Rob Ford: Where were we? -

Rob Ford: Where were we?

The latest on the mayor and that video tape


UPDATE: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford arrived in council chambers at Toronto City Hall Tuesday morning. The Canadian Press reports that he ignored reporters and their questions as he left his office for a special meeting about a proposed downtown Toronto casino.

Earlier reports that Ford was going to hold a press conference at 11 a.m. were not true, said the mayor’s press secretary.

Ford did stand in council to speak against a proposed downtown casino, but he did not address the allegations against him.

Here’s what else we know right now:

1. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford cancelled his regularly scheduled radio program on Sunday afternoon.

2. The mayor’s brother, Doug Ford, talked to Mike Bendixen of CFRB about the drug allegations:

3. While the mayor kept a low profile during the weekend, he appeared to remain active on his Twitter account:

4. Gawker editor John Cook also noted Ford’s presence on Twitter:

5. Speaking of Gawker, as of Sunday, it had raised $80,000 in a crowd-sourced campaign to raise money to purchase a video alleged to show Ford using crack cocaine.

6. A teen art collective in Toronto has released an enactment of the Ford video. Before playing the tape, the teens urge the mayor to seek treatment should he be suffering from addiction.

7. As the National Post notes, Toronto’s city councillors are calling on Ford to address allegations. Councillor Josh Matlow said the sooner the mayor does so, the sooner Toronto can move forward. “What would be very helpful, as a start, would be if the mayor would be more open about his take on the story and offer his perspective,” he told the Globe and Mail. “That hasn’t happened yet.”

8. In an open letter to Rob Ford, Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke poses a number of questions:

  • Do you understand why this damning videotape requires a proper and thoughtful explanation?
  • Have you ever smoked crack cocaine?
  • How well do you know the men in the photograph that appeared on Friday’s front page? Did you know the man who was subsequently shot dead?
  • Did you refer to Justin Trudeau by a homosexual slur?
  • Did you refer to your football team as f—— minorities?
  • Will you call for a police investigation into these latest allegations

9. Meanwhile, in case you have been at the cottage, the rest of world has discovered Ford.

10. CKNW, a radio station in Vancouver, has reported that Doug Ford is planning to respond to the allegations on Tuesday.


Rob Ford: Where were we?

  1. I can see why no one has commented . . . what is there to say ?

  2. LOL the Toronto Star, what a joke

    • No … you are the joke if you support Ford

  3. If only the Ontario Liberals smoked crack. We could have saved Billions in stolen and wasted tax dollars. I lost track of how many major scandals they were involved in.

    • the toronto star thats that rag thats sold at the check out at stores
      its so full of shi. i dont read it i think its all bs

    • What does “the Ontario Liberals” have to do with the question of whether Rob Ford is the crack smoking man in this video or not?

  4. This cretin Ford is singlehandedly destroying the reputation of my city and paralyzing its institutions. In doing so he is costing the very business people who backed him millions in lost real estate gains and lost investment.

    Therefore….if all goes as expected, it will be those very people who will act to remove Ford, probably by offering him a job, cash, a lifetime supply of chicken and crack, whatever it takes to get him out of the way.

    But this is not the saddest part of the story, for Ford is just a simpleton who got lucky. The people who should hang their heads in shame are the media who puffed up and then defended this buffoon; 1010, The Sun etc.
    Let’s also hope the politicians who hitched their wagons to the Fords get badly burnt.

  5. if the star story is wrong then Ford must sue the star for libel

    • Yes. If it is he certainly must.

    • If the Star story is right, then the Star should sue Ford for slander.

    • The Toronto Star reported on a Gawker article, and said that the video “appeared” to show Rob Ford smoking crack (a claim made by 3 separate people). None of that is libelous.

      That being said, I support him suing. Then the video can be subpoenad for the public to watch for free.

  6. “CKNW, a radio station in Vancouver, has reported that Doug Ford is planning to respond to the allegations on Tuesday.” Doug Ford??? Why Doug Ford???

    Jezzus H. Chrisss … We don’t need to hear from Doug Ford tomorrow, we need to hear from the Mayor of the City of Toronto. Period.

    Mr. Mayor – We get that you don’t want to talk about this but the majority of your constituants need you to clear the air. You have the power to shut down this goddamn circus – one way or another.

    Do it.

  7. ” “I have never seen my brother involved with anything like coke.” Well, he hasn’t seen his genitals without a mirror for a number of years either – doesn’t mean they’re not there.

    • Best. Comment. EVER.

  8. Since its Toronto, its believable

    • meantime, the city continues to go to Hell.

  9. Doug Ford: “I have never seen my brother involved with anything like coke.”

    Nobody is accusing him of using coke. They are saying he smokes crack. Not the same thing. Nice try evading the issue, Doug.

    • Crack is made from cocaine, and is in fact sometimes referred to as crack cocaine, as distinguished from powder cocaine.

      Now as to the story … I’m not from Toronto or even Ontario so I don’t really give a rat turd, but this idea of raising money to buy the video is ludicrous. Let’s see, we’re going to get $200,000 cash and give it to anonymous Somali crack dealers for a video that we don’t actually know exists? Now that sounds like a business plan!

      Now suppose there really is a video and it really shows Ford with some kind of pipe. How can you ever prove what is in the pipe? And how can you prove that the soundtrack of a cellphone video is real? Especially one with the truly bizarre phrase “… just f***in’ minorities.” How unlikely does that sound? I’d say so unlikely that it really makes me wonder if the whole thing is a hoax, and as I said before I’m not anywhere near T.O. so I don’t really care — for me it’s just politics as entertainment..

      • yea exactly, and he volunteers to coach these kids and has shown that he cares alot about that team (enough miss council meetings and almost get thrown out of office for raising money for the team). How likely is that he made those comments?

  10. Obama, Smitherman are both cokeheads. 100% proven. outrage??

  11. All I know is that if I were accused of doing illegal drugs, I would demand a comprehensive drug test — blood, urine, sweat, saliva, hair, whatever else you could think of — to clear my name. I understand these are not infallible, but a clean report would give me something to stand on. I cannot understand why mayor Ford, if he is indeed innocent of these allegations, has not volunteered for such a test. And please, don’t claim he has the legal right to refuse any testing. Of course that’s true. But myriad employers require drug tests of employees, and the courts in the USA and Canada have sustained the constitutionality of these tests. Ford is a civil servant; I pay his salary. Drug tests would go a long way to settle this issue. (And although tests of body fluids won’t reveal anything after about a week or ten days, hair tests will show traces for up to three-five months.)

  12. Ford issue, Alot of humm on the mic these days, and the diverse topics are spanning off in high numbers. Why? The Internet is like a “tool” when you think about it. What you use it for, is up to you. Videos, money, reading, communicating or whatever it is u do. be smart or be out smarted.

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