Rob Ford to address Economic Club of Canada just days after restaurant rant


TORONTO – Just days after being caught on video in a rambling, profane rant in a Jamaican accent at a restaurant, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is to address The Economic Club of Canada today.

Ford — who had vowed last year that he had given up alcohol — has admitted he was drinking and called Monday’s restaurant incident a “minor setback.”

The clip posted anonymously to YouTube on Tuesday shows Ford using Jamaican swear words and other profanities, at one point aiming his curses at Toronto’s police chief.

Ford offered no apologies on Wednesday and was defiant, saying he is entitled to a personal life, and what he does on his own time doesn’t affect his work as mayor.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said she is concerned Ford’s personal problems are drawing attention away from the real issues facing Canada’s largest city.

And, Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong said he agrees Ford is entitled to a private life, but pointed out that in this case the mayor was not in a private place.

“If this were happening at home in the privacy of his own home with his family I don’t think anybody would care, but since this is happening in a public place it’s a little bit different,” he said.

Ford had repeatedly said he hadn’t had a drink since November — after a month in which reams of allegations in police documents that he did drugs, drove drunk and consorted with gang members were released by the courts.

The mayor has denied those allegations, which have not been proven in court, but did admit in November that he had smoked crack cocaine, likely in one of his “drunken stupors.”


Rob Ford to address Economic Club of Canada just days after restaurant rant

  1. It would come as no surprise to find out that Rob Ford was in fact doing drugs prior to his rant at the Steak Queen. He loves to deliver non-answers and has a pattern of shirking away from questions he knows, answered truthfully, will be very damning even amongst his idiot base.
    My observations and his patterns dictate that he ‘had a bit to drink’ sure… but he also, more incriminatingly, refuses once again, to answer the all important “were you doing drugs” question. Odd to me that in one video he appears calm and collected while discussing matters with his drug dealer friend Sandro Lisi and then a short time later is up in front of an entire crowd slurring his speach and flailing wildly.
    Face it Toronto. He is a drug addict on top of an alcoholic. Don’t let him scapegoat alcoholism nor let it blind you from his equally as serious but less socially acceptable drug addiction. This man should be in jail.
    Not to take the heat off of this buffoon but I will be very shocked if, in 2 years, the TPS and our courts have not pressed charges against him. The chief has a great number of supporters but the service is walking on a thin rope and needs to do something before more lives are lost for such a silly spectacle.

    • I am very interested in this theory that there is some sort of hierarchy of illness related to addictions with drug addiction being ‘socially less acceptable” than alcoholism. On the scale you are citing, where does prescription drug abuse rate in respectability as opposed to illicit drug use and alcohol abuse?

      • You seem to be misinterpreting the comment as degrading the seriousness of the disease when it is actually referencing the varying interpretation of Ford’s substance abuse by Ford Nation…
        illegal drugs= illegal
        legal alcohol = legal
        Ford’s conservative base has little sympathy for drug fiends who break the law… But good ‘ol boys having a few pops? Well darn, he is just a regular guy!

        • No, I am not misinterpreting your comments. Rather I was wondering if your had considered if prescription drugs might have something to do with the behavior you noted in the video.

          • 2 things lead me to believe this is extremely unlikely…
            1) Rob Ford hasn’t had any publicity of medicating, which, given the current and previous scrutiny, would be a very valuable journalistic tidbit to uncover and arguably would have already become well known,
            2) After meeting with Lisi? C’mon.
            I assume you are suggesting his actions may be a result of either neglecting to medicate or perhaps mixing his pills with alcohol. Either scenario would be a political gold mine for him to use and come clean… Sympathy and understanding would be restored for many of his fringe supporters. He would have already played that hand if it was true.
            This is obviously my opinion based on observations and assessments. I am an analyst by trade.

  2. Ok, it wasn’t good. However, he didn’t do his rant in the sanctuary of a Cathedral during Mass like the ‘pussy cat dolls’ who got praised by a writer here yesterday calling ‘art’.

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