Some honourable members: Who said what about the brawl — or whatever it is that just happened there

MPs and observers debate motions on the floor of the House


For full coverage of events read Disturbance in the House by Aaron Wherry.

Some honourable members

Aaron Wherry has full coverage of the confrontation in the House. For the record, here’s what MPs and observers were saying.

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Let’s start with reaction from fellow MPs: 
Altercation on floor of HofC – DefMin MacKay has to pull his HouseLeader + another ConsMin out of silly scrap with Mulcair+ Dippers….Ralph Goodale
.@RalphGoodale Wow, seems the bury-the-hatchet thing between #NDP & #CPC was just posturing after all.Dr. Hedy Fry
Mulcair has a temper, but Van Loan would have turned Gandhi into a cold blooded killer. http://news.sympatico.ctvnews.ca/home/heated_exchange_between_van_loan_mulcair_in_house/3687fba5Scott Brison
Whoa – Angry Tom at it again! NDP snaps at Van Loan for standing up for Canada’s economic recovery #cdnpoliPeter MacKay
Check the video @MinPeterMacKay to see who came after whom. But we all need to work on raising decorum, I hope you agree with that, at leastNathan Cullen
@nathancullen @MinPeterMacKay @kady Just watched the altercation on video. Seems clear that Peter Van Loan is a sore winner. #cdnpoliElizabeth May MP
And here is a sampling of what others are saying:
Oh I’m scared here comes Peter Van Loan – said nobody ever. #cdnpoliRick Mercer
Van Loan, black trunks, led with a finger flurry and an obscene rebuke. Mulcair, orange, countered with an f-bomb. Cullen tagged… #cdnpoliFred Stenson
First it was Trudeau vs Brazeau! Now, it’s The Battle for The House with House Leaders Van Loan vs Cullen! #cdnpoli http://pic.twitter.com/JXPBUt4ENot Steve Harper
If there’s solid evidence Mulcair told finger-waving Van Loan to ‘get the f back’… then Mulcair’s numbers are about to soar #cdnpoliMichael Den Tandt
Would it be entirely awful for a bunch of MPs to brawl & kick the crap out of each other in the #HOC? I’m thinking No. #cdnpolic_kenn
Speaker of #hoc allows our democracy to descend to a near-brawl like Hockey Night In Canada. Get rid of him!! #cdnpoli http://pic.twitter.com/cvkOGbdyKevin Bourassa
Ouch! Rae quips that fight btw Van Loan and Mulcair would make Sumo wrestling look like fitness contest http://bit.ly/TISXJa #cdnpoliJoan Bryden
Keep it classy, fellas: NDP & Tory MPs curse a blue streak and nearly come to blows in House of Commons #cdnpoli http://fb.me/2oDcPSdAALiberalPartyManitoba
Canadian parliamentary brawl in 2012: ANGRY, HEATED LANGUAGE AND BAD WORDS WERE USED. Oh no. #CdnpoliKimberley Taylor
While tweeps tossed around the blame, others took issue with words used to describe whatever it is that just happened there:
That so called House of Commons ‘brawl’ looked a little more like some jawing after the whistle by hockey standards. #cdnpoliCharlie Mills
What moron headline writer thinks that was a "near-brawl"?Dean Skoreyko
Not a hockey mom. Sheesh! That was nothin’! Babies. “@bcbluecon: What moron headline writer thinks that was a "near-brawl"?” #cdnpoliDeb Solberg
Let’s talk about how loosely we’re using the terms "brawl" and "scrap" http://huff.to/SyQlfE. I think we’re missing hockey people. #cdnpoligabe
I mean until the word gonads has been uttered in anger, can it even be considered a brawl? #cdnpoliJim Armour

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Some honourable members: Who said what about the brawl — or whatever it is that just happened there

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