Canadian leaders past and present remember former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon


MONTREAL – Canadian leaders past and present are remembering former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, a powerful figure known for his battlefield exploits and efforts to reshape the Middle East.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper called Sharon “a renowned military leader” who “pursued the security of Israel with unyielding determination that was recognized by friends and foes alike.”

Harper said in a statement Saturday that Sharon played a central role in the Israeli government for several years, changing the political landscape through his leadership and vision.

Sharon was “one of the architects of modern day Israel and one of the nation’s staunchest defenders,” he said.

Sharon died Saturday at age 85, eight years after suffering a stroke that left him in a coma.

In the years before his stroke, Sharon gradually abandoned his hard-line policies toward the Palestinians. He withdrew Israel’s settlers and soldiers from the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2005.

Paul Martin was Canada’s prime minister at the time.

Martin recalled having a discussion with Sharon at the United Nations headquarters in New York, and said Sharon “was certainly not what I had expected given his previous military history.”

“We all know of his record as a soldier, and he was a tough soldier,” Martin said in an interview Saturday.

“As prime minister, he took what I believe to be a much more open view and it was clear that his priority was how could he achieve not simply temporary peace, but lasting peace.”

Former prime minister Jean Chretien said he only met Sharon once, but remembered him as a man of “strong convictions.”

Like Martin, Chretien said Sharon appeared committed to achieving peace before his stroke.

“Sometimes when you face reality… you have to change your views, and he did,” Chretien said in an interview.

“It’s a sign of humility and common sense.”

NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar issued a statement of condolence on behalf of the New Democrats.

“We join those marking the passage of Mr. Sharon, a significant figure in world history and an influential leader who dedicated his life to serving his country,” Dewar said.

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Canadian leaders past and present remember former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon

  1. We have no such connection with Israel. That’s Harper’s religion talking again.

    • You are a truly nasty piece of work.

      • Irrelevant non sequitur

        • What do you do for a living? You seem to always be on here, picking fights and assuming bizarre positions on topics.

          • I’m a global development analyst, and I work online.

            I never pick fights, and just because I disagree with you, that doesn’t make me bizarre. Sorry

          • Quick….
            Someone tell us what Emily does as a global development analyst.
            Can’t be much…considering she’s against developing anything except her online persona.

      • So is Harper, so was Sharon.

    • Emily1… if you read something other than your own posts you would know that Canada enjoys exactly the ties that the PM cites in his comments. And even if we didn’t enjoy those ties we should develop them with the only multi-cultural, constitutionally-ruled, western-leaning democracy for thousands and thousands of miles around in that most troubled of all regions in the world.

      • Israeli values are not Canadian values.

        Israel is a theocracy that practices aparteid and land grabs, torture and imprisonment.

        • Your irrational hatred has clouded your thinking E1.

          Your angry bile is another example why we should keep the Liberals on the opposition benches.

          • Statement of fact, dude.

        • If by land grabs you mean walling themselves in to keep the terrorists bent on killing children, women and old people on civilian buses out…

          And if by land grabs you mean beating the Jordanian, Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese armies as well as Hezebollah and Hamas on battlefields in wars STARTED by those same Arab nations…

          And if by torture/imprisonment you mean interrogating suspects and holding them in cells with running water, sewage treatment, legal representation and access to friends and family…

          Then yes i guess they do practice those things unlike their neighbours who simply gas their enemies, behead them without trial and fail to even recognize the existence of any nation but an Arab one’s right to exist in the Middle East.

          • Israel is known for their ‘new settlements’ on Palestinian land.

            In fact all of Israel is on Palestinian land.

          • I would agree… all of Israel is on “Palestinian” land… in fact Jews were known as Palestinian’s from about 1910 until 1964 when the Jordanians, Turks, Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Iraqis, Bedouins and Saudi’s that were driven from land formally occupied the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (West Bank) and Egypt (Gaza) respectfully formed the “Palestinian Charter” in 1964. Given that “Palestinians” as you define them didn’t exist till at least 1964 how can Israel be on “Palestinian” land when they were declared a nation state in 1948… a full 16 years before the “Palestinians” even came into existence?

          • Palestinians were there long before the Romans. It’s the land of Canaan in the Bible.

          • Hahahahaha… The Levant has been liquidated and resettled so many times I am sure even you EmilyOne have ancestors that have claims on that land.

          • Yes, the situation is complicated….I’m sorry that makes it hard for you to understand.

          • I understand it well enough to use dates , names and historically verifiable facts. Not just your simplistic lefty tropes.

          • No, you understand none of it. Look things up before you vent, dude.

          • Yes, Emily….
            And the Jews killed every Caanite when they showed up. No one left to claim it.
            It was the Romans that called the land palestine (as I’m sure you will be quick to point out), and Jews have been living their since time immemorial (apres les Caanites of course)
            Don’t couch your feelings about Jews under the guise of academia.

          • Which was Judea (old Israel) long before Islam or the philistines ever arrived.

            Cool eh?

          • Noop, sorry.

          • And there you go……
            Everything you need to know about Emily’s enlighted view about our Hebrew brother’s and sisters.
            Frankly, given what we know about Emily’s views towards Jews….I would be surprised if she didn’t hold a membership to the NDP.

          • Why were Palestinians forced to pay for Germany’s war crimes?

          • Jews were given the right of return and to form a nation in their ancestral homeland long before WWII and the events of the Holocaust. In 1922 the League of Nations specifically asked the British to help Israelis establish a “Jewish national home” while also safeguarding the rights Arabs of living in that area. In 1948 based on a UN Vote, the Israelis fulfilled this mandate and declared their nation in hopes that their Arab neighbours would do the same.. instead 5 Arab – not Palestinian – armies invaded. When the fighting was done in 1948 what is today Jordan occupied the West Bank and Egypt occupied the Gaza strip. Did Jordan or Egypt at that time help the “Palestinians” declare their state as outlined in the UN and League of Nations resolutions?

            No they didn’t. Palestinians are not being forced to pay for Germany’s war crimes… but rather those of their own people: Jordan and Egypt.

          • Fundie christians are using the Jews to bring on Armageddon. The Jews in turn are using the fundie christians to help get them Amercian money and weapons. It’s a dangerous game.

          • Yeah giving up Gaza, the Sinai and south Lebanon for promises of “peace” is really the sign of a nation intent on bringing on Armageddon.

          • Obviously you haven’t seen the maps. And it’s the christians who want to bring on Armageddon.

          • Maps have nothing to do with it… Israel captured land fair and square in war time… the same way France, Germany, China, Russia and every other nation on earth has. They gave those lands up based on promises of “peace” from their neighbours… they have upheld their end of the bargain… but alas… where is the peace that all the Arabs promise they all really want?

          • Israel shouldn’t be there. The land was already occupied and the UN gave it away.

          • Well EmilyOne thankfully matters of geopolitical significance aren’t left up to any one person… especially you. But those on the left like yourself venerate totalitarianism because it makes it easy to implement your “great” ideas… to hell with people’s rights, democracy and political compromise… just send your enemies to the Gulag!

          • Sorry…..I’m not ‘left’. The rest of your post is also nonsense.

          • Far left……is still left.

          • Yeah, war and settlements are a real Bi$#$. Get over it. You’re on land that wasn’t freely handed over either.

          • Actually the land I’m on, was.

          • It was occupied by Jews, Emily.
            You only seem to be ticked that they made a country for themselves…which is understandable given they have been their for millenia.
            There is no such thing as a Palestinian. They’re Jordanians and Egyptians….who were simply abandoned by the losing sides of the wars.

          • The land may have been “occupied” but it was owned by absentee land owners who were glad to unload what was by then overgrazed barren land to the wealthy Zionists who when they had purchased the land began to fill it with desperate Jewish settlers from around the world, although mostly from Germany and eastern Europe. The displaced Arabs were, of course, furious but had no legal position as they had been simply tenants on the land even though they had been there so long they considered it theirs. The new Jewish settlers proceeded to use western agricultural methods to make the barren land produce again. And so it began.

          • Israel chose to get rid of Gaza for several reasons. Peace NOT being one of them.


            “In his interview for Haaretz, he described disengagement from Gaza as “formaldehyde”.

            “It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will
            not be a political process with the Palestinians,” he said.”

          • I suggest you read as well as to see why there are folk who see Islam in a poor light.

            Anyway, you are sidestepping why Christians in Israel conclude that life for them is better than Christians in lands that are lines on a map (and those places see Christians outnumbered by Muslims).

            It is about time you hear the word “no” to your malevolence.

          • I haven’t the slightest interest in your racism…. christians are in Israel for Armageddon and I haven’t the slightest interest in them either.

            Religion poisons everything….again, not the slightest interest.

          • Emily,
            You have repeatedly stated your are an athiest….as am I, so a question remains.
            If you don’t have religion… do you explain the poison that afflicts you?

          • I think it’s called LOGIC. Something you’re obviously not too familiar with James.

          • I’m guessing that you’re relatively new around here.

          • is a pro-settler racist website. No surprise that you list it here.

          • And your explanation as to why Christians in Israel conclude they have it better than Christians in other places (that are simply lines on a map) that see Christians outnumbered by Muslims, is what?

        • Israelie values:
          – Democracy
          -freedom of the press
          -equality for men and women
          -equality for gays and lesbians
          -freedom of expression
          -independent courts
          -parliamentary system open to all
          Yeah…..nothing like Canada at all.

          • Yes, it’s a wonderful democracy isn’t it? Especially if you happen to be of the right faith.

          • Faith has nothing to do with it, Barry….I’m sure there are also Israeli athiests.
            What the Israelis don’t like….are terrorists who prefer to murder the children of Jews, as opposed to raising their own.
            “We will have peace with the Palestinians, when they love their own children, MORE than they hate ours”
            So far…this is not the case.

      • No more of a democracy than Canada now is.

        • Only someone born by the luck of genetics in Canada could say something SO stupid as this. 99% of the world would give their eye teeth to have the rule of law and constitutional limits on power that Canadian’s enjoy.

          • Clearly, generation WTF has never left the confines of his hometown.
            Get out in the world……you’ll soon see how blessed we really are in Canada.
            Your bitterness at your own failings is showing. If your life sucks in Canada….its because YOU suck.

          • Man, you’re dumb James.

            GenerationWTF is on YOUR side. lol

          • Amen!

    • Canadians have a rock solid relationship with Israel.

      Progressives however, have been infected by a nasty anti-semitism that constantly shows its intolerant hateful face.

      • No actually they don’t.

      • It’s not hard to hate someone that hates as much as Israelis do. Oh, and Harper.

      • “Progressives however, have been infected by a nasty anti-semitism…”

        Anti semitism is a plague that historically has not been restricted to any one political pov.[ admittedly far too many on the left are there right now]

        But i find it amusing how many on the right comfort themselves by seeing themselves as the natural defenders of Israel, yet find nothing strange about floundering around in a sea of anti semitism of their own – this time directed at Arabs or the Muslim world [anti Islamism]. I guess there’s a rule for the left and another for the right.

        RIP Mr Sharon. You were a warrior who eventually grew to see the ultimate good sense in pursuing peace for everyone.

        • The semitic nature of Arab’s has nothign to do with feelings towards them.
          It’s their tendency for murder, mayhem, and general tilt towards Barbarism that directs our emotion.

          • You are ware that in its struggle for freedom Isrealis employed terrorism? There are no saints in the ME struggle.

      • “Progressives” on this site hate Isreal for a very simply reason….
        Because Harper doesn’t.

  2. Sharon is an unprosecuted war criminal; a coma was too good for him..

    • Shouldn’t you be at an Israeli Anti apartheid rally somewhere?
      What’s the matter……NDP meeting still going on and you didn’t have the time?

  3. I find this column by Caroline Glick to be interesting, because it paves the way for the future:

    If Ariel Sharon had negotiated with people who agreed with Christians in Israel who don’t view themselves as Arabs, instead of those who were lackeys of Arafat and then Abbas – the Middle East would look different, and better, than it does now.

    • Why do you keep posting this from racist supremecist Zionist Caroline Glick? She’s a blood thirsty nut job. No surprise you’re a fan.

      • When was the last time you disagreed without being disagreeable?