Rob Ford rally: an exercise in venting -

Rob Ford rally: an exercise in venting


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The lone Rob Ford supporter at a rally protesting the Toronto mayor’s leadership has a message for local media: “Put up or shut up.”

Though crack-video related allegations against the mayor dominate the headlines, there’s still no proof, said Derek Hill.

“He’s been accused and, in many people’s eyes, convicted without any trial, on the basis of anonymous sources.”

Holding up a sign that read “Innocent until proven guilty,” Hill drew the ire of many of the protest’s hundreds of attendees gathered at Nathan Phillips Square Saturday afternoon.

“He’s a disgrace!” shouted one woman while Hill spoke with reporters.

The event, organized on Facebook earlier in week in light of fresh allegations and an exodus of staffers from Ford’s office, was as bizarre a spectacle as the controversy itself.

There were random bursts of chanting — “You are fired!” — and some half-hearted marching, complete with a band. In the periphery, a seemingly oblivious R&B group performing upbeat dance songs and a children’s bouncy castle added to the carnival-esque atmosphere.

But the overwhelming sentiment from protesters — spelled out in chalk all over the concrete — was clear: Ford must resign, immediately.

“I’m just fed up,” said Jen McNeely. The mayor’s “lack of accountability” and refusal to answer questions about the accusations has been most frustrating, she said.

Many in the crowd were veteran Ford protesters, who said they weren’t surprised by the latest series of scandals.

“He’s been doing things like this and covering it up for so long,” said Nathaniel Bacon.

Added Brian Young, who flaunted a massive poster portraying Ford in the likeness of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, “This man does not represent me and he is continuously trying to dismantle democracy.”

But those opposed to Ford’s mayoralty have few real options. Without (and maybe even with) the purported video of him smoking drugs, he can’t be fired. He announced, somewhat defiantly, on Thursday that he plans to run for re-election. So maybe the rally’s real value was that it gave Torontonians, forced to watch from the sidelines as their city government falls into disarray, a chance to vent.

Paula Turco said she’s shocked the mayor has any supporters left.

“That is what is most unbelievable,” she said. “His loyal staffers have left, you can only assume that they know something and they don’t want to be involved.”

But Hill said the so-called Ford Nation knows their man — and they stand by him.

“Ford is Ford. He’s a stubborn kind of fella. The people that elected him know what he’s like; he’s not politically correct and he doesn’t kiss ass.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

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Rob Ford rally: an exercise in venting

  1. He WILL win again as the elitist upper class gravy train swimming pool filled with gravy living large on 100K a year + and not worrying about basic expenses with no empathy for the poor or people less privileged, and the wanna be rich are gonna loose. Rob will WIN. Sorry. As for the dope dealing thugs, the video would have been sold if they were not afraid of dissapearing. Money is no fun if you cant enjoy it.

    • Ummmm have you EVER looked into Ford and his family’s earnings? PLEASE just take a few minutes and do some actual research and then tell us again how he represents the COMMON man and is not PRIVILEGED in any way.

      Honestly just spend 2-3 minutes of research. lemme give you a hint it`s not 1 million, it`s not 10 million it`s……………

      The information IS RIGHT THERE!

      • Fascinating, isn’t it? Rob Ford the multimillionaire…..who wouldn’t cross the street for a mere 100 grand….a member of the upper class olympic size swimming pool full of gravy if ever there was one……and these fools believe he’s a ‘common man’…..and ‘one of them’!

        • he is not, but has helped a plenty poor peoples all over, and from what I have been told by real people on our real Toronto streets, he treats them better than any other prior mayor has they met. I mean, some of the personal stories I heard, just a few, are good. Ok, so if he is messed up and fighting demons as we all suspect, fine. mayor is not the proper fit for him, but I have known people who helped a lot of others & been addicts and never hurt them like some of the people / group of (land and major real estate owners) in Toronto are and will hold back the average joe blow, no pun intended. We all have valid angles, points, etc.. he still wins.

          • Yes dear he is a multimillionaire…..and just because he talks nice to poor people doesn’t make him wonderful….he’s just looking for votes and you schmucks are giving them to him.

            YOU aren’t getting any tax breaks….HE is

            And anyone fighting demons doesn’t belong in public office

            Ford is USING you.

          • “Yes, dear, he is a multi-millionaire…and just because he talks nice to poor people doesn’t make him wonderful…he’s just looking for votes and you schmucks are giving them to him.”

            Of what other pol occasionally in the news for verbal mishaps does that remind one?

          • LOL practically all of them at one time or another.

      • I totally am not arguing this Karl, you are on a good point too, I am simply saying he will win majority again. As for net worth and assets, them dealing a bit of back in black smoke in high school … you ever inhale? ok, probably never saw the stuff right? how about lsd, magik shrooms? u ever try? Sadly I know too much about nothing and nobody and this is my weakness. I understand how tenders are approved, miss-approved, lost drug samples, paperwork missing, e-mails lost (getting impossible), and that 75% plus people in City Hall , closer to or in his age bracket were doing the same old stuff in those years. I am off topic but the layman feel him. Hence, forget net worth and my upper class remark and reference / context angles, he is winning. Like Chuck Sheen. or whatever he calls himself now. I could go on and literraly would need 2-3 professional editors from McL’s to organize me points as I rant when I am passionate7 know wtf is going on in real life, now, in the hotel cross City Hall. Paid for our tax dollars … maybe those new glasses will record some stuff and my points will be validated. Enjoy your wine. or J walker? Green label? just a guess. … I would laugh if you were drinking cheap Bavarian brew out of a chalice. Enjoy my fellow.

        • He didn’t win with a majority last time.

    • The man has a staff of 7….hardly needed if he didn’t need fixers, video destroyers, speech writers and of course Doug with his hand up Rob’s shirt moving his mouth. This was never about left and right, it was and still is about incompetence. Rob Ford is a fraud and a liar. He has saved us approximately 2 cents per person per month in the GTA. That is his great achievement. Of course when you spend 5 out of every 6 days getting your foot out of your mouth its hard to do any job.

      • Doc, do u have any actual figures of just how many people he hs helped with getting new appliances, foodstuffs, etc… basic needs. a great number. As for your post, ok. Fine. We are going in circles , and I hear Oakville has many of those. Or is is Mississauga? See? Circles…

  2. International consensus, Torontonians are suckers.

    Poor people can’t get the crack head out of office.

    • Your right ….poor us …..crackpot is a crackhead….with a staff of seven now…..I wonder if they speak English and which one will be the video finder?

  3. Put up or shut up indeed! And it’s not just the “local” media. It’s the national media, led enthusiastically by the tax-funded CBC. They *hate* Ford with a passion. Side note: WHY do we continue to pay for these far-left media activists with our taxes?

    Note to the left in Toronto: … you LOST the election. It’s called DEMOCRACY. More people who support small government, lower taxes, and government for the taxpayer – not for the public service unions – voted for Rob Ford. You lost.

    You’ll get your chance again in a year and a half, … and if Rob’s people outnumber yours again (and I’m betting they will!), you will have to suck it up for another 4 years. Tough.

    The sense of entitlement runs deeper in Toronto than in any other centre in Canada. I hope Rob Ford is able to crush that entltlement culture beyond revival. I don’t care if he smoked crack, hired hookers, or held up a corner store. If he straightens out Toronto, I support him. All of the whining from the usual suspects tells me he’s doing a good job of killing the gravy train.

    • People who smoke crack are not good managers.

      • Have you experience and how much did you smoke?

        • I’ve certainly seen crackheads in the street. Never realised they were on the right, but looking back . . .

    • In case you hadn’t noticed, Rob is losing almost every vote; even those who supported him at first often now vote against him. Hard to be effective when the thing you are best at is making enemies.

    • Are you kidding?! Ford is a gift from Heaven for the media. Even before he smoked crack on video he was a non-stop clown show that never left the media short of material.
      The media’s job gets a whole lot harder the day Ford’s gone and Toronto gets a bore like Gregor Robertson as mayor.

    • Its not right and left…if you had the IQ of an ostrich you would know that. Ford only knows right and left when its wings on a chicken, I am a conservative with a conservative councilor. I asked her to explain the difference between right and left. She said she would have someone get back to me. I asked my MPP who is also conservative the same question. He said he would send me a letter ( a year ago). My MP in Ottawa, also conservative said he didn’t understand the question.
      Ford was asked this at a private function and simply looked at Doug….had no comment at all. If he is your choice for “right wing politics” you are sadly lacking in judgement. The man can’t speak without a paper in front of him and he can’t dress himself properly. If he can’t look after his own body he sure as hell can’t look after my city.

  4. Ford, Duffy, Wallin…..and numerous others… in all our levels of govt…..none of them are leaving, folks.

    They will continue to spread BS, and suck up taxpayers money…..because voters let them.

    The mayors of Ottawa, London, Laval etc aren’t any better…..and their name is legion across Canada.

    The Senate has been doing this for over a century.

    They operate by using voter ignorance and class envy.

    Like I’ve said before ……42% of Canadians are functionally illiterate.

    • And far more are politically illiterate.

      • Well if you’re illiterate, you have no idea of what goes on in the world….or even the country.

      • Many people don’t read a newspaper or listen to the news. However, they can tell you what is happening in Hollywood and the entertainment world. They are literate but they are not engaged.

        • And that’s what I mean by “politically illeterate” – they haven’t the foggiest notion as to what goes on in the realm of politics, nor do they care – pathetic in a democracy, but it explains so much about voter turnout – and who we end up with running our governments.

          • If you never turn on the news, you don’t even know what is happening in your own city….whether there is a rapist on the loose, etc. I think people have actually convinced themselves that they have no control over what happens in the world and that what happens in the world does not affect them. Therefore, it is easy to ignore what is happening beyond your immediate life circumstance and fill your time with reality tv. It is also then easy to convince yourself that your vote doesn’t really matter. Many also feel they have no right to vote if they are not educated well enough on the issues.
            You must admit, Keith that these online sites do not always welcome debate from people who don’t see things the same way “the collective we” do. Instead of encouraging people to take baby steps to get somewhat educated, people are on here demeaning anyone who doesn’t march to the same drum they do. I can’t tell you how many times I have been called stupid, had my reading skills demeaned and my chosen profession mocked. If you want people to lose their apathy and participate then you have to welcome their opinions without intimidating them into not expressing them anymore.

    • Go to your source Wikipedia, the stats for functional illiteracy in Canada aren’t exactly what you are reporting. 42% of Canadians are “semi-illiterate” because literacy is measured on a scale of 1 to 3 and we score in the high 50 percents for people who function at a high level 3. According to Govt of Canada, Wikipedia and other sources, Canada has a “functional illiteracy” stat of around 14.6% for people born in Canada (this is compared to a 7% rate in Sweden). This statistic removes new immigrants who don’t speak English or French and therefore, cannot be expected to read in those languages but skew the results.
      Having said that, I know educated people who NEVER watch the news or read a newspaper. This lack of engagement with the world around them has nothing to do with their lack of literacy.

      • 42% of Canadians are semi-illiterate. That’s ‘functional illiteracy’.

        Something you’ve just shown in your lack of reading ability.

        • Hahaha! You LOOKED it up in Wikipedia and saw that you quoted a wrong statistic and now you are trying to use diversion.
          Admit it, Emily. 14.6% of Canadians are functionally illiterate. This was the statistic in Wikipedia. Sorry, functional illiteracy means you can’t cope day to day due to your inability to read. Semi-illiteracy is farther down the spectrum toward literacy. It means you can’t read the big words but you can still get along.

          • Tsk You are such a busybody….always trying to catch someone out in error when there isn’t one

            I work with this in economics….it matters greatly….but most of it involves research papers…..something I can’t put on here. So Wikipedia does the general work…..and it has sources at the bottom you know.

            Now trying looking around the web if you’re so interested in this topic…..and every topic I post about apparently! There is lots of material on it.



          • Emily, I did do research. Unlike you, I didn’t just look at a google webpage. I also went to your “go to” source, Wikipedia. That 14.6% stat came from a Government of Canada source from a study for wellness. So either the Wikipedia number is right or it is wrong. As for me being a “busybody that corrects people”….hahaha! Hi Pot, I’m Kettle. Pleased to meet you! You’ve got balls, Emily. I’ll give you that.

          • No you didn’t… just busybodied your way through it like you do every other topic.

            The 42% is originally from StatsCan….and as you can see is commonly accepted.

            It never occurs to you other people might know something about a topic…..or even work in the field. I’m in global development analysis….’development’ certainly involves stats.

          • I didn’t see anything about that stat being commonly accepted because Wikipedia said Canada has a 14.6 % rate for functional illiteracy. Is Wikipedia wrong?

          • Yes you did. You just don’t want to accept it.

            Don’t comment on things you know nothing about….go change a bedpan.

          • Was Wikipedia wrong when it said that Canada has a 14.6 % functional illiteracy statistic? Come on Emily you can say it, yes or no.

          • “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its
            way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” –
            Isaac Asimov

            Now go do the bedpans.

          • Oh my! You are SO desperate not to answer the question about Wikipedia, that you have actually morphed into Tony/Hester Eastman. This is completely bizarre. Well Emily, I am truly sorry that I seem to have caused you this breakdown of sorts. There is truly nothing wrong with admitting when you have made a mistake. I have done it when I have been wrong on multiple occasions. It keeps me humble. As for cleaning bedpans…although working in psychiatry does not require me to render that service often, when I do have a patient who needs it, I am happy to do it. If I didn’t do it, who would? I hope you don’t think you are demeaning me or the other nurses who care for the sick people who suffer the indignities of being unable to care for themselves in basic ways that we all take for granted. It is a privilege for us to help them.

          • Low literacy skills is not “functional illiteracy”. Why do you keep on referring to source material that proves MY point???? As for your obsession with bedpans…cleaning any body fluid is the job of nursing staff, whether it is blood on the walls or sh*t on the floor. When you end up in the hospital and have crapped your pants, Emily, a nurse will clean it up. Now get over yourself!

          • THat’s enough. Off you go.

          • Gladly!

  5. Meanwhile, Gawker–inebriated media are making a regular pilgrimage to the shrine of the sacred relic:

    “The National Post‘s Megan O’Toole visited an apartment Thursday where sources have said where the alleged Ford crack video might have been held by drug dealers.” –National Post.

  6. when will the eastern left wing media give up on this guy .you look so damn stupid with accusing without proof. something like Nazi Germany and the Jews during the war.when will you have enough and demand proof or quit riding this guy. I am ashamed of seeing a media run on no facts for weeks. Bring the proof and quit looking so hypocritical

    • Gawker is making web-traffic history off that bogus video. Releasing it to the scrutiny of the animation experts would be opening the goose that laid the golden egg.

    • When three trusted journalists have seen it and Rob sends out a hunting party…then the guy conveniently disappears, leaving his job, family and home behind… one can find him… the police are looking. Subsequently Rob felt confident saying there is no video……not now, Price looked after the whole thing.
      There is proof and then there is tampering with evidence.

      • You have all the facts at your fingertips. The rest of us wait on Gawker, the Toronto Star, and the National Inquirer for our info.

    • 3 people from two different organizations have put their reputations, careers, and employers on the line for this story. Because if it’s false, Ford will own them through libel lawsuits. This gives the story weight.

      And while not proof, Ford also has a history of known substance abuse (alcohol) and lying about it when caught. This gives the story plausibility.

      • While not proof that they would maliciously invent stories about Ford, ” respected ” journalists from left-leaning media like the Star and CBC have a history of knowingly fabricating front page slander against conservative politicians and then placing the retraction on the back page.
        This gives the story implausibility.

        • Ah no, its not plausible that the Star reporters would pretend to have seen a video of Ford smoking crack that doesn’t exist, nor is there a history of the media doing anything remotely like that.

          • It may not be possible for your biased eye to perceive the biased reporting history of the Star reporters, but believe me, there is less and less faith from the public that we are receiving an objective report from most in the media.
            You would think that a story like the one the Star is pushing against Ford would have almost the full support of the public but the recent poll shows that 50% of the respondents think the story is fantasy.
            You don`t have to look any further than the host of this blog to see a pathetic example of totally subjective reporting.
            That`s unfortunate. Too many chicken-little, liberal-loving, Harper-hating vendettas has got the media to the point where only the converted like you and Thwim have any faith left in them.

          • your reality is simply not shared by those here on planet earth. Even if you dislike the Star or Gawker, the chances that they’re inventing this are slim. There’s some possibility they were duped or mistaken, but inventing stuff nope.

            You’ll be a lot more useful to conversations in general if you stop saying stupid things.

          • Many people believe in divine creation, ghosts, miracles, the merits of Justin Beiber’s music, and generally things that they want to be true.
            Sadly, the act of believing doesn’t make the beliefs any more credible.
            Believing that the two Star reporters conspired with a third reporter from Gawker to fabricate the story simply isn’t credible to anyone who has the faintest ability to discern fact from fiction. This isn’t to say that the story has been proven, but simply that the probability that it’s false is extremely low.

            I think you probably know this.

          • The Star reporters apparently sat on the story until Gawker broke it. The Star knew it was a risk to report the story without having the actual video to authenticate. In all of the articles they wrote things saying Ford “appears” to be smoking a crack pipe.
            The three reporters were cocky. They were competing and didn’t want to lose out so they went ahead and told a story that they could not back up with real proof. Now the video has vanished and even though they have the $200K the drug dealers allegedly asked for, there are no drug-dealers and no video. When you are a journalist and you print a story, you need to be: 1) telling the truth and 2) telling a truth that lawyers for the person whose reputation you are destroying can verify.
            If you don’t have those two things, you can’t tell your story without probably being sued and losing.

          • Now who knows better whether they are meeting journalistic and legal standards? Three people who do it for a living or one guy with no connection with journalism whatsoever?

          • Who is the “one guy with no connection to journalism whatsoever?”

          • If it is me, GFMD, I actually studied journalism.

          • Of course they are saying he “appears” to be smoking crack. You can’t prove what someone is smoking from a video.
            I’m not sure what the rest of your point is. It doesn’t seem to have much to do with my comments.

          • “You can’t prove what someone is smoking from a video”
            Exactly. Especially a video you don’t even have your hands on to authenticate and especially when the people who have the video are wanting to make money off of it.My comment was in response to your comment that it isn’t plausible that the Star and Gawker reporters would pretend to see a video of Ford smoking a crack pipe. It really doesn’t matter what they think they saw. It matters more what steps they took to prove the accuracy of what they saw. Did they authenticate the video; Did they find other eye witnesses to the actual event (people who were present when Ford smoked the crack pipe and aren’t demanding $200K). When you are a reporter, you have to have solid sources. A person doesn’t have to make up a story, they can actually create as much damage by being negligent in performing due diligence in their research before reporting the story as being true.

        • Really? Can you point me to any of these front page slanders? Seems strange they never get sued for it if it’s slander.

      • You are sooo right. Those individuals put everything on the line without any proof in their hands to backup their allegations. They didn’t even have the video authenticated. The whole thing could have been some ruse. It seems very funny that Gawker has the $200K and there are no drug dealers coming forth to sell the video. Pretty sure the video no longer exists. Perhaps someone else came up with the cash which leaves these reporters and their media outlets open to big lawsuits from a guy who has deep pockets. Rob Ford is playing this very smartly. He wants to sit back and see exactly how bad this thing affects his reputation. The worse it gets, the more the damages in the lawsuit. Reminds me of Brian Mulroney, Karl Heinz-Schreiber and Allan Rock. It isn’t what you know, It is what you can prove.

        • It’s his poor poor wife, remember? oh wait, that was a different set of mistruths you were deliberately using to play “devil’s advocate” again.

          It’s times like this I wish that people actually believed this kind of stuff and that I knew them. I keep imagining how easy it would be to say “hmmmmm, fascinating idea. Wanna bet $500 that he doesn’t go with a defamation action, double or nothing he doesn’t win?” I don’t like fleecing the credulous but I DO like easy money.

          But sadly, nobody really does believe what this guy just typed and I certainly don’t know anyone that foolish.

          • It is okay GFMD. You seem to have a lot of pent up frustration and resentment. You are taking these online interactions far too seriously. Remember, Rob Ford is not a member of YOUR family. I am not your enemy. You don’t even know me. I think it might be better for your mental health if you don’t respond to my comments as they seem to agitate you. I wish you the best.

  7. The saddest part is our prime minister and doug ford senior go way back, so chances are fordsy and dougy have the green light to do whatever they want, as long as they run city hall. Ask any councillor who they fear the most to retaliate with violence; don’t be stunned if its the ford brothers. Our country is going through some serious anti-bullying policies and the irony is the most dangerous are harper and the fords currently.

  8. The Ford Bros. are one thing – Torontonians voted for them. Media calls Toronto # 1 city in the world. That should tell you something. Toronto has been a dump for a long, long time.