Rob Ford plays to the CFL crowd -

Rob Ford plays to the CFL crowd

Toronto mayor is fun and games ahead of next council showdown


(The Canadian Press)

Rob Ford appeared to soak up his celebrity status at a CFL game Sunday afternoon — an event the Canadian Football League had hoped he would not attend.

The mayor of Toronto arrived at Rogers Centre toward the end of half-time. The Toronto Argonauts had been in the lead before his arrival but went on to lose the East Division Final to the Hamilton Tiger Cats 36-24.

Toronto police officers and security officials stood guard around the row around the mayor’s seat. They worked to clear him a path though at times were overwhelmed by crowds hoping for a picture with Ford.

More than a hundred people surrounded the mayor shouting, cheering and jeering. Ford turned his head back to look at the person calling him “a piece of garbage,” while another young fan shouted, “Mayor Ford, I love you.”

Ford stopped several times for pictures even as police officers physically hauled men and women away from his side.

CFL commissioner Mark Cohon had told the Toronto Star that he wanted the mayor to focus on his own challenges and not take attention away from the game. Although Ford was not invited in any official capacity, he arrived sporting a number 12 Argos jersey. As he made his way to his seat, he exchanged high fives, shook hands and paused for pictures. Ti-Cats fans could be heard chanting, “Argos are whack, the mayor smokes crack.”

One football fan tweeted that more people in the mayor’s vicinity were paying attention to Ford than the game.

Outside the stadium after the game, the mayor gave a final thumbs up before stepping into an awaiting Escalade.

Ford recently admitted to smoking crack cocaine and to purchasing illegal drugs in the past two years. On Friday, Toronto City Council stripped him of some of his mayoral powers after he insisted he would not resign or take a leave of absence. His confessions and sexually lewd comments have been the target of jokes from late-night talk-show hosts including Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel.

A police-surveillance document alleges the mayor may have also consorted with prostitutes and made sexually inappropriate comments to a former female staffer. During a press conference last week when he wore his Argos jersey, Ford denied the allegations before amplifying the situation.

The Argos later issued a statement to distance themselves from the mayor.


Rob Ford plays to the CFL crowd

    • “Rob Ford causes commotion”?

      Pretty harsh headline for a guy who was treated like a hero.

      • Some hero ….more like the Joker. He needed to give his deflated ego a boost. Can’t do crack in public so he soaks up the love of idiots.

    • All those people are crackheads who haven’t had a fix in days, hoping good ol Rob is holding.


      • In reality, real crack heads don’t buy tickets to football games, they spend all their money on crack.

        • I guess that depends on how much money they have. Ford can afford both.

      • If you’re right, then Toronto has got to have the most crackheads per capita of any city on the planet. Which would explain a lot of things, mostly the city’s affliction for voting Liberal even though the provincial government has robbed the citizens blind.

    • Which Rockstar? Whitney Houston?

      • Too soon.

        • It’s been a year and 10 months, how much time do you want?

  1. It’s not surprising that Ford disrespected the CFL commissioner. He has disrespected his position, city council, the Toronto electorate and Canadians in general. Rob Ford is not about decency and respect. Rob Ford is all about Rob Ford.

    • Makes one wonder, if he is truly a cuckoo.

      • Are you suggesting that you’re still uncertain?!

        • No. It means my comments have wiggle room, and are open (marginally), to interpretation. I work in an environment, at a certain level, not conducive to commenting on such things. I just could not resist, though.

  2. Say what you will about my man Ford, but I just saw the Fox interview. Rob did a killer Bobby Moynihan impression. Really hard to tell which was which.

  3. Looks like he is appealing to the only support he has left – excited juvenile dumb-ass hosers at a foot-ball game who think a drunken crack user is a cool guy to have as Mayor of Toronto. Responsible citizens will launch Ford right out-of-the-park when the next election takes place (if the pot-licker is still here by then).

    • Oh… look at that; A “thumbs down” from someone who imagines they have a valid point to make but couldn’t bother to post it in reply… Ford! – is that you?

    • Crack-licker.

  4. Yes and people like getting their photo taken with Goofy at Disneyland too.

  5. He is a joke, not a sensation.

  6. Is being the most disgusting man in the city considered celebrity status? If so than the people making it that way need serious help.

    • Not that long ago Bill Clinton was hero to some and wanted removed from office by others after he “lied under oath” in front of a grand jury over a dubious sexual harassment case. Not long after Libby for other side was sent to jail for years for misleading an investigation on a dubious “out a CIA agent” charge.

      I think too much partisan politics silly. In each case is ok if my side is wrong if other side.

      Sort of like war in Afghanistan, was illegal war that needed protest all across canada and US and about oil till Obama took over and drastically increased war and double the average american casualties per year. Meanwhile JFK started Vietnam war and Nixon increased it and opposite logic used. JFK also had cuban missile crisis (probablly triggered by JFK era putting nukes in Turkey first on USSR border), bay of pigs, various cheating on his wife, etc and is very popular

      • Bill Clinton like Ford lied to media also for long time claiming “I did not have sex with that woman”, etc… the regular lying was not illegal but when done in front of grand jury…

      • No sense hiding behind a fake name, john g. we all know this is you :)

      • Rob Ford lying about smoking crack and driving drunk is somehow related to the Bay Of Pigs? Wow.

        You seem to not like what Bill Clinton did…so two wrongs make a right? Is it childish logic that you want?

  7. This is the best political scene ever! Out from the dull and lull into reality TV. Doesn’t get any better. Go Ford Go!

  8. Ford hired the supporters to shill for him at the game..

    • whatever….yeah right he hired them…how ridiculous..

      • Whatever you say “Dave from Scarborough”.

        You have been brainwashed by the ford cult brigitte, get out before it is too late,

    • Funny thing is, those few losers won’t get him re-elected. He looks so disgusting!

  9. This pretty much sums it all up – a publicity stunt, rather than facing the music.

  10. Newsflash… folks who never vote, have never voted…now will… I guess it all back fired..hahaha…

  11. They should do a drug test on Rob’s brother to i’m sure he knew about his habbit’s before it was made public

  12. Wow, what a pathetic loser.

    • Trollllolololol

      • Sorry, Rob, but no.

  13. “The mayor of Toronto arrived at Rogers Centre toward the end of half-time. The Toronto Argonauts had been in the lead before his arrival but went on to lose the East Division Final to the Hamilton Tiger Cats 36-24.”

    Bwahahaha! Thanks for showing up, Rob!

  14. Life goes on, people love too hate because it’s way to hard for them to really look at themselves in the mirror!

    • What does this have to do with anyone else? Stop trying to spin it. The mayor lied for months, admits to driving drunk while on the job, says sexually crude remarks on live TV and now casually admits to smoking crack.

      You idiots that just use the word “hate” like your teenage girls. I’m sure people just love to be haters…that makes sense.

      This actually effects Toronto. It isn’t “life goes on”. The Ford Motor Company has asked Rob Ford supporters to stop using their logo because it is actually hurting their business. That’s a fact.

      • I work at Ford motor for over 30 years and I don’t think they are going to suffer from the recent spin of mayor Fords bad decisions he really only shares his name with them That’s like saying the lions (owned by Ford motor Company) poor play and inability to win a superbowl will hurt them. Perhaps hate was a poor chioce of words but idiot seems a bit harsher Addiction has as much to do with denial as it does with using.Hopefully mayor with get the help he needs and all perfect people who exist can stop deflecting on to him look at their own issues

        • Ford said it, not me.

          He shouldn’t be working as The Mayor. He is clearly unstable. It isn’t about anybody else and what they do with their lives. It’s about him seriously damaging the reputation of this city and not being in control if a crisis situation were to develop. His credibility is gone.

          Today he has yet another American TV interview, for some reason, and he is at a daycare and swears about something then immediately apologizes. He is unstable. In that interview he says he is much more casual in his crack admission and I believe he says “sometimes”.

    • 2.

  15. I wonder how much it cost the people of Toronto to have all those security guards around him for the game. The game he was asked not to attend. I think this would fall under ‘gravy train’ type spending.

  16. Rob ford is the man…f**k the haters

    • You’re an absolute clown. Clearly that’s what people who don’t like being lied to for months on end are…haters.

      • LOL..ur a joke

        • Use some more meaningless internet lingo. Go ahead, you got haters, LOL…what else do you got?

          No wonder the gravy train B.S. worked on you.

          • #FORDNATION

  17. Who are these morons cheering for this idiot? He shows once again an absolute disregard for anyone but himself. I guess the gravy train stops when it comes to security guards protecting you so you can cause a commotion at a football game.

    The fans who gave him high 5’s or wish him well are embarrassing to Toronto and CFL fans in general…this guy is a lying, abusive, drunk who smokes crack while in office. This is the man who represents Toronto in the worst possible way and people actually soak it up. What a joke.

  18. The funniest part of this is that there is 0% chance that Trudeau would ever get this kind of reception at any sporting event. Not that Trudeau would ever attend a sporting event.

    • Well…..except to hand a beatdown to a lying, POS senator.

  19. Rob Ford is a Hero, what David Miller and others did for the City?? NOTHING, David Miller spent half of his term in front of a mirror and the other half raising taxes, and don’t forget the more than 100 businesses went broke on StClair Ave West

    • Yup. The last time Toronto was mentioned on CNN was during the garbage strike, which also made Toronto a laughing stock.

      The major difference is that under Miller, Toronto was a laughing stock because of his policies and politics.

      Under Ford, it’s his personal issues that are drawing attention. Much rather have the world laughing at the man, rather than his policies causing the entire city to wreak like garbage.

      • Still reeks, only this time it’s the stench of ‘lil Robbie from all the crack and booze benders. That Escalade probably needs to be pressure-washed and fumigated inside.

      • This has gone on much longer than the garbage strike…which happens in major cities sometimes. That was slightly uncomfortable, this is doing permanent damage to Toronto’s reputation.

        I assure you nobody cared about Toronto’s garbage strike. Forever when I travel (maybe you don’t) I am going realize that Toronto is now known for having a vulgar, drunk, raging bully, crack smoking mayor.

    • You’re such a brainwashed idiot. Ford hasn’t done anything except for contract out garbage in three years. His numbers are completely wrong, and it’s proven.

      You’re okay with drunk driving, crack smoking, drunken stupors in public, association with criminals, on tape rants where he threatens to kill someone and he only needs 10 minutes, belligerence, sexually crude remarks on live TV? For what, 14 million a year in garbage savings? Ford has used the city surplus to not raise taxes, which is exactly what he promised not to do.

      Ford is a liar.

    • Why would you support him? He has broken the public trust and damaged the cities reputation. He has $hit all over the taxpayers. How does this puke deserve support?

      Who are you idiots? You’re like children that would cut off your nose to spite your face. Get a clue.

      • Simple, they are in a cult, a severely dysfunctional cult at that.

  20. Rob Ford loved by CFL Crowd… The people have spoken.

  21. The mayor of Toronto in an Escalade? How can he drive around in an Escalade when so many of his constituents are living in squalor and destitution? Oh wait, comments like that are only for the likes of Chief Spence.

    • Do you think he`s on the same fish soup diet as Spence ?

      • Could be, could be…
        The only danger she was in was that her pants might explode and take out a couple of city blocks…

  22. All he has to do is tell the media nutbars that he is on a hunger strike, then they will sympathise with him.
    And he won’t have to quit eating…