wonder if the conservative government strategy isn’t to let things escalate until violence breaks out somewhere, and then be able to be all sanctimonious and continue to ignore.

    • Why do you on the left always need to resort to violence when democracy doesn’t work in your favour? Do you think that Canadians are actually dumb enough to believe you can use the phrase “call to arms” and “peaceful” in the same sentence without being a complete hypocrite?

  3. The ‘idle’ protests are slipping off the front pages, and like the ‘occupy’ movement this is going to fizzle out.

    Once the Christmas to New Year holidays are done and more of the not-so-idle have to return to work the country will turn to other, more important, concerns.

    • Just because you don’t have the guts to demand a meeting with the Prime Minister and gov. General, doesn’t mean her protest means absolutely nothing for any Canadian or indigenous people. Keep your two cents to yourself please.

      – And what is more important than demanding respect for previously agreed upon clauses in a contract, and to be involved in a discussion that affects you and your community in the future? Jeez this is so crazy. People saying things in the twenty-first century to make sure they’re not abused any more.

      Maybe we should stop domestic violence victims from saying anything. Or rape victims. Or the people who have their property stolen out from their vehicle. They don’t deserve rights either.

      Let’s condemn everybody after 2008 for opposing any new legislation that stems from an event that 99% of individuals had 0 control over unless there was a streak of luck in their lives during that time. That will work. That’s the way forward. Right?

      But of course we’ll spread every front page with news about how Obama can’t even come up with a partial answer to his nation’s own fiscal problem. And for some reason Canadians care more about the Fiscal Cliff in the U.S. – know little to nothing about it – and have the audacity to condemn their own people. Unbelievable.

      This is embarrassing Canada. Disgusting. If she dies the world will know.

      This woman only wants natural right to life, liberty and security for all Canadians. The same thing the Duke v The Queen in 1972 wanted.

      Do any of you remember Wood Stock? Isle of Wight? Festival Express? The natural, not fundamental, human condition continues to shine in all facets of our existence.

      And now; an omnibus bill. Do you honestly, 100% believe that it is a good – not a bad – idea for all Canadians, to vote yes or no, on a single bill that outlines the legal regulations of all Canadians in all facets of their lives? I believe that Canadians have the moral obligation and responsibility, as well as many other types of responsibilities to all Canadians to grasp – a hard – understanding of all issues before they jump any guns

      This is from the horses mouth of somebody who is currently apart of the disability system. As somebody with disability, I understand that a majority of those with “disabilities” have been abused, and corrupted from birth. It will take a long, and complex discussion with the correct colloquy for all Canadians with mental health disabilities, or any other issue in order to resolve any existing issues surrounding those communities, or to create any future success for those communities.

      • Why would I want to demand a meeting with the PM? I carry no burden of unreasonable expectations.

        • Well do you, or do you have any friends who have been laid off or lost any savings since 2008? Or their home, or lost any opportunities or hope in becoming their career of choice, instead now they’re using their PhD to serve Cheese Burgers? That’s a pretty big burden.

          – That and the fact that nobody has been held accountable, and we continue to promulgate the “sustainability” rhetoric while cutting thousands, and thousands, if not millions of small business’ and small business’ positions and access to un-corrupted, or strict and government regulated liquidity.

          I could name some people:

          David Vinar, Hank Paulson, Phil Grahm, John Corzine, Conrad Black, Queen Elizabeth (for rejecting natural law), Lloyd Blankfein, Vikram Pandit, Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedman, George H.W Bush, Bill Clinton (Signed the International Building Code of Conduct Act in 2011, along with a slew of many other intrusive, and top-down international regulation acts)

          Right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if John Fitzgerald Kennedy, along with Dwight D. Eisenhower and their liberal Canadian predecessors were resurrected from the grave to run the country, Canadians would literally spit at their policies of freedom and accountability.

          You know what is “sustainable.”? You, and your grand chidren working at a Blue Chip for the entirety of their life and living in their 10×10 plastic homes with highly-taxed solar energy panels. Until they learn to love their democratic nation and it’s policies, they will never “rise” or live the “American Dream” because most of those who want to dream, will most likely be purposefully asleep while they continue to reach their limit of anger, or frustration or depression until the suicide rate increases from aboriginal, to French Canadians, to Indians.. and well you get the picture.

          • What does any of that have to do with expecting to be able to force the PM to run the country exactly the way I want it to be run?

            The government is not doing too bad a job, though I do sincerely wish they had not reduced the GST.

            I did mention that to Harper the last time I saw him, but for some reason he didn’t follow up on my suggestion.

            He is my MP, and I ran into him two elections ago at my polling station.

        • And you are so well informed as to what Teresa Spence will speak to him about? She hasn’t demanded anything but the chance to speak to him. What is so unreasonable about that? Harper has time to see people like Justin Bieber but a woman fighting for the rights and lands of her people doesn’t deserve a second glance? Harper is after money, plain and simple. He wants a way to destroy land that is at the moment nationally protected. It’s protected for a reason. When all the oil and money is gone only the land will remain. How can it help us when we are so eager to destroy it for profit. He speaks of profit to all of Canada. Only the rich will get richer. I don’t see how that benefits us at all.

          • Absolutely. I didn’t even know he met with Justin Bieber. That’s weird. That’s just really bizarre and weird he would reject Theresa Spence or any other Canadian that matter the right to discuss issues that affect them and their communities. Because never, in history, ever, has Canada ever had an Omnibus bill.

            So until we can stop this whole Omnibus bill nonsense, let’s not
            talk about any issues. At all.

  4. She is going to die. Then what are you going to say? “Good.”?

    • Not for a long long time, if ever.

      She’s eating fish soup and drinking sweetened tea.

      • How long do you know somebody to have lived on that diet?

        • 223 days…….then they went back to KD.

          • fish soup you mean fish flavored broth…

        • Depends on the quantities, but months if not years.

          Certainly a few weeks will not be a worry.

    • She seems to look about the same as she did when she started the strike. But I am giving her the benefit of the doubt at this point. It doesnt’ look like she’ll die for some time, though, to tell you the truth. But I’m no medical professional.

    • If she dies, it’s no one’s fault and no one’s choice but her own. She is using the threat of her death to coerce the Prime Minister. That’s outrageous. I do not want her to die, but if she does, I will not blame him.


    • Hallelujah brethren of mine. Brothers and sisters. If this woman dies, the first nations society will, and can effectively stop all sectors of transportation and production in this country in a heart beat.

      • In a heart beat?

        Sure………….dream on.

      • You’d be surprised at the damage a train can do to a human being when the driver chooses not to hit the breaks.

        • you would be surprised how many roads, rail and boats have to go through aboriginal land, land which could be conveniently blockaded don’t underestimate.

          • That game works both ways, the indian’s can be blockaded into their reserves too.

          • Yes thats all great too, because then that means you would have to get off!

          • No Kraft Dinner for you………………………..hey

          • Right Billy, and how has the worked out for the Israelis?

          • Loser=Palestinians

          • that would certainly increase Canadian support for the idle no more cause

        • You’d be surprised how slow a train moves without tracks.

          • Check out this leftards facebook page, Institute of Liberal Studies, bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

    • When you all have jobs pay taxes like the rest of us you too will have rights………until then don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      • Excuse me Billy!
        I do pay taxes! I do live on reserve! I do not however like the government reaping the benefits from my back yard & tell me what i am allowed to do, or not do!
        He has been reaping benefits for a long time! How about they get the hell off our lands & we will mine it if we wish & reap the $from it, if we wish. For some bands they would do this.
        Our band wishes not to have any oil crossing our waters, because there has been leaks, there has been spills & once that happens, we cant eat from our waters, which by the way also means you cant either. Oh i forgot, you probably like farmed fish & oysters, etc. & toxic meat, which will be that much more toxic for you.
        & one more thing, YOUR hand does not feed us!
        We FEED you!
        ps the government is so SMART to let sone one else reap the cheap benefits of cheap oil, yet he thinks we gladly like to pay more than everyone else & we are producing it! Oh, just Brilliant!
        We pay more for diesel, yet it is less refined than gas?!?!
        We are such a briliant bunch of ladens, aren’t we?!?!
        I thought so!

        • BS……you’re probably not even native.

          • Billy, for your info, yes I am :-)

          • BS

          • Now you got me laughing! Are you serious?!?! YES! I AM NATIVE!!! Yes i care about People, Land! Resources! & I do care about the sneakiness of the government trying to pass all sorts of bills!!!
            Perhaps we need to keep a watchful eye on what other fast “pull over eye” kind of movements he has in store for us!
            I think he has alot more things up his sleeve for us! Not only just FIRST NATIONS!
            Perhaps he wants to see war?!?! Perhaps you do? The way you go about aggravating or attacking people, makes me think you are not here for the well being of others, only for your own pleasure.
            WHICH, by the way, I DO NOT EAT THAT PROCESSED CRAP OF KRAFT DINNER, but you can go ahead, cause you are perfectly a worthy person of doing so :-)
            I am not going to waste anymore of my time arguing with you, because you want me too. Instead you can go eat your KD :-)

          • Bull……………………………………………………………………………………..Crap

            If you live on reserve you don’t pay taxes, you lie through your twisted teeth.

          • You obviously really studied that one didnt you!
            The government only allows you to not pay taxes, if your income was earned on reserve! If you worked in any other area off reserve, whether it was for the military, or medical, or whatever, & it was OFF reserve,
            YOU PAY TAXES!!!
            If you work in the mines or on water, you pay taxes, because it is not fully owned by you, it is also owned by the government, regardless if its on your reserve! Trry that on for size!
            Why you say?!?! because the government made that way, so they still benefit, but clearly you didnt know this? I find that hard to believe, unless you are living blindly & are not associating well with others?
            With that being saide & my husband are both status native holders & do not get to “NOT” pay taxes!
            However, if we drive 5 hours to another community, we can shop at their store on reserve lands & sign a sheet with our status # in order to not pay taxes! but really?, how often are we gonna do a 5 hr drive to go shopping.
            I really dont want to fight with you, or anger you, but i believe you, as well as a majority of others are really mis-informed about what this government really does. He just says a #of$ that he says he hands ys, but totally discludes what he is taking from us, with all land resources & TAXES that we natives have contributed.
            & yes, my grandparents & family contributed lots(this is in direct answer to someone elses comment) to this canadian economy, with taxes being paid & wars being foughten in.
            What i dont agree with is, ripping away environment protection rights on lands & waters & species, and taking what is not yours.
            I wouldnt do it to you & if something like that was to happen to you, call me, I will go help you protect whats yours. I would not impede on another nation for its lands or ANYTHING! Its common sense.
            The government is just a legal Mafia.

          • Indians who work off reserve do not pay income tax, you are a liar.

          • Employment income

            Employment income is exempt from income tax under paragraph 81(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act and section 87 of the Indian Act only if the income earned income on a reserve. If your employment income is exempt from tax, you do not have to include that income when you file your personal income tax return.

          • One more thing, my teeth are pretty straight. I have been very fortunate to be born with very good straight teeth.

          • my teeth are pretty straight or very good straight teeth, not both, liar

          • wrong again ! you must live on & be employed on the reserve. those that hold employment off the reserve are required to Pay Taxes

          • Wrong, wrong, wrong

    • Yes, in fact native people have more rights than the cracker.

  6. Canadians must stand together and demand answers to the injustice prevailing from the government of Canada. We must be involved in the decisions this country is making. Harper was elected to represent the people and both him and the Queen’s representative’s negligence in ignoring Theresa Spence is not representing our rights as Canadian people. Canada is a democratic country and our leaders must be accountable to ALL people. Treaties were agreed upon many moons ago and are to be honored. As a First Nations grandmother I demand more from this elected official. I want to know what will it take for our government to meet with Theresa Spence? I want to know when this will happen and I want to know now ! Will it take all grandmothers in this country to join Theresa in her fast? This is pitiful and Canada’s shame. Harper you need to step up like a man, like a leader and meet with Theresa.l You of all people, a father who is teaching his children needs to step up like he would want his children to do. Do what is right. You all know what is right!

    • Cry, stomp your feet, pull your hair out……………it ain’t gonna happen.

      You should be pissed at your chief and band council for pilfering of band funds, not the federal government.

      • Federal gov’t pays their employees 40 + cents per km for travel, allows half this for First Nations. who is pilfering?

        • Most Indian band members would not be very happy if they knew the truth about what many chiefs and band councils have done with band funds for decades.

        • So are you glued there?

          Every week 3500 people from third world Countries crawl off a plane in Canada somewhere and a hell of a lot of them go to jobs in the goverment and most of them can’t speak English. And I guess they’re all getting 40 cents a click

          Nothing wrong with your English, it’s better than half the editors at the Toronto Star. Why are you sitting there whining and moaning?

    • Canada’s a democracy, we elect representatives, just like the people of Attawapiskat did, even though they made the terrible choice of Charlie Angus (who’d rather use the reserve as a tool for personal political gain than actually try to help them).

      Yes, treaties should be honoured, but that knife cuts both ways. Canada *is* a democracy, which is why our leaders can’t, and shouldn’t cow to every vocal minority that has an axe to grind.

      The government offered to meet with Chief Spence, she declined because she thought herself so important that meeting with anybody less than the PM was beneath her. Her demands are unrealistic and naive, because that will not happen.

      This is Canada’s shame only because Chief Spence has decided to make a laughing stock out of her, and unfortunately her people.

      • You have no idea of the challenges of the reserve life, you need to walk your talk,

    • Call your MP. Why should the system work special for you?

      Down where I am, not even a lousy two-bit Provincial Cabinet Minister will meet with our fat old mayor and she represents 15 times the number of people your bruiser does,

      Wake up!

  7. Frankly if this is to be taken seriously the Aboriginal community needs to generate some form of economic benefit to the rest of the nation. We throw money at them and get nothing back. All I care about is the economic state of the nation and quality of life and if some group wants to run themselves like an independent nation than they better become a valued trading partner. There is 33 million people to take care of here we can’t give out foreign aid (which frankly is what Aboriginals want this to be) until we address EVERY domestic issue first.

    When we entered into deals with aboriginals they produced a fur trade and agriculture. What was once a proud nation of it’s own has become our welfare state. Admittedly it’s almost entirely our fault for decades of mistakes but that can’t allow us to be sentimental. A country needs to be run purely by the numbers if it is to facilitate growth.

    Independence comes with a price – you need to take care of yourself. Aboriginal efforts would be better spend trying to create a form of trade or attract developers to their regions. There is a number of industries available including forestry, mining, trapping, and agriculture. If they truly desire to become a series of city-states, which is how it appears, than they need self-sufficient economies. We already don’t tax and thats all we should do.

    • A main issue you seem to neglect is the fact that they are making it simple to take our land, to ensure national parks that are ours are unprotected so the government can do with them what they like. Money is well and good but is it worth the cost of our heritage, our beautiful landscape that already does so much for us? Fine take away our benefits which were written into law because we gave up our home so you could have one as well. I understand to many people one’s word and integrity don’t mean much. I understand that money makes the world go round. I just wonder where that will lead us when money can no longer buy us out of the slow decay of our earth and destruction of this planet? Will oil sustain 33 million people and the millions of people in the generations to come? Of course not. But as long as the people now are taken care of that sentiment seems okay with you. I’m glad I won’t live to see what Harper’s bills accomplish.

    • It seems all good to you to say these things, but when the government is taking the benefits from our land resources, whether it is food, or minerals & reaping the benefits & making it seem like it was his property to begin with, than thats all wrong!
      I dont go to some farmers property & start digging for minerals, or oil & start selling it to others & damaging his property & keeping all the benefits.
      I dont tell the farmer that you can only hunt 1 deer, or 1 elk this year, or you can only have 10 fish, or 1 sac of clams, which by the way-i dont care how much family members you have to support, but thats what i say, & thsts what goes, or else if u do not listen, you go directly to jail.
      Many people want to comment & say what they figure is right. Thats all fine & dandy. But it just seems like we are continually having our lands raped & pillaged & we are not allowed to do a thing about it!
      We have so many restrictions placed upon us, but yet, the government & mining corporations can do as they wish.
      I pay taxes on income earned & things i buy in the store. There is some bands that have cleverly built stores & are making incomes from it, but still have to follow rules from government. I live on reserve. I have boughten my own house. I do find it difficult to mantain repairs to it & have learned to do alot of repairson my own, because between mortgage payments, utility bills, food, & other expenses, i have very minimal i can spend on my house. I cant take out any loans on my house, because it isnt worth of any value, but yet, the government & the big wig corporations sure can find lots of value in my property, yet i get 0 benefitsfrom that.
      There is alot of stuff & information you are missing out on. There has been so many forced issues on us, you wouldnt want to believe the reality of them. I have family to their regimes. They are covering up deaths, stifling reporters, and trying to get a negative reaction from many, so as to create racism.
      Please refrain from racism. If anything, learn about the things that have happened & are currently happening, before you judge.
      I know if it was you & your backyard, you would be upset.

      • I’m not judging or being racist and I applaud any hard worker who earns their way in life. If it was land I owned the government would still take it away from me and we all know that – it’s happened to plenty of people everywhere. The reason is simple, the discomfort of a few provides for the many.

        Would I be upset if I lost my land? Yes very. But I’m a part of 33,000,000 people. This isn’t racism it’s a numbers game. I expect my government to screw over the little guy at every given opportunity, I expect my government to screw over other nations. I expect my government to do what’s best for a quantifiable economy and quality of life and I don’t care who gets hurt in the process.

        We all need to bend over and take it for the good of the nation sometimes. People seem to think I don’t understand the issue but I’m speaking as a nationalist – and it is my right to be one. I would give my own life if it could make us all live better and I would surrender whats mine in an instant.

        This isn’t a popular view but I’m against any form of cultural development or cultural preservation. Culture doesn’t generate revenue – I think we should tax every church, christian, muslim, hindu, etc. I don’t think we should respect first nation treaties but rather honour your right to try and provide independently of our tax system and leave it alone.

        We benefit from the existence of our government every single day BOTH first nations and whites. As beneficiaries I feel it is my undying duty to give up what is mine whenever the government needs it.

        I know nationalism is often considered a dirty word in Canadian politics but I feel the needs of the nation must always come first.

        • Lou, you are wrong. You are in fact being racist and judgemental and damned foolish. The first measure of any democracy is its ability to protect and defend the rights of its minorities and vulnerable. You are preaching a society that would make Stalin a proud man. A society in which revenue is the sole measure of value? Guess you’d want to rid society of the sick, the old, and infirmed. In fact, everything that doesn’t generate revenue … let’s see, privatize all museums, hospitals, schools, universities, roads, sidewalks, waterworks, and libraries. But that’s just a start for your dream hell, Lou. Against culture? Do you even know what culture means? It is the glue that binds any people’s. Unfortunately, I have neither time or space to explain this to you, but I suggest you enroll in a course on cultural understanding, pal, because you are much in need of some basic education..

          • I’ve had to take all forms of cultural courses believe it or not. I’m not a fool, I’m not racist, and I’m not un-educated. Those are opinions you’ve made based on what I said. You’ve stretched it into believing I’m some corporate nut who doesn’t believe that our crown corporations do a good job. You’ve assumed that I think growth means revenue.

            Many of the things you think I’m against is what I want to see money go to. I think we should protect our vulnerable and I think a safety net is far more effective than a prison – the two do go hand in hand statistically. I know what culture means, and if the only thing that keeps our culture afloat is government funding than that is a weak culture. I’m against giving money to religion, to culture, to anything that doesn’t promote growth – not schools, universities, or any of the things you mentioned. I acknowledge what we took from the aboriginals and I think they deserve an opportunity to build something – either as Canadians or on their own. I just don’t believe we should give them government money unless they manage to contribute.

            I know I’m an extremist but I’m not some uneducated racist fool. What I dream of will never come to fruition so you can rest easy on that front. You’ve made a lot of assumptions from a simple statement I made. Frankly what I believe is that we can create a much better society by spending money on growth (privatization does not mean growth – our education and equal opportunity does) instead of preserving a dead past. I don’t ever want to see our country sold to greedy corporations, or our people payed low wages for hard work. I don’t want to see our elderly or our sick without benefits, I want to see the money we spend on cultural development and Aboriginal affairs given to them. Culture won’t ever die – to this day we still talk of ancient civilizations and forgotten gods. Culture doesn’t need money.

            All I’m advocating is that we make decisions by the numbers – can you truly tell me by that logic that Aboriginal Affairs is a good investment?

    • The oil sands are on traditional Chipewyan First Nation land. They owe the rest of Canada nothing.

      • Maybe the wheel

  8. Joe Who???????

    from the article…………..But aboriginal leaders say they are being left out of the discussion the Harper government is having about how best to develop Canada’s lucrative natural resources.

    It’s all about free money……..other peoples money………..the indian’s have learned this from the NDP/Liberal types………..they can go pound sand………..all of them.

  9. I completely support Chief Spence and the Idle No More movement. Justice for indigenous peoples in Canada is long overdue. If you don’t know why, go back and relearn Canadian history – it is a history of colonial oppression and genocidal government policies. I know you weren’t taught it in school. The idle no more movement is your chance to learn, and help forge a new partnership with the indigenous peoples of this land.

  10. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer

    What the chiefs of Canada need to realize that we don’t live in a bubble where the money demanded can come so easily. The world is still reeling from the 2008 crisis and the EU and US financial markets indicate that next year will be an uncertain time for investors (taxpayers). We First Nation members need to pitch by electing more transparent and capable governments and not extortionists like Theresa Spence. Bills C-45 and C-27 are beneficial to First Nations and Canadians alike, we need more shovels in the ground to get these big projects going, shedding our dependancy on foreign oil. There’s a bigger picture here and this short-sightedness only worsens our nations potential. ‘Idle No More’ and hunger strikes don’t do nothing but harm the already fragile unity that we have!

    • Really! We first nations?!?! you mean you!
      Obviously you havent been reading the bill c-45???
      Do you realize that all canadians are fully paying for the bridge to be built in Windsor & once completed, the toll booth will only be charging canadians?
      Yeah, Smart! real smart!
      You go & start digging with your shovel! I will not help you, especially if it is going to poison the food i put on my table for my kids/family!

      • My grandparents spend a million in taxes, what’s your contribution? Demand money all you want but consider us working indians too!! We are trying and trying to pave the way and your braying doesn’t help the bigger cause. Pretty soon you broke ass losers are on your own. I won’t help!

    • I don’t ask for hand-outs or contributions. I make my own way…what do you do but bitch!

  11. “First Nations leadership need to take charge and control of the situation on behalf of the grassroots movement”

    Right, because nothing will lend credibility to the movement like “leadership” from the most corrupt group of elitists in the entire country. Heck, if it was left to the grassroots, people might actually start demanding accountability from the Chiefs, and we can’t have that!

  12. Where the hell is Shawn Alteo the Grand Chief? Shouldn’t he be demanding the meeting with the PM and bringing grandstanding Theresa with him?

  13. the white people come as guests in our country n stake claim and say we a are living off them, thats original… so when we take our country back all the tax money that is right fully ours, also dont forget owe us rent every month now watch us get rich, atleast we will give you your right to complain….

    • Get off of the solvents, glue, booze, pills………….whatever.

    • I don’t think the white people came as guests, amigo.

    • Hey buddy if you try to “take” it back that might cause a fight. We don’t want that.

      But look, you guys get all the dough from Casino Rama. Chief Fatty scored $3.5 million in 2011

      So why don’t we pop over to Rama and we’ll roll you for it. Who knows, you might be walking around lucky and win it all back.

    • The most pernicious lie that can be inculcated in anyone is the belief that somebody else owes them a living.

      The result is invariably indigence, poverty, misery, and angry disappointment.

  14. Why does everyone jump on these Spence threads to tell us their personal financial philosophy and how FN runs contrary to it, or how reserves should behave, or what FN should do to be ‘acceptable’ ? Or whether a hunger strike is being done ‘properly’ in their opinion! Jesus!

    The French, Aboriginals and English founded this nation….and it’s all recorded in the Constitution, and treaties.

    Like it or not, agree with it or not, hate to spend a penny on it or not…..it is basic law in Canada. Always has been, and pettiness is irrelevant.

    So stop whining about it, and encourage the govt to solve the problems that have arisen over time. Settle the landclaims….it’s been well over a century! Get proper healthcare and education underway…..fix the infrastructure.

    Provide for FN what everyone else wants and gets. It’s not just a ‘nice gesture’ ya know…..it’s the law.

    • It’s the law, it’s the law, it’s the law, yap yap yap, you’ve said it 50 times.

      So show us the law that get’s us from 4 bucks a year under Treaty No 9 to $90 million over the last 3 years for the 300 pound Chief starving to death in Ottawa.

      I want you to show us specifically what law you’re talking about or go away and shut yourself down.

      • How about the millions of dollars you are taking from mining the diamonds, give that back to us! It came from our land! All the $ from the logged timbers, give that back to us! You take, take, take & then bitch, bitch, bitch, when you have to give a fraction of that back!
        & yet you killed off alot of my family members, & forcing your ways upon us!
        True criminals you are!
        Then to boot, you go to other countries & tell them they are doing wrong for committing genocide & stifling reporters & doing trickery to get back into government!
        Youre just a smart bunch!

        • Not smart….doesn’t even know the Constitution is the basic law of Canada.

          Course we have young punks on here pounding their chests totally unaware of the situation on the ground…..sigh.

          • Then show us the bit in the Constitution that get’s us from 4 bucks a year under Treaty No 9 to $90 million over the last 3 years for that big Attiwapiskat Sumo Wrestler starving to death in Ottawa.

            It should be a simple matter – show us specifically where in the “law” your garbage information comes from.

            You can’t do it. You’re a fraud and your full of it.

          • The Constitution is online. Now bugger off.

          • Well the sections your lying about must be in the Wikipedia version because in the “real” one you can’t back up the garbage your spewing.

            You’re a fraud.

          • If clues were shoes EmilyOne would be barefoot.

          • OMG that’s sooooo clever!

            The wit….! The repartee…!

            Musta had help on that one!

          • I understand you’re the Parade Master for the naked bicycle ride.

            Do you and the Chief ever practice in the winter?

            If so, I’ll be glad to donate a big order of Fries to the event. Anything to save a life.

            Still looking for you to offer up that section of the Constitution that gets the Chief from 4 bucks a head to $90 million over 3 years plus a Zamboni.

          • SMOOCH!

            Off you go now, LOL

          • You haven’t the least interest in any of this, so like I said…. bugger off

            No more responses….sorry, but it’s Ciao time. LOL

          • WRONG again – I very much dislike false information and attempts to deceive

            And by the way since this starvation thing started I’ve now read all the Post Confederation Treaties and all of the Agreements and Treaties related to Indian Land purchases prior to Confederation.

            So I know quite a bit more about it than you ever will and you’re full of it.
            How to Recognize a Paid Trol – they make fruitcake comments like this:
            OMG that’s sooooo clever!
            Source please
            Again …… source?
            That’s not a source
            Try again genius
            You’re a racist
            Shut it
            I’m an atheist
            Christopher Columbus was an idiot
            Indians come from India
            It’s a complex world
            I wouldn’t have been patient
            Some people are born on third base
            What part of this didn’t you understand
            Two of the candidates are pushing the Knowledge economy
            …… and THAT is important
            It’s why I’m an Ontario separatist
            There’s an old saying
            I said ciao and I meant ciao

          • You don’t even know what a troll is! LOL

          • Troll=EmilyOne

          • Say goodnight EmilyOneTard.

          • Sorry, white trash is white trash….and you bin it.

          • Sure you recognize white trash when you look in the mirror

          • Those white trash invented cars, electricity, computers, phones, airplanes, modern medicine. The list goes on. Comfy?

          • No, I’m afraid that white trash did none of those things.

          • Henry Ford was white trash

          • Henry Ford didn’t invent the car.

          • That CIao is so pretenious

          • Wow, you have the worst case of class envy I’ve ever seen!

          • Are you deluded enough to think your inane rambings on this site represent class

        • In the 1905-06 James Bay Treaty, Attiwapiskat Band made a deal, they got paid and they’re still getting paid. Go read the Treaty go read the Agreements your people made with DeBeers who employ your people, who engage your contractors and who continuously pour millions into the reserve. There’s nobody screwing you, except your own pack of no-goods.

          In the year ended March 31, 2011 your band received $3.5 million from a partnership with Casino Rama. Why don’t you go down there and get into a craps game, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win the place back.

        • “Youre just a smart bunch!”

          This Billy is an imposter, typical of the leftist fraudsters who support this fake hunger striker.

          • Looks like someone at Macleans IT department is playing games.

      • ot was 90 over 6 years fool

        • So what, that’s still $15 million a year for less than 2,000 people GR.

          That’s about $37,500 per person over the six years, where did it go?????

          New rec centre instead of housing……….brilliant,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not.

        • Yeah but that was just the Fed. On top of that the Province kicks in about 4 million a year for a total of 25, plus the Casino maybe 8 million total, plus the welfare at about 2 million a year another 12.

          So tell me this George where did it go that 135 million or so from the government. Are there a few more Zambonis hidden around up there that we don’t know about?

          And what about the mine, they haven’t exactly chained up their pocket book, there’s millions from there no one’s talking about.

          So take that “fool” business George and paste it up on your own forehead.

  15. @lou you care about the economic state and quality of life, we systematically destroyed the aboriginal way of life, and in turn gave them basic rights under our newly founded country. Now those rights are being taken away. If you allow government to take away aboriginal rights what is protecting the rights of everyone else in this country. The founding fathers created these treaties, treaties they thought fairly represented the needs and rights of the people they displaced. If we start ripping out the aboriginals rights we might as well rip up the entire charter.

  16. This government shouldnt even be in office! They did so much cheating to stay in government. They say they will do one thing & then do the other.
    They quickly pass bills & make them so long & complicated, so as to cause confusion & mixed responses.
    They are creating a larger problem with so many issues! Everyone needs to remember that its just not aboriginal issues on the table here! I am finding myself needing to defend the aboriginals, but we are leaving behind alot of other hidden issues as well.
    The government is being sneaky in alot if his actions. Perhaps if we read all the bills he is trying to pass, or has passed, you may ask yourself what the heck is he doing that for? He must be benefiting somehow? How else can we explain for his stupid actions!?!?
    I forgot though, everyone was upset with the quicly passed bill of the hst & no say, and then when we had a proper vote & it was voted out, we are told we continually have to pay for it, cause, whoops he messed up. Now we are paying for it.
    Believe me, it wont be the only mess up, we pay for.

    • Take your own advice and actually read the legislation before commenting, you might come off looking semi-intelligent.

  17. Well, the racists are alive and well in Canada. The sad truth is that throughout the history of Canada the First Nations people’s have been dismisses, devalued, and exploited. Lou, is amazingly almost right about one thing, it is completely our fault that so many First Nations people’s are in dire circumstances today. All Chief Spence wants is to speak leader to leader with our Prime Minister. He will and has met with the Mayor Ford of Toronto to talk about gun crime, but for some reason cannot extend that courtesy to a First Nations Chief who wants to talk about the future.

    As to First Natios benefit, Lou, we built this country by stealing the resources from First Nations land often without treaty or negotiation. They should be the wealthiest and most comfortable people in the land. However, because of their social structure and technology they never had a chance to understand what was happening to them. Thankfully, they do now and are beginning to demand their fair share.

    • Yeah, lots of racists on here. And the ignorance is astounding.

      Even sillier is the attitude.

      But one way or another…..FN will win

    • Speak for yourself, racist.

      • Say what? Afraid to use your name scf? Now exactly about whom am I casting racial aspersions?

        • My name has nothing to do with the fact that you’re a racist.

          You talk about natives as if they’re children. You have not the slightest bit of respect for them. You say natives are too stupid to understand what is going on, they need smart people like you to tell them how to think. You say they are so stupid that they have been powerless victims at the hands of everybody else, and not only that, you say that this has been always the case throughout history, even now they are only “beginning” to be able to think for themselves. Most people show more respect to their pets than you do to native people. It’s thinking like yours that caused residential schools to be created in the first place, for one thing.

          You are the definition of racist.

        • Doug Thomson is a RACIST! RACIST! DOUG THOMSON!

    • Fool!

  18. The only method of winning any battle, or any war is to be stubborn. If somebody is not sorry, does not feel guilt, will not have an honest conversation with you after a myriad of requests, and corruption, as we have all felt – what would you do? Would you stand Idle? Or would you get mad? What is the first step to changing anything? Your idea? Your habits? The only way to go is down from a divestment of 97 percent of debt ownership of the largest consumer nation and it’s friends. The only way to change anything is to coerce yourself, or others to give in to your demands. And all this woman is demanding is an honest conversation and to be included in the issues that affect her and her community. As do I. As a disabled person I would like to be included in a lot of discussions, but nobody cares. Because that’s what power, and sadism, and masochism is. It’s a genuine apathy for another human being because it makes you feel good. It gives you satisfaction. If you enjoy being fired, and laid off, and taxed, and kicked out of your home, and bunked with a friend, or schmoozed in any way shape or form, I think it’s your right and your responsibility to say something. And to inform yourself, and others of your ideology, and your proposal and current situation in order to change the future for yourself, and those who stand by you.

  19. “Light anothers lamp, and your path will be lighted as well.” – Buddha

    • And then the hippies will all complain because you’re now producing twice as much CO2.

  20. As a disabled person does Stephen Harper or the United Nations recognize that
    there are disabled Canadians who are unemployed, however they retain the right
    to discover? As am I. I am currently conducting experiments using tree sap and
    various other natural substances in the environment to create residential, commercial and industrial products. This is how items are born. They are born via the hands of man. Man has the natural right to life, liberty, security and discovery.

    The Chinese are now issuing statements calling for “more scientific discoveries.” Great. Where do you think they will come from? The government, or individuals? Society is an aggregate of individuals who all deserve the same rights unless deemed murderer’s or irrational human beings who must be regulated via a governmental entity.

  21. I read another comment on Reuters, and it said “this president and his senate must be some type of lizard people or something.” This accurately reflects the current sentiment of the American confidence in it’s president. The U.S. delayed Military spending by 50 percent and non-defense spending by 50 percent. Malarky. Double Speak. Refer two weeks prior where Obama agrees to a 634 B Military Stimulus Package. ‘Holy cow.’ is all I can say at this point.

    Half the nation has now become “conspiracy theorists.” and the other half are racist. Perfect.

  22. Brutal history of Indians;

    All tribes practiced kidnapping during raids, with some victims often

    living as virtual slaves for years before being formally accepted in the

    tribe. Torture was universally accepted among most tribes, with victims

    suffering for hours at the delight of their captors. Young children would

    be encouraged to participate, taking an active role in the torture.

    Cannibalism was practiced by some Great Lakes tribes.

    • Fool. Western Europeans practiced extreme forms of torture. Drawing and quartering, public hangings, burning at the stake, drownings, beheadings, and staking we’re public events to which families were encouraged to attend. The cultured Germans tortured, starved, and murdered 6 million people. We don’t have to go far back into the history of any of our cultures regardless the region to find examples of rape and torture. So what the hell is your point, Buffalo Bob?

      • His point is clear. Natives aren’t the little angels that they make themselves out to be. Plenty of blood on their hands too.

  23. The apparent mismanagement of this band by its chief, council and the
    co-manager, who is meant to be advising the chief but turns out to be
    her “life partner,” made the worst of an already bad situation. Chief
    Theresa Spence spoke to the chiefs in Ottawa Tuesday and urged them to
    take an aggressive stand with the government. “We’re not going to take
    it anymore,” she said.

    The simple fact is, she has been stripped of authority because money
    has been pouring into the reserve and yet conditions have deteriorated
    beyond any acceptable level.

    • The media in large part turns a blind eye to the fact that she has been fleecing the reserve for years. Millions of dollars lost and unaccounted for. These protesters need to take a good hard look at the corruption in their own reserves before hurling mud at the rest of Canada.

  24. Some years ago, I was privileged to spend time in native communities on a federal government project, observing craft production with a view to enhancing native employment opportunities within these communities. There are certainly serious issues facing many Canadian aboriginal communities, but I feel sorry for the aboriginals who have legitimate complaints with governments, that this woman (Spence) has been literally thrust upon them as a spokesperson.

    She is the least worthy person to represent aboriginal causes. Remember, this is the same aboriginal Attawapiskat band leader who squandered $90 million of federal government funding over the past six years, leaving many band member families on her native reserve without the bare necessities of life. And complained when she was found out! Other native leaders – Coon Come, Atleo, Brasseur, among others – are much more worthy and qualified to address the serious issues facing many aboriginal bands.

    Other band leaders who are not looking after their band members by using govenrment funding for its proper purpose, need to take note. Their will be push-back to Spence and the Idle No More movement. Native communities need to address their internal issues, as well as seeking a new deal from the feds.

    • The fact that this fraudster Spence can claim to be a spokesperson shows what kind of a democratic deficit the natives have. She even solicited donations to her so-called hunger strike, which was more like a soup diet than a hunger strike. Her boyfriend asked for donations to be put into an account seen and controlled
      only by one person: himself. No controls, no visibility, no nothing.
      Just send him your money and don’t ask questions.

      Spencer supposedly leads one of the poorest communities in Canada, yet somehow she has the money to sit in a teepee on an Ottawa island for weeks doing absolutely nothing but complaining and drinking soup.

      Spencer is embarrassing herself by acting like a beggar, by acting like a victim, attempting to solve problems through pity, and attempting to represent the natives in Canada.

      There really are no qualified leaders amongst the natives because of several reasons. They are a diverse group, for one. Secondly they do not have the democratic or legal institutions to be able to effectively represent themselves. Instead they are more like corrupt third-world nations where the most cunning and ruthless gain power and exploit the rest.

      Here we have the most corrupt and ineffective of all band leaders, Spencer, a complete and utter failure of a leader, whose reserve became a disgrace of poverty and dysfunction, and this same person is attempting to lead natives nationally with her hunger stunt.
      The fact that nobody publicly calls her out (with the exception of almost all ordinary Canadians on comment boards like this one, who can see this for the joke it is), that just shows what a democratic deficit exists amongst natives.

      Natives need legal institutions that work. They need governance that works. They need private property and land rights. They don’t need healing circles, they need actual legal rights and working legal institutions. They don’t need to be ruled by unaccountable leaders who get infusions of cash from outside sources (us) and can use the cash to cultivate dependency. Native leaders can buy themselves their positions of power. The rest of us are cultivating the corruption on reserves by enabling their leaders, by handing them their wads of money so that they can assert themselves on the rest of natives with bribes and handouts. What they need are real leaders who have been elected by their peers based on accomplishments.

      I agree with you that the names you mention are respectable and accomplished native leaders. But they are nowhere near enough, in reality a few capable individuals are nowhere near enough to effectively represent native people.

  25. Reserves will be sold off; Government not honouring treaty rights, government must consult with us.

    Rather than believe all the hype, I
    chose to go to the open parliament website and read the legislation for
    myself. It seems that I might be one of the few people outside of
    legislators who have actually read Bill C45 and based on comments from
    some politicians, I’m not convinced all of them have read it either.

    All Government of Canada legislation is
    readily available to the public despite claims by the opposition parties
    and many in the media that Omnibus bills are attempt to hide things
    from Canadians. This is the link to Bill C45 for those who are inclined to read the it for themselves.

    Bill C45 contained a minor change to the
    Indian Act. The changes were requested – not unilaterally imposed by
    government – but requested by native bands in British Columbia. While
    some remote bands live in poverty for a variety of reasons, several
    bands in British Columbia have become quite entrepreneurial which has
    made them successful and self-sustainable. These bands have leased some
    of the reserve lands to third parties for retail and other purposes.

    What a novel concept; they are using their land to provide jobs for their band members.

    Under the Indian Act,
    every lease to a third party requires a referendum so that band members
    can vote on the proposal. The rules of majority were a problem. If a
    band has 1000 members of voting age, the referendum would require that
    501 members were in favour. While that sounds logical in practice it’s a
    problem for most bands. If only 600 people in the band voted in a
    particular referendum, and 400 of the ballots were in favour, the
    referendum failed because 501 “yes” votes were required.

    A second referendum would be required
    plus some other bureaucracy before a lease agreement could be signed.
    This delay meant that sometimes a deal would be lost.

    The BC bands requested that the
    government, through the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, amend the Indian
    Act to allow a simple majority of votes cast on leasing referendums.
    Those changes were included in Bill C45 and that is what started all
    this kerfuffle!

    Note that no band is forced to lease any land.

    Any leasing must be initiated by the
    band, a referendum must be held as in the past and all other previous
    bureaucratic and administrative processes remain unchanged.

    Perhaps the original four women who
    started Idle No More were mislead by the term “surrender”. The
    legislation does use the word. It is a legal term. A landlord renting
    an apartment surrenders its use to a tenant for the duration of a
    lease. Likewise, a band would surrender land to a lease holder for the
    duration of a lease.

    For those who still do not understand, no lands on any reserve can be sold.

    The media have failed to investigate
    before publishing misinformation and adding to the propaganda that is
    believed by many of poorly informed protesters.Read more at http://abearsrant.com/2013/01/the-misconceptions-that-sparked-idle-no-more-part-one-reserve-lands.html#IAkkBd7KxxgSsYAB.99

    Posted by Harry Balls

  26. The First Nations have provided immense financial benefit to Canada and they continue to do so. Anybody whose income depends in any way on having a chunk of Canada is benefiting from the First Nations. This is their land and we have taken, by hook or by crook – with lots of that crook bit. If all that non-Indigenous people give to Indigenous people counts merely as rent or a percentage of the profits, then non-Indigenous people are making out like bandits. We’ve taken the oil sands from Indigenous people; it they get a few dollars out of it, we can’t complain. We’ve taken downtown Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and every other urban centre from Indigenous people; if they get a few dollars off the valuable real estate, then we can’t complain.

    • Europeans may have been the first people to settle in America,
      possibly more than ten thousand years before anyone else set foot there.

      ­A series of European-style tools dating from twenty-six-thousand to
      nineteen-thousand years ago have been discovered in six separate
      locations along the east coast of the United States.

      previously thought that America was populated by migrants making their
      way from Siberia to Alaska, and then spreading through the rest of the

      But the first of these Asian tribes started moving
      there about 15,500 years ago – and there is no evidence of human
      activity in Siberia or Alaska from before that time.

      Dennis Stanford and Bruce Bradford, the two archaeologists who made
      the discovery, suggest Europeans moved across the Atlantic during the
      peak of Ice Age.

      At the time, a vast tranche of ice covered the
      Atlantic. The Stone Age migrants would have been able to survive the
      journey by killing seals, hunting the now-extinct great auks (a sort of
      giant penguin) and fishing. The archaeologists suggest they may have
      even used boats for large parts of their travel.

      Further evidence
      of their thesis is a knife discovered in Virginia in 1971. Recent
      tests showed that it was made from French flint.

      The new hypothesis is unlikely to change what we know about the Indians who greeted the Europeans upon their arrival.

      Siberian migrants came to America for longer and in greater numbers,
      and were either wiped out or absorbed by the European tribes.

      it does explain the long-standing mystery of the genetic code and
      language of some Native American tribes that appear European, not Asian
      in origin.

      Further digs are planned deeper inland up to Texas
      this year, and will help historians and archaeologists understand just
      how far the original European colonization went.

      • we have much different data than you do! How about for a change, study CANADA & not USA!

        • You and your ilk live in a land of fairy tales, lollipops and unicorns.

  27. the comments below disgust me. She is clearly so concerned with the state of aboriginal affairs in Canada that she has literally stopped eating. Isn’t that something to be taken seriously? I thought Canadians cared about the welfare of it’s people. And for “generating economic benefits” maybe they could if we didn’t treat them so poorly and brush the human rights violations and all the other problems they try and bring forward under the rug. Why won’t Mr Harper meet with him. Christ, all he needs to do is drive five minutes down the road. Why is it so hard??

    • Are you sick? There are millions of dollars in missing funding that passed through her hands that never made it to the people of the reserve. She is just as much to blame for the plight of the people at Attawapiskat as the federal government. More so if you consider that she is one of them and that she has been cheating her people for years.

  28. Honestly, there is alot of issues I am upset with the government. Not just these issues, but issues that other canadians are getting the “STICK” on.
    I also am a in military & i have friends who have served many years & was injured during field exercises, & it is more “cheaper” for the military to discharge them & have them get early retirement, than to fix their injuries & compensate them, like whst wcb is supposed to do.
    In my opinion, not only us are getting shafted in many decisions that we didnt vote to. Now look at all the misery & hardships its created, thats only 1 of another topic, that comes to mind.

  29. Always nice to hear from Joe Clark, that has-been from the “professional wrestling” era of Canadian politics…you know what I mean. You can always count on Clark to go with the current politically correct thinking on any given issue instead of actually thinking things out. If he did actually use his mind, he would realize, like many of us already have, that the whole system of chiefs and reserves and separate legal status is what causes the misery of First Nations Canadians. The chiefs are 99% of the problem. They are nothing but entrenched parasites. The very concept of Indian or Aboriginal status should be abolished in favour of common citzenship for all Canadians.

  30. This hunger strike is purely an attempt to draw away attention from her ineptitude and corruption as chief. No dialogue until Theresa explains exactly what happened to the missing millions in funding on her reserve. The people of Attawapiskat deserve to know just as much as the Canadian tax payer does.

  31. The only “pressure” is coming from the bored MSM that has nothing to write about. I should correct myself – the MSM wants something easy to write about and idle no more fits the bill. They could be writing about how the billi ons of dollars send to FN communities is used or misused but that would require that they actually do some resaerch.

  32. Are you media types serious??

    As an immigrant, and I thought – non racist – I am very upset at the preferential treatment Spence gets.

    What about the other 99% of Canadians who think the whole ‘Reserve Treaty System’ is racist and should be abolished.

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