Rob Ford was drinking and ‘talking gibberish’ in B.C. bar, Star reports


TORONTO – There’s a media report that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was “talking gibberish” and appeared impaired at a Vancouver-area pub last weekend, just hours after he received a ticket for jaywalking.

The Toronto Star quotes an unidentified witness as saying Ford went into the tiny staff washroom at the Foggy Dew pub in Coquitlam and emerged more than an hour later.

The witness told the newspaper that it took some time before Ford was able to speak to restaurant staff coherently and says he ordered rounds of beers, rum-and-cokes and shots with three people.

The Star said it was unable to independently verify the source’s allegations that Ford consumed alcohol at the Foggy Dew, and said the pub didn’t responded to questions about Ford’s conduct or about allegedly serving alcohol after hours.

Ford — who had vowed last year that he had given up alcohol — admitted he was drinking in an incident caught on video last month at a restaurant called Steak Queen and called it a “minor setback.”

The clip posted anonymously to YouTube shows Ford using Jamaican swear words and other profanities, at one point aiming his curses at Toronto’s police chief.

The Star said it asked Ford this week about his behaviour at the Foggy Dew, after it was closed for the evening, but said Ford has not responded to the questions.

Ford’s spokesman has not responded to emails from The Canadian Press requesting comment on the report in the Toronto Star.

The Star said the alleged incident took place in the wee hours of Feb. 1, between midnight and 3 a.m. — hours after Ford was ticketed by the RCMP for jaywalking.

The Star report says Ford went into a single-toilet bathroom used by male staff and did not emerge for more than an hour.

When Ford emerged shortly after 2 a.m., he was “talking gibberish in what sounded like another language,” scratching his chest and the back of his neck and making “weird twitch-like movements non-stop with his hands,” the Star quotes the eyewitness as saying.

The newspaper said the source did not want to be identified fearing there could be consequences for speaking out.

A few hours before the alleged incident at the Foggy Dew, Ford had been ticketed for jaywalking and has said he believes police singled him out when they gave him the ticket.

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Rob Ford was drinking and ‘talking gibberish’ in B.C. bar, Star reports


    • Also, nobody should ASSUME that simply because Ford was talking gibberish that he was drunk!

      • You’re right…a more accurate assumption, given that he went AWOL in the staff washroom for over an hour, is that he was stoned.

        • Not stoned, high on crack.

          • Or maybe he hit the trifecta.

    • you are an idiot

    • Right, since Ford hasn’t been proven to be a compulsive, pathological liar all year and the Star’s reporting on his b.s. hasn’t been proven to be completely accurate.

  2. And in other news, a ball player was seen spitting.

  3. HuH!… When it comes to politicians, Ford personally acts like an Idiot..but he still shows more intelligence and common sense than those of the RANTING RIGHT.( in the U.S.A.)

    Those politicians who display such hatred and viciousness against a duly elected president..just because he is black.
    That is what should be upsetting the world, and not someone with an obvious drug problem (alcohol or whatever the he.ll)


      • THANK YOU for your comment. Sometimes ..If I doubt my theories..It is GREAT to receive concrete evidence confirming them.

      • Aren’t you late for your Klan rally?

        • excuse me im black… fu

          • Of course you are; and eloquent.

            I’m sure you’ll be the most popular attendant at the rally.

      • (Canada) Toronto`s Mayor Ford……….Right wing drunken lout..but means well.
        AND he was also duly elected…….If you are unhappy about that
        there is another election coming.

        U.S.A Right wing…viciously cunning, dripping hatred for all except rich whites.
        There IS a difference.

        Argos 03You are “Black” ?? My God!! you are even more…humm “Uninformed “than most whites.

        • Curious how a blackened heart now makes one Black.

          • Argos03…….says “excuse me im black”

            I am willing to take his word on that…If you wish to make an enigma out of his CLEAR statement , enjoy .
            At my age I do not have the time or interest to solve it.

          • Oh? You seem perfectly willing to challenge everything else he clearly stated.

          • Had a little time to read some of your posts………ENJOYED………
            especially the one`s on that Pr.ic.k.Beck.
            I think we are at cross purposes here when it comes to the ranting right……..at my age I do NOT get upset(no use)
            The vicious cunning and lack of intelligence and common sense prevails in the human animal (especially the right wingers) ..However “our” left is not much better

            Have a good week ahead:-}

          • Much appreciated, as I also found your posts provocative and insightful; if it’s any consolation, I’m 51, but can’t abide willful ignorance in any form, for as long as my outrage lasts.

            Having to endure Ford here in Toronto is a penance.

            ‘Against logic there is no armor like ignorance.’

            Laurence J. Peter (1919 – 1988)

            Enjoy your week as well amigo.

          • Aah! to be so young(YOU ..it is relative) and still harbor a hope for the Human animal…
            You are right …Ignorance CAN be cured by experience and education.Sometimes difficult to overcome
            Stupidity IS a permanent condition.When you are 0lder you will realize this IS the prevailing condition in us Human`s..
            Sad for all.

          • Hope does spring eternal my friend.

            Stupidity may be pervasive, but I continue to believe it doesn’t have to be fatal, as those who desire, can certainly overcome it.

            ‘Hope is tomorrow’s veneer over today’s disappointment.’

            Evan Esar (1899 – 1995)

          • Bravo!

          • Mille grazi :)

          • I miss ol’ Bob.

          • Don’t we all.

  4. Sounds like the crack heads that lock themselves in gas station bathrooms to brillo up.

  5. So the witnesses were primarily in the bar drinking themselves.Hmmmmm.

    • Yah, and they are also the Mayors of the largest cities in the country, having only months ago vowed to stop boozing after months of denials they even had a problem apart from lying about smoking crack and being involved in a murder investigation.


  6. Seems Forde isn’t the only one “talking gibberish”.

    Unable to verify?

    Shame shame shame…

  7. This isn’t news anymore. News would be if Mr Ford could manage a week of behaving like a responsible, professional adult, oh, and not lie. The man’s an embarrassment, not just to the city, to adulthood.

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