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Hyper-patriotic PM wears pride on his sleeve, chest, back …

Model citizens and a fashion statement: ‘CANADA’


On Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s annual tours of the North, like the one he undertook this week, photographers know to be quick with their cameras whenever Harper mounts an ATV or gets down on the ground to fire a .303 Lee Enfield rifle. Whatever the photo opportunity, though, one thing is constant—the big, blaring CANADA brand frequently emblazoned across his chest or back.

The patriotic clothing line, from the Bay’s Olympic Collection, has become a staple for Harper at events where his go-to sport jacket and open-collar shirt are still too formal. During his 2011 election campaign, Harper wore the jacket for many a stump speech and to photo-ops, sporting it as he posed with preschoolers and bowled with seniors.

Laureen Harper wears the Hudson’s Bay Olympic gear, too, and donned a red Canada jacket while boarding the plane bound for Hay River, Northwest Territories. In Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, she wore a white hoodie bearing the word ‘Canada’ in blue text as she was presented with a seal-skin purse this week.

When it comes to world leaders, the Harpers seem to be alone in their overtly patriotic apparel. We don’t see U.S. President Barack Obama wearing a jacket emblazoned with a screaming bald eagle against a backdrop of stars and stripes (though, we wish he would). Instead, The U.S. president is known to clip a stars-and-stripes pin to his suit lapel. Likewise, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron keeps his sartorial patriotism subtle, and has been spotted wearing Union Jack cufflinks.

But really, what’s not to like about the Canada jacket? Harper’s version is a basic black, and the jacket itself connotes the national pride that swelled in Canada during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. If past behaviour is any predictor, we can expect to see Stephen Harper’s Canada jacket, and Laureen Harper’s Canada gear, make at least a few more public appearances in the months, and years, to come.


Hyper-patriotic PM wears pride on his sleeve, chest, back …

  1. Pile of laughable state media garbage. Surreal. Harpo was advised by his foreign republican “advisor”, Frank Luntz, to hide behind Canadian symbols to appear to be one of us. This also included putting on a hockey façade – but the facts tell the truth: Harper can’t skate, never played the game and has only a rehearsed made-for-tv knowledge of it. His “book” will clearly be ghost written. Harper hates this country and has been exposed time and time again apologizing for and slandering Canadians in semi-secret meetings with foreigner republicans and similar ilk. At least this “article” points out the obvious over-the-top usage of symbols. That’s the no so subtle clue. He is trying way too hard to convince Canadians with his pseudo-nationalism. He has a complex about something. But it shows up for what it is and it’s a parody…He is a Fraud. A desperate, nervous weasel hiding in Canadian clothing.

    • I would say the cons have done some recent internal polling and are starting to see the numbers dip again. it seems every time you see the dog and pony harper show like this, its a sign the numbers are falling. every time harper flashes the taxpayers dollars for doing photo opps, its normally a sign his(harper) numbers are going south. their should be new numbers out from some polling firm soon. the Quebec numbers are starting to solidifying for Trudeau.

  2. If Harper’s wearing it, shouldn’t the graphics read:”CANADA: second-rate socialist country”?

    • Actually I think he called us a third-rate socialist country…..

    • From a fourth rate poster

      • …who recognizes a virtual fifth columnist when he sees one in the PMO, and doesn’t require a sixth sense to do so.

  3. What???

    It’s not THAT cold in the Arctic in August….even the Chinese guy they rousted at the press conference wasn’t wearing that heavy garb!

    Certainly doesn’t look very tough.

    And wearing all the Canada labelling? Is Harp’s staff worried he’ll forget what country he’s in? What else does he need reminders of?

    Are his shoes labelled ‘left and right’ as well??

    • He’s a Con…he’d never wear any apparel labeled “left”.

      • LOL maybe they label his shoes ‘right’ and ‘your other right’

        Crikey…looks like he’s wearing a chador ….thank gawd we have no ‘screaming beaver’ logos…….LOL

  4. This comment was deleted.

    • Being able to respond (all the commenters before you were able to!) without swearing and making crude sexual-related comments IS possible. It would actually show your intelligence, too! All the above commenters (with whom I agree) al comminicated their points well…without the crude street language. The points made before yours were coherent and sensible…your last commemt managed to denigrate that. Sigh. Grow up. Most of us speak English perfectly well, and even comminicate distaste for someone and their policies, without resorting to inappropriate language.

      • While I restrict my use of profanity on the whole, profane words are as much a part of the language as any other words and should be celebrated for what they bring to the conversation. Nobody raises a fuss when folk employ mufti-syallable words that are not known to the majority of the population and therefore exclude many from the discourse, yet for some reason injecting emotion via the use of commonly understood words is taboo.
        Snobbery is not an endearing quality in anyone and especially not when it is used to silence people or exclude them from the conversation. I wouldn’t have said it the way Vilcuto said it, but I wholeheartedly agree with the point they are making and they communicated it effectively.

        Your pearl-clutching response didn’t add to the conversation as it didn’t address any points raised; so in all reality maybe you should have remained silent.
        Phrases empty of content no matter how well written are useless.

  5. What they fail to understand is that spraying a turd with gold leaf might make the turd a bit more presentable but after all is said and done it’s still a turd.

  6. Poor Harper. He could take up canoeing in the back country, maybe a buckskin coat would be a nice touch. No need for all those overt symbols of nationalism then. But someone already cornered the market on that iconic symbol, someone who wasn’t a phony patriot, someone who actually made like real trips back in the north, even when he was over 70; i’m still running into people who remember meeting him on his northern trips. You’re not fooling anyone Mr PM, no matter how many hoodies you wear out on the tundra or in the arena with Canada emblazoned all over it.
    I have more respect for Mulcair in this regard. At least he got out on the ice and played a bit rough with the boys. But it was authentic, not contrived. Authentic and not contrived…you’d think even marketers who want to say something about patriotism would’ve got that simple message by now.

  7. What a doofus. You wear these things OUTSIDE of Canada to say where you’re from. Does he feel the need to tell us that he is Canadian and not some over-fed and out-of-shape alien?

  8. The fact the author had to make a comparison to Obama who is totally useless says all there is to say. And did ever any of you noodle heads think that this might be a PR exercise directed at Russia? Of course not. We’re all so busy genuflecting towards Toronto that we never think past the Scarborough border.

  9. I can’t help thinking that if it were Putin he would arrive shirtless and riding a narwhal. That’s an entrance. What’s up with Stephen anyway…

  10. Nobody in the media punditry seems to stating the obvious; the great northern trip this year was a disaster.

  11. The Harper government also pays huge attention to symbols
    and metaphors — hockey, Tim Hortons and the military and England’s Queen are
    the new political correctness. To
    question any of them is to be unpatriotic (or a Liberal “latte-drinker.”).

    Government websites have been painted predominantly blue and
    ad-type slogans are popular on news releases and even in the names of bills.