Rob Ford updates Sun on his health

Rob Ford updates Sun on his health

Video: Rob Ford says he will begin a new round of treatment on Monday


TORONTO — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says a cancerous tumour in his abdomen has not shrunk after two rounds of chemotherapy, and he will need another round.

Ford told the Toronto Sun, he will start the new treatments on Monday.

On top of that, Ford says he has pneumonia and is taking ”a heavy dose” of antibiotics.

Doctors discovered a rare and aggressive cancer in Ford’s abdomen in September and were hoping chemotherapy would shrink the tumour so they could operate.

He says while the tumour has not become any smaller, it has not increased in size since either.

Ford will remain mayor until Dec. 2, when John Tory takes over after winning last week’s mayoral election. Ford won election as a councillor after dropping out of the mayoral race following his cancer diagnosis. (Toronto Sun)

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Rob Ford updates Sun on his health

  1. I’ve had friends who were on chemo for a variety of cancers. All were unanimous in saying that chemo really, really knocks you down and to add insult to injury lays you wide open to opportunistic infections and other maladies. I wonder just how much effort Ford will be able to expend in support of his constituents? Is this yet another example of ego trumping common sense?