Rob Ford vows to tackle Toronto’s ‘serious’ racoon problem

Ford recounts terrifying ‘run-ins’ with racoons near his garbage bin


TORONTO — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is making it clear he’s no fan of the city’s increasingly aggressive raccoons.

Ford — who has come to be known for his colourful statements on camera — says Canada’s largest city has a serious problems with the critters.

He says he’s had some “standoffs” with raccoons outside his home, and that his children and wife refuse to take out the trash because they’re scared of the animals.

Ford says he has been scared by raccoons in some of his “run-ins” with the animals while dealing with garbage in his yard at night.

He says “you could yell and scream at them but they just look at you.”

Ford’s anecdotes drew some giggles from reporters at city hall but the mayor insisted the issue was a serious one.

He says he doesn’t have the answer to the problem, but that it needs to be addressed.

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Rob Ford vows to tackle Toronto’s ‘serious’ racoon problem

  1. Raccoon removal is private enterprise…why is Ford trying to involve the govt?

  2. Hi! Since the new trucks were introduced following Ford’s privatization scheme, service is good but the trucks are destroying the lids. MOST of them on our streets- Mitchener court and Tecumseth St, Toronto M6J3R5, have lids with holes, cracks and are broken. I am wondering if these trucks were not originally designed to lift these bins. We are not willing to pay for replacement garbage bins (recycling are also broken, but those aren’t charged for replacement, I believe) and even if the broken bins are replaced, I assume they will also break. Wasps, water and animals including raccoons now have access to our garbage. By the way, I am not personally afraid of either the raccoons or skunks in our neighbourhood. It is nice to see a bit of nature in the city. I have more issues with the rowdy, screaming people leaving the bars on King St and Bathurst after closing (too many bars licences given in one area), and the influx of tall condos which are creating tunnels of shadow in our downtown and clogging up our already at capacity streetcars with extra residents.

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