Required reading for Quebec's National Assembly -

Required reading for Quebec’s National Assembly

Maclean’s has become a popular Question Period prop


Maclean’s has apparently become required reading in Quebec’s National Assembly. In the last two weeks the premier, deputy government house leader and the leader of the official opposition have all raised (and, at times, shaken) copies of the magazine at one another during Question Period.091109_macleansinquebec_03

On Oct. 27, Charest brought a Maclean’s interview with Péquiste MNA Louise Beaudoin to the assembly’s attention. The interview, which touched on the PQ controversial citizenship bill, was of particular interest for Charest, who quoted the article in all its English glory, drawing howls of disgust from the péquiste opposition.

“She likes to speak English, it’s not my fault,” Charest said. “We all know that [Beaudoin] is a federalist in denial… She says that the law will remove rights from the citizens of Quebec.”


Earlier this week, Opposition Leader Pauline Marois raised the Nov. 9 issue, drawing the premier’s attention to the cover story, a less-than-rosy piece on Montreal. The PQ has called for a public inquiry into alleged graft and corruption in Quebec’s biggest city.”The premier must be proud of the front cover of Maclean’s, M. President,” Marois said. “Will the premier finally reestablish Quebec’s reputation in the only remaining credible way and call an independent public inquiry, M. President?”


Charest stood and reminded Marois that her own husband, Claude Blanchet, is mentioned in the article, for having ties to Tony Accurso, a powerful Montreal businessman who has been at the centre of the controversy. “She’s holding a copy of Maclean’s in her hands to show me, Mr. President, to show it to me. I think she should read the article, she would probably discover things that would astonish her.”

We think so too.


Required reading for Quebec’s National Assembly

  1. Did they ever have that public inquiry into the rivers?

  2. Next time my wife and I have a fight, I'll be sure to grab my copy and start waving it in her face. I'll let you know how it goes…

    • Well, not so well, as it turns out. Anybody got a couch I can crash on tonight? More details later – I've only got one functioning finger left to type with, and my vision's rather blurry…

  3. Martin Patriquin's star is rising. He seems to have a lot of influence in the Assemblée nationale – not bad for a journalist who writes in English.

    • i love how all the quebec separatists speak english ..Parizeau himself was educated at Oxford …distinct society indeed

      • Vous pourriez toujours avoir une conversation avec M Parizeau… mais il faut le laisser parler des heures et des heures….

      • not oxford: London School of Economics in the university of london
        also: many people from non english countries go there and then come back to home, wtf

        • by jove, i sit corrected…and another bizarre thing about some separatist leaders is Bouchard had a wife from California…at least they could scramble off to the USA if Quebec went down the tubes.