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RCMP arrest 10 suspected of wanting to join jihadists overseas

The arrests follow earlier reports that six young people had left the country and may have joined jihadist groups in the Middle East


MONTREAL – Ten young people suspected of wanting to join jihadist groups overseas were arrested last weekend at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport, the RCMP said late Tuesday.

No charges have been laid, the investigation is ongoing and the 10 young Montrealers have had their passports confiscated.

The RCMP said in a statement that it is unable to release any names or information on what led to the arrests.

Investigators have, however, met with the families and friends of the suspects and said “the decision to leave the country was not that of the family, but of a single family member.”

“These are very difficult times for the relatives and loved ones of the persons arrested,” the RCMP said. “As a result, family members often find themselves at a complete loss and unable to understand the decision made by the youth.”

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said in a release that he cannot comment on the arrests directly, but he commended the RCMP and the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team for their “continued vigilance in keeping our streets and communities safe from the ongoing global terror threat.”

The weekend arrests follow reports earlier this year that six young people from the Montreal area had left the country in mid-January and may have joined jihadist groups in the Middle East.

A well-placed source confirmed the six people between 18 and 20 years old all went to Turkey, which is a well-known gateway to jihadists groups based in Syria and Iraq. Montreal police would only confirm that they were investigating several cases of missing adults.

In April in Montreal, a young man and woman were arrested in what the Crown called a “preventive measure.”

El Mahdi Jamali and Sabrine Djermane, both 18, later pleaded not guilty to four charges, including attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act abroad. A bail hearing for the pair is scheduled for early June.

Also in April, a judge in Edmonton ordered a psychiatric exam for an Alberta teen who was arrested in Beaumont, Alta., in March on allegations he was planning to leave Canada to fight with Islamic State militants.



RCMP arrest 10 suspected of wanting to join jihadists overseas

  1. So exactly why do we need bill C-51? Justin and other Liberals MP why did you vote for this bill? At least the ex Liberals senators had the brains to know how bad this legislation is for our democracy. I know the economy is main point in this election but you better start making commercials about how you will fix that mess voted for.

    • Cons have a majority. The bill would have passed no matter what.

      Voting against it would have meant the Cons could have accused the Libs of being on the side of the terrorists

      This nips that accusation in the bud…..and after the election there are several bills that will be repealed.

      C-51 is on the list.

      • I wouldn’t say Justin is on the SIDE of terrorists…..but he sure spends a lot of time visiting mosques and muslims without speaking about terrorism.

        Hey…every vote counts right?

    • Ok….let’s get this straight?

      Ten Canadians were caught travelling to the middle east to become full fledged terrorists…..and you take the opportunity to slag Stephen Harper.

      The harper derangement syndrome is strong in this one.

      Personally, my first thought was to consider WHO talked these young people into doing this? What mosque did they attend, and what did they learn there? How can we stop it from happening again? Who is going to “de-program” these young jihadi wannabes?

      But you………you want to consider this as a good time to attack the Canadian Governments legislation.

      Why don’t you just go back to planning your next opportunity to protest. Beats filling out a resume’ I guess.

      • James I say let them go and then rescind their passports..

        • I agree…

          but only if we can be sure they get killed when they get there, and don’t come back.