10 Things People with Cottages Like to Tweet About

Hashtags work overtime on holiday weekend: #checkoutmycottage #areyoujealous


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10 Things People with Cottages Like to Tweet About

  1. Just putting it out there, but isn’t the whole point of vacationing at the cottage to get *away* from it all? You really think people wanna see a sepia tinted photo of your bare feet?

  2. Smug happy fulfilled bastards. I hate them. I hate them all. (Full disclosure: I am looking to get invited to a cottage.)

  3. Having a “cottage” is the most stereotypical Canadian thing there is.
    My parents had one when I was growing up and I HATED it. As a
    teen, I would go with my friends and play naked sex games with nobody else

  4. Instagram = ugly snapshots with ugly effects added in. Yech.

  5. I hate my inlaws cottage. It is boat access only so you are trapped there with them. Plus they have loads of weird rules. Ughhhhb kill me.

  6. But, none of these people made up their own cottage hashtag. (It’s been done, gag).

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