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Speeding at 100 and railway robbery


British Columbia: A Victoria traffic cop was shocked to find a 100-year-old man behind the wheel of a Buick Century that she pulled over for speeding in a school zone. After seeing the man’s 1911 birthdate, the officer’s surprise grew when she discovered he had a perfect driving record and had just renewed his licence so he could drive for another five years. She let him off with a warning.

Alberta: After receiving $700 worth of Botox injections at a Calgary clinic, a woman reportedly left without paying, but promised to return in a few days to settle up. She didn’t, so the clinic called the police, prompting the so-called Botox bandit to return and pay for her new youthful face.

Manitoba: A 74-year-old Stonewall man was arrested for taking an 11-year-old vandal to a nearby police station after he discovered a group of youngsters breaking into his late mother’s vacant, boarded-up house. The boy, who obviously couldn’t ran as fast as his friends, told police the man threatened to “blow his head off” before grabbing him by the collar and taking him to the station. The man was charged with assault and uttering threats.

Quebec: Four Quebec environmentalists were arrested after defying a court injunction by spending the night in a 125-m pine tree. They were obstructing the construction of an expansion of Highway 5 into a portion of Gatineau Park. After descending from the perch, the four were taken to hospital and treated for possible hypothermia.

Nova Scotia: Police in Dartmouth are looking for answers regarding the mysterious disappearance of eight six-metre lengths of rail, each weighing more than 360 kg, from a historical site. The rails, which were donated for the recreation of an old marine railway, were too heavy to move without a boom truck. Police have already ruled out city workers and the rail donors, so it seems the rail thieves were smart enough to bring the proper equipment.

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