Prince Charles will wear a Canadian crown -

Prince Charles will wear a Canadian crown

The Royal couple accepts headpieces in Victoria, and tours sites for an Olympics they’ll not be attending


Prince Charles will wear a Canadian crownPrince Charles might be the longest serving heir to the throne in British, and Canadian, history but he proved on Saturday night that he can wear a crown. At British Columbia’s dinner, he donned a Coast Salish blanket and cedar headband. His wife got the same gifts, which she wore with more aplomb than her husband.

The Victoria, B.C., event came after touring the Olympic Games athletes villages in Vancouver. One could smell the irony of Charles and Camilla looking at Olympic venues that they won’t be seeing during the Games, since neither they nor the Queen have been invited. Instead of having Canada’s head of state or her heir officially open the Vancouver Olympics, Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided that Michaëlle Jean would replicate Jeanne Sauvé’s words from the 1988 Calgary Olympics. It seems that royals are only allowed to officiate at Summer Olympics in Canada. (At the Montreal Games in 1976 the whole royal family accompanied the Queen) Which is a pity, because if the Queen came, grandsons Princes William and Harry would likely have accompanied her, to the delight of screaming girls everywhere.

Charles and Camilla had a light day on Sunday—their only event was dedicating a stained glass window at Christ Church Cathedral and  commemorating the 150th anniversary of the diocese of British Columbia. On Monday, they’ll honour the 100th anniversary of the navy on Monday and then fly to Ottawa.


Prince Charles will wear a Canadian crown

  1. I think we are wrong in not inviting the Queen of Canada. She is the Head of State in my opinion .

  2. the royals, as they liked to call themselves, are nothing more than people who got rich by a century of murder and robbery. they serve no purpose other than satisfying their own narcissism and promoting the idea of "elites know best". What good have they actually done to make the world a better place? Nothing. All this pomp and ceremony does nothing but continue the myth of their superiority.

    • Man you obviously know nothing of history, not only of the United Kingdom, but of Canada either. Read a book then comment. What century did the current Royal dynasty murder to get anything? Do you even know what royal line you are critisizing?

  3. Justin Trudeau is obviously the rightful heir to the throne of Canada. Now off with his head!

  4. So is this a Crown or "headpiece"? I like the message in the headpiece, showing the natural side of Canada and it's native roots and I get the idea, however if this is our "official crown" that our Sovereign would wear during traditional type events, representing the whole of Canada.
    Off to do some research. I find this topic very interesting in this current political climate and with the age of our current Queen Of Canada.