Canada's most cultured cities -

Canada’s most cultured cities

Who in Canada are the big readers, show-goers and museum patrons?


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City Learning to Be Score Per cent who spent on reading Per cent who spent on the performing arts Per cent who spent on museums
Victoria* 7.6 84.6 49.1 43.2
Saskatoon 7.4 80.7 55.3 36.0
Regina 6.9 77.3 45.8 37.7
Calgary 6.8 81.9 39.3 42.8
Halifax 6.5 78.6 43.9 37.0
St. John’s 5.9 71.8 48.1 28.1
Edmonton 5.6 70.3 39.8 26.4
Fredericton* 5.5 83.8 43.9 25.5
Winnipeg 5.5 77.3 39.1 30.7
Toronto 5.4 68.7 36.1 33.9
London* 5.4 67.1
Charlottetown 5.1 75.4 47.0 22.9
Vancouver 5.1 64.1 40.7 27.6
Québec* 4.6 81.8 39.7
Moncton* 4.4 74.8 35.8 29.3
Saint John 4.3 75.8 35.1 19.7
Montréal 4.0 71.5 35.9 25.5
Cape Breton* 4.0 70.7 27.0

Source: Statistics Canada, special tabulation, unpublished data, Survey of Household Spending, 2008. Unless indicated, data reflects Census Metropolitan Areas.
* Data for these cities only available at the economic region level.

CLI Measure: Proportion of Canadian households reporting annual expenditures on printed reading material.
CLI Measure: Proportion of Canadian households reporting annual expenditures on live performing arts.
CLI Measure: Proportion of Canadian households reporting annual expenditures on admissions to museums and other activities.


Canada’s most cultured cities

  1. Where is Ottawa on this list. One would think that with all of the national museums, art festivals and a high portion of highly educated people that it would have at the very least shown up on this list.

    • I completely agree. We have a lot going on here, you'd think we'd end up on the list somewhere.

  2. From what I have seen from this table and others from this study I would have to says it looks like pure rubbish.
    If Ottawa does not show up on this list for Culture one has to question the validity.
    I hope this magazine spends more time on its university rankings!

  3. Something is wrong with this list. Ottawa is the highest ranking city in terms of arts/culture consumption (per capita spending) including purchasing books, artworks, peformances, etc.

  4. I'm surprised Toronto and Montreal are somewhere down the scale being one of the biggest Canadian urban cities and center of politics.

  5. please take a look at the atlantic cities……….we "GOT" your Ottawa right here!

  6. Montreal ranks low because we think culture should be free. The rankings measure dollars, not culture.

  7. This should be a wake up call for Montrealers who show greater
    interest in entertainment rather than a desire for true personal culture.
    Disappointing for us, but unfortunately realistic.

  8. This is about how much you spend on culture not how cultured your city is? Yeesh!