Prince Charles gives ‘substantial’ donation to Cirillo and Vincent families

The royal joins thousands of Canadians in helping the families of the fallen


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Today it was revealed that Prince Charles had made a “substantial” donation to the families of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. Cirillo was gunned down while guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa last week, while Vincent was killed two days before by a hit-and-run driver while on duty in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. Both assailants, who were later killed by authorities, were radicalized converts to Islam in what the government says were acts of terrorism.

Prince Charles, who made his private donation after attending a concert in London by the National Arts Centre Orchestra of Ottawa, did so through the True Patriot Love (TPL) charity, which supports military personnel, veterans and their families by funding programs and research in areas of mental health, rehabilitation, family support and transition.

Charles isn’t alone in wanting to help the families of the two men. In less than a week, a fund organized by former political aides and lobbyists, the Stand on Guard Fund, has raised more than $650,000, which will be split evenly between the Cirillo and Vincent families. (TPL is managing donations made through the Stand on Guard Fund website.)

Prince Charles’s donation wasn’t a surprise. Like other members of the royal family, he regularly gives to people in need, including British flood victims and the families of Welsh miners who died in a pit accident in 2011. Often the news of a donation helps spur others to make similar contributions. And the recipient, TPL, isn’t new to Charles. The works with Prince’s Charities Canada (PCC), which focuses here in Canada on the charitable works of the Prince of Wales’s core interests, including helping disadvantaged youth, environmental sustainability and architecture. True Patriot Love is a sponsor of the Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur, which aids Canadian Forces members interested in starting their own businesses after leaving military service. The relationship goes both ways: in 2012 Charles even sent a video greeting to the True Patriot Love’s gala.



Prince Charles gives ‘substantial’ donation to Cirillo and Vincent families

  1. Crikey, next they’ll be dragging the pope into this!

  2. So then, it is quite clear that all anyone needs to do is stand with your back to a shooter and be shot without doing anything heroic other than perhaps showing up for work and you will become famous with lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from Charles and Stevie-O! Well worth it…where do I apply? Seriously, where do I apply….because it sure seems worth it to do NOTHING and get OVERPAID FOR IT in Canada nowadays!

    • Very altruistic – to be willing to die so your loved ones can live off the donations. Unless you’re a real SOB, though, they’d probably rather have you around…

    • Are you volunteering to take one in the back and give up your life for some recognition and donations? That’s a cause I can get behind. I promise I’ll make a donation once the deed it done.

  3. Emily…are you jealous??. Do u need money?. What is wrong with you?. What’s wrong with a simple, “That’s such an honorable thing to do”?. If your Canadian then you should be ashamed of yourself. “Thank you” is what we are known for!.

    • It’s all being done in an effort to wind you up for war.

      Lone nutbars are not an invasion, but your impulses to loyalty and patriotism are being manipulated.

      Get hold of yourself.

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