Stephen Harper heads home from G20 in Australia

Stephen Harper homeward bound after headline-grabbing G20 summit

PM says it is important to keep up the pressure on Russia


BRISBANE, Australia — Stephen Harper has departed Australia following a Group of 20 summit that placed him in the international spotlight for telling Vladimir Putin to get out of Ukraine.

At the end of the summit, the prime minister said it was important to keep up the pressure on Russia while discussing his celebrated showdown with Putin.

If the world community eases up on Russia for its annexation of Crimea earlier this year, he added, it will only whet Putin’s appetite for similar aggression.

Harper said whether it take five months or 50 years, the world community must not drop the subject until Ukrainian territory is returned to Ukrainians.

He also praised efforts to tackle climate change at the summit.

U.S. President Barack Obama put climate change at the forefront of the meeting despite Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s intention to keep the focus on job creation and economic growth.

Harper says Canada wants to be part of an international agreement of binding obligations on all major emitters.

He adds Canada will contribute to global climate funds in the “not too distant future.”

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Stephen Harper homeward bound after headline-grabbing G20 summit

  1. From Vlad to worse: He was snubbed at the airport, made to sit alone at dinner, shunted to the edge of the family photo and condemned by world leaders… it’s no wonder President Putin was Russian to leave the G20 summit

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has cut his attendance at the G20 Summit in Australia short
    Departed shortly before President Obama and European leaders opened their talks on Ukraine, where Russia is backing separatist rebels
    Putin, the first leader to fly out of Brisbane, claimed he left early because he wanted to be rested before returning to work on Monday
    The weekend saw a series of diplomatic snubs from Western leaders who demanded accountability from the Russian President for the MH17 flight disaster
    Mr Putin was put in ‘social Siberia’ in the G20 leaders ‘family photo’ and ate dinner alone
    Canadian PM Stephen Harper allegedly told Mr Putin to ‘get out of the Ukraine’ while other leaders including President Obama publicly condemned Russia’s involvement in the embattled nation
    On the potential for increasing sanctions against Russia, Obama said the U.S. and European allies are always looking at more penalties but the existing sanctions are ‘biting plenty good’

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