Canada’s most active cities

Which Canadians spend money on sports?


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City Per cent of households who report expenditures on sports and recreation
Edmonton 52.6
Victoria* 51.8
Halifax 51.1
Regina 50.6
Saskatoon 49.9
Calgary 48.8
Fredericton* 45.3
London* 45.2
Winnipeg 45.2
St. John’s 44.7
Vancouver 41.8
Toronto 40.7
Saint John 40.5
Charlottetown 39.7
Québec* 39.0
Cape Breton* 37.1
Moncton* 35.0
Montréal 32.2

Source: Statistics Canada, special tabulation, unpublished data, Survey of Household Spending, 2008. Note: Unless indicated, data reflects Census Metropolitan Areas.
* Data for these cities only available at the economic region level.

CLI Measure: Proportion of Canadian households reporting annual expenditures on sports and recreation facilities.


Canada’s most active cities

  1. In Montreal, many city residents do not pay for many exercise activities.

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