RCMP national website goes offline, Anonymous claims responsibility

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s office says it is monitoring the situation


OTTAWA — The RCMP’s website is down, but the cause is not clear.

The online outage comes a day after the cyber group Anonymous vowed to target the force to raise awareness about an RCMP officer involved in a shooting incident in B.C.

Anonymous has no identifiable leadership but online posters who say they’re members have claimed responsibility in the past for hacking incidents including the shutdown of the city of Cleveland’s website last fall.

The Mounties did not immediately respond to questions about the status of the website.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s office said it is monitoring the situation, but did not indicate if data had been compromised.

The website of Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, was recently taken down by a cyberattack.

Police in the northern B.C. community of Dawson Creek shot and killed a man last Thursday who they say refused to comply with directions.

Social media posts claim the man was affiliated with Anonymous.

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RCMP national website goes offline, Anonymous claims responsibility

  1. What about the guy killed outside the RCMP Detachment that was heard shouting “Help! Help! They’re going to kill me” for several minutes before the witness found the man dead with police hovering over the body?

    As for the guy in Dawson who didn’t comply with directions I have personally seen police stop people with guns drawn and ask the person if they have any sharp objects etc. When the person(s) reached in and complied the police almost shot them as well. Perhaps the RCMP are too jumpy for their own good. Or perhaps the Police just don’t care. All I know is that eventually. People aren’t going to take it anymore, disarmed of guns or not.

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