Saskatchewan will set up a refugee settlement centre: Brad Wall

Announcement by Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall comes days after he said the federal government should suspend 25,000-refugee plan


REGINA – Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says the province will establish a refugee settlement centre to co-ordinate the arrival of Syrian refugees into the province.

The announcement comes just days after Wall said the federal government should suspend its plan to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by year’s end because of safety concerns.

The premier says it’s important to ensure that refugees who come to Saskatchewan make a successful transition to life in Canada.

He still says the deadline is not good public policy.

Wall says he remains concerned that a rushed political deadline could compromise the success of the refugee resettlement effort.

The premier says many questions remain unanswered about the federal government’s resettlement plan, but the province needs to be ready to welcome the refugees whenever they start to arrive.

“We need to take our time and get this right,” Wall said Thursday.

“We need to get the safety and security outcomes right at the front of this process and get the resettlement outcomes right at the back end of this process. I’m not sure that’s possible by Dec. 31, but regardless of the timeline, we will make every effort to make it work.”


Saskatchewan will set up a refugee settlement centre: Brad Wall

  1. I guess Brad finally remembered that the Nativity story he’s so fond of is about a ME couple seeking shelter and refuge.

  2. I’ll give him credit for this: at least he doesn’t seem to be intent on undermining the policy like the CPC was with Ontario policies. He’s got more class than that bunch, though that’s not saying much.

  3. I’m more worried about the incoming Syrian children and their future
    children, who may be discriminated against in society and employment.
    And as a result will become isolated and reduced to living in poverty.
    These future young Muslim men will be vulnerable to radicalization.

  4. Apparently, a politician can make political hay out of anything – one can even politicize charitable acts. Now, how long will it take to construct Brad’s wall?

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