Saturday Night Live takes another kick at Rob Ford


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NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. – Saturday Night Live couldn`t resist a few more Rob Ford punchlines.

During last night`s Weekend Update segment fake news anchor Cecily Strong had fun with the Toronto mayor`s recent admission to City Hall reporters that he had smoked crack.

She noted Ford said that he would’ve admitted to smoking crack sooner if they’d asked him ‘Have you smoked crack?’ rather than ‘Do you smoke crack?’ — “And much sooner if anyone had simply asked, ‘Would you like some crack?’”

Strong got in another shot about the recent incident where Ford bowled over city councillor Pam McConnell as he ran to confront a heckler.

She said “During a Toronto city council meeting in which members stripped Rob Ford of most of his powers, the controversial mayor charged the gallery and ran over a female council member — before he was finally brought down by the third dart.”

On the previous Saturday Night Live Ford was the focus of the show’s opening sketch as well as some Weekend Update jokes.

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Saturday Night Live takes another kick at Rob Ford

  1. Rob Ford…

    “the gift that keeps giving”

    the Mayor was also mentioned in yesterday’s opening monologue of NPR’s “Car Talk”

  2. It’s been almost a week since the last Rob Ford scandal. That’s quite an accomplishment.

  3. Rob Ford is the lead in for their own clown act. Obama.

  4. Still at 42%………………

    • Pretty damn scary, innit?

  5. Maybe SNL will hire him and we’d be rid of him.

  6. I kinda’ miss his daily apology. It’s been, what, three whole days now?

    Maybe Grey Cup weekend will give him some good material for Monday morning…or afternoon, when he usually shows up for work.

    • In his defense, time must lose all meaning when breakfast means a bottle of brandy and a bowl of crack

      • Brandy? That’s new. According to police surveillance reports, it’s usually been a mickey of vodka

        • Not mickeys, full bottles. And there was the half-empty bottle of brandy in the security guard’s report about St. Patrick’s Day. On that occasion he seems to have drunk the whole bottle of vodka plus half the bottle of brandy at the afterparty. And then driven home.

          • I believe his staff reported that they pored him into a taxi to get him home that night. A veritable witches’ brew of booze, though.

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