Rob Ford: It’s no longer about the video … and it’s time for you to go

Ivor Tossell on the latest developments in the unravelling of Toronto’s mayor


Chris Young/CP

By every indication, Rob Ford’s world is crumbling. He is eluding the media like a fugitive in his own city. The 24-hour news channels that run silently in the corners of bars and dentists’ offices loop random clips of Ford being chased around by packs of TV reporters. Here’s Ford trying to order something through a thicket of microphones at Tim Hortons, a forced grin on his face. Now Ford peeling out of his driveway in his Escalade. Now Ford crossing a parking lot, mob in tow. Behind him in the last frame, the sign on the gas station, over his shoulder: “On The Run.”

Two days ago, the city’s Catholic school board announced that Ford been sacked as the coach of a high-school football team. Sometimes it seemed like the highest office he ever held, the one appointment he could never miss. (Last fall, things got to the point where Ford was rescheduling his court appearances to coach football.) But students and parents chafed at the way he’d boast about how destitute they’d be if it weren’t for him. Officially, the school board’s decision officially had nothing to do with the drug allegations, yet they chose this week to make the announcement. The Globe quoted a source saying Ford was “shattered.”

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One day ago, Ford fired his chief of staff. Mark Towhey was a true believer in the cause, a member of Ford’s brain trust from the very beginning, an unblinking champion against every charge so far. He was escorted out of city hall by security.

By midnight, every news outlet was running more or less the same anonymously sourced account of what had happened: Towhey had confronted the mayor, demanding he go to rehab, and the two fell out. The final straw, according to these accounts, was Ford’s demand that his staff organize a pizza party for his former football students at his house. (Ford’s penchant for appropriating city staff and vehicles for football purposes is not a new thing.) Towhey is said to have refused, and that was that.

His last defender is his brother. Doug Ford emerged two days ago, pale-faced and coal-eyed, to face reporters outside his brother’s glass-walled office, in the same spot where in years past, the two staged their weight-loss challenge on a gaudy industrial scale.

“I’m not speaking for the mayor; the mayor is my brother, I love him and he’ll speak for himself,” he said. Soon thereafter: “Rob’s is telling me these stories are untrue, that these accusations are ridiculous, and I believe him. I will always support my brother as the mayor of this city because I believe in his track record.” And with that, he launched into about eight minutes of recitation of their administration’s successes, real and imagined, as if looping back onto their message track would make the problem go away.

Was it denial, enabling, cynicism, or all three? In any case, Doug certainly seems to be deeply entrenched in bunker mentality. The next day, he told a sympathetically paranoid columnist that the timing of the crack story was rigged to save Kathleen Wynne from a bad news day. “Here comes the Toronto Star saving the Liberals . … It’s no coincidence, by any means.” (This has no bearing on reality: Gawker broke the story, leading Star journalists to quite literally run to the office and write up its version that night.)

This isn’t about a video anymore. Last night, Gawker announced that its “Crackstarter” campaign had hit a snag, insofar as the skittish drug dealers it was planning to buy the alleged Rob Ford-smokes-crack video from had vanished. We might have seen this coming. I cannot imagine that a week of international publicity is the kind of thing that soothes a crack-dealing videographer’s nerves, even one who’s planning a fresh start after leaving town in an auspicious blaze of extortion. Years hence, we’ll cringe to remember that, for a few days, a cross-border scheme to funnel $200,000 in crowdfunded money to drug dealers was widely viewed as Toronto’s last, best shot at political accountability.

It’s moot now. The video is a MacGuffin. Its contents pale next to the flight reaction they’ve brought out in the mayor, and the unravelling that’s followed. Now, we learn that members of Ford’s executive committee are speaking out against him, and laying plans to “run the city.”

Bad as they are, things could keep getting worse. Irrespective of the allegations themselves, Ford has terminally damaged his credibility by leaving the city hanging when it needed to hear from him most. And with his credibility goes our credibility, in our own eyes and the eyes of the world on which we depend. Toronto cannot keep on until the end of 2014 with a mayor who won’t address the charges against him that have ground government to a halt, who’s turned his city into a global laughingstock, and who could well be self-destructing in the grips of an addiction. The status quo is not an option. Yet the courses that aren’t an option are the ones Ford has historically been most determined to pursue.

What if he refuses to budge again, convinced he has no problem? Those who spoke truth to power get fired. Those who report are branded conspirators. There is practically no way to impeach a mayor, and there’s certainly no way to force him into rehab. The nightmare scenario sees the Fords staging a two-man Alamo, fighting on against their colleagues and the media, grinding this on into a long crisis of governance until finally, inexorably, something gives. The price to the city could be huge. The price to Ford himself could be greater still.

The alternative lies in the hands of any who’s still telling the Fords that this situation is tenable. It isn’t. Please, mayor. Don’t do this to yourself, and don’t do this to us. Please end this now, and go.


Rob Ford: It’s no longer about the video … and it’s time for you to go

  1. Only in Canada!

      • At least Barry did some good for the people through his civil rights activism… Ford is useless.

      • This is worse than Marion Barry. Barry, horrible as he was, made at least some positive contributions. Also, he was basically entrapped by the FBI. That doesn’t make his drug use acceptable, but it should be viewed as a mitigating circumstance in the court of public opinion.

        Anyone who’s been following the mayor knows he’s clearly been battling some addiction issues–alcohol almost certainly, and a lot of people close to city hall have long suspected it gets much worse than that. This is all above and beyond being a useless buffoon of a mayor, incapable of working with others or advancing any kind of agenda, in the pursuit of imagined “efficiencies” and alleged gravy-train ending. I was going to say he at least talks a good game, but that’s not even true. It’s the same slogans, over and over and over again. It’s all so incredibly pathetic.

    • only in Canada does the media jump on a bandwagon and crucify someone on hearsay and innuendos…the Star must be having a great party now…they ruined Ford with no proof…mission accomplished…and congrats to all media for following like blind stupid sheep

      • Give us all a break. Ford ruined himself. And Gawker broke that story, not the Star.

        • Ford ruined himself how? By allowing the Toronto Star to publish a story about a fictitious video that doesn’t actually exist? Or how so?

          • It’s a real video. Perhaps you’d care to show us your proof of otherwise.

          • My proof that the video doesn’t exist, is the fact that the video doesn’t exist. If you so truly believe that it does exist, then perhaps you can provide a bit of evidence in that regard? Because so far there isn’t a single shred.

            You can’t prove something doesn’t exist, but you can prove something does exist. So far nobodies bothered to do that.

          • If the video didn’t exist he would most likely sue The Star for slander. Since he’s not doing that and avoiding the media at all costs we can only assume that the reports are true and the video does exist.

          • Bullshit. How do you sue someone for slander when they say they saw a video, and you say they didn’t, and the person who they claim showed them the video conveniently can’t be found?

            See, the Star was very careful about this. They printed a story they knew couldn’t be proven, but also couldn’t be dis-proven.

            If the video actually existed, we’d have seen it by now. This is the worst kind of high school bullying that I’ve ever seen, and it’s being perpetrated by the largest newspaper in Toronto. It’s fucking disgusting is what it is.

          • It can be substantially disproven with a drug test of Ford.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • It would prove or disprove whether or not he takes drugs, dipshit.

          • No….likely it wouldn’t due to the clearing of the drug out of the body unless he is a heavy duty chronic smoker and there would be OTHER clear signs of that. For one thing, he likely wouldn’t be the physical size he is. People who are on the pipe all of the time tend to be really skinny….they don’t eat.

          • i don’t care if a video exists, i want to know whether or not he’s a crackead.

          • Cocaine metabolites clear the liver within 3 to 5 days after smoking crack cocaine. The longest known positive urine test was 10-14 days post-smoking on an individual who was a chronic user who smoked 112 grams a week. Hence, a urine test at this point tells you nothing. The only drug that sticks around a long time is cannabis.

          • Use your big-boy words, or at least spew them on the Drunk Jays Fans comments page. And if you really want to get to the bottom of this, someone should just go up to him and say “WAMP! WAMP!” and if he lights up and responds “What it do?”, then yeah, there you have it.

          • It’s easy — serve a lawsuit for defamation, including an order to produce the video.

          • and who will produce the video…the drug-dealing owner of the supposed video seems to have conveniently disappeared

          • Yes, goodness…let’s subpoena the drug dealers to produce the video.

          • You don’t need proof to sue someone for slander. Refer to the affair involving: Mulroney, Brian, and Schreiber, Karlheinz.

          • Since Allan Rock fell for that one and paid Mulroney 6 million, do you really think someone else is going to sucker and fall for it? The Libel and Slander laws are clear. The defense is the truth. How is Rob Ford going to prove that the Toronto Star reporters aren’t telling the truth when they say they “saw a man they believe to be Rob Ford sucking on a crack pipe”? With no drug dealers and no video, it becomes a “he said; he said.” The Toronto Star reporters just say they reported what they BELIEVED to be the truth. Of course they had no way to validate the legitimacy of the video and they will admit that. They also had no way to tell if the pipe was emitting crack cocaine, etc., etc.

          • Why would it already have been seen? It’s on the iPhone of some drug dealers who refused to hand it over. No one can prove that it does or does not show what the Star claims. And while I also believe the Star has been excessive in the ad-hominem attacks on the mayor (hanging out at his house, etc) there’s no way that multiple reporters at two different news organizations are going to collude to allege something that, if false, would end all of their careers.

          • You Sir, are a god dammed moron.

            Every single one of the The Star’s stories concerning Rod Ford have been correct.

            What are you Rod Ford’s new Press Secretary? Rob Ford’s pattern of behaviour is outrageous, and even his staunches supporters could ponder it probable that Ford could have been caught in a video smoking crack (they may actually still support him however).

            Dougie and the gang should have flat out asked Ford to step down Saturday afternoon. Ford is a [textbook] case of a politician gone bad lieutenant, the fact that he is still mayor of Toronto is an extreme embarrassment and the butt of jokes for years to come, on us.

            But of Course there are still going to be assholes like Rickey boy over here that will still vote for him, Mayor Asshole

          • How the hell would you know that the Toronto Star’s stories are correct. It’s funny how Royson James can constantly stick it to the Mayor, but we hear little of how he beats his wife or that his daughter is a crack whore selling herself on the streets of New York City.

          • Nice deflection.

          • That’s a little premature isn’t it?

            The Star is a quasi-leftish special interest group disguised as a newspaper, political operatives with press badges. Of course your instance that the The Star is “correct” probably means politically correct, not truthful, amirite?

          • people assume what they want…why would Ford bother with the media…they don’t believe him no matter what he says

          • They don’t believe him because he’s proven himself, numerous times, to be a liar.

          • The video has been viewed by three reporters with 50 years experience between them and no prior track record of credibility issues.

          • LOL. Ya, Gawker’s had “no prior track record of credibility issues”?! You’ve gotta be on drugs. Speaking of which, here’s a link to a story they published which details how to buy illegal drugs on the internet:

            That sure gives them credibility, in your eyes as a crack head, I guess.

            These fucking liars are now using Rob Ford’s denial to run a headline saying “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Says He No Longer Smokes Crack Cocaine”.

            One also has to remember that John Cook has a long and storied history with drug abuse himself. That place has become a total joke.

            But sure, they have “no credibility issues”, whatever you say, loser.

          • The Star reporters, you illiterate moron.

          • and why do you think it isn’t worthy of reporting on this growing trend, they brought the illegal trade of drugs on the internet into the spotlight. that is some solid unbiased reporting right there, just the facts for the world to see.

          • Are you an actual conservative, or a liberal posing as the worst sort of parody of one? Paranoid, willfully ignorant, blind to the reality staring you in the face. It’s hard to tell.

            Most of the real conservatives I know have cut their loses on this one. So you’re either a troll or a dead-ender.

          • Yeah, ’cause Liberals have nothing better to do than parody stupid people. Oh wait, I just did. My bad.

          • Was the story on how to buy drugs on the internet untrue? That’s the real issue here: does he print lies? The content he chooses to write about, or having a history of drug abuse himself doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to print lies. Give an example of a Gawker story that’s a proven fabrication and I’ll take your point seriously.

          • the Gawker guy is not a reporter…he and his on-line site are nothing but a joke

          • There are two ways a news organization can become a “joke”: by producing lame, meaningless content, or by fabricating stories. Gawker might be guilty of the former, but the real issue here is do they make shit up?

          • Except that multiple reliable sources have seen it, and screencaps have been published.

            Yeah, it doesn’t exist, alright. #sarcasm

          • multiple sources??? moron in the States and 2 Star reorters who claim the saw the “video”, say it “looks like Ford” but can’t offer any proof

          • Nice try buddy

          • then give us a blood or hair sample, if ford had any credibility he’d do just that instead of hiding.

          • For the video not to exist, two separate news organizations would have to conspire on a fake story. Gawker is pretty new and unproven, but The Star has a 110+ year history of not conspiring on fake stories. What makes more sense: a newspaper hating someone so much that it’s willing to put its reputation and possibly its very existence on the line, or that our mayor has a problem and is in denial? This is precisely the single shred you seek.

          • That’s stupid: the video has not been released. Nobody has seen it except for Gawker’s “journalists”.

            Onus of the proof lies with those making the claim, and Ford, in this case, is innocent until proven otherwise.

          • Two reputable reporters with Canada’s largest newspaper have seen the video.

            You don’t know what you’re talking about, so get off my back.

          • The point now is that the video does not matter anymore, its his reaction and long instances of unacceptable behaviour for the Mayor of a large Metropolis

          • where is your proof that this video exist other then the say-so of 2 reporters from the star and now it’s apparently “missing’

          • That’s not the point any more you idiot, did you even read the above article or just the headline and scroll to the bottom like a troll?

          • Wow, did you really just say that a video that neither you, or anybody else has had a chance to see and analyze, is the real deal? Did you actually demand proof that the never-seen video doesn’t exist?

            Politics aside, that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

          • Ford already had a reputation for unprofessional and un-mayorly antics, a history of substance abuse and a crumbling reputation.
            Then when faced with this controversy he just runs, ignores the questions of the press and taxpayers, hides behind his brother and staff and continues to avoid the whole issue.

            These are not the actions of a leader.

          • So what you are saying is that Ford is hanging fruit and thus it is okay to run with a story without getting confirmation of its legitmacy. However, had it been….say Justin Trudeau with the crack pipe and the grainy video….the Star would have been wrong to do so? Is that what you are saying?

          • Gonna love it when they find out it was fictitious and Ford ends up not only as Mayor but also Owner and Publisher of the Toronto red star, then he can really get even.

          • You’re hilarious.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • PFFFFFFFT!

          • Oh brother.

          • By putting himself in a position where witnesses (multiple, and not just from the Star) could watch a video (which did exist, unless you’re claiming that the reporters in question are liars – something that would be considered libel) and conclude that yes, in fact, the mayor was smoking crack in the presence of drug dealers. Duh.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • It’s not biased if Ford himself tends to make an ass of himself, you idiot.

            Even The Sun is calling him out on this — doesn’t that say that MAYBE this isn’t some non-existent left-wing conspiracy?

            (BTW if you’re fine with breaking the law by calling people liars for no reason, then I hope you enjoy being in court)

          • If it doesn’t exist, there must be a reason why his lawyer didn’t immediately file a defamation suit against the STAR, secure in the knowledge that it doesn’t exist. Right? Errr….ummm….right?

          • Ford ruined himself by setting himself up in such a position that his denials are no longer believed.

            It’s the boy who called “no wolf”.

          • This is above and beyond the video whether real or not, it’s beyond the Toronto Star (my are they given a lot of power here!).
            We all have our reasons for believing, or not, in a politician but to keep harping about conspiracy theories (as the Fords do) and to put zero of the ownership on the Fords is ridiculous.

            It’s tedious to recite the many reasons Mr. Ford is an embarrassment to the city, the reasons are painfully obvious.
            And this started long before the video so let’s not pretend this is a new development.

        • and no one heard about this until the Star made their announcement about Ford and the video

          • Well Gawker readers did actually they broke the story

      • I’m pretty sure that’s how it started with Bill Clinton, before the truth finally came out.. so realy, not “only in Canada”

      • Totally agree here… why aren’t the press looking at this as extortion? Really? Give me money or I’ll go public? Sounds like it to me. I feel for the guy, and what the press is not showing and what ‘has’ been confirmed by his office is City Council is working like “business as usual.” Let him do his job! Not sure there are many ‘better’ people out there to do it.

        • You’ve got it ass-backwards. It’s “give me money and I’ll give you the video.

        • Maybe because that’s not what happened.

          Try learning what you’re talking about, that way you’ll look less stupid when you get on a soapbox.

        • Extortion is the opposite. “Give me money or I’ll release this video” is extortion (or is it blackmail?). “Give me money or I will NOT release this video” isn’t that at all. If it’s withholding criminal evidence it might be a very different crime, but it isn’t blackmail or extortion.

          • Blackmail. Extortion involves the threat of violence.

      • No, it’s based on an actual videotape.

        You’re thinking of Sun News calling Jack Layton a whoremonger and pedophile, based on an ex-cop who illegally held onto (and possibly altered) notes from a decade ago.

        • Now who’s off topic? Lol! This is too easy.

          • If it’s so easy then why are you talking about everything EXCEPT the subject?

            I’m just mentioning that The Star has an irrefutable record for integrity and accuracy. Meanwhile, your side of politics is known for making up the most transparent lies on record.

          • Star has no integrety…they have been smearing Ford since before Ford became mayor

          • Nope, every single charge from Star has been correct. Ford has lied every single time. Zero credibility

          • Ford has been the greatest thing ever for the Star. They have sold more papers then ever because of their feud but i’ll be honest and say they looked more like a tabloid magazine doing it. Ford has got people talking about local politics like never before and despite being a polarizing figure, he captures the emotions of Torontonians in way only he can. We need politics to be this passionate… keep Ford in power!

        • Jack and Olivia both admitted that HJack was there…no denial but they both claimed it was an “accident”…Jack thought he was getting a “real’ massage…but he did get his happy ending and every other news outlet carried that story.

          • Whats your point? Why are people equating smoking crack cocaine with gangsters to all these random situations? People have been doing that all week. Don’t bring Jack’s good name into the sully of this Rob Ford scalliwag fest.

      • Ford ruined himself long before the allegations of his crack addiction came to light. The list of his PROVEN transgressions is quite long and hard to miss. So difficult to miss in fact that I’m sure that you’re able to see on them under the shroud of denial you’re wearing.

      • Down here in there real world, this is called reporting. Sometimes it’s unflattering, but that’s what a free press does. The drooling suburban 905 zombies of the so-called “Ford Nation” may prefer that the media doesn’t do its job with regard to their personal Jesus, but fortunately for the rest of us, they don’t get to dictate reality.

      • Only in Canada?

        You need to get out more.

  2. Very poetic,

    The solution is a swift kick in the gut.

  3. starting to think the media is smoking more crack than anybody

    • Based on what?

  4. “Rob Ford will become Toronto’s greatest mayor”

    I believe Don Cherry said that when he made a speech at the mayors first meeting.
    I would be surprised if Don would say that now.

    • Gawker did report that a “prominent hockey analyst” was one of the customers of these dealers.

      • Hahaha! Get out of here! They are pulling your chain.

    • it’s worth watching the youtube clip of the speech – ironically, cherry follows that statement up with “put that in your pipe, you left wing kooks”

    • Most ‘infamous’ surely!

  5. When has minor details like facts or reality ever mattered to Rob Ford or his supporters? Those people operate based on one line slogans. Anything more complicated than that pisses them off.

    • “When has minor details like facts or reality ever mattered to Rob Ford or his supporters?”

      Funny. I don’t see anything even remotely close to anything resembling a fact in this post.

      Here are some facts though. McGuinty and Miller have cost this province and city respectively, billions. It’s amazing that they don’t have to answer to anyone. You’re such hypocrites.

      EDIT: My potty mouth again.

      • And so did Harris before McGuinty. Spend billions in taxpayer dollars building a highway, then sell it to your buddies and let them make all the profit with minimal expenses. Great deal for taxpayers!

        Trying to say one party is bad and the other is not is just partisan idiocy. Ford is little more than a clown with a lot of slogans but no capability to deal with real problems.

        • This comment was deleted.

          • Well then we agree on something. :) McGuinty’s government was terrible, you’ll never hear me say otherwise. But the one before him wasn’t great either, and the NDP one before that? ugh.

          • Great. They deleted my comment. McLean’s. Wow.

          • Excuse me, what about the Tories HIDING A DEFICIT when they last ran Ontario?

            The last time I checked, THAT’S CALLED FRAUD.

          • You’re probably right, although I don’t know enough about it to comment.

          • Ernie Eves and Jim Flaherty claim to this day, that they left Ontario with a surplus, but as soon as McGuinty took over it was revealed that there was actually a HUGE deficit (part of the reason for the health tax increase, even if that excuse went away fast).

            For that matter, historically the right-wing has NEVER improved an economy — though they do have a long record of making them worse.

      • And yet Ford has cost Toronto AT LEAST that much, and you seem to be fine with that.

        You also seem to be fine with the fact that several sources have seen an authenticated video of an intoxicated Rob Ford smoking from a crackpipe, among known drug dealers.

        • “And yet Ford has cost Toronto AT LEAST that much, and you seem to be fine with that.”

          Really? Where exactly? Show me the numbers.

          EDIT: “You also seem to be fine with the fact that several sources have seen an authenticated video of an intoxicated Rob Ford smoking from a crackpipe, among known drug dealers.”

          I never said I was. If it happens to be true, grab the dealers first and then prosecute Mr. Ford like you would any other citizen caught doing the same thing. It’s very important that it’s ACTUALLY TRUE though. That is all.

          • Well for one thing, there’s his insistence on a subway plan that he doesn’t want to fund, there’s also his failed attempt to build a casino on prime waterfront land, his scrapping of a bike/transit plan THAT WAS ALREADY PAID FOR, his wasting of money by auditing every last account in the city and finding NOTHING to cut that wouldn’t cripple Toronto…

          • There is nothing wrong with auditing every account in the city to find funds of any sort. In fact I am surprised that the accounts are not audited as intensively as they were considering the value of tax funds to the city and the potential consequences for error and embezzlement should they ever occur.

          • ya but his reactions speaks for itself, does no one agree with the thesis of the article?

  6. Also, when is Rob planning on stopping the gravy train? Redirecting it to his football team doesn’t count.

    • Look up “private garbage collection in toronto”.

      • That has exactly what to do with Rob trying to use city staff and city money to organize private parties?

        Seems that he’s just fine with gravy that benefits him.

        • “Also, when is Rob planning on stopping the gravy train?”

          You posted this right? Thanks.

          • Oh so gravy is bad when it’s garbage collection, but perfectly alright when it’s Rob Ford using city money for his football team?

            Glad you cleared that bit of flagrant hypocrisy up.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I know, life’s tough when you hear something other than “my guy is awesome and everyone else is evil!”

            Maybe you should just use the usual tactic of blaming the media. That is how conservatives deal with news they don’t like, typically.

          • Explain how, or you’re the one looking like an idiot.

          • As I recall, the garbage collection idea failed catastrophically.

          • And you don’t seem to understand that your tax money shouldn’t pay for private football pizza parties regardless of whether you voted for the mayor. That is gravy. He is guilty of taking gravy. Paying for garbage collection is actually not gravy. He just got a better price for the city at the expense of wages. If you disagree with how much those workers were making that’s fine. But it wasn’t corruption. It wasn’t gravy. And sure, privatization saves some money. For now. Wait until the contract is up for renewal and there’s only 2 companies bidding on it. They will be enjoying a very nice high fee paid for by you. And they won’t be passing the profits to the workers either. Just wait for that gravy to be stolen from you in a couple of years. Ford supporters voted for a catchphrase without understanding what it really means. Without understand business. You let this guy extract wealth from workers only for a large company to profit from your tax money down the road. You will be paying more for garbage collection after the next contract because you don’t understand business. You’ve been had. By a catchphrase.

          • “And you don’t seem to understand that your tax money shouldn’t pay for
            private football pizza parties regardless of whether you voted for the
            mayor. That is gravy. He is guilty of taking gravy.”

            What are you talking about? When did he ever use tax dollars for this? This is a complete fabrication. Disgraceful.

            “And sure, privatization saves some money. For now. Wait until the
            contract is up for renewal and there’s only 2 companies bidding on it.”

            I need proof of this please. I need to know exactly how many solid waste collection companies exist out there and would consider bidding on this contract, otherwise your “point” is nothing but opinion and pretty far from fact.

            Here are some nice facts though:

            – we’re saving about $11m/yr RIGHT NOW,
            – all reports suggest that GFL is doing a better job than CUPE 416 (

          • He did this several times, and this is well documented. Why do you think he got into legal trouble over it?

            Oh and spare us your quotations from a “news source” that is currently in trouble for lying on several occasions.

          • Ford is a parasitic waste who runs city hall like a Mob boss. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ford called up newly relased Rizzutto, had him have those kids wacked and then watch the video over a bottle of dom and a pile coke

          • I had no issue with your arguments until you posted that your facts supporting Rob Ford came from the Toronto Sun…. I mean C’mon…..

            I’ll be the first to agree that the Star unfairly tears down the Mayor but it’s not like the Sun doesn’t so thier best to prop him up…I look at this whole thing this way:

            If I was Mayor of Toronto and cared about my reputation, and someone, anyone, came out and said “You’re a crack head” “I saw you smoke crack” “I have a video of you smoking Crack” and I knew that these statements weren’t true….You can bet your ass I would be on every TV camera I could find vehemently saying that I did not smoke crack and would be willing to do anything to prove it. I’d even go as far as to be willing to take a drug test. I value my reputation….However,

            If it WAS true and I DID smoke crack and I was the Mayor….Logically, I would probably take my time before responding and think long and hard about how I am going to get out of this…..

            The video does not matter anymore, look at how he has handled the whole thing….He is behaving like someone who has something to hide…..

          • Now you’re just being a sarcastic ass. I clearly stated that I agree that the Star wastes plenty of ink unfairly putting this guy through the ringer and making stories out of thin sources…..Not sure what you’re point is here or what you’re trying to prove….maybe you’re just one of those people that thoroughly enjoys the sound of your own voice or in this case words….

            Both newspapaers are guilty of some pretty lackluster journalism and to be honest I’m not a daily reader of either of them….but Im willing to bet that the Star, the most popular daily in the country, that has been around for a hundred years before Rob Ford, will still be here a hundred years after Rob Ford. But that’s besides the point.

            I dont care what the newspapers write about anyone because I understand that news agencies, like politicians, have an agenda, and it’s up to us, as responsible and informed citizens and voters, to read between the lines and form our own conclusions based on the FACTS presented to us…..which in this case there haven’t been any FACTS….

            But that doesn’t change reality….the reality is, truth or not, this looks REALLY REALLY BAD for Ford and he needs to say something, anything…perferably something that is along the lines of “I didnt smoke crack with drug dealers” which you would think he would have done by now if the story was completely fabricated.

            The story here is NOT The Star vs Rob Ford….the story here is Rob Ford vs Rob Ford…..everyday he spends in silence over something as disgusting at this is another day he spends being his own worst enemy…as usual.

          • Sorry about the sarcasm. That’s how I roll. However, my point is that GFL’s doing a good job AND we’re saving money regardless of who’s reporting it. Again I apologize.

          • the true savings of the gfl contract will not be known until this administration is gone. The only difference to me the homeowner is the guys picking up the garbage are making less money and they will have no pension. Id rather pay people a bit extra and avoid the profits for gfl.

          • The vast majority of us don’t have pensions and we’re very good at what we do. I choose to invest in my own pension called an RSP or real estate. I don’t rely on the state to take care of my future.

          • I mean the Star can get a bit cheezy but its a nice change from the stuffy old hawkish globe, on Ford, even though they have gone after with him with zeal, they have been correct on all their charges against him, the rabble just didn’t want to hear it.

          • “The video does not matter anymore, look at how he has handled the whole
            thing….He is behaving like someone who has something to hide…..”

            I disagree. He came out last Friday and said (paraphrasing here): “This is ridiculous.” Now, you also need to take into account the fact that his lawyers have probably adivsed him against speaking publicly about this. If and when the video surfaces, Ford will either be on the legal assault or mother of all retreats. That’s my theory anyway.

          • Ford’s toast man

          • OHhhh Mr., Ted is ANGRY!

          • I do all of this with a smile. I’m just that much better.

  7. The police I would think must be investigating this mayors associates and other activities.
    I never thought that Toronto would have such an American like big uncouth questionable character of a leader.

    • I’ve heard from sources that the police have been covering this up for a year, so hopefully we can still count on them to monitor this crazy situation…?

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Why do you act like The Star has never proven a single thing Ford did wrong?

          There have been tons of video, photographs, and reliable eyewitnesses all saying that Ford is a boorish, corrupt, impaired jackass.

          • ‘Why do you act like The Star has never proven a single thing Ford did wrong?”

            I’m not. I’m saying that they’ve been rather irresponsible in reporting this latest story without the actual evidence. That’s reprehensible IMHO.

            You know what’s sad though? The fact that we have no qualms with paying drug dealers $200k to get the “evidence”. Wow.

          • Well if Ford was a decent person he could preempt the sale by admitting to everything and stepping down, then these kids payday would look pretty skimpy

          • I agree…if he’s guilty.

  8. I was in agreement with this article until: ” who could well be self-destructing in the grips of an addiction”


    • Dude even if you believe the crack story is all made up, his battles with booze have been fact for months.

    • His behavior is clearly erratic and getting worse. I don’t like the man very much, but I still feel compassion for him as a human being to be able to say that he needs to go and get help.

  9. This comment was deleted.

    • Ah yes of course, Rob Ford’s problems are all the fault of evil lefties!

      • No. The city’s problems are. Please see “David Miller”. Thanks.

        • No, not really, Ted.

          • Actually I’m bang on. The facts suggest so.

          • You’re bang on nothing. Keep lying to yourself, though.

          • Here come those annoying facts again. And you would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for that pesky MeTed again.

            The fact of the matter is that in 2003 Toronto’s debt was $2.1b and annual budget, $6.4b. By 2010 those numbers had ballooned to $3.1b and an astronomical $9.2b. That’s an increase of roughly 150% over 7 years on the operating budget. And don’t forget, that’s also including the $750m that the city was bringing in each year through the LTT and VRT. Those numbers
            are absolutely staggering in any municipal fiscal context.


            In addition, from 2007 to 2010, the City’s net debt increased by a compound annual rate of 12.54%, also very troubling.

            Let’s not also forget the fact that Miller, in his first year in office, received $250m from the feds and the province to balance the books. In 2006, he used a $165-million windfall from Queen’s Park and the $81-million surplus to balance the books. I
            could go on and on but Levy does a much better job of breaking down the numbers here. You’ll just have to ignore her obvious right-wing bias (she adds her typical anti-left commentary in between the

            Look. I just moved back to the city back in 2011. I didn’t have the opportunity to vote in the municipal election. Would I have voted for Rob Ford? Probably not. Is the man a slob and a buffoon? Perhaps. Was he elected by the people though? Absolutely, and that’s what really brings my piss to a boil: the fact that the opposition is doing everything in their power – except win an election – to get rid of him. What’s ironic is that with every
            attempt to do so, the polarization effect gets worse and his
            supporters only dig in their heels that much more. He needs to be
            voted out. Period. This other nonsense needs to stop.

            EDIT: LOL! I got downvoted for citing facts? This is what I mean about partisan politics making people crazy.

            EDIT: Still waiting on a rebuttal.

          • Let’s not forget that Ford hasn’t found ONE CENT of wasted money, and reneged on his promise to balance the books WITHOUT cutting services.

          • So you seriously think Ford can go on until 2014… everything’s fine? He is done, and the longer he drags it out the more money Toronto losses. In terms of Toronto’s debt problems, Ford is obviously not fit for the task or helping in any way.

            Democracy, is not exercised just at elections. Sometimes, for whatever reason the wrong person gets elected, and if they become no longer fit to serve office, democratic checks and accountability, depending on their effectiveness, will remove the scoundrel. Sometimes its public opinion that gets the bum(s) out, other times its civil society, and sometimes its other branches of the government (Police…military).

            If I may also quip on GTA voting patterns. The same suburban Southern Ontario conservatives who voted for Rob Ford are also the people that helped Harper get his majority, and we all see how well that worked out.

            Comon guys, stop voting for these conservative assholes were not Americans, take the plunge and embrace change. Austerity doesn’t work, public transit is the future and investment is needed in individuals not Corporations.

          • What facts? Cite something. Preferably NOT from The Lying Sun.

          • How do numbers – in the context of municipal finances – lie?

        • So that’s why Toronto was running just fine under Miller, while Ford’s turned it into a dump?

          • But it wasn’t. That’s what I’m trying to say. Then again, Lastman wasn’t all that much better either. Man, my city for a decent mayor.

            EDIT: How was Eggleton? I was too young. Would he come out of retirement?

  10. Ford does not have the confidence of the people to be in the top leadership position and should do the right thing. Step down before he does any more damage to the city and Canada’s reputation.

    • McGuinty anyone? E-Health? Ornge? Gas plants? Are you all so daft that you let these crimes go?

      EDIT: Removed cursing. Sorry.

      • Is the best you can do “well those guys were bad too, so my guy being bad is okay!!!”

        That’s a childs argument. Past misdeeds do not excuse present misdeeds.

        Are you actually going to defend anything Ford is doing, or are you just going to continue to whine about how other people are also bad so it must be okay?

        • Holy cow. If you don’t understand the difference here, there’s absolutely nothing anyone can ever to do help you. You’re effectively finished and out of touch.

          My point is – seeing as it flew so far over your head, it left orbit – you’re comparing a man who’s been accused of several things, none of which have ever been proven or have ever lead to a conviction of any kind, to a man who’s cost the province billions through misappropriation and theft? Is it because Ford’s fat or obscene? Is that it? He isn’t as suave or well-spoken as – say – David Miller who singlehandedly put this city into the financial state of disrepair that it’s currently in?

          It’s baffling really.

          EDIT: Removed more cursing. Sorry…again. My bad.

          • Oh please. Ford’s plan for transit is “subways!” When asked how he’d pay for those subways, his response was “people want subways!” He had no idea how to pay for something that would cost billions, but wanted to go ahead and build them anyway. Because that’s a sound financial plan, right?

            Ford hasn’t fixed a damn thing. He tried to screw it up more with his subways, but he’s so bloody incompetent that he can’t get council to do anything and so they’re still screwing around about what to build for transit.

            And no, I don’t like him because he’s a hypocrite who doesn’t bother showing up for work because he wants to coach football. People should expect better than “I’m not going to bother showing up to work today” out of their Mayor. This is basic stuff. If he wants to be a football coach so badly, he can do it on his own time. He sure as hell can’t spend city dollars doing it.

            Besides, what Miller did is not an excuse. Saying “the other guy was bad too!” doesn’t defend anything Ford has screwed up. That’s how children try to defend themselves. It’s pathetic that we now get that out of our so-called “leaders”.

            When Ford can actually lead instead of blame everyone else and hide behind one line slogans, then I’ll take him seriously.

          • I’ve already said Ford’s actions will be his downfall. When he’s talking about building subways with no realistic plan to generate revenue, people are going to realize that he’s insane. I for one stand firmly in that camp. Without charging road tolls, raising property tax and/or instituting a municipal sales tax (say on luxury goods), he’s dreaming or delusional at best.

            “And no, I don’t like him because he’s a hypocrite who doesn’t bother
            showing up for work because he wants to coach football. People should
            expect better than “I’m not going to bother showing up to work today”
            out of their Mayor. This is basic stuff. If he wants to be a football
            coach so badly, he can do it on his own time. He sure as hell can’t
            spend city dollars doing it.”


            Just sayin’.

          • No you haven’t, you’ve said Ford can do no wrong because teh lefties are worse (for some reason).

          • I love how all of your replies boil down to “If you don’t understand, you’re stupid – facepalmyoloswag”

          • I love how you don’t have any replies at all. Stay out of this. You’re outclassed. Actually just fetch the water.

          • Prove your cases, or fuck yourself in the neck.

          • I already have. It’s rather easy on here.

          • You’re the one who brought up A COMPLETELY UNRELATED POLITICAL OFFICE, and you say TRIDUS is out of touch?

          • Well it’s important to provide context through scale. People really need to understand how much McGuinty really swindled from this province. How moot Ford’s issues are when compared to McGuinty and his party’s pillaging of our province. It’s really important.

            Having said that, Ford is done. We need to vote him out because he’s incapable of actually running this city. But the key word there is “vote”. Leave it to the people.

          • Don’t enlist your little dismissals at the start to mask you have noting to offer but some recycled old Sun articles, you are leading us is an exercise of rhetoric, McGunity is another topic, and at least decent enough to STEP DOWN when shit hit the fan.

            Ford is a world class joke, its hard in Canada to realize when we have a real sob in office, because politics has been so civilized in the post WWI era. Welcome to the new era everyone, where spectacles such Harper, Ford, and yes Teddy clown even McGunity, are the new normal.

          • Those were links to municipal government documents on their website (lol). Awesome!

      • McGuinty did step down. Point proven, well done.

        • He didn’t step down for any of those reasons. He never owned up to anything. In fact he did something even worse; he prorogued parliament “to avoid facing the music”.

          • So you would have preferred to have him stay on, do more harm just so you could vote him out?

          • It’s called democracy. We’re not fascists.

      • What does McGuinty have to do with this?

        Find the brains to at least stay on topic, or have the balls to admit you’re up the creek.

        • I’ve already explained myself. I can’t keep repeating myself because you don’t bother to read ALL of the comments. That’s not my problem.

      • McGuinty stepped down…

  11. Toronto has become the laughing stock for the entire world! Get this dummy out and bring in some educated and civilized person as the mayor.

    • Toronto’s become a laughing stock because of the Toronto Star. When most of the city has no problem reading a paper that has zero ethical or moral standards, it’s not surprising that the people of the city are the same.

      • I think we’ve become a laughing stock because of Mayors Rob and Doug actually.

        • What exactly has Rob Ford done that’s made Toronto a laughing stock? Put up with more crap from the media than any other mayor on the planet?

          Because when you actually start to look at his record, he’s actually done a very satisfactory job. The so called “gaffe’s” aren’t gaffe’s so much as they are the Toronto Star trying to make something out of nothing.

          • We will agree to disagree on his satisfactory record.
            Ford puts up with crap from the media? He provides the fuel, you can’t really believe it’s always someone else.

            Re the Toronto Star, that’s far too easy …..fine they may have an axe to grind but with friends living worldwide who email me about the latest Ford ‘situation’ I can assure you the Star’s circulation is not quite all that. Sorry but the man is an embarrassment.

          • Rick are you still talking? lol!

  12. This fellow just got in as the Mayor by making false promises and his infamous Gravy Train. Remember a couple of months what Sarah Thompson said?? That time everybody mocked at her. She metioned that time itself about the substance abuse. May be she was right. This mans absenteeism from work itself speaks volumes. Indeed time to go………..

    • and I might be screwing justin trudeau

      • watching city council you see Ford rarely at his seat.

      • I dunno, Ted, that article doesn’t really support your point. Doesn’t really help your ‘credibility’ either. You spend too much time on these comment forums by the way.

        • I think it reinforces the fact that she’s at the very least a buffoon who’s made some very bad decisions.

          “You spend too much time on these comment forums by the way.”
          I enjoy this. Besides I hate it when people take a side based entirely on ideology and not on the actual issue itself. Those people need facts thrown at them, whether they acknowledge them or not.

  13. Toronto and other senior governments should be expecting good judgement and exceptional leadership from Toronto’s mayor. Rob Ford has consistently given them neither. How does requesting that a pizza party for student organized by city resources show good judgment?

  14. So, there is no evidence, but we really don’t like where all this inuendo that we are manufacturing is going (cause we can’t control ourselves) and therefore Ford has to go.

    Yup, sounds about right for leftie logic.

    • What do you mean no evidence? First off, The man has a track record of known incidents with drugs and alcohol. Coming out of thin air, I would get your point….but burying your head in the sand about this guys problem is ridiculous. Second, the assumption that it’s all manufactured to ‘get him’ is nonsense, The notion that the media are on a mission to ‘get him’ is the last refuge of the weak or the perennially tin-foil hat wearing idiot. NOT to mention the fact that the man has accomplished very little and at this point is a lame duck and very unlikely to accomplish anything going forward.

      • ‘…has a track record…’ -do you even read what you write?

        As I said, no evidence.

        But please, don’t let this fact get in the way of your ‘Ford’ hunt!

        • 1. Marijuana arrest in Florida
          2. Drunken tirades galore

          How much evidence do you need?

          • Nope, no video here!

        • Maybe you honestly don’t know the man’s history? Rob Ford was arrested for DUI in Florida, he was kicked out of a hockey game for yelling at tourists while he was clearly intoxicated, he has been asked to leave private functions on allegations of substance abuse and so forth.

          • And lo and behold, no crack cocaine video here either!

          • So, what substance is intollerable when it dictates his abusive behaviour, Frenchie77? Only Crack? It’s a thing here in Toronto to pose with a drunken slobbering Ford when you find him staggering around at night. I’ve seen these photos on several occasions. I suppose as long as you’re not wearing a non-Leafs Jersey you won’t be screamed at, just drooled on.

    • As opposed to the brilliant right-wing logic displayed by Team Ford’s response…

      • “LALALALALA”

      • I said nothing about his response, I am only commenting on the left’s attack,

      • Which was, “That is ridiculous.” Sounds logical to me regardless of ideology.

        • Sorry, Ted, just noticed that you’re posting up a storm here… I guess making up for the shrinking numbers of your faction. :)

          • “Fact”ion is what you meant right? ;) You should join us. We like to actually look at each issue independently and form our opinions without the usual ideological interference. It’s so refreshing.

          • And which facts would those be, exactly?

          • A lot of my posts citing figures and recent events. They’re scattered all over these comments. Sorry.

    • Ford has to go because he’s no longer considered qualified to even teach kids football, much less run a city. He has paralyzed his executive role and burned his credibility with his personal nonsense, and doesn’t show up for work. How does that scan with hardworking, get ‘er done rightie populist logic, huh? Why are you making excuses for someone who isn’t bringing their A game to the table? I thought you goofs believed in meritocracy or something …

      • The left never considered him qualified, so really nothing has changed!

    • The evidence no longer matters. The way Ford responded speaks volumes. If he was being accused of doing something in a video that he has never done before, he would’ve spoken out against these allegations swiftly and with self-assurance, demanding that the evidence be provided, and he would’ve taken legal action against both Gawker and the Star.

      All we got was a shoegazing, mumbled claim that the whole thing was ridiculous, and that it was just the Star attacking him. And then he disappeared from the media eye. Very telling.

      This has NOTHING to do with left-wing/right-wing political stances.

      • No, nothing at all to do with politics. Just good ole ethical journalism at play here.

        Now who is smoking something?

      • Oh, please. The Toronto Star makes so many ludicrous accusations against Ford he’d be spending his entire week denying them if he started. The Star’s tactics here are so fucking obvious it’s disgusting that the rest of the media have followed along.

        It goes like this: report “story” about Rob Ford smoking crack.
        Spend the next 3 weeks detailing and investigating him when he denies he smokes crack.

        Anybody who believes any of this garbage is as dumb as a rock.

    • There is no direct evidence available to us right now. This much is true.

      There is, however, history and precedent, both of Ford’s predilection toward substance abuse and to his predilection toward lying about it when caught.

      There is also, however, significant risk being undertaken by the reporters from *two* organizations claiming to have seen this video.

      Put these two things together and it’s entirely reasonable to believe that the man is guilty of the offense charged, even without direct evidence. Just like it’s reasonable to believe that the guy with the bloody knife standing over the person that’s been stabbed is responsible for it.

      • EXCEPT of course, there is no body, and no knife, no anything.

        According to your logic, a new report could come out everyday oon his drug habit and you would believe it!!

        And whddayaknow, a new report does almost come out everyday. Now they are stretching back 30 years, but who cares- you suckers will believe anything.

  15. U people gotta get a grip! You whip up a media frenzy about something you have no evidence on and then try and convict a person on this non existent evidence…then its his fault your so worked yup so he has to go. U people ought to be ashamed, if this was happening to you, u would be screaming rights abuse all over the place….get a grip and turn your wrath upon the people that have brought you to this state….and stop believing in un-named sources…you all are making your city and the country look childish and american-ized media puppets….GET A GRIP!

    • Why are right-wing partisans so lazy with their spelling?

      • Their natural element is yell radio. Most of them read and write at a grade-school level…

        • YELL RADIO! Can I have the rights to that one? LOL

      • MAkes it easier for left wingers to understand….LOL

        • Ha! Touche! I walked into that one :)

        • That doesn’t make sense. Surely, proper spelling would make it easier to understand. Your attempt to make fun of leftists has failed.

          • IC…but its ok to 2 pin lazy spelling on right wing partisans. Your attempt to weigh in on something just to see your pseudonym on a webpage is truly sad…lighten up dude…your slip is showing.

          • Fish live in water.

            (See? I can come up with rambling non sequiturs too!)

            And why do right-wingers always presume to know the motivations of others? And why are those motivations always negative? Projecting much? For shame.

          • Left? Right? How about the issue instead. Leave the partisan nonsense at the door, especially when we’re talking about municipal politics.

          • Sure. Start with gul abul and his rather questionable statements.




      • Why are you being up-voted for this? It’s beyond petty in the context of this argument. Respond to the content, not the manner in which they present it.

    • sorry, what’s the message here? get a grip? Get a cogent talking point. Ford is a goddamned embarrassment much like you most likely are to your family and elementary teachers.

      • Really??? That’s all you have?!?! Wow….that’s sad.

        You can’t argue with facts so you start personal attacks. Goes to prove the statement about childish…sad…

        • When people have problems understanding what your argument is, the problem might be with you, not them.

    • You’re right – if it was me I would be screaming all over the place. Unless the allegations were true. Then I’d probably be hiding in my office refusing to speak to anyone.

      • Maybe…then again how could you speak to something you’ve not seen, other than to say its not true, which he did in a statement.

        I am not defending him per say, as I don’t know the man, but it must be a slow news day in Toronto when news agencies can stop the business of a city with evidence only2 people have seen, but don’t have.
        And if people floated “allegations” about you (or anyone else) in the same fashion, the word slander and the cries of abuse of your rights would be heard far and wide.
        Witch hunt is what this looks like, regardless of anyone’s feelings about the man or his past deeds.

        • 3 people from 2 media outlets say they saw the video. But don’t let facts get in your way.

        • this theory might bear weight if the story had not made it into the news and entertainment cycle all over the world.

          if it’s false he has had ample opportunity to come out strongly against the charge and / or lay open a slander suit. the fact that he has not done so tells me all i need to know about the man’s judgement and abilities.

          there is a not so fine line between supporting and enabling and you, my friend, have crossed it.

          you want to support him? urge him to get the help he needs.

        • right. except allegations of slander or libel are only applicable in instances where the claims are false. the fact that the fords haven’t yet brought their own allegations of slander or libel against the media organizations is pretty telling. no one’s abusing his rights if these claims aren’t true.

          • if the claims ARE true, rather.

        • “the word slander and the cries of abuse of your rights would be heard far and wide” Exactly. So where are they? He’s hiding. Even the right wing media is calling for him to address this. And that’s the point of the article. The video doesn’t matter. A leader has to be able to deal with anything that comes up, fabricated or not. He has to keep the confidence of the people. He has to put these allegations to rest and keep building the city. Mayor Ford has not and we’re mired in crap instead of making the city a better place.

    • Enabler

    • But Ford isn’t screaming “rights abuse”. He isn’t doing anything. Wake up.

      • Not yet…smart people in positions like his seek the advice of counsel…before they craft a finely tuned reply and prepare legal action (if necessary) …maybe that is what he’s is doing. Its what I would do. I see no reason why he has to satisfy the needs of a few on this issue because news groups have there nose out of joint.

        Many people speak without reflection first…and regret it later. Some of the comments on this board is evidence of that.

    • Ok, but the bottom line here is this: any one who is not guilty has no reason to run. Embarrassment of circumstance aside, confronting the issue would have brought some resolution, if not completely extinguished the issue.

      He is accountable for his lack of action, and that is where this whole “getting worked up” thing stems from.

    • “if this was happening to you, u would be screaming rights abuse all over the place” (sic)

      So, where’s the righteous indignation on Ford’s side? Barring that, how about the simple phrase “I have never smoked crack”? I’ve done my fair share of partying, and yet I can say “I have never smoked crack” easily, because hey, I’ve never smoked crack. It shouldn’t be hard to say. Rob Ford won’t say it. Why? Because where there smoke, there’s fire…lighting up a crack pipe.

      • Seems to me he did…did he not issue a statement calling the allegations ridiculous? Seems to sum it up I would think.

        • He said this was ridiculous, quickly blamed the Star, and ran away. Even his own executive council and chief of staff found this wanting. Conspicuously missing is the simple statement “I have never smoked crack.” If someone alleged that I smoked crack, it would be the first thing out of my mouth.

  16. does he look like someone addicted to crack, he weighs over 300 pds lol
    damm liberals play dirty egh!
    its time to start taking libs down one by one

    • Why not deny it then? Eight days later he still has not denied anything. It’s truly sad to watch anyone self-destruct – not a time for joy, or for pretending it’s a media conspiracy.


      • He did deny it in a statement. How can you be guilty of something no one has seen. If I said you were a child porn addict, without proof and then asked you to disprove it, how would you…and even if you said it wasn’t true, why should I believe you. There is no evidence to say you are, but you can’t prove you aren’t….so you must be guilty.

        Just seems strange how people are think this is a need to know issue. Or is it they dislike the guy so it must be true?

        • No, he did not deny it. His 13 second statement included no denial. Check the video, it won’t take you long. Also his brother hasn’t denied it, but rather said his brother told him he denies it. Why won’t he tell us? Seriously, Ford denies things that are actually correct all the time, why not this time?

          I’m not asking for proof – please don’t invent strawmen. I’m asking why he literally has not said he denies it? Why has he not said the video three different journalists have watched is fake? Pretty basic questions here.

          I dislike his politics, but I feel for him in his known substance abuse issues (weed and alcohol admitted earlier). I feel for his wife and kids watching someone they love and who is important to them self-destructing. And I feel for a city that needs a leader to look up to, and doesn’t have one.

          • Why is it when socialist left wing hippies smoke weed it’s cool and when Rob Ford smoked it, you call it substance abuse? Even if he did smoke crack and it is him on the video, his weight tells me he’s not an addict. So he partied with some kids, smoked off the crack pipe trying to fit in and be cool and some asshole takes a video just to get some money out of it (200k may buy you a couple SUV with spinning rims but not a new life). That’s the worst case scenario… WORST!! How can anyone forget that in the 2010 election, the other option was a drug addicted, orgy attending trollop who was so stoned he lost a billion on e-health as an Ontario MPP. That’s not news worthy though because he’s a left wing homosexual… so I guess we should just expect that kind of “party” behaviour.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Actually I doubt you understand if that is all you took from my statement. What exactly are you implying?

          • I’m implying, and now saying outright, that your anger at Smitherman (and possibly your homophobia) is clouding your thought process. He’s a former addict, not current or alleged. He’s not left wing at all – he trash talked the city and spending just as much as Ford did in the campaign, after all. And the fact that he’s gay is not relevant, except to you justifying Mayor Ford hiding from media.

          • Ok so smitherman had drug problems too. I’m sure many who didn’t vote for smitherman also don’t appreciate their ACTUAL mayor being a crackhead or drunk. There is proof of his public intoxication. Proof that he buys booze during work hours. Now there’s an account by his CoS that he got fired for refusing to organize a party for him. Smitherman has nothing to do with this. Left vs. Right has nothing to do with it either. He is an incompetent failure, and pointing out someone else’s faults won’t make his go away.

      • Because denying it would lend credibility to an obviously completely idiotic accusation. Only a left wing idiot would think this was true even for a second. It was out of HOPE that you believed it, not any kind of evidence.

    • What a ridiculous thing to say….only really thin people are addicted to drugs? You need to get out more.

      • Crack is barely 5-10% cocaine. The chemicals used to cut the coke, and crystalise it is punishment to the body. Continued daily use causes sleep deprivation and loss of appetite, resulting in malnutrition. A regular user would lose weight at a drastic rate. You need to get out more.

      • No, seriously. Have you ever seen a single fat crack head? The answer is no, you haven’t. The reason being everybody who’s addicted to crack loses weight rapidly.

    • It’s not about what he looks like. It’s about what he does and what he sounds like — a fool on the run…

    • John Belushi, John Candy, Chris Farley.

      • John Candy? No. Yes to the others.

      • You idiot. John Candy wasn’t on drugs.

        • You know….I started using Guesty as a moniker earlier….not really quite cricket to steal a moniker and start posting….just saying.

      • Coke heads… crack although a derivative of Cocaine… is not the same.

      • OK, so you don’t know the difference between crack and cocaine. Thanks for coming out.

    • Ford has money – he doesn’t have to choose between food OR crack like some poor street addict.


    • Do tell me how you’re doing to “take us down”, tough guy. I’ll wait.

    • The allegation isn’t that he’s a crack addict. The allegation is that he’s used crack. The two are different things.

      • Well Justin Trudeau’s smoked marijuana multiple times. Does that make him ineligible to be an MP?

        • I’m not suggesting anything either way. I’m just responding to the original post that a crackhead shouldn’t weigh as much as Ford does.

  17. I don’t need to see the video to know that it is likely true. Ford was caught with weed in Florida, has had several incidents of very public drunkeness, and as recently a few months ago there was that fundraiser that quickly slipped out of the news with the result that Sarah Thompson must be lying. What bothers me is where are the police? Known drug dealer’ and a customer smoking crack should be worthy of investigation (remember Marion Barry? 6 months in jail when he got caught on camera smoking crack)
    I am dismayed by those that say he is getting ‘picked on’…dismayed becuase clearly this is a man in trouble surrounded by leeches and enablers who feel as entitled to the benefits of his office as he does.

    • I don’t need to see video to know that you are likely the third man in the hunt for the Bosma case. I don’t know you…but it could be true. Now how much sense that last statement makes depends on how vigorously u defend the allegations. After all you have been caught speeding a couple of time and have had occasion to go out and get drunk and do things that you would otherwise not be proud of….and did you not once or twice go out to a bar looking to get “lucky”? I seriously think you have a drinking problem and I am surprised that in this day and age with all the “warnings” out there about addiction and so on…
      See where this is going.
      Whether RF has or has not done what some say is true is not the point. The point is that allegations have been made and those making them without any substance, should be held accountable…they should be the point of your disgust, not the other way around.

  18. My money says the Fords bought the video and the dealers have skipped town.

    • I’ve wondered about that possibility. But I think if Ford knew for sure the video would never surface, he wouldn’t be hiding from the media. He’d be able to go out and make a forceful statement of denial. His inaction to me is a bigger indication of guilt than anything else thus far.

    Well it got the attention the scandal wanted…..i didn’t believe the video from the start and if people woke up and looked at the big picture, they wouldn’t believe it either……….all it influenced was a bunch of publicity and advertising for “GAWKER” and some now collapsed reputations of a couple desperate “toronto star” reporters……..KEEP ON ROCKING ROB FORD…….hard for people to realise he’d be the “heaviest ” drug addict” ever, or what?

    • What exactly does Ford ‘get done’? He contracted half of the city’s trash pick-up and beyond that….I don’t see much that has gotten done, the tax savings, the mythical gravy train stopping, transit….none of it. In fact, maybe a bit of crack may do him a world of good and give him the energy to show up to work and actually ‘get things done’.
      And you can put your head in the sand, but it’s not like these allegations are coming out of left field, weed, public urniation, public drunkeness…..and so on have marked his time in poltics well.


        • Perhaps I have…perhaps I haven’t. But then again, I am not in public office am I where I am expected to be a good example. (I might remind apologists that both activities are offenses)

        • sure people smoke week, but I’m pretty sure if I were mayor I would stop. I also wouldn’t smoke crack if I were mayor. It’s called responsibility and good decision making. Rob Ford is incapable of taking responsibility for his actions and is likely the worse decision maker in modern political history.

          People need to understand that the mayoral system in Canada is not a strong mayor system. He has one vote. The only way to ‘get ‘er done’ is to build consensus in council which involves things like ‘communicating’, ‘having a plan’ and ‘compromise’ more things ford has demonstrated he can’t or is unwilling to do.

          Ford has got nothing done other than embarrass himself, his family and our city.

  20. Out of this whole mess, the two people I feel the most sympathy for are his kids. They didn’t choose this, but every day they have to go to school and carrying around all the terrible things their father has done. Even if the crack thing proves not to be true, he has made life uncomfortable for them for years.

    • jesus why is it ford’s fault for the steady onslaught of the media……good grief, if the media spent as much time digging crap up in your life , mine or anyone else, then they’d find or make up crap to make you look like just as bad….cause apparently that’s the only news that can bring them a paycheck

      • I don’t know. I’ve never done crack, or stolen from the city, or been terrible at my job. And I’m not homophobic. I don’t think most people look this bad when they’re in the public eye.
        The media isn’t out there on some crusade to discredit a good person. People want the mayor to do a good job, regardless of who’s in the position and what their politics are. This man isn’t doing a good job, and he’s completely ridiculous. The media existed before Rob Ford and it will continue to exist when we’re finally rid of this clown. Nobody’s making anything up. All of these things have been happening, regardless of how much you want to deny it.


          • What is a “DE-CREDITED” reporter? If you mean discredited, how so? Where’s your evidence of that, other than your own blind hatred of the Star?

          • GAWKER reporters are as bad as fox news…and why not look into the pockets of toronto star reporters not to mention the increased sales of the paper over the last week….ever think income and money plays into their reports?

          • You could say that about any news source, of course. They are all businesses and try to turn a profit. However, you didn’t actually answer my question. How are those two Star reporters specifically discredited? By who exactly? Do you have a link to a reliable source that discredits them? Because, you know, if they lied about the video, their careers would be over, you know that, right? They *would* have no credibility if they made the story up. Why would they risk destroying their careers over this?

          • well isn’t what i just said as bad as those reporters claiming things they can’t prove? ooohhhhh there it is……! you should check out the fact that there was a listing looking for an actor to portray ford in 2012 so why don’t you let your media managed brain wonder down that path.

          • Well, no, actually. You’re some anonymous guy on the internet, so you have no credibility (but don’t feel bad — neither do I). The two Star reporters on the other hand, have credibility. Why? Because they are actually putting their careers on the line. They independently verified that a) the video exists; and b) that it appears to be Rob Ford. If they out-and-out lied, they would be finished as journalists. They would be fired, sued and no one would ever hire them. That’s a big gamble for supposed “income and money” playing into their reports. On the other hand, you have what you want to believe is true, with nothing to back it up. As for that last bit — some listing looking for an actor. What listing? Where? Listed by who? The quickly dwindling numbers of supporters of Rob Ford are really twisting themselves into bizarre knots trying to come up with possible explanations for this. What we have are two reporters who are putting their careers on the line and an American who has absolutely nothing to gain by framing a Canadian mayor.

            It really comes down to Occam’s razor at this point.

      • Because he’s lied about it.
        And been caught.

        When you become a public figure, you can expect media attention.
        If the media catches you lying about a story they’ve done on you, you can expect *severe* media attention to try and catch you in another one.

        It’s Ford’s fault because he seems completely incapable of either stopping his own bad behavior, or owning up to it when called on it, and chose to get into a very public position *despite* that.

    • Cut out the concern-troll crap. If you felt any sympathy for his kids, you wouldn’t be assuming without any evidence at all that their father was a crack head. You’d be critical of a single media organization that literally stalks him around every waking moment of every single day.

  21. why do people not look at the big picture…i’m not even from toronto or ontario for that matter. when media advertises crap like using a city hall letterhead, cause it’s convenient, to rasie money or takes the side of extortionists and a shady news company…it shows the virtue, ignorance and poor mentality of thought in some people…GOOD FOR FORD NOT RESPONDING TO THIS CRAP…..IF HE DID THEN THERE WOULD ONLY BE ANOTHER SCANDAL, AND ANOTHER SCANDAL TILL PRETTY SOON HE IS WORKING FOR THE MEDIA AND NOT CITY OF TORONTO..

    • First off….get the tinfoil off the head for a minute and get past the notion that all the media do all day is look to get Rob Ford. The man is hardly discrete and the fact is that THIS is what he signed up for….I might add that you get back what you give out, he has bad mouthed people, his inauguration was a disgrace and THAT is the TONE that he set for his term in office… hardly a surprise that he is finding few sympathies.
      And NO….not good for Ford not speaking out, he answers to us and YOU may be content to let the man play little dictator but I for one, expect accopuntiblity no matter what office or what party they belong to.


        • What’s with the allcaps?

        • Dude. Switch it up a bit with the caps key.

          • sorry whoops…i guess my cap locks should take the spotlight now instead of what i wrote

        • This cap usage makes it look like you’re on something. Calm it down.

    • “why do people not look at the big picture” – Actually, if you look at the big picture, you see that on almost every front, Rob Ford has been almost completely incompetent in his role of Mayor of the City of Toronto. From his policies, to his behavior, to the non-stop sideshow of gaffes and buffoonery, this is clearly a person who is in WAY over his head, in a role that, he admitted under oath, that he was not very clear on.

      All issues aside, given the set-up, the dynamics of city council and the REAL role, that a Mayor needs to play, the person you need to have in the Mayors chair, is a consensus builder – a person who can give and take, a person who is prepared, to meet others half-way, a person who is prepared to set personal agendas aside, for the betterment of the whole of the council and the city! Rob Ford is the polar opposite of that sort of person. Hence, it’s been no surprise that his Mayoralty, has been for the most part a failure and filled with so much controversy. Torontonians, need to think VERY carefully, about who they are voting for, for Mayor and what the role of Mayor is!

      • well why not look towards the people who bring this way over his head? i guess abalnced budget and lower property taxes aren’t exciting enough

        • “i guess abalnced budget and lower property taxes aren’t exciting enough”

          Again, more misleading talk from Mayor Ford – By it’s Constitution, the City of Toronto, needs to balance it’s budget every year! Yet, the Fords( both of them) go on and on that they have done this Herculean, thing of balancing the budget! As for the taxes, EVERYONE hates, taxes, so, even when it’s the wrong thing to do, you’ll get a large cohort of people who think you are a hero for lowering taxes.

          It goes back to my point I’ve made elsewhere on this thread, that people NEED to get more engaged. They need to go deeper, than the superficial slogans being tossed around. Otherwise, they risk being played badly for fools.

  22. Who needs enablers when you have Ford Nation? This dimwitted crew is even more toxic than the Rob & Doug show.

  23. Rob Ford is a disgrace, and his supporters are dim-witted ideologues.

    • Yeah, it’s too bad they actually get to vote, eh?

      Stalin would be proud of you…

      • Where did I suggest throwing out the elective process? Like I said, dim-witted.

        • Ah, so you just need to point out how stupid 48% of the city is and how superior you are. Good for you, slick.

          • The really stupid ones are the ones who STILL support Ford. Like yourself for instance.

          • I think most people in that 48% would admit by now that voting for Ford was a mistake.

      • Indeed, Rob Ford was elected in a democratic process.

        My sense is that Rob Ford’s Mayoralty says more about the citizens of Toronto than Rob Ford, the man. Fewer and fewer people actually vote – more people need to vote. More and more people are dis-engaged in what’s going on in their city – more people need to get engaged, and know the issues and know what’s going on. More people seem to vote based on sound bites and slogans – More people need to look into the issues and understand them better. “Cutting the Gravy Train” sounds great – those bums at City Hall are wasting all our money! The problem is that a leading accounting and consultation firm, KPMG ( Professionals in this area who actually know what they are talking about), found that in reality there was very little “gravy” at City Hall!

        • well said. Ford is a populist moron

          • It’s a question of who people want to believe. In one of the examples I sited above, a person who chronically lies and person who fabricates information with no basis in fact, or an internationally recognized company, who actually does professional work in this area? Call KPMG a bunch of elitists, call me an elitist, the fact is there is very little “gravy” at City Hall – that’s a fact!

          • People always want to believe the person who can give them everything for free. ‘We’ll cut your taxes and you’ll get a subway to your front door!”. Well sure, I want that too. This of course doesn’t make it reality.

            It shocks me that people voted for Ford in part to build ‘subways, subways, subways’ but don’t seem flustered by the fact that he has absolutely not plan to make that happen. In fact he’s voted against every plan that could improve transit. And somehow that’s ok.

            Oh, and he also smokes crack. that’s pretty bad as well

          • I have a high degree of confidence that if more people vote, if more people get engaged in what’s going on, and if more people looked beyond superficial slogans, and really looked at the information and facts, that Rob Ford, should not have been elected in the fist place, and will not get re-elected in 2014, should he run again.

    • Toronto is a disgrace and full of dim-witted ideologues, most of which are corrupt provincial Liberals.

  24. Here’s a thought – instead of writers at Macleans and the Toronto Star deciding that an elected mayor has to leave office, why not leave it to the voters of Toronto in the next election?

    And still the numbskulls in the media wonder why the voters prefer Ford over unelected elitists…

    • Good point.

    • They are not deciding anything. This writer is suggesting ford step down for the good of the city. Do you want a mayor who fires even those most loyal to him because they refuse to use public office and resources to organize a private party for him? That alone should tell you he’s not fit for the job and he’s damaging the city. Waiting until the next election so that this intoxicated moron can do more damage will help no one. The writer ‘s point is that ford should wake up to his problems and stop the damage to himself and the city. How can anyone defend the firing of his CoS for that petty reason? You have to be an absolute cretin to accept that.

      • The only problem that Ford seems to have (based on actual evidence) is a malicious, deceitful media outlet that will stop at nothing, including paying known drug dealers, to try to embarrass him.

  25. Little Robbie Ford,
    Is quite a funny fellow,
    Almost every second week,
    He gets in some more trouble,
    Maybe he needs to check into a clinic,
    Where psychiatrists can read his head,
    And see just exactly what is wrong with it.


  27. Please just go

    • why? cause it’s not what YOU want to hear? not enough drama in your life you need to leech off of this? just cause i’m standing up for what is right in the big picture and don’t stand by false allegations of juicy gossip reporters?


  29. Let’s not forget…..everyone voted him in, so who’s smoking crack!!

  30. To all those who are defending and or supporting Rob Ford, yes, there is no absolute definitive proof here (yet) of this current Ford imbroglio. However, step back from all this. People tend to get all worked up, regarding the individual incidents, gaffes and buffoonery, that is now almost a weekly event. What you need to look at is the pattern over the years.

    Connect all the dots. When you do that, despite, the lack of definitive evidence to implicate the Mayor in this current alleged incident, it’s at the least plausible, given all we know about him, his past history, his past behavior, and his past reactions to this sorts of incidents. Regarding the last point, Mayor Ford’s reaction, to just about all things is to call any accusations, “ridiculous”, blames, “the media and the lefties” and laughs it off! He rarely if ever deals with anything head-on, in a responsible way! The only time that he does is when, there is blatant evidence, implicating the Mayor – and in those situations, the Mayor has had to back-track, after initially lying!

    In so many instances he’s somehow managed to hide behind the smoke-screen of a he-said/he-said situation, where it’s The Mayors words against someone elses’. However, just like this current situation, if you connect all the dots, there is a very high probability that the Mayor is making things up. Just look back over the history – it’s pretty plain to see.

    • unfortunately steve if he spends his time dealing with false accusations then that in turn becomes the center of topic instead of the REAL issues he spends his time on….he can’t start working for the media since that jabber is what brings them a pay cheque. as much as you may be amused by a children’s activity book (connect the dots) any media outlet can make a story out of dots…ever heard of the national enquirer…try it out, sounds like it’s right up your alley

      • But many of the accusations are not false. Many of the questions from the media are legitimate. Many of the policies are wrong. Example: Ford likes to go on and on, about how he’s having all these meetings with private businesses, who according to the Mayor, “Are lined up” to fund transit. That’s awesome to know, but if that is the case, can we please see a list of those meetings, and the companies, that have committed to funding transit? ( Hint – there have been no meetings and there is no list!) However, we don’t even need to ask for that, Ironically, a study that the Mayor asked for, that was conducted by Gordon Chong, came to the conclusion that we should expect very little if any private sector funding of transit in Toronto! Yet, the Mayor, keeps going on and on about private funding for transit. Who’s the fool?

      • Dude, he denied being at the hockey game that he was kicked out of. He DENIED it even though he knew there were cameras and witnesses. He’s an outright liar and an idiot. You still think that even though Some allegations aren’t fully proven, the rest of the ones that are proven have no meaning? HE has discredited himself through actually LYING! Of course the press will look for more lies. HE IS A LIAR! It’s their job to make sure that the proven liar isn’t lying again. It’s absolutely idiotic to fault the press for reporting his lies, and trying to find out if there are more. It is also absolutely idiotic to even vote for someone who has committed DUI. you want a person capable of that to LEAD you?

    • It’s far more likely that the Toronto Star is making this up. They’ve made probably hundreds of thousands of dollars from this “story” already, yet conveniently can’t provide a single shred of evidence that the video even exists. Find out who has the motive, and you’ve likely got your perp. That rag of a newspaper lost it’s credibility ages ago, this is the final nail in the coffin.

  31. Can we rise above this so-called “journalism” for a second? No need for name calling either (I’m looking at you, Peterborough Dave, Sebastian Cook, and especially got my grip thanks).
    Is there evidence that Rob Ford smoked crack? We’ve been told there is but we haven’t been able to SEE the evidence. Has no one ever heard of giving someone the beneift of the doubt? Or the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”? It’s not “innocent until enough people make enough noise in the media saying that you’re guilty”. Should he speak up? “These allegations are ridiculous” is a denial of the allegations in my book. Why should he have to elaborate beyond a denial of the allegations? He knows he’s not a great speaker and doesn’t have a knack for speaking off the cuff in a politically correct manner so why give the media more fodder to sell their papers, blogs, or whatever is their media outlet? It’s bad enough the mayor was shown on Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel. We don’t need an autotune version of his speech on youtube.
    For the record, I do believe the video exists and that he may have smoked crack. This is not a mayoral thing to do and I’d really love for someone to come forward by next year to replace him (and I don’t mean Olivia Chow – like she’s going to be T.O’s saviour – please!) but that doesn’t mean I’m going to grab my pitchfork and demand he deny the allegations more vigourously, get treatment or else be gone from city hall. Mob mentality is what got him elected.

    • I couldn’t disagree more with this assessment.

      First off, if the video is authentic, there shouldn’t have to be a mob gathering to have him removed. He shouldn’t be fighting anyone. He should be resigning —full stop. If he had honour and any sense of responsibility, that is exactly what he would do. Any argument to the contrary is (and I say this with respect) absolutely nuts.

      Second, this isn’t a court case. He’s a public official who (rightly or wrongly) is having his ability to act as a public office holder seriously questioned. ‘These allegations are ridiculous’ is obviously NOT adequate. If the allegations are false, Ford should have absolutely no trouble speaking publicly about it. If he’s never been near a crack pipe, he should be able to say so, and he should be able to talk about all the reasons why the video is a fabrication. (Also, I don’t buy the ‘Ford’s waiting to get his ducks in a row’ argument, either… he can start suing everybody and their dog right now AND speak publicly to limit the damage being caused to him and his office.)

      I don’t want Rob Ford chased out of office if he doesn’t deserve to be. If the video is a fraud, or a set-up, or whatever, I want him to fight it vigorously. I’m not a Ford fan, but I also don’t want to see the guy railroaded. However, his actions to date are not doing his cause any favours. No wonder the people around him are getting frustrated.

  32. Can someone please do some research and find out if Toronto Police Services didn’t find the video for him. I mean the reporters provided enough clues about location and ethnicity that it wouldn’t be that hard to swoop everyone up in a couple of sweeps and find the phone. can’t be that many rexdale dealers can there?

  33. Please Macleans: correct your story for childish grammatical errors. You diminish the importance and impact of your story by failing to properly edit the contents.

  34. I gotta agree with the last sentence. If we think his actions are creating havoc with the City’s reputation, imagine what they are doing to his Family. He has one. He needs to get his life in order and get healthy. There is nothing healthy about what is going on right now, running around avoiding the media. Someone is going to get hurt besides Ford and his Family. I know this might be off the wall, but how about Media let up in areas where innocence could be pulled in and injured?

  35. ” I cannot imagine that a week of international publicity is the kind of
    thing that soothes a crack-dealing videographer’s nerves, even one who’s
    planning a fresh start after leaving town in an auspicious blaze of

    Nicely put. I’ve been wondering about these guys all week, holed up in some high rise apartment watching John Stewart and Jimmy Fallon and saying “holy shit, holy shit!” to themselves over and over.

  36. Seriously, if Towhey was trying to encourage Ford to head to treatment, he might be the only one I agree with thus far. i have always figured that Ford has a substance abuse problem, what with the temper tantrums, fear to face the embarrassing truths that surface as a result of problem drinking, the non stop dramas, the inappropriateness of his actions. Seems to me alcoholics/addicts ‘get tight’ at all the wrong times and screw things up. I am not a fan of Ford, but I am a fan of addicts/alcoholics getting help. If he is struggling with a substance abuse problem, I cannot imagine the amount of fear that is going through him as his whole world comes crashing down around him. Does he deserve? We all have to answer to our actions and how they affect our fellows. I just hope that he is not shamed away from facing himself, and that at the end of the day he does the right thing for himself and ends the circus that an entire city is now caught up in.

  37. the only thing he needs rehab with maybe is a subway diet, unless of course i’m speculating and it is a genetic problem inducing his weight…the only thing ford is guilty of is BECOMING ONE OF CANADA’S FIRST REAL POLITICIANS OR PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES….along side the green party

  38. One more note…did anyone see the CBC interview with the “star’s” and “gawkers” reporters who broke the story? the “toronto star’s” reporter was more determined to set the record straight of how she was the first to see it and break the story then she was on comenting on the video that doesn’t exist!

  39. Those who elected him are the same as who got Harper Inc. into office: suburban GTA. Blame yourselves for Canada’s messes, and learn a bit before voting. Democracy doesn’t work where the population is ignorant.

    • i can agree with the overall comment wit5h that.

  40. It’s not at all fair to Rob Ford to say “it’s time for him to go”.

    This is tantamount to constant bullying by The Star, with the media jumping on the bandwagon. Honestly this seems like high school, it’s such a sad indictment of the media all too willing to jump on the “got to go” bandwagon.

    It’s not Ford’s fault that The Star throws mud at him every single day. Ford is an upstanding citizen doing a great job for the city of Toronto, that he doesn’t do for the money either. I’m thankful that we have a mayor with as thick skin as Rob Ford clearly has, to stand through all this and champion the taxpayer, despite all the disgusting and vile things directed at Ford.

    Ford Nation still stands behind you Ford, and we stand tall.

    Oh and the media… when Ford is cleared of all wrong-doing, well, let’s hope the pages are filled with apologies from all those that jumped against him. And don’t hide behind any excuses either, such as “he made it worse” or something. This is ENTIRELY The Star’s issue. Ford has ZERO obligation to deny unsubstantiated allegations against him.

    • it’s probably his fault that he smoked crack though, right?

      • The evidence against Ford is so weak at this point that ultimately the suggestion that he smoked crack simply doesn’t hold water. I’m far more inclined to believe that something fishy is going on here regarding the video.

        • two unrelated journalists have the identical story. He has a history of substance abuse.

          Moreover if he didn’t do it, why is he in hiding? If someone accused me of being a pedophile I would reply definitively ‘I’m not a pedophile and will never engage in any of those activities”

          I promise you I wouldn’t hide under my desk and send my brother in to make a statement. Also keep in mind Doug Ford didn’t even deny the accusations.

          There’ s a reason Dougie spoke and not Rob….because Rob can’t be on public record bald face lying (although he’s done it before). Doug is just communicating heresay.

          You are right however, I don’t know for sure if he smoked crack or not. I do know the mayor did not say he didn’t smoke crack which seems like a pretty easy thing to say if true

          • I don’t think he’s in hiding. If someone said they had a video of me smoking crack, I might react the same way… just complete disgust. Let them prove it, knowing that they can’t.

            Having seen that there is a posting in 2012 of someone looking to hire an actor to portray Rob Ford to smoke a cigar in a “dark comedy” (something along those lines, you can google it), honestly, I’m inclined to believe this is the most likely scenario. I hate to get conspiratorial, but it does seem plausible that an actor hired to play Rob Ford might pass the smell test in a video. Entirely possible two reporters would think it’s him.

            I’m not saying that is what happened, I honestly don’t know… but it’s enough of a possibility, I think, to wait this one out.

          • I don’t know you, Ryan, but if you were the mayor you likely would confront issues head on. Right now he’s not effective as a mayor until he can put these issues behind him. It escapes me why he wouldn’t want to get past this, but either denying them or buy admitting he has a problem. That’s leadership and accountability. Isn’t that what him, and other Cons like Harper campaigned on?

      • where’s your proof bawmer? maybe i should throw out false allegations to the media that you’re a pedophile. doesn’t feel fair now does it if you’re on the receiving end of false allegations

    • Thank you Ryan..i thought i was gonna be the only one on here supporting him, but what you said is exactly true. as for comment about rob fords world crumbling, i think people need to recognize that the coaching dismissal was probably in the best interest of the kids not needing to deal with backlash from others about allegations of their coach along with them probably getting ridiculed early in the season about having a prominent man as their coach….and i would hope anyone would fire their chief of staff if not supported by them in a time like this…be interesting to see what team Towhey plays for next.

      • It’s sad to see such vindictiveness and just outright bile directed at a man who simply has good intentions at heart, and also actually acts on them.

      • So much symbolism in much of this.

        I’ll not question the Mayor’s passion and enthusiasm for coaching football. That’s clearly evident. It’s something that should be lauded. It’s something that should be a positive thing, for the Mayor, but even here because, of his behavior, and how he conducts himself it has back-fired spectacularly for him.

        1. He was elected Mayor of the City of Toronto. He was quoted as saying that if he was elected Mayor he would cut back or eliminate the Coaching. He did not do that. Skipping out of important meetings for Football, is NOT appropriate. Volunteering for the kids is great, but what sort of role model does this play for the rest of us. I volunteer and help out with kids stuff and sports stuff regularly, ON MY OWN TIME!

        2. Despite having nearly lost his job over a conflict of interest, over the football, The Mayor seems to not really get it, that he did anything wrong.

        3. While the coaching is a good thing, why does the Mayor, make derogatory, disparaging and negative comments about the kids he coaches to the media?

        4. Apparently Mark Towhey was fired, because, the Mayor and Towhey did not agree on the bad optics, that the throwing of a party for his Football kids, would be a very bad idea at this time. If the Mayor could not see or understand that, that, in my mind, is extraordinarily poor judgement on his part.

        5. Finally, Rob Ford does not seem to understand, that, when you are who he is, and do what he does, everything you do effects everything else you do. It’s all linked together.

    • “This is ENTIRELY The Star’s issue. Ford has ZERO obligation to deny unsubstantiated allegations against him.”

      As of right now, EVERY media outlet, including the Sun, I might add, has come out against the Mayor on this issue. Indeed, the Star, has been rather overzealous, regarding their opposition to Mayor Ford. However, on most of the more major issues, that Rob Ford has been in the middle of, I notice that, other than the Sun, ALL the other media are lined up in opposition to the Mayor – can all of those media be wrong?

      As to your second point, the Mayor IS free to react to this controversy, however he wants. However, I have heard several leading PR experts, say that the Mayor’s reaction to this current situation, is the worst way to deal, with these high profile controversial situations. The BEST way is to confront head-on, the issues, and either refute them, strongly, and with evidence, and/or possible legal action if indeed defamation is involved, or admit the wrong-doing, take full responsibility, apologize genuinely, and explain what you’ll do going forward (seek help etc . .) The Mayor has done neither – which as noted is the worst thing you can do.

      The Mayor’s actions are not a surprise, really, as he seems to follow, NO ONE’s advice. He refuses, to look at factual information, or heed to rational thought. Ask yourself, if you have EVER seen the Mayor take either path outlined in the previous paragraph, on anything, on any issue or controversy?

      • That’s part of what makes Rob Ford, Rob Ford. He listens to himself, not others, does what he wants to do, not what others say he should do. We complain about not having genuine politicians in office: Ford might be just as genuine as it gets.

        • Well, he’s showing some genuinely horrible judgement then.

        • Genuine, is great. I see the attraction. I get it that there is a cohort of people that are attracted to Ford for the reasons you state. Factually, though the Mayor is on the wrong side of most major issues. Again, my point is that if more people took the time to really look into the issues, and the policies, they would see that they are being played badly for fools.

          • “Factually”? You seem to be confusing ‘facts’ with ‘opinions’. You can disagree with him, but that doesn’t make him “factually” wrong. Clearly, lots of people agree with him. Perhaps, on some issues, you are ‘factually’ wrong.

          • Of course, many people agree with the Mayor. That’s the easy thing to do. As another poster said, “We all want a subway to our door and not have to pay a nickel more for it”. I agree with that, but I know that it’s not reality.

            Fact – Light-rail in the suburbs is better than subways.

            Fact – Light-rail is not a streetcar.

            Fact – There are no private businesses that are lined up to fund transit.

            Fact – additional revenue, will be needed to fund any transit expansion.

            Fact – more people cycling is good for the economy.

            Fact – There is not much if any “gravy” at City Hall.

            Fact – Revenues from a Casino would not be $100 million/year.

            Fact – The Sheppard Subway is losing money for every rider on it.

            Fact – There is a business boom along St Clair and it’s not a “disaster”.

            . . . shall I go on?

          • Oh, geez. Here we go….

            1) I live in the suburbs; your claim is in no way a ‘fact’. Scarborough wants a subway, but I guess poor folks and immigrants don’t deserve the attention and money that downtown Toronto gets, eh?

            2) That is, basically, a distinction without a difference. The issue is taking away a lane of traffic on a busy street (e.g. Eglinton).

            3) That is a disingenuous representation of an idea. PPPs are very workable arrangements.

            4) Only if you believe that government is 100% efficient. If you do, I have a nice bridge for sale that might interest you….

            5) That’s a “My cat’s breath smells like cat food” comment.

            6) According to city figures (I asked, they answered) the Ford administration has cut $365 million from the budget. That’s a lot of gravy.

            7) Arguing numbers over something that doesn’t exist is a bit silly.

            8) Blame Mel Lastman.

            9) I have been on St Clair twice in the last week. It sucks. Also, the ‘lost business’ issue was more related to the lengthy (and double the budget) construction period. Also, nothing to do with Ford.

            How do you have time to make up so much crap?

          • 1. Now you are being swayed by opinions. Of course people in Scarborough WANT a subway. As I said, we all want a subway!

            2. It will be underground where there is no room and congestion warrants, and above ground where there is room.

            3. Gordon Chong’s study (asked for by the Mayor, Ironically), concluded that we should expected limited if any private funding for needed transit expansion and additional “revenue tools” will be needed.

            4. I’ll admit that there are always efficiencies to be gained, but that’s pocket change. We need much more for transit expansion and to keep up with other infrastructure debt(Gardiner)

            5. Studies have shown their is a net positive impact on local economies over the long term with more people cycling. Look them up.

            6. Indeed, there have been cuts, but stuff like this does not happen in a vacuum, typically there is a “price” that is paid elsewhere.

            7. Agreed. Hypothetical. However, why did the Mayor keep going on and on about the $100 million revenue, when that was nowhere near the estimated positive revenue numbers.

            8. Mel was loony but compared to Ford . . . . ? :)

            9. Agreed. Nothing to do with Ford. But the Mayor is incorrect, siting that it is a “disaster”, and also incorrect when comparing St Clair to what will be the case on Eglington – Apples and Oranges.

            This is fun! :)

        • Yeah you think he’s a solid guy because he doesn’t listen to people. But a MAYOR’s job is to listen to people. Or at least not fire them for disagreeing with him, as he did with Towhey. He is supposed to listen to people in his own camp telling him that throwing a football pizza party using city resources is wrong. If you can’t understand this stuff then you shouldn’t vote. You don’t vote for a guy you think is a solid dude to have a beer with. You vote for someone who understands the job and how to do it well. You must understand the job too. The job is to listen.

  41. I’m not a Ford supporter. That said, I can’t help but feel somewhat sorry for him in this case. An ALLEGATION has been made, and the video proof supporting this allegation has mysteriously disappeared? That’s convenient. It seems the only victim here may be Rob Ford.

    • The disappearance of the video will be perfect for Ford. Notice how so many of these outrageous situations with the Mayor devolve into a he-said/he-said situation, where we never really know the FULL story. This is the ideal situation for the Mayor, because we are left suspended, not knowing the FULL story, and both Ford supporters and those in opposition can both claim, “victory”.

      Examples: When Mary Walsh showed up at Rob Ford’s house, and the Mayor deemed it an “emergency”, and called 911. There were then reports, that the Mayor used foul and derogatory language, when talking to the dispatchers. Of course Ford laughed that of as being “ridiculous”(sound familiar?). Of course the full story and truth rested with Rob Ford, and to get to the bottom of that, he could have released the tapes or the transcript, but he did not. There have been numerous incidents like this and this current imbroglio, is the same – if the video disappears, we’ll never REALLY know what went on. On one side all the speculation, on the other the Mayor saying, he did nothing wrong. But, as I said in another post, the history, and all the dots that you can connect with the Mayor based on past events, would at least lead to some suspicion and plausibility that what was speculated was true.

      • ” if the video disappears, we’ll never REALLY know what went on”.

        If the video “disappears” (you are assuming that there is a video of the mayor, when in fact it could be any other fat blonde guy), what we will surely know is that it’s not Rob Ford in it. Otherwise, the Star would move Heaven and Earth to get it.

        Conveniently absent from your ‘analysis’ is the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Until that video shows up, and we all see Rob Ford smoking crack, he is 100% innocent. That’s one of the more important pillars of our society. What you are talking about (and participating in) is a smear campaign.

        • “Conveniently absent from your ‘analysis’ is the principle of innocent
          until proven guilty. Until that video shows up, and we all see Rob Ford
          smoking crack, he is 100% innocent”

          Good point and I agree. What moves me, is again the pattern of the Mayors behavior over time. This one, if true is particularly sordid, but even for “minor things”, like giving someone the finger, when caught on the phone in the car, reading papers in the car, driving through streetcar Stop signs, the “desperate” calls for buses, for the football team, The Mary Walsh incident, the incident with the reporter near his house, and so on . . . link the dots. It’s curious that the Mayor brushes these ALL off with a laugh, and that they are “ridiculous”!

          These are almost weekly events now!

          My guess as to why the Star did not buy the alleged video, is that they were most likely advised by their lawyers not to. It’s a particularly curious, complicated and murky situation, I will admit that.

          However, if the video, is fake or does not exist, if the accusations being made are false, where is the defense, from the Mayor? If he’s being defamed to this degree, and it’s all made up, where is the lawsuit, against The Star and others? Instead, of that . . . . silence!

  42. Sorry Toronto, we can’t have Canada looking foolish because of you. We’ll give you enough food and water to get to Europe, but you have to leave right now. Give me a break you self centered pukes. No one else in Canada cares your Mayor is a junky, we think 90% of you are drugged up idiots anyway. This isn’t harming everyone in Canada, it’s harming Toronto. They just happen to think they’re the center of the bloody universe. Betcha he stays at least another month before they figure out how to get rid of him. And how bad are things in your city if your Mayor has to resort to smoking crack? I don’t actually care – I just like to get Torontonians all riled up.

  43. Rob Ford has been stalked by the Star for years now. How on Earth could he maintain a crack habit when he can’t change lanes without making the evening news?! At this point, there is *no* evidence that Rob Ford smokes/d crack. Absent any evidence, we must believe him that the claims are “ridiculous”.

    Perhaps the mayor’s plan all along was to remain silent until the video was published. At that point, if it’s not actually him in the video, he could declare utter and absolute victory – and then sue the Star out of existence. Maybe he really, really wants the video to be released, and knows that strident denials by him might diminish the odds of that happening. In that scenario, betrayals (if that’s how he views Towhey’s reaction) beget punishment.

    Now, if only that conveniently-disappearing video would turn up….

    • That’s ridiculous. If he wanted the video to turn up, he could have given $200k to Gawker or bought it and released it himself.

      He was obviously afraid the video would come out, which is why he refused every opportunity to state that he hasn’t smoked crack. There’s no other explanation that makes any sense.

      The mayor has convicted himself (not to a legal standard, but in terms of fitness to govern).

      • “That’s ridiculous. If he wanted the video to turn up, he could have given $200k to Gawker or bought it and released it himself.”

        Whaaa? Who on Earth would do such a thing? Give $200k of his own money to known criminals to prove that they are lying? Dude, what are *you* smoking?!

        Besides, it seems that there are plenty of rabid Ford-haters who are more than willing to give their own money (albeit in much smaller amounts) to the crack dealers. (Ooh, and just think of all the nice new guns they’ll be able to buy with all that money!) Ford can let those bozos blow their own money, *then* have the satisfaction of proving them all wrong, too. Talk about a win-win!

        BTW, before you have a coronary, rest assured that I am just as keen as you to see the video. It may just well be the mayor; anything is possible. However, until we know for sure, y’all best keep your pants on.

  44. he said she said. show me a video of the mayor smoking crack or drop this whole story.

  45. What a bunch of garbage! There has been absolutely on evidence produced that the mayor has any kind of a substance abuse problem, except of course from “anonymous sources”.

    I mean, how convenient is it for the Toronto Star that the video has no “vanished”? I was saying from the beginning that I didn’t think the video existed, and now I’m sure of it.

    If anybody should be held accountable for embarrassing the city of Toronto, it’s the Toronto Star. They’re the ones who were publishing allegations that they had no way of proving. And just because they published allegations that can’t be proven, doesn’t mean that they’re true, or even likely to be true. The paper’s had such a hard-on for Ford since day 1, the rag has lost it’s last bit of credibility.

    The mayor absolutely should not resign. If every politician were to resign whenever someone makes a false accusation against them, there’d be mayhem. This is the liberal media at it’s absolute lowest.

    • You say:

      “If anybody should be held accountable… it’s the Toronto Star. They’re the ones who were publishing allegations that they had no way of proving.”

      If that is true, it’s all hearsay and they can be sued and brought to their knees. It’s libel and it’s defamatory. Publishing allegations without any proof, Rob Ford can *easily* bring down Public Enemy Number One and make himself very rich.

      All he has to do is file the lawsuit.

      But he hasn’t.

      Hmmmm…. Oh, yeah, no doubt because he’s 100% innocent.

      (Note to Mr. Mayor, this is free legal advice. I’ve got some even better tips, but those will cost you, and by “cost you,” I mean real dollars, not exchanging hookers and little crystal rocks like the last time.)

      • No, they can’t. Because after several meetings with their lawyers, those scum bags at the Star reported the story about a video of Rob Ford smoking crack, not about Rob Ford smoking crack.

        And now that the video has conveniently disappeared, there’s no way to prove that they were in fact lying.

        So ya, he could sue them, then lose, and then the Toronto Star would report on that for a couple of weeks.

        The paper doesn’t have a shred of credibility left. There are no depths to which they will no sink.

        • That’s not how it works. But thanks for playing! The reason he hasn’t sued is because truth is still the best defence against libel AND if there was a court case, well then subpoenas could be issued for the drug dealers wouldn’t they? And the video would come out…he hasn’t sued because it’s real.

          Rob Ford could blow crack smoke in your face and you’d blame the Star.

        • Give it up, Dougie. It’s over.

    • Dougie, is that you?

  46. Lol, why should he go? He ain’t convicted of any crime and Toronto voted for him, let em suffer – after all, watching this trainsmash in slow motion from the sidelines is pretty hilarious. He’s making the city and its voters the laughing stock of the world. Let us enjoy the show while it lasts.

  47. The mayor needs to come clean and tell the truth that he believed he was in a focus group trialing new tobacco products, and that he demanded the incident be videotaped for proof, but that the proof has now been stolen and he’s being blackmailed by drug lords and their criminal cohort (a.k.a. Toronto Star). He might even allude to a “set-up.” If his worship deserves any criticism, it’s that he didn’t explain the truth quickly enough. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

  48. The Ontario legislature could choose to boot him from office

    • what does that have to do with anything at this point?…thanks for the useless fact

      • Well, it’s a fact that directly contradicts what the author wrote, so it’s important for everyone to remember. People could write to their MPP and ask them to act.

    • You are aware, of course, of the difference between a cigar and a crack pipe, right?

      Also, you haven’t established that they hired anyone, much less one who’s a spitting image of Mr. Ford.

      • Just as nobody has established that this video of Ford ever actually existed.

        And I’d say it’s much more likely that the ad indicated Cigar, so that it wouldn’t be so clearly implicated in this bullshit “story”

        • Now you’re just veering off into tinfoil hat territory. Good day. And remember — it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you!

          • The only people wearing tin foil hats are the ones who actually believe Ford to be a crackhead. If you were going to make a fake video of the mayor smoking crack, would you leave the evidence of it lying all over the internet?

          • So by your own argument, the post you linked to is unlikely to be related to the video in question. Good job in proving my point!

          • Rick, its long been whispered loudly that Ford loves the white stuff. How is the air quality in your colon?

          • It’s also been whispered loudly that Justin Trudeau used to do gay porn. Doesn’t mean it’s true.

          • Gay porn is neither illegal nor harmful. Crack is both. But you just had to work that “crack” about gay pr0n in there didn’t you? Weak, and offensive.

        • If Rob Ford has never smoked crack he would have issued a much stronger denial and he wouldn’t have fired his chief of staff for suggesting he go to rehab – that’s the real nail in the coffin. There’s actually less proof that ad is real than there is that the video of Rob Ford smoking crack is.

          Good work Alex Jones!

          • Not spending your days denying allegations is not an admission of guilt. Walk into court with that for prosecution, “he didn’t say he didn’t do it loud enough! therefore he did it.” There is equally no proof of the video or that ad being the actual case, they can both also be false, they aren’t mutually exclusive in that sense.

            I would LOVE for an informed public (and media) to use proof and evidence when making grand accusations. If the video comes out and Rob Ford is smoking a crack pipe I’m all for kicking him out of office. But the video isn’t out and the only evidence that exists is hearsay so all these fanatical journalists looking for views can chill out on nailing this public official to a cross.

  49. Public sentiment is that Rob Ford should have cleared the air and I agree. However, Rob Ford chose a different path here by paying the latest allegation with brief lip service contrary to the media and public opinion.
    That said, Rob Ford will have his day of reckoning with the electorate next fall. I find it very disconcerting that our media is “suggesting” that we destroy our democracy by turfing a politician because he/she allegedly did something. This rule can be applied to all “Politicians” with less than a squeaky clean record. Trust me there are plenty of them around.
    Rob Ford is to be judged on his “Political Record” and nothing else in my opinion. Let the story play out and enjoy the ride. One thing is for certain, the plot is sure to thicken.

  50. 2500 Comments, 0 followers… Ted, I’m afraid you’ve just entered loner status.

  51. Ford is obviously not the brightest light bulb in the pack, and he may or may not have a substance abuse problem.

    However, there is one thing that is sure – he tried to change the power status quo in Toronto and THAT made a lot of influential people mad. Really mad.

    If you are looking for a source for half of Ford’s problems, follow the money and power.

    If he had towed the line – then none of this would have been in the public domain – it would have all been swept way very quietly.

    He has simply made their job easier, by being himself and giving them the ammunition they need. I suspect this crack issue is a set up, he just does not know how to react. So he orders pizza for his former team students and fires his assistant for telling him things he may not want to hear. Not a good move, but how many other mayors have done similar things? They just didn’t try to make big changes that pissed off the wrong people.

    In the end, it boils down to this.

    We get the government we deserve by our vote – or lack thereof. Live with it,

  52. Prior to this recent event, Ford has claimed the numerous allegations about him put forth by the Star were false. In fact, every one has been true. Every one. Let’s wait and see but Ford cannot simply hope these serious allegations go away. It’s time to face your accusers with facts or admit the wrongdoing and beg forgiveness.

    • Bingo. The Star’s track record on Ford has been spotless, despite the constant moaning from Camp Ford. Doolittle and Donovan are award winning journalists who would not risk their careers and reputation on a bogus charge.

  53. I seriously hope that video just randomly shows up on youtube. Heck knows if Rob wasn’t rich, white and a dude, it would likely already be out there.

    • The top 4 runners in the election were all, White males who weren’t strapped for cash.

  54. I thought NOOOOOO-BODY could be as bada mayor as Lastman, and then Toronto elects Ford – the rest of Canada is laughing at you fools in Toronto …

    • they’ve always been laughing at toronto, most of the country hates toronto.

  55. I understand how people can disagree about his political choices; that’s normal. I’d like to set that aside for a second in an attempt to find some common ground, and that’s this: a part of the role of the Mayor (the size of that part might also be controversial) is to represent his or her city. During Ford’s term, however, he has managed to make Toronto an international joke (legitimately international; I recently saw a japanese cartoon about his alleged crack video). His inaction has given the impression that Torontonians are too passive to take any action. You can defend his politics until you’re red in the face but I really don’t see a way to justify having this kind of person represent any city, let alone the fourth largest one in North America. I feel like a kid who’s trying to disassociate from a drunk and embarrassing parent.

    • Agreed.

      Two critical roles that the Mayor of Toronto must play:

      1. Given the political set-up with council, the person BEST suited for the job of Mayor is someone who is a consensus builder. Someone who can see both sides of issues. Someone who can do a bit of give and take. Someone who can meet half-way, on issues. Someone who is flexible, but firm.

      2. As the figurehead of the city the Mayor, must represent the city with respect, dignity, and behave in a responsible manner, at all times!

      In both of these key areas, even with the current issue aside, Rob Ford has been a failure. His bull-headed approach to politics is ill-suited to the role of Mayor given the physical set up that the Mayor of Toronto has to deal with. As for his role as the figurehead of the city, the many negative reports from other media outlets from all around North America, and internationally, have not been painting him in a favorable light at all. It’s says a lot, when the Economist weighs in on such issues. That can’t be good for the cities international image and high level business decisions that are being made that would impact Toronto.

      I know that many Ford supporters won’t care about #2, but think carefully the next time you vote, for Ford if he runs again, because the physical structure will not change and Ford, should he be elected again will be just as ineffective the second time around as the first.

  56. This comment was deleted.

    • Even if he is innocent, Ford’s just going to shoot himself in the foot sooner or later. It’s inevitable. As his brother, you should know that better than anyone, Dougie.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • You just did respond to it. See, you can do it, Douggy.

        • Fess up, Duggles. Your overtly fervent defense of Ford betrays you.

    • Oh, you again talking about Trudeau! Maybe you should go to some nice right-wing Conbot page where people agree with you.

      • Is that why you come here? Because you think they’ll print the news the way you want to hear it? Have you ever heard of confirmation bias?

        Maybe if you went to some of the sites that don’t fit your predetermined narrative, you’d have heard about the video floating around of Justin Trudeau on Extacy. I’m sure it’d be good for a laugh.

    • It’s not “bullying” it’s “Tough Love”. Bullying is what happened to David Miller from the Sun and every talk-radio station. Even if it was, so what? It’s not like Ford ever dealt with any problem via any other method than bullying. What’s he got to complain about?

    • The CPC highlights a video of Justin Trudeau at a charity event, and it’s considered “an amateurish, ineffective attack”. But apparently when a news report of a conservative leader — with a long and documented history of lying outright about his past substance-related poor behavior — says there’s a video featuring more substance-related poor behavior, from which he hides, it’s time for him to resign.

      Fixed that for ya.

    • yes blame the media , that is what lying politicians do, but the truth is Ford is finished, done, toast, end of story and good riddance to this incompetent oaf.

  57. At this point, the video must be produced. If it s not, then The Star hasn’t done their
    journalistic duty. I’m not a Ford supporter, but I’m not going to condemn a person without seeing a shred of proof, and by simply relying on the testimony of a gossip website (Gawker) and a newspaper that has a very publically recognized beef with him. I’m not saying that the reporters are liars, but they need to present the proof. Put up, or shut up.

    • Oh come on! Ford bought the video. No copies remain. The world knows that Toronto’s major is a crackhead. Oh well…

      • Come on, this comment is immature, find something else to do

    • Yeah, you’re basically saying that the reporters are liars.

      I’m saying Ford is.

      And if the best we can do at the moment is to look at each party’s track record of telling the truth, and what each has to gain or lose by lying now, where does that leave us?

      • No, I am very simply saying that we live in a society that does not condemn a person without proof. What proof do we have? The testimony of reporters who say that they sat in the back of a vehicle with drug dealers and watched a video on a cell phone. Would this be admissible as evidence in a court of law? No. Enough said. I am not willing to hop on a band-wagon without seeing evidence. Track record or not, without the evidence, you should never be able to publically pillory anyone. Again, I am not a Ford supporter, and think that he does the city’s reputation more harm than good, but this whole case smacks of fishiness on both sides of the argument, and I would prefer to suspend judgment until EVIDENCE is produced.

  58. Give me a break, The stupidity of Canadian media knows no bounds. Washington DC had a crack using mayor, who was arrested, imprisoned and then re elected. And guess what? DC is still DC, a magnificent city, capital of the free world. TORONTO will suffer ZERO ill effects from this, partly cuz nobody really CARES. Ask the average American where Toronto is and they wont know. Or care.

  59. I wonder if the video of Justin Trudeau on Extacy will garner the same amount of attention? I’ve heard that there are at least a few people out in BC who have some pretty damning video of The Trust Fund. Of course because it’s a Trudeau, the media will call it bullying in his case.

    • Yes, let’s now talk about Justin Trudeau! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Deflect much?

  60. Less than half of Toronto voted for Ford, but I don’t even hold that minority accountable for this stuff.

    • Why would you hold Ford voters responsible for a video that doesn’t exist?

      • Reread what I said. I don’t hold them accountable. And how do you even know the video doesn’t exist? Do you think the 3 reporters who saw it area lying about it?

  61. It seems,not that I believe you should have to prove yourself innocent but, a simple hair sample would provide proof for Ford once a for all that he is not a crack head and the media are a bunch of liers out to get him. Or not!
    What do you say Rob. Show the world your not a crack head and defend yourself and everyone who voted for you.

  62. A fitting end for an elitist millionaire playboy who inherited all his dough from his dad.

    • Fitting end? He’s still mayor, but I guess you haven’t been paying attention.

      • Mayor? He was mayor? Surely if he had been elected mayor in the last election we would have heard about some accomplishment or other of his by now. I was talking about the football coach job.

  63. how much scandal can he get away with ? the pot smoking, distracted driving & possible things he has done or i have missed.

  64. WOW ! I cant believe all you people…. This is the ultimate bullying. Everyone still picks on the fat boy. Freaking GROW UP!!! Mayor Ford, I always stuck up for the under dog. So Im on your side…. So used your Mayoral power a sue their asses for slander and damages. Those rate payers will pay for all legal bills . If you weren’t mayor there would be no issue, period. So leave Mayor Ford alone . When his term is up , just vote for the other guy. you dumb asses

  65. The people of Toronto choose Ford as Mayor. Most city councilors and the Star have been on a witch-hunt from day one. It’s time for THEM to go.

    • I am sick of Ford supporters assuming that only Leftes are mad at Ford. I am not a leftist. Just a realist. If someone is bad at their job, they need to be held accountable, regardless of their politics. Would you defend Mike Duffy or Harper’s Chief of Staff.

      Look Fords on Chief of Staff called Ford out on his behavior and Ford fired him.
      You won’t find a stronger ford supporter that Mark.

  66. GUILTY WITHOUT A TRIAL: now that is a fair systems, No? Whether someone is guilty or not, everyone in this country needs to have the opportunity to defend themselves: that is what makes us different that countries run by tyrants, etc.

  67. I’m
    not sure why Rob Ford attracts so much negative attention to the point
    that some of the accusations are blatantly illegitimate- but I think the
    moral of the story is: don’t ever try to build subways that lead into
    Scarborough, you will piss somebody off and your reputation will never
    recover. At this point, if I were in his shoes, I’d just call Dr. Dre,
    F’ing Snoop Dogg/Lion, the Tupac hologram, and make a rap video smoking
    L’s in Malton, Mississauga (or West Compton). This could also be the
    gay mafia’s doing, he skipped out on Pride week. The Scarborough
    subway tunnel has already been dug and Rob Ford’s actually using it to
    traffic guns and cocaine.

    One, Two, Three and to the Four

  68. Convenient that the owners of the cell phone with the video have disappeared while Rob Ford was huddled with his legal team and hiding from the media. Wonder how much it cost him to buy the phone from his drug cronies. Just the sort of thing he’d do to try to embarrass the Toronto Star. If Rob Ford does not provide a drug sample then he will have failed to convince voters of his innocence.

  69. Unbelievable, that crap of a paper the Star can make allegations about a person with ”no proof” and all the lefty sheep follow suit. If any of those people could formulate an original thought on their own it would be a miracle. But then again that’s why Toronto and Ontario are in such a mess.

  70. “Officially, the school board’s decision officially had nothing to do with the drug allegations”? Nice job editing that article, Ivor! :)

    • But the school did choose to release the statement right in the middle of the storm. They could have waited a few weeks. School is about to break for the summer, they had time to sit on this, but no, they added fuel to the fire, knowing full well it would get picked up by the press and it would hit the Mayor hard during one of his toughest weeks in office. It was calculated for sure..

  71. No matter what, I just don’t see the qualities necessary in the person one would like to see as mayor of any Canadian city; let alone our biggest and most influential.

    • From outside Toronto, it’s just that old stale Toronto.

  72. Standing on the hill in Alberta looking at the big perspective, all the “journalists” are calling for Ford to resign…there doesn’t appear to be a similar Toronto grass roots uprising…the “journalists, pollsters and pundits” reputations have taken a very severe beating in the recent Alberta and BC election predictions..the Star and Gawker have made accusations without providing the public with proof…a fatal flaw in their reporting..leaving as much doubt on the part of the public’s view..and seemingly nothing more than another character assassination attempt particularly by the Star..Seems to me the accomplishments are being under reported and the left biased Star is abusing its journalistic status in a vendetta against Ford……this continuing to lose money and laying off union members…because the public is finding its “journalism” has turned into tabloid sensationalism….lacking balance and fairness!

    • if only he hadn’t done such outrageous things (like get busted for pot stateside, be a belligerent drunk at a family event like a pro sports game, commandeer city transit for personal reasons, or give the finger to other motorists/voters) and then go through the same motions time and time again (deny everything, blame the ‘leftist media’ for having a personal vendetta, duck questions for longer than necessary when proof he is lying emerges, play the victim by repeating charges of vendetta towards media for proving he is a liar, take no questions at all from reporters at press conference, send out his brother to control the damage), maybe then i’d be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.
      not anymore.
      his own track record of being unwilling to admit his own failings and missteps, or take proper responsibility for his actions BEFORE and AFTER irrefutable proof emerges means the onus has shifted. like it or not, he has a rep of being a guy who will lie to protect himself personally and politically. this has brought on extra scrutiny another politician might not have to endure. it has zero to do with his policies and agenda. he’s been busted lying before. it wouldn’t be the first time he’s accused the star of publishing something salacious and vindictive, only to later have to admit it was indeed factual news. how do we know he’s not lying now? ‘deny, deny, deny, attack, attack, attack’ is a strategy that will likely backfire this time.
      if he is indeed totally innocent and doesn’t like the sensationalism, he could always take a drug test in public. it would put a pretty quick end to all of it.
      or he can step down.

  73. I don’t understand the big attraction this has for the drive by media, Obama openly admitted he used “the occasional blow” and everybody thought it was cool, and the general opinion in that same media is that we shouldn’t judge drug use in our poor parts of the city so what is the big deal here? A video that nobody has ever seen. I could send a letter to the Vancouver sun telling them I know. A guy who knows a guy that has seen a video of Gregor Robertson doing it with a horse at a farm in Langley and nobody would say: let’s follow him around town to “find out the truth”. Lousy lazy journalism if you ask me. In my old country the called this cucumber news ,when there is so little to write about,the media finds non issues and blow them up to fill papers….they usually waited till August when there was really only the cucumber price to report about.

  74. I can’t believe that anyone has any good to say about Ford! What positive actions has he done to make us a proud city??? If the story is not true, why is he silent? He’s never kept his mouth shut before. So give me a break, all of you who think that poor Robbie doesn’t deserve this treatment. I truly believe the people of Toronto who should be comforted and have a mayor who has the balls to step down!

  75. I would like to see the proof and an admittance before I could form an opinion. Otherwise for now this is just and allegation that is unfounded.

  76. What could possibly happen next? This story has more legs than a caterpillar!

  77. A Mayor can not be fired. Ask a municipal lawyer. City Council can not dismiss or replace him. Ie. we got stuck with Rob Ford.

    • He can be ignored by the city council however….

    • Toronto’s best hope is Clayton Ruby’s appeal of Rob Ford’s “financial conflict of interest” charges. If Ruby wins, Ford is gone the next day. “Game over” as a football coach would say.

  78. Mr Tossell writes that “The status quo is not an option.”
    That is total hyperbole, and I’m not being hyperbolic. Toronto will survive, perhaps a bit worse for wear, but nothing that can’t be put right over the following few years.

  79. He should just go. He is a disgrace.

  80. As I write this, it says 420 comments – comments should be closed at 420, it seems appropriate?

  81. Rob and Doug Ford, Toronto is NOT your personal enterprise… Everyone things you to are both repulsive… And both of you are international laughing stocks of the world… You embarrass me to be Canadian…

  82. I have been reading the dialogue you folks have been having on Mr. Ford’s current situation and I must say that I find Mr. Bryce’s vulgarity somewhat offensive.

    I live far from Toronto but I would say that innocent until proven guilty seems to have gone out the window at that end of the bog,

    Mr. Ford said he remained silent on the advice of his lawyer and that was probably wise – it seems that there is a group of people that are out to get Mr. Ford and will stop at nothing to get rid of him.
    I would suggest that the majority of the people obviously want this man as mayor and I feel somewhat like riceburner – when the dust settles and Mr. Ford owns the Sun the truth may really come out.
    the Commodore

  83. to say it’s no longer about the video is garbage. It’s only about the video. Ford is following a good PR strategy. The more he denies it the more he gives the allegations credence. He made his statement, refused to comment further. PR 101.

  84. Regarding media credibility, which is more likely?:
    1. Gawker, a blog based in NYC that bills itself as “the source for daily Manhattan media news and gossip”, believes their readership just can’t get enough Toronto news so they create a fake video about our mayor, then attempt to raise $200,000 to purchase it.
    2. The Star and the Globe and Mail both want the Fords out of office so badly that they put their reputations, their very existence, their livelihoods and the livelihoods of all their employees on the line, conspiring to fabricate multiple stories?
    3. Ford has a problem, is in denial, and his brother is an enabler.

  85. Toronto deserves a REAL, honest and progressive Mayor and City Council.We do not have neither.

  86. “……The video is a MacGuffin. Its contents pale next to the flight reaction they’ve brought out in the mayor, and the unravelling that’s followed…….”

    A MacGuffin is a plot device used in “Fiction”, surely this is “Non Fiction”, yes? So it is not a MacGuffin then, now is it? No it is not.

    One might ask how one could possibly be a “Crack Addict” AND obese at the same time.

  87. He is too fat to be a crack head

    • brilliant defense.. hearsay used as verification. Got it. I’m sure that will work in court. “It’s impossible your Honour, the defendant is too fat”

  88. Let’s compare, shall we? In spite of a complete lack of actual evidence of drug use, the Globe & Mail, the Star, and a few others continue to harass and demand Ford’s resignation. Remember, there is no actual evidence at this point. Compare the ravings of this mob to how this very same mob closed ranks and collectively called it a “character smear” when it became public knowledge that the late and revered Jack Layton was a habitue of whorehouses. Hmmm…

  89. Rob Ford and the entire Ford gene pool are tenacious. Not one of them will back down in front of a tidal wave. Let nature take it’s course with them. They’ll be swept away by their own history.

  90. It makes a person wonder if Rob Ford was the guy who bought the video. It just seems funny that he would say nothing for a week or so and then categorically deny everything. I do not believe the story that his lawyer advised him not to say anything. That is the excuse that everyone uses. Why would his lawyer advise him not to immediately deny the allegations? He has told untruths in the past that were found out. Why would this be any different?

  91. Amazing one allegation like this and we seem to pretend like Canada is going to shut down with or without him yet the Federal government has multiple allegations against them and most of them provable. So something we can prove, not worth talking about how the government is full of crony capitalists, but something we cant prove we should post on every news station, paper, magazine, website in North America for weeks to brainwash people into something that isn’t true. Read into how propaganda works and you will know this is a big lie. They use the same tactic to convince Americans to go to war, lie lie lie lie for weeks on end until the dumb down public who is tired of hearing about it looks away for just long enough to say majority yes on a single poll and off to war they go! they are going to wear you down until you ask for Ford to step down just so they will shut the F up. That is how propaganda works people. There are NO major news sources in canada that are not bought out and paid for by corporate heads. Conrad Black made sure to destroy our free press in Canada and to use the English system of control and propaganda on the people. Thanks Conrad, how were you found innocent again?

  92. This Colummist is hilarious -How can you tell he’s a Liberal huh ? Trying to paint a picture of doom and gloom for Ford when his approval ratings have increased by 1 % to 42 % since this perpetuated Myth / attack on him took place. Robs support is just as strong as it was the day he won the election . This writer has very wishful thinking obviously and is living in his own Liberal fantasyland it seems . Then again Most Liberals do these days. They fail to live in reality nor can they allow themselves to get past their own “DENIAL” that Ford won the election fair and square to become Mayor. The day Rob Ford and became Mayor is the day the World fell apart for the Progessive Liberals in Toronto -they will not allow themselves to believe that they are not the “Majority” IN Toronto and never were. (except in their own minds/fantasy world)

    So instead of coping/adapting and facing the Reality that the Majority of Torontoians wanted “CHANGE” of a more conservative nature…they instead began to attack Ford in any manner they could think of in a feeble childish attempt to drive him out office . They failed the first time and they are failing “YET AGAIN” !

    You see, if an actual video tape existed..they would have already long been in possession of it and would be dancing and giggling like little school-girls with Joy. But the “REALITY” of the situation is that there “NEVER WAS” any video-tape and the whole allegation of such was “Fabricated” by a couple of Ford-hater, Liberal reporters from the Toronto Star . (again thinking that they could embarass Ford into leaving office)…Fat chance…lol.

    So now what we have is a Criminal situation whereby Rob Ford now has legal grounds to sue the Toronto Star, the said reporters who accused him of wrongdoing publicly, the U.S. publication Gawker (who also accused him of wrongdoing publicly) and any other media outlet who participated in this character assassination of Rob Ford.

    The Lawsuit can be launched for “Defamation of Character” and “LIBEL” ..perhaps if the Liberal media and Ford haters were as intelligent as they think they are…they would investigated the legal repercussions of their actions “before they accused Ford Publicly of illegal criminal activities” . (Making such type of false accusations publicly and having no physical evidence to substantiate those allegations is a “CRIMINAL OFFENCE” in Canada under the Criminal Code of Canada. (Sorry but a few reporters merely “claiming” they seen some “alleged” video-tape that has not been physically produced does not constitute “evidence” – all that is pure “Heresay” allegations.

    See you people in Court !!! ..lmao.

  93. This article is disgusting. Stop bashing the poor mayor.