Canada’s most wired cities

Which parts of the country are most ‘connected’?


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City Per cent who spent on Internet services Access to Broadband Internet
Regina 79.8 98.0
Victoria* 76.9 100.0
Saskatoon 81.1 95.4
Toronto 78.3 90.8
St. John’s 75.8 92.8
London* 76.5 87.9
Halifax 75.1 89.5
Montréal 63.1 98.1
Calgary 82.8 68.1
Vancouver 76.0 86.9
Charlottetown 68.8 88.5
Edmonton 76.3 81.5
Québec* 56.0 96.1
Winnipeg 68.7 84.9
Saint John 69.5 76.7
Cape Breton* 67.8 85.5
Fredericton* 68.6 76.0
Moncton* 62.6 81.5

Source: Statistics Canada, special tabulation, unpublished data, Survey of Household Spending, 2008. Note: Unless indicated, data reflects Census Metropolitan Areas.
Source: Industry Canada’s Broadband Office, 2007.
* Data for these cities only available at the economic region level.

CLI Measure: Proportion of Canadian households reporting annual expenditures on Internet services in the home.
CLI Measure: Proportion of Canadian households with access to broadband internet service, including wirless, digital subscriber line (DSL), or cable.


Canada’s most wired cities

  1. For your information, nearly all of Prince Edward Island, both rural and urban areas, are now wired for broadband thanks in large part to a 2007 election campaign promise. I suspect that your 88.5% penetration number for Charlottetown is, in fact, far closer to 100%. There are very few residences in the province that do not have access to broadband of some sort, either wireless or wired.


  2. Will the ubiquity of Apple’s new Siri voice operated user interface change the future of “Smart Cities?” http://meshcities.com/index.php/meshcities/comments/apple_launches_siri_the_future_of_ubiquitous_urban_computing

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