Rob Ford lands in Hollywood with plans to attend Oscars

‘Landed safe and sound,’ Toronto’s mayor tweets from Los Angeles


TORONTO – A published report says Toronto’s controversial mayor is headed for Hollywood.

Rob Ford told the Toronto Sun he plans to attend Sunday’s Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Calif.

The paper says the mayor’s trip south of the border will also include an appearance on the late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Ford, who is running for re-election, has been mired in scandal since two media outlets reported last year they had seen a video that showed him smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine.

While he initially denied the allegations, Ford later admitted he has smoked crack cocaine, likely during what he called one of his “drunken stupors.”

Ford told the Sun he had no problems crossing the border and everyone has been “friendly.”

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Rob Ford lands in Hollywood with plans to attend Oscars

  1. The man is shameless … what a waste of skin…

    • Why? Because he doesn’t bow to the corrupt? Doesn’t inflate contracts, doesn’t give unions excessive raises? Not enough debt for your kids? Or is it because he drinks beer?

      • He also doesn’t lie repeatedly or cavort with criminals.

        Oh, wait.

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          200 Sedan only from working part time off a home pc… find out this here B­i­g­4­1­.­ℂ­o­m

      • Oh, give it a rest already. No one would care if he drank beer. They do care if he drinks beer and drives, though, or if he does crack with convicted criminals, or wastes taxpayer dollars playing hooky when he should be working, or hiring his criminal buddies at inflated salaries to do zilch on the taxpayer’s dime, or lie repeatedly even when truth would serve him better. And this is just the short list. I would worry less about your kids’ debt load than the lack of moral fibre they are learning from watching their father support a drunkard dolt of a politician. Just what DO you tell them? It’s OK for a Mayor of one of the largest cities in N. America to act this way??? Sheesh!

      • Why? because he has brought shame & embarrassment to the city he professes to love, and to the country at large. Because he is an attention seeking hog. Because his default switch is set to “Lie” … and because instead of staying home, putting his snout to the grindstone and looking after the real issues this city must face, he is cavorting in Hollywood. And to anyone who will say – the city isn’t paying for this trip … don’t be stupid … we will pay … one way or another.

        • Loudmouths like you gave him all that attention, and it ‘s not that bad either, he is reaching international stardom status!!! Free publicity, thanks to people like you.
          Gotta love the man, Rob, anytime you wish, come and run my municipality, because my mayor, (which i did not vote for, but i am not the sore loser like torontoniNs are )spends our $ ( like it wasn’t his)

          • HE SMOKES CRACK.

          • Sorry … it’s loudmouths like you who voted him into office … and continue to support him despite all evidence to the contrary …but please .. tell us where you live so we can send him your way … I’m sure your friends & neighbours will be thrilled with a lying, beer-swilling, drunk driving, crack addicted, friend to criminal elements as their mayor … ready to waste their hard earned dollars on football teams, staff to do his personal chores, and ridiculous economic policies that will lay waste to your children’s future.

      • Nope, he is such a simple guy hanging around gang members and drug dealers. No corruption there according to those Cons who are the defenders of law and order.

  2. He should have no problem finding people there who are willing to do a few lines with him.

    • FYI. Crack addicts are skinny people, because these barely eat and sleep.
      Inform yourself before saying just about anything.

      • I didn’t say he was a crack addict and, in any event, I was referring to coke not crack.

        Read others’ comments before responding mindlessly.

  3. My condolences to Toronto – your fool of a “mayor” seems to rush in (with enabler Dougie always at his side) seeking the limelight at the expense of the reputation of your city.
    Hope you get rid of him in the next election. If not, then you will be the perfect example of “Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.

    • I will trade my mayor for yours, anytime

  4. Nice to know that he made it over there with no troubles. Now.. we have to let him back in?

    • The Bieber solution to the Ford problem…. brilliant!

    • Why not, they let you back in?

      • LOL.. man.. they’re breedin’ them dumb under the bridge these days, aren’t they. Look, kid, there’s a bit of an art to trolling. Go figure it out before you decide to come back and play with the big boys, okay?

        • When you say “big boys” I guess you must be referring to all you little rainbow tinkers out at the Junction.

    • He was not allowed to attend because … of security concerns! Of course security concerns when this fellow hangs around known gang members in order to get his coke fix.

  5. wait…didn’t he JUST say last weekend on his youtube show that he wasn’t a celebrity, he was regular joe like the rest of us working, spending time with his family etc etc.

    The guy is tone deaf and clueless.

  6. Rob Ford, the world media, numberless extravagant parties featuring an unlimited supply of booze and less legal stimulants. What could go wrong?

  7. how does this self admitted lawbreaker get to enter the usa????

    • Excuse me, but we are having an intelligent conversation here, go away

      • Actually, that’s an interesting question. We know the US is quite hard at the border on people who have drug related records. Mr. Ford has an admitted history with hard drugs and there are at least some questions toward his relationship with gangs and other organized crime.

        Aren’t you curious as to how this man gets across the border while people like Boy George or Amy Winehouse aren’t allowed?

      • IGNORANUS, are you his supplier or maybe his whore?

  8. Rob it’s time leave politics and get into the D-list celebrity lifestyle. Celebrity Rehab would would be a good start…

  9. Hey he’s going to a crack festival. Good on ya Rob!

  10. He is in the right place to play the Penguin in a batman movie.
    According to previous clips with his bad temper,he will make
    Danny de Vito look like a sea gull.Politics is not his thing.

  11. RoFo has singlehandedly rewritten Canadian stereotypes in the US. No more beavers, moose (or is it meese)?, French-Canadian lumberjacks, or friendly Mounties. Now the Canadian stereotype is a fat, crack-smoking, foul-mouthed, criminally-inclined, patois-speaking, Mayor.

  12. Good for him. Have fun, Mr. Mayor.

    • *crickets*

  13. Rob Ford is too silly,to realise that he is being made
    a laughing stock.Lock him up,and you wouldn’t get
    IQ above room temperature.

  14. Kudos to Mayor Ford. I do not think he is dumb by any means. But! after reading many of the comments he sure has some less brainy “followers” who seem to be infatuated with him. Seems to have some parallels with President Clinton lying about having sex with an intern.