The American Dream has moved to Canada -

The American Dream has moved to Canada

By every measure, Canada is the true place to find ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ Let’s stop squandering our good fortune.


From the very moment of its creation, Americans have always imagined their country to be a beacon of opportunity for the world. Thomas Jefferson lit that torch when he wrote in the Declaration of Independence that all men have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This notion that everyone deserves a chance, and will most likely find it in America, has been arguably one of the most attractive and powerful ideas in modern history, guiding millions to Ellis Island, in search of a good job, a good education, a white picket fence and a two car garage.

But where once America stood alone as the land of opportunity, there are now dozens of other countries that have surpassed the United States; chief among these is its unassuming northern neighbour, Canada. Where do you go now for “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”? Canadians live 2.5 years longer than Americans. They are six times less likely to be incarcerated. And the World Economic Forum ranks Canadians as the 6th happiest people in the world, while Americans lag behind at 13th.

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Every aspect of the American dream is now more easily found in Canada. In the United States, 46 per cent of the population has been able to obtain a college degree—in Canada it’s 59 per cent. After graduation, Canadians are more likely to find work, with an employment rate four points better. You are more likely to afford a house with a white picket fence in Canada, where home ownership rates are five per cent higher. Canadians also have more time to enjoy their homes, as they work over 80 hours fewer per year—and they take an extra three days vacation.

Compared to Canada, America isn’t even the “land of the free”, anymore. The Cato Institute’s Human Freedom Index considers Canadians to be the sixth freest people in the world, while Americans limp in at 23rd, behind Poland. The conservative Heritage Foundation, based in Washington, ranks Canada and the U.S. seventh and 17th respectively for economic freedom. Free speech? Reporters Without Borders scores Canada 18th for press freedom; in spite of its much vaunted First Amendment, America only manages 41st.

The American Dream promised equality, a level playing field where everyone could pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but that too is more a Canadian thing. Canada’s “Gini coefficient”, a measurement of economic inequality, is significantly better than America’s and has been for 80 years now. In Canada, you are twice as likely to move from the poorest quintile of the population to the wealthiest. Similarly, the link between the income of a parent and a child is half as strong in Canada.


By virtually every measure, Canada has surpassed the United States as the shining city on the hill, where everyone is safe to reach their potential. And people around the world have begun to notice. From the United States, refugees and asylum seekers are now fleeing into Canada hoping for a fair immigration hearing and a better future. In Latin America, there are reports of economic migrants heading north, intending to cross the U.S. border and keep moving, into Canada. And, overseas, ESL students are increasingly choosing Canada over the U.S.

Whether it was due to geography or history or maybe even policy, we have arrived. Everything America once aspired to be, we now are. Not only have we achieved the fabled American Dream, we are arguably among the safest, healthiest, happiest human beings to have ever existed.

And what are we doing with this incredible good fortune? If we are painfully honest with ourselves, not much. We measure out our lives in coffee spoons and Caribbean holidays, a nation of overweight middle-class suburbanites, upset that a carbon tax adds an extra 5¢ at Tim Hortons, or one less day at the beach in Jamaica. No generation of Canadians has ever had more and been able achieve more than us—and no generation has been less ambitious. We have all the tools and all the opportunity to do great things, but no purpose, no national project, no imagination and no sense of determination.

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And this complacency is abetted by our shameless political leaders, breathlessly emoting about “helping the struggling middle class”—a less ambitious slogan than “Make America Great Again”, but just as fatuous and just as cynical.

I have two suggestions, two national projects towards which we could strive. First, it is horrifying that while most of us luxuriate in the shiny Canadian Dream, many Indigenous Canadians live in communities without running water, basic healthcare, or any hope of a prosperous future. Surely, if we finally stopped kowtowing to the false gods of the Reserve System and the Indian Act, we could end this injustice within a generation.

And second, as the American Dream has now become Canadian, perhaps it is time we also took on the role as the land of the free, and opened our doors wider still. Numerous studies have shown Canada could easily absorb far more immigrants than we do now. In fact, if we want to protect our economy from the effects of an aging population and declining birth rate, we need to attract more.

It is often noted that in the early 20th century, Canadian prime minister Sir Wilfred Laurier declared, “Canada shall be the star towards which all men who love progress and freedom shall come.” Let’s make that line as famous and meaningful as this once was: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”


The American Dream has moved to Canada

  1. This country doesn’t have a vision… might cost money.

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  2. From a Canadian
    l will no longer stand quietly by and let Radical Islam put down roots in my Canada…
    l will resist their attempt to take away my free speech
    l look at Greece
    l look at Italy
    l look at Germany
    l look at France
    l look at England
    l think to myself why would l want this outdated farce in my Canada….
    why would l want Sharia Law in my Canada…
    why would l want no go zones in my Canada…
    why on earth would someone even consider this in this day and age
    Why should Canadian women cower in fear that Sharia Law might gain roots in Canada
    lm guessing that politicians have gotten so desperate for votes their now willing to sell out ordinary Canadians and their values for a few votes no mater where or how they get them
    lm all for responsible immigration….
    This push to fill my Canada with Muslims is not responsible immigration !!
    when they pull up to the Canadian Border in a taxi only to be directed by US Customs where to go and cross illegally into Canada l can only shake my head in disbelief
    Why should we take these folks in when they break the law to get into Canada trying to jump the queue that other folks have waited years to get in….
    L think a wise idea would to be to slow down on the Islamic immigration into Canada until we see how Greece,Italy,France and England work out.
    Gotta be honest here…dosnt seem to be working out to well over there folks…am hoping Canadians are smarter than l give them credit for at this point
    This is your future folks…choose wisely
    l will no longer stand by quietly on the sidelines and see my Canada given away for a few simple votes
    l will engage my family
    l will engage my friends
    l will engage my coworkers
    l will ask them to also engage thier own familys…thier own friends and thier coworkers as well
    l will not go quietly into that dark muslim night….

    A Canadian

    • You’re not a Canadian……you’re a wimp.

      And an uneducated one at that.

      • The letter by The Canadian has many truisms. We need a responsible Government and we sure don’t have one now.Making Muslims SPECIAL ahead of our citizens is and will continue to cause a big divide .
        Thank you Canadian for your thoughts,

        • It doesn’t have a single truism.

          You’re just being silly….not to mention partisan.

          • You got a few Justin spots on your chin there, better wipe them off before someone notices..ooops to late.

        • For that wingnut to call himself a “Canadian” makes my skin crawl. What a revolting creature – as are all those who defend him,

      • He’s not uneducated. He’s pathetic.

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    • I am also a Canadian and I rebut (with corrected spelling):

      l will no longer stand quietly by and let xenophobic fear-mongers put down ANY race, religion, gender, or hate as I don’t want those roots in my Canada
      l will resist all attempts to equate hate speech with free speech
      l look at England and hope the best for them
      l look at America and wish them love and peace and hope and strength
      l look at Germany and hope that love wins
      l look at France and mourn for the disenfranchised
      l think to myself why would l want this hatred and evil in my Canada
      Why would l think Sharia Law could appear in my Canada when it can’t, based on who we are as a group, with a strong Rights of Freedoms which stops all kinds of ‘foreign’ rules of government?
      Why would l think no go-zones could appear in my Canada when they can’t, based on our geography, our monetarily-strapped Armed Forces who can’t afford to do anything, and a government with better things on its mind than creating coups?
      Why on earth would someone even consider this in this day and age?
      Why should Canadian women continue to cower in fear when their reports of rape and violence are being dismissed on a daily basis? Gee, I don’t know… maybe because they’re not being taken seriously, and if you think wearing headscarves is the worst thing that could happen to them, pull your head out of your ass and think again.
      l’m guessing that politicians have gotten so desperate for votes they’re now willing to sell out ordinary Canadians and their values for a few votes no matter where or how they get them by spouting fear, hate, and divisiveness.
      I’m all for responsible immigration because I know that each potential Canadian has been vetted more than any ‘born-in-Canada’ person ever will be (unless they’re joining the Military).
      This push to fill my Canada with Muslims is because this group of people, regardless of religion, have had their homes bombed, their family killed, and no food for weeks on end. We with so much can spare enough for these displaced persons.
      When they come near to the Canadian Border in a taxi only to be directed by the cabbie where to go and cross illegally into Canada l can only shake my head in disbelief that they would actually walk for miles in clothing not meant for a harsh Canadian winter, just to be free to live without fear of being killed.
      Why shouldn’t we take these folks in when they break the law to get into Canada trying to jump the queue that other folks have waited years to get in, because they’re terrified the country that did take them in will shackle them and send them right back to the war zone they finally escaped from, even though they were innocents caught in the cross fire created by extremists on all sides of the argument?
      I think a wise idea would to be to keep up the Islamic immigration into Canada because we see how Greece, Italy, France and England have worked out with their alienation and hatred against people of different religions, and here we can offer them inclusion and peace which goes a long way to keeping all of us safe.
      Gotta be honest here…doesn’t seem to be working out too well over there folks…I believe though, Canadians are smarter than that.
      This is your future folks…choose wisely.
      l will no longer stand by quietly on the sidelines and see my Canada given away for a few simple votes.
      l will engage my family to help immigrants create a new home where they will love their new country.
      l will engage my friends to share their wealth.
      l will engage my coworkers to sponsor a family over the holidays.
      l will ask newcomers to also engage their own families…their own friends and their coworkers as well because with our help, they will find new friends, jobs, and safe havens for their families to live.
      l will not go quietly into that dark racist night.

      • Beauty!

        Thank you.

        • I have no problem with immigration but if you believe
          we are better than the rest of the world and we can not have Islamic terrorism take hold here because you PC
          peaceniks will hug it out you are seriously deranged.

          And Emily thinks we can sustain any amount of debt without ever paying the piper proves she is an idiot.

          Watch or read something other than the leftist liberal controlled media and see what is happening out there.
          The silence from the moderate Muslim population and their Imams condemning various acts of terrorism around the world is deafening.
          WATCH THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTARY and tell me there is nothing going wrong I DARE YOU !!

          I doubt you will watch as your ilk hates facts

          • You’re just like your leader Harper……run and hide in the nearest closet because you’re frightened of a few refugees.

            You’ve convinced yourself of utter nonsense…..just don’t expect anyone else to do anything but laugh.

            Now….can the hysterics and return to the topic.

          • Caring Canadian….Israel Network? Come off it? Let’s talk some facts. Explain why Donald Trump didn’t ban Muslims from the countries that the terrorists from 9/11 came from – Saudi Arabia and Pakistan? This is all about economics and fear mongering. His propaganda machine would make Hitler’s head of propaganda, Goebbels, proud. Do you realize that some of the people who were banned from entering the US worked with the American military as informants and interpreters. The military made promises to these people to keep them and their families safe. Would people who put themselves in harms way to help the US military be terrorists? Get real. The immigrants he turned away had been vetted for two years. No Syrian has killed anyone on US soil. The only thing a Syrian did is produce a son named Steve Jobs. Maybe you heard of him. He started a company called Apple. Look it up on your iPhone.

      • Thank you for your eloquence!

        • So Emily I take it you didn’t want to educate yourself and refused to watch a documentary.
          So sad for someone who berates other opinions by telling them to go back to school.
          You are a narcissistic idiot that is probably on the tax payers teat and believe in taking hard earned money from the hardworking silent majority and pissing it away on anyone who is unemployed with the time to lobby the government so they can mismanage OUR money.
          At least Harper got us through a very close call with a world depression with flying colours, we were the envy of the world.

          YOU are just like your leader Trudolt, isn’t he dreamy,
          how could he make an error with those looks I bet he makes you gushy

          • It’s not a documentary, it’s propaganda…and you fell for it.

            Harp didn’t even know we were having a recession…..two of them in fact.

            I’m not a Liberal, sorry

            I’ve lived through lots of ‘terrorists’……IRA, Bader-Meinhoff, FLQ,Weather Underground……they come and go. Only fools panic over them.

          • I voted for Harper and he isn’t an Islamaphobe like you are Caring Canadian. In fact, you are in the minority in this country. Where your name comes from is a mystery…”caring”….caring for whom? When it comes to suffering, I don’t think you are particularly caring. A caring person cares for all that suffer. Refugees flee places where there is tyranny. Assad mustard gassed his own people. Your ancestors came to Canada for a reason and you were welcomed. That doesn’t mean you get to restrict who comes after you.

          • Caringcanadian you hide behind a lie and spew hate… typical of the CONS. I am proud that we elected a forward thinking and open minded government. I am not thrilled at all he has done so far but at least he is not a fascist that promotes hate, unlike the new guy south of our border.

      • Thank you from a second generation Canadian whose grandparents came here merely to find a better life, one to avoid violence from American thugs. Canada has always been a destination for newcomers of diverse backgrounds; this is nothing new although a realization that has been somewhat beaten out of our memory by British colonialism … it’s high time for us to regain our heritage. And perhaps learn a few things from past history: we’ve always had a cohort of haters and in truly Canadian fashion we’ve too often just tolerated them (for reference, consider the time a Vancouver mob strung up a Chinese Canadian they mistook for a Japanese immigrant – hate surely leads to blindness).

      • Awesome… love breeds love and hate breeds hate… all we are saying is give peace a chance.

      • Mary Harrison, Your long-winded speel is typical of an uninformed, bleeding heart liberal who puts feelings and emotion ahead of common sense. You know nothing about what is happening in the world.. Five or six Muslim men in their twenties in one of the U.S states which has a lot of migrants from Somalia were asked whether they would prefer to have American Law or Sharia Law; they all answered without hesitation, Sharia Law. These are the kind of people coming across the border illegally. You have no idea what the Koran teaches and other related holy books. Women are treated in a much lower status and two women are equal to one man. That is why according to their religion they can have two or more wives in countries that allow it. That’s why woman must be covered and in some places completely. They are not permitted to talk to another man and can only go out with their husband’s permission in some places. Anybody who leaves the religion has a death sentence on them. Many places in Europe where they are concentrated are no-go zones and even the police fear to go there. Since 9-11 there have been hundreds of thousands of people killed around the world by jihadists. Do you have compassion for the Christians and minority religions who are being killed daily or weekly around the world by jihadists. A young woman in Pakistan is on death row now for blasphemy.


          You talk about ignorance but you don’t know what Sharia Law is. If you did, you would see that it in no way interferes with following the laws of the country one lives in. I studied the Koran in university. It says that men and women are different. In Canada, we have Bountiful, where one man is marrying multiple wives, not just two and that is based on a bastardized interpretation of the bible. Those who chose to interpret the Koran in a certain way, just as Joseph Smith interpreted the bible in a certain way, give themselves permission to have multiple wives and become jihadists even when their religion is not at risk. I grew up in the 1970’s. You might have heard of a man named Bobby Sands. He was a famous member of the IRA. He starved himself to death in prison. Belfast Ireland had no-go zones and there were a lot of people killed by terrorists on both sides of that religious war only they were all Christian, Protestant and Catholic. They blew up The Prince Wales god father with a car bomb, Lord Mountbatten. Maybe you don’t remember it but I do. It wasn’t hundreds of years ago, it was mere decades ago. I had compassion for a group of young Irish children that came on a trip to Canada to get a vacation from the carnage. As for women who need their husband’s permission to speak to another man or go out places….do you have any idea of the amount of domestic violence amongst that is target toward white Christian women in the country you live in? It is staggering and an embarrassment. Those shelters we have for women and children who are gotten beaten by their spouses and fathers aren’t there for show. They are a necessity. So please don’t act like we are so much better, we aren’t. Women are also being murdered by their significant others in this country and convictions for rape are at about 5 in 1000 charged. Get your head out of the sand. No one EVER EVER said things were great for women in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or any other Middle Eastern country but somehow you believe that deny them rescue in Canada when they escape tyranny in those countries is a good idea. Somehow, leaving them over there is a good idea. Somehow, you are going to get them to take off the hijab if they are left in a country where the Taliban stones them in the streets if they happen to have the misfortune to get raped. Of course we care about anybody who is getting killed by ISIS. The truth is the recruits are coming from our countries and many were raised Christian. They have almost no knowledge of Islam. The truth is ISIS rose out of the Iraq war. It is a group of psychopaths and they are killing other Muslims daily and weekly as well as Christians.

          • I told you before but it’s worth repeating since you seem to be a slow learner. My physiotherapist is a very nice Muslim lady and my wife does volunteer work at a hospital where she enjoys working with several female Muslim staff. I showed my wife from another article you had commented on where you had berated my “ignorance” about Sharia Law and that it posed no threat. Also, that the Koran only said “that men and women are different”. I explored those comments with my physiotherapist and my wife did as well with her Muslim colleagues at the hospital. NOT ONE OF THEM SHARED YOUR VIEWS. Escaping Sharia law was one of the main reasons they came to Canada. They found Sharia Law archaic and particularly very negatively biased and harmful to women. As for women being “just different” in the Koran the feed back was that that was truthful and very oppressive for Muslim women-they came to Canada to be able to get an education and to be treated as equals.

    • BRAVO! Comox Courteny!!!

      • I guess I should have figured Emily for an NDP free ride for any one
        too lazy to work and in the meantime put everyone who wants to work and get ahead into the poor house and out of work.

        The terrorists you are talking about (I lived thru them too) were saints compared to these zealots. What were the FLQ maybe a dozen strong and a few kinda wanna be’s.

        There was never a full on military operation by any country let alone a coalition against any of these ndp pissheads.

        As far as propaganda what do you think The CBC is?

        If you don’t think 9/11 can happen here or the Paris attacks or any of the others. Are you denying that any of that happened probably the holocaust too right?
        So maybe the refugees aren’t really fleeing from a war it is just propaganda to gain access to the west so they can look after us in our old age.
        I know that the CBC and Maclean’s carried these stories so you must have heard them. Just put your head in the sand and deny deny deny.
        We are trying to save our ass as well as your bumbling dithering ass as well

        Talk to the people in Europe that have been effected by this mass migration, or maybe they are millions of actors starring in a big propaganda video, I guess I should have asked you first oh enlightened one.

        • LOL I have never voted NDP in my life. Go wash your mouth out with soap.

          I was PC for 30 years….then a Reform riding president

          I left when that pea-brain Stockwell Day was elected.

          Now stop playing the fool on here…..and grow a pair.

          • You don’t like Harper or Manning, the founders of the Reform party, yet they made you a riding president? Something doesn’t add up there.

          • So Emily you are not an NDP and you are not a Liberal and, by your rants,
            you sure aren’t a Conservative. That leaves only two options-either The Green Party or you’re a Communist. Time to fess up rather than keep hiding.

          • Dimlyone provides no solutions and provides nothing of substance to any discussion. ignore her and it will go away …. bye bye

    • Bugger off! Your grandad said the same crap about “DPs” and his grandad said the same thing about Catholics. You’re wrong too.


      Give it a rest Comox Courtney. Take a real look at residential schools, Mount Cashal, Molestation of children by Catholic Priests and start marching to rid Canada of the Roman Catholic Church. No? Hmmm. Apparently you don’t actually know any Muslims personally. Apparently you never watched Mohammad Ali fight. You are hysterical but luckily only 1 in 4 Canadians feel the way you do and most are in Quebec.

    • Spoken by a TRUE Canadian , and if you differ you are either a Liberal , A Traitor or a Muslim !
      As Canadians we have every right to verify that Immigrants to our Country have our Values !
      If you are only coming to Canada to take advantage of our Good Will then you are not Welcome !
      And if you want to call a Patriot names, then do so , but it only shows how stupid you are !
      We must elect a government that speaks for the majority , cult of Muslims that do not speak for me or the majority of Canadians – We will NEVER allow Sharia Law – Over My Dead Body !
      For the” wimp” remark ,just google how many Muslims in the Liberal Party – If you are Canadian you will be shocked !


        Your ignorance is overwhelming. You throw around words when you don’t even know what they mean. Learn what Sharia Law means. As for how many Muslims are in the Liberal Party, how many are in Alberta and in the Conversative party? Muslims have lived in Canada for many years. Some like the MP who proposed Bill M103 (a bill similar to it passed last year with no issue) doesn’t wear a head scarf. You wouldn’t even know who is a Muslim and who isn’t. You are trying to whip hysteria. They are asking you to wear a head scarf. They aren’t asking you to adopt their practices. Just like gay men who get married aren’t asking you to marry them but I bet you are against that too. The real issue here is that you want to choose how others live and you want to impose your values on others even while you are so adamant that their values should never been imposed on you. Take a sedative. No one wants you in their religious group. People with your bigoted views would not be let in.

        • I saw a joke the other day that sums up your rhetoric Cage.
          Two university students were chatting-a young man and a young woman.
          The young man said “I think all gays should be killed and that women should have no rights”
          The young woman replied, “You’re the biggest a–hole I’ve ever met.”
          The young man replied, “That’s very unfair. Both of those are a fundamental part of my religion-I’m a Muslim.”
          The young women replied, “I’m so sorry, I hope you don’t think I’m Islamophobic.”

          • Jerome, that is funny but the truth is the punch could have been “That’s very unfair. Both of those are a fundamental part of my religion = I’m an Evangelical.” It would have been just as true. Your failure to see that is what makes you completely ignorant.

    • A Canadian, God bless you. You are literally one of the only people in these comments with a brain. Most so called Canadians have been brain washed that accepting any and all immigrants is the right thing to do. Let’s remember who the immigrants are that made this a once great country. It was white European immigrants who shared many common values with those who were already here and not a bunch of 3rd world country animals. Between Trudeau Sr. and Jr. this country has literally been flushed down the toilet forever and can never be reversed. How many values have we had to change because these new immigrants find them offensive? We have given away our identity and what once made us great. It’s only going to get worse from here as these millennials have been brain washed into political correctness and acceptance for anything and everything. I am truly ashamed at what this country has become and of many of my so called fellow Canadians.


    • Thanks Canadian (Comox Courteny).

      It’s good see some thoughtful comments. Ignore the low-information one liners. They obviously don’t think and have nothing to contribute.

    • Your paranoia is entertaining and sad but what i’d really like to know is what rez are you from?

    • Your paranoia is entertaining and sad but what i’d really like to know is what rez are you from?

  3. What exactly is meant by “Surely, if we finally stopped kowtowing to the false gods of the Reserve System and the Indian Act, we could end this injustice within a generation” ?

    IIRC eliminating the Indian Act has been suggested before (by Chretien when he was Indian Affairs Minister?), but was shot down by FNs themselves. So, is there a way to eliminate or modify it in a way that moves things forward and is acceptable to all parties? If so, it’s not terribly obvious, at least to me.

    • You can’t give Chretien a pass: the most important thing that he did for aboriginals was to take what remaining assets held in trust by the Canadian government for first nations and dump it into federal accounts – would you trust someone who just cleaned out your bank account? Chretien’s main goal was to dispense with the difficulty of living up to federal responsibilities and/or the embarrassment of doing such a bad job. One thing about your comment which is echoed in a lot of Canadian politics is the assumption that ‘First Nations’ is a singular term when it isn’t; even legally, the coverage of various cohorts are covered by various and varying agreements and statutes. It should be clear that treating them like Beothuks was never a just solution and given that aboriginals are the only cohort of the population with positive natural growth obviously a failure – time for a change (see Einstein’s definition of insanity) AND an opportunity.

  4. The majority of Canadians agree that we are among the luckiest people on earth. Beyond the measures Gilmore mentions, our passport is the most respected of any country, allowing visa-free entry into more nations than any other.
    Sadly, the people least likely to appreciate our good fortune seem to be those who are terrified of sharing it with anyone not like them, like the bigot below who has the nerve to call himself “a Canadian.” One of the reasons for Canada’s success is the influx of immigrants from all over the world – people who bring perspectives, knowledge and strengths that enrich this country beyond measure.
    Canada is a far more resilient, interesting, and welcoming country now than it was in my childhood in the 1950s and ’60s, when everyone was a WASP just like me.
    As to Gilmore’s suggestions for grand projects, yes and yes.

    • Yes!

  5. I just hope that our present federal government doesn’t bury us and future generations in a mountain of debt.

    • We’re not even close……never have been.

      • In 2013, this number stood at CAD$1.2 trillion across federal and provincial governments.

        • So?

          • For this round of governing, Canada has had a deluge of tax and spend Liberals and NDP at the helm. Ontario has unprecedented debt and Canada is heading that way under Trudeau. I believe and hope those big spenders will all be gone after the next set of elections or Kraminator’s nightmare will be real.

          • Jerome, you are lying through your teeth and everybody knows it.

            Now instead of partisan campaigning on here all the time, how be you address the topic.

          • So … be prepared to compromise your probably comfortable lifestyle for higher taxes and a lower standard of living in the future to pay for this fiscal irresponsibility. Look at the BIG picture …. debt in any form can be disabling.

          • Canada has far more income than outgo…..and a Triple A rating.


          • Dimlyone… not sure where you get your facts. If what you say is true, there would be no provincial or federal debt. I think it is best that you were formly involved in politics. I would advise you to stay out of that arena as your sight has reasoning has failed you.

          • Kraminator….use your Google button. Canada is just fine.

            You are just campaigning.

          • What part of “our country is broke” don’t you understand. You seem to be just fine with Canadians being as indebted by our governments as Greece is. Actually, Ontario is MORE broke than Greece, with every person in that province owing about $40,680.00 between federal and provincial debt, while in Greece the national debt is about $34,000.00 per person. Back in Canada, though, our economy continues to slide into the abyss with GDP growth last year being only 0.9% and still sliding. Foreign investment is running as fast as it can AWAY from Canada. You’re reply is “So?” and that “Canada is just fine?”??? Ffs – do you just act this stupid to be a troll? Can people really so stupid or are you just pretending?

    • This phobia with national debt to ordinary citizens is astounding. Why are you worrying for national debt? Worry for your household debt. As long as a nation does not spend borrowed money in unproductive activities, one should not worry for national debt. For example if you do not invest in roads, schools and hospitals by borrowing now that is worse than being in debt for growth. Thus national debt is alleviating future debt burden by adding impetus to faster economic growth. If you do not borrow for investments, you are putting our children and grandchildren into severe debt. Please understand this budget deficit hysteria spread by radical right wingers. Don’t equate federal deficit with your household debt. This propoganda is the brain child of do nothing, privatize and enrich themselves conservative class. O Canada we will strive for excellence even more.

  6. I certainly agree that the Reserve System and the Indian Act are terrible for everybody, but there needs to be a practical alternative solution worked out first.

  7. It’s nice to finally see a MacLean’s article that doesn’t blame Trump for the relative mess in the U.S. I travel in the U.S. extensively and it’s a great place to live if you’re rich and dismal if you’re not. The disparity there is FAR greater than anything we see in Canada. The data shown for the U.S. is terribly skewed because of the much greater percentage of poor people there.

  8. Longevity statistics used here need clarification and qualification. First, the US has a large minority population that tends to die young, including many in the 13-30 age range who die violently. Second, in the US extremely premature births are counted as live births. Most other countries do not — does Canada? Americans who reach age 50 on average live longer than citizens of any other country. The same holds true for Americans who reach 60, 70, and 80.

  9. Longevity statistics used here need clarification and qualification. First, the US has a large minority population that tends to die young, including many in the 13-30 age range who die violently. Second, in the US extremely premature births are counted as live births. Most other countries do not — does Canada? Americans who reach age 50 on average live longer than citizens of any other country. The same holds true for Americans who reach 60, 70, and 80.

  10. This article is just a bunch of rhetoric nonsense.

    First of all you imply that we should increase immigration because everyone needs a chance at the American Dream. Then you talk about carbon tax. Carbon tax will not decrease emissions if our population is going up substantially as you can not deny anybody the desire to consume the amount that you and I do.

    Second you continue to perpetuate the guilt trip that everything that is wrong with First Nations is the fault of our government and us. You can not help anyone who does not want help. It is easy talking about getting rid of the reserve system but did you ask First Nations if they agree? Or are you perpetuating the myth that we know what is best for the First Nations?

    • As long as individuals like you put it into terms of them and us, you’re part of the problem. Worse, you’re ‘them’ is a simplistic amorphous glob of proto-humans corresponding to your negative characterization. You throw around the phrase ‘get rid of’ as if binding agreements can be discarded at will – try buying property on credit and just ‘get rid of’ the payments. How does living up to your responsibilities comprise a ‘guilt trip’? How does remediating past crime comprise a guilt trip? (that’s certainly contrary to Chrisitan scripture). You’re also pretending that all mistreatment is in the past.

  11. Poor Canada, so close to the US and yet so far from Europe.

    Canada is much more like an under-armed, posturing, dependent Europe for this daydream to be valid.

    • Actually we’re close enough to Europe to join the EU and we will eventually.

  12. The Canadian Dream is to move to America

    • Yours maybe, not ours.

      Go ahead. No one is stopping you

    • Not quite correct. “is” should be changed to “was”. It is no longer valid. Look at today`s statistics. From a world perspective, it is Canada, not the US, where the brightest, and the most learned, and those capable of leading a country wish to immigrate.

    • Move to America? This Canadian isn’t even fond of visiting there – and won’t, while Trump is president.

      Very glad to be Canadian, thanks – and if I should ever change my mind about that, there are a number of countries that rank much higher, in my books, than the US as a desirable place to live.

  13. Mr Gilmore

    There are many projects and visions Canadians could pursue, but as you can see it’s hard to get anybody to focus.

    I would support both of yours, and suggest several more….but this doesn’t seem to be the place for it.

  14. Little bit closer to the truth than I have seen before. When one parades a philosophy of restrictions to many immigrants it is only common sense to say that they will go elsewhere. That means the brightest, those that are leaders, not followers, those that are looking for freedom, etc. etc. will come to Canada. The election of Trump has made this a reality and put their country into a major problem of not being the best country to live in.

  15. Question: How many Syrian refugees have been allowed to enter and remain in the five wealthiest Arab/
    Muslim Countries?
    Answer: None.
    Does this statistic give you any reason to pause and reconsider Canada’s Refugee policy?

    • If you are going to remain unaware of world affairs there is no point talking to you

        • If the Emily link above is valid, we should encourage all Muslim refugees to go to those six mid-east countries where they would be in a culture with the same values and not have any expectations about adopting new ones.

          • Why would any refugee, fleeing oppression under ISIS, Al Quaeda, or the Taliban, want to go to Saudi Arabia?

      • Emily you seem to have absolutely a severe lack of world news and events, past or present, and very little knowledge of events in our own country.
        Are you even Canadian ?

        • No actually I come from Mars…..I’m looking for low IQ people for a BBQ.

          You’re perfect.


          Caring Canadian…..YOU are accusing others of having very little knowledge of events in our country. You have no real knowledge of who ISIS is recruiting. You paint all Muslims with the same brush. You do not seem to realize that refugees but definition are fleeing a country where their lives were in danger. Refugees to Canada are vetted and those who arrive illegally are arrested and held in detention centres until they are vetted. If they prove not be refugees, they are deported.

  16. There are some interesting numbers here that more Canadians need to read and understand. Canada is not falling apart, nor are we at imminent risk of some impending doom. Our immigration system has been very effective at bringing in both skilled workers and foreign investment. Our refugee system has done such a good job of integrating people that nations around the world are seeking to emulate our success.

    If you spend your days living in fear… of foreigners… of terrorism… of free trade… of Islam…. of kindness…. then you have my pity. No one should have to live their lives paralyzed by their own cowardice. Whatever ideal society you THINK existed during the 50s or 60s never existed and it never will. Maybe it’s time you came to terms with that fact, and it’s time you started making the best of things. After all, hiding in your closet quaking in fear obviously isn’t accomplishing anything.

    Thank you Scott, for reminding us that things really aren’t that bad, and that we have an opportunity to make things better. Sooner or later, hopefully, your message will sink in.

    • If you’ve ever taken a drive in the mid north of most provinces you get an idea of how ’empty’ Canda still largely is. We could use another 50 million citizens.

  17. The attractive ‘Canadian’ part of the American dream is called ‘socialism’ down there. And a good number of Canadians don’t think it’s necessary, or worthwhile, up here either.

    • If you do not like socialism in any form, you should not really live in Canada. Once Tommy Douglas introduced our healthcare system, we ultimately adopted socialism. The same can be said for old age pension, publicly funded prisons and other social programs. At the one year mark, 1/2 of the adult Syrian refugees we accepted were employed. This despite the fact that they had issues getting them into English language lessons in a timely manner and some provinces in the country were facing economic uncertainty in the job market. There is no doubt, these people are ambitious and want to work. I might be wrong, but I believe if you have a heart attack you are happy that Canada has socialized health care. A citizen of Manitoba who lives near the US border and through a snafu ended up getting treated in the US for the same has been presented with a bill for $135K in US dollars. Just imagine, under most insurance policies, given that he had a pre existing condition – hypertension, he would not have qualified for coverage. So, do you really believe your socialist benefits aren’t necessary or worthwhile. If so, feel free to pack up and join the Donald.

      • I agree that what you are saying describes Canada, but it is not classic socialism. Nobody is trying to nationalise our Industries or resources. What we have is a blend of Social Democracy (the need to care for the least among us) and Classical Liberalism (Free markets with regulations, and the rule of law)

  18. Many of the comparisons in this article are dubious and so close as to not really matter. Canadians have
    more college degrees, but what nation has the better colleges? While Canada may provide a fluffier pillow
    for its citizens than does the USA, the greatness of a nation is also judged on what it provides to the rest
    of the world. As with the Scandinavian nations, Canada is a great place to be cozy , but provides very
    little in benefits to the globe. In that category, the USA far exceeds Canada technologically ,culturally and
    in humanitarian endeavors. Also Canada benefits from US military protection, which could very well end
    or be greatly reduced under Trump, which could quickly change the comparsions made in this article as
    Canada is forced to take on its own defense at a much greater cost.

    • “the greatness of a nation is also judged on what it provides to the rest of the world”
      Given that your argument is on the greatness of the US, I’m assuming you’re referring to the fact that they are the largest single weapons supplier on the planet, or that the US opposed global initiatives to ban indiscriminate weapons like land mines from use, or that the US has consistently for decades funded paramilitary organizations in order to destabilize governments they don’t like. America’s military spending isn’t just the highest in the world. It’s higher than the next half dozen nations COMBINED. The increase in military spending proposed by Trump is about equivalent with Britain’s ENTIRE defense budget. The US economy is driven almost entirely by the purchase and development of weapons.

      As much as you might prefer to deny it, the single gift that the US provides to the rest of the world is death. If that’s your definition of greatness, you have some seriously disturbed priorities.

      • Geoff,
        Time to put down Das Kapital, and take off your Che T-shirt and read a newspaper.
        Canada simply could not exist without US trade and military support. The US and the
        world for that matter could get along nicely with Canada

    • Canada invented the Ebola vaccine. Canada punches above its weight in medical research….far above its weight. As for culture and arts…..we provide a disproportionate amount of comedians to Hollywood. We also provide some top notch film makers and musicians. The US has ten times our population. The University of Toronto is well up in the rankings and Canadians can actually afford to send their children there without breaking the bank. American Ivy League schools aren’t meant for all Americans. They are meant for the rich. Canadian Nurses and Doctors have no problem getting jobs in the US. They recruit them. The universities also offer full scholarships to our athletes. As for military protection……much of it would not be needed, if the US had made better foreign policy decisions. Most were sadly based on protecting their oil supply. The US did not enter WWII until after being bombed by Pearl Harbor in 1941. Canada was in in 1939. Canada has always punched above its weight in every combat theatre it has been involved in from WWI to Afghanistan. Trump admitted that when he met Trudeau. The fluffier pillow comment is absurd. It is more a shared burden because there is a recognition that each of us is vulnerable and will one day require the services.

    • There is an easy answer for all of you enamoured with The Donald and US life. Apply to become a citizen there. If Canada is not the best country in the world in your approximation, move on. Nothing is keeping you here. If you don’t feel your ancestors made a good choice. If you feel that you pay more than you should for your healthcare, roads and other amenities, go forth and help Make America Great. A number of years ago, Canadians voted Tommy Douglas as the greatest Canadian ever. If you can’t appreciate and can only complain, I believe you suffer from a first world syndrome. People in Haiti, they have reasons to complain…earth quakes, poverty, starvation, pandemic levels of Cholera. Now those are real problems but in Canada, we don’t have any real problems except for a few provinces with employment issues, so we invent problems and we b*tch. Then we move on to hyster*a. Meanwhile, people in countries like Haiti have no medication and their children are dying. Get some perspective. If you can’t, move to the US.

      • Do you say the same to the leftists and minorities who whine about how “oppressive” Canada is? Tell them to gtfo and go deal with some real problems? Hey why don’t you go tell Muslims who claim that it’s so terrible and Islamophobic here to go move to an Islamic theocracy. Or I guess your tune changes based on who you’re talking to eh


          I am a conservative from Alberta. I vote for the Wild Rose. My ancestors are Irish Catholic. They arrived with 8 children in this country in the 1830’s. They were a minority and victims of bigotry. I grew up in a family of 9 children. My parents lived in a garage with the two eldest. I don’t really appreciate anyone who is lucky enough to live in Canada who whines but when hatred and propoganda turn into hysteria and it percolates so that a stupid man goes into a place of worship and opens fire, I have no patience. Even the US knows the Muslims that are committing terrorists activities in their country are US born. Further, it is sort of hard to tell Muslims who claim that “its so terrible” and that there is Islamaphobia here ever since Pauline Marcois tried to stop public servants (except Catholics) from wearing any expressions of their faith on their persons during work. You might try to deny it John80, but that was definitely Islamaphobia and a swipe at Sikhs because who else is wearing a head scarf?

  19. Well we’re over 50 posts……and no one is discussing the topic……so I shall depart.

    There’s only so much ‘Wall of Stupid’ I can stand in a day.


  20. Freedom is a relative term used too often in the media. Where is our freedom when our politicians at all levels, our judges and everyone within the judicial system, takes the following Oath of Allegiance. “I, ….., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God.” There is no mention of Canada, Canadians, our Constitution or Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Where is our freedom when the US ties Canada to NATO and demands we assist in their murderous wars?

    Perhaps someone at Maclean’s Magazine could look up the amount of money spent annually on indigenous people. As a researcher with a background in economics I added up the amount two years ago via numerous Federal departments. The Federal total was over $59 billion per year without the Provincial dollars. Would someone present Canadians with a deed to any part of geographical Canada proving it belongs to one group?

    Everyone living here immigrated at given points of time including the native aka indigenous people. Canada is no greater nor less important than any country on the tiny blue dot.

  21. All peoples have occasions when they rise to the occasion and the challenges of the moment and other occasions that are darker. Canada is no exception and it would be better if we ceased to take inordinate pride and pleasure in surpassing other countries, especially the US, in some matters and simply worked conscientiously in practical and consistent ways to make Canada better for all Canadians and the world a better place for all.

  22. Good piece, Gilmore. But you have failed to follow through and state the obvious. The socio-economic problems that currently plague America are the direct result of the over-application of socio-economic policies championed by the kinds of liberal elites that are now currently immensely over represented within our various halls of government. The most desperately economically disadvantaged and damaged cities in the USA all share one common trait. They’ve all been governed for decades by liberal Democrats who push the same ideology that our own Liberals and New Democrats adhere to.
    Worse, the very idea of liberty, as envisioned by our English ancestors, is seen as anathemic to the societal visions of the cabals of liberal elites safely ensconced within the halls of government, secure in the knowledge that the dystopia that they would impose upon our proletarian masses will have no impact on the lives of their own children.
    That you couldn’t, or wouldn’t, make that logical extension speaks volumes.

    • You act as though Conservatives weren’t in the White House and didn’t mire the country down in expensive and never ending wars in the Middle East. You act as though they had no part to play in the collapse of the banking institutions with a complete lack of any kind of regulations. Stephen Harper was one of the one’s who helped bail out the auto industry in Canada, despite the fact that when combined with their benefits packages, auto workers were making wages better than highest paid university trained registered nurses in Canada. Many might believe registered nurses don’t deserve the wages, but they do save lives and they are in a global shortage so those who believe in a free market system would at least appreciate the supply and demand aspect of the argument. I voted for Stephen Harper every time he ran but I do not deny that he wanted to degregulate our banking system which would have led the same sub-prime mortgages that had a deleterious effect on the US system and that he wanted Canada to be involved in the Iraq war which was a losing proposition for day one. That war and the poor handling of it has giving birth to ISIS. Now Paul Ryan will do every thing he can to ensure that the top one percent get a tax cut and if it means stripping the poor of healthcare, he will do that because he will have to pander to a narcissist who made a promise to build a wall that is going cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the economic realities in Canada are coming home to roost. We cannot afford the promises Trudeau made and Notley cannot afford her promises. She is quietly making cuts to programs and he is not so quietly breaking promises. Idealizing conservative governments though is wrong. Had the conservatives in Alberta not screwed up, they would have remained in power. If the federal conservatives don’t get a decent candidate, they don’t have a hope. Canadians aren’t bigoted. 1/2 of the Syrians are already working which is incredible considering their lack of language and the issues with job prospects in certain provinces. I have an immigrant Muslim family with a young son that lives back door to me. He picked up the language quickly. She did not. He works two jobs. Canadian tire during the day and cleaning an office building at night. These people are ambitious. They have known suffering. They have an appreciation for what this country has to offer.

      • Gage-You and I agree on a great deal. My point is that “progressivism” is largely antithetical, and even dangerous, to our liberty. However, our public institutions are infested with it. Our media especially, but obviously government as well.
        We could go back and forth on regulation, and wars in the Middle East, for days, but I think we both agree that the unfettered expansion of the state will be our downfall. Our liberties are eroded by the hour, but no matter. At some point we’ll simply be another failed, socialist state.

        • Bill – I work in the civil service. I see a huge amount of wastage. I see a level of entitlement among some workers that is worrisome. It comes from looking around and seeing that those who do no work are never taken to task and those who work hard are never given kudos. We are overwhelmed by management and administration who spend all their time at meetings and giving tours. Then there is a group that works hard and has a very strong work ethic. They are all the children of immigrants. They have no sense of entitlement and they work to improve their situation and that of the patients. I also see citizens that aren’t taking responsibility for growing our economy. They are purchasing everyone on Amazon. The owner of Amazon has become inordinately rich while local businesses have started to shut down. This is more prevalent in the US than here. If one doesn’t go to the store, there won’t be jobs for people in the stores. I do not feel as pessimistic as you do. Perhaps because I am a front line worker in a hospital, I don’t really envision a world where my services would be declined for those who don’t have the money to pay. I believe you are a little naive about the brilliance that is coming out of some of these Muslim countries. The Nobel prize in mathematics went to a women from Iraq. An Iraqi team, lead by a femal doctor is at Oxford doing research. Steve Jobs parents were Syrian immigrants. It is foolish to believe some great minds aren’t coming out of these countries and are citizens are not procreating. When they do procreate, they raise children who are spoiled and cannot reach the milestones and they make excuses for why they cannot. I don’t believe immigrants will use of more of our social programs once they get launched. They want to advance. Some that came as refugees a year ago have started their own businesses. They are risk takers. Yes, I am in favour of small government. I am in favour of efficiently and it doesn’t exist when we are mired in red tape.

  23. Love you Scott. Great representation of Canada vis a vis USA. However, you said you are conservative…That hurts. How come you subscribe conservatism which is anti progression in fact regression by definition. No no dear Scott, we need facts, not alternate facts, we need serious solutions not simplistic tax cuts and very very small government. We need intellectuals not street smart businessman as our representatives in legislatures and in government. Government does not run like a corporation as the objective functions differ radically from the latter. It is heartening that Canada’s active government succeed in producing the results you cited vis a vis the USA. The Republicans south of the border are destroying America further and further.

    • I too am a conservative. There is such a thing as being a fiscal conservative and social liberal. I work in the civil service. If you saw the wastage…the amount of administration vs. The front line, you too would be appalled. If you read the article about how bureaucracy stops First Nations children from getting the healthcare they need, not a lack of funding, then you would appreciate what Scott is talking about when he talks about small government. The more people in the government, the more people who have to go to meetings and justify what it is that they do and much of that is to create red tape or create rules many of which are the opposite of common sense. It is like with charities…soon the money is all spent on administration and very little is going those who need it. One of the great things about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is that it is not only doing fantastic work but it is constantly evaluating the efficiency and efficaciousness of the work it does. If something doesn’t work, it makes changes so there is very little wastage of money. The government needs to audit what it does in the same way. Constantly evaluating how things are done, how it can be more efficient.

      • Agree…Agree.& agree. For efficiency. Small government not equal to efficiency. Government size depends on what scope of activities you want to take. If you want to protect the vulnerable, then government should step up. Laissez faire conservatism will reduce government into defense and law & order departments only. Conservatism will fight for “judeo Christian” values as Canadian values. This is not religious freedom. So conservatism manifested currently in the USA & the UK are exactly anachronistic regressive doctrines being preached & practised. I abhor that conservatism as authoritarian ideology. I also acknowledge that Harper conservatism was not that far right which shows Canada is not an extreme nation and the world respects Canada.

        • I am in awe of your philosophy of what a conservative government must look like look like. It is not the experience i had when I started out in healthcare. When I began, government was small. Each hospital had its own board, just like a school board in a community does. The boards reported to a provincial entitity. If the hospital ran effiently, it got bonuses. It was not only about running efficiently, it also had to have good outcomes in mortality and morbidity. Time passed and we amalgamated. Then we amalgamated further into a large province wide corporation with 90 thousand employees. We saved money on supplies but we needed a very expensive board and we had at one point 85 Vice Presidents. To hire, a manager needed permission that took an enormous amount of steps. To make purchases was the same involved process. The hospital do not run with the same efficacy or efficiency. The administrators and managers spend all their time at meetings while the front line is always short staffed. This all occurred so the Premier could have control and power in a central location. It was a foolish move done under a Conservative government. Now the NDP don’t want to audit it because it would be traumatic for the front line staff. The Wild Rose want to audit it because the leader’s 24 year son died in hospital after being misdiagnosed 7 times. He had lymphoma. The original system with individual boards worked out well. It was flexible and simple. We could still buy supplies as a unit. It made those in charge take responsible and be innovative and it made the staff step up their game because they took pride in running an institution that was rated to be highly efficient and effacacious. Now we are cogs in an expensive wheel. We get no kudos from anyone. We receive nothing but chastisement. We hear of nothing but cuts. We plug away to provide the best service we can and our managers have teams they have established that we don’t belong to. The NDP has now turned it eyes to the Alberta education system. It ws one of the most progressive and was lauded world wide. It allowed government funding to go anywhere a parent chose….to home schooling; to science school; to Aarabic school; to Spanish School. Now the NDP want to shut that down and limit any funding $5,200 per year, to go only to public school. Some of that funding when to special schools for children with ADHD. Their parents paid $1,000 tuition per month so the 5 grand was a drop in the bucket. Now of course the NDP will keep the five grand and plug into system that in Alberta has long been inadequate. There is a reason Calgarians turned away from public school. The public school chose to spend its money on building fancy headquarters for their school board instead of fixing up schools are literally falling apart. The schools are not innovative and they have no interest in teaching excellence. The NDP feel the need to lower all Albertans into mediocrity. So now you see where one can certainly not make generalizations about ideologies. I completely agree that Harper was not a far right conservativism. No one who supports gay marrige, abortion and the like are alt right. What we have in the US and the Uk now is bigotry parading itself as conservativism. Conservativism is a respect for fiscal restraint and yes a restriction of the size of government; the necessity of government to be involved in every aspect of life. Alberta is very different from other provinces. We have privatized liquor, privatized licensing. The world didn’t end with it. It actually made a lot of sense. The schooling also makes a lot of sense. It is creative and innovative. Governments don’t tend to be innovators.

  24. Goodale and Trudeau must be proactive before the current trickle of illegal migrants becomes a flood.

  25. Thank You America,You Made Canada…….If It Wasn’t For America And Americans, Canada Simply Wouldn’t Exist,If It Wasn’t For Your American Occupation Of Canada,We Simply Couldn’t Survive
    footnote do you ever notice how maps of canada on television commercials always cut the top off of the image of canada…….hmmmmm

  26. (CHANTING) U.S.A U.S.A U.S.A

    Thank You America,You Made Canada…….If It Wasn’t For America And Americans, Canada Simply Wouldn’t Exist,If It Wasn’t For Your American Occupation Of Canada,We Simply Couldn’t Survive
    footnote do you ever notice how maps of canada on television commercials always cut the top off of the image of canada…….hmmmmm
    globalresearch dot ca/search?q=canadian+sovereignty&x=12&y=0
    globalresearch dot ca/search?q=NAFTA&x=10&y=11

  27. No, let’s do something awesome. I mean sure, let’s do more for natives and immigrants, cool, but that’s not really exciting, is it? It’s no Apollo mission, not even on a Canadian scale.

    So I say we turn one of our northern islands into the world’s first mammoth park. We have the technology! This is a real thing we can actually do. It would be a marquee tourist attraction, a perfect stop for the cruise liners that are going to be sailing the northwest passage once it melts. Yes, it’s awful that the arctic is heating up because of our emissions, and yes, there are complicated ethical issues surrounding the resurrection of extinct animals. But… come on, let’s just do the awesome thing, just this once. Canada deserves to cut loose.

      • Ever hear of the Hubble or The Mars Rover genius?

    • Do more for natives. Let’s do more for natives so condescending. This land belongs to them. They were treated like animals, lied to and robbed.
      Robbed of their culture and children. To do more for natives you would have to right those wrongs.

  28. One of the most attractive features about this country for prospective immigrants is that you can be convicted of terrorist attacks against this country and still keep your citizenship plus welfare benefits.

    • “One of the most attractive features about this country for prospective immigrants is that you can be convicted of terrorist attacks against this country and still keep your citizenship plus welfare benefits.”

      Example please.

  29. Canada is better than the US? Bahahahahahahaha……………wait…………….bahahahahahaha

    As someone who has lived on both sides, I would advise the author of this piece to consider the following:
    1) Canadians pay what….an effective tax rate of 1/2 their salaries to the various forms of Gov’t?
    2) No property rights in Canada
    3) Charter of Rights and Freedoms recognizes the supremacy of Government over the Individual (Article 1), in that Parliament can limit any Right it chooses;
    4) NO checks and balances in Government: the party with the majority gets to rule with impunity for 4 years.
    5) Indirect elections: we vote for the Party who appoints the leader – not for a Leader directly
    6) Transfer payments. Which is why it cost me $2,500/year to go to University in Quebec and the rest of you get to pay $6,000+
    7) Language. Is there any reason a federal worker in BC needs to know French? Why is 1/2 the country’s official language for the benefit of 1/5 of that same country’s population? Oh yeah………..more MPS from Quebec than the West, so screw ’em
    8) Unelectable judges and Police Brass. The people who rule over you should be put there by you; not appointed by Politicians looking to repay favors
    9) 2 sets of Laws: one for Aboriginals and 1 for everyone else.
    10) Mortgages are tax deductible in the US. Here you pay it with after tax dollars, and it can never really be yours (see “No property rights” above)
    11) Medicare: we like to feel smug about it, but I for one hate rationed services. We all know about wait times to see a Doctor; routing tests that take forever, and elective surgery that is necessary but takes years to get done. No thanks. I’d rather pay.

    I could go on

  30. Bravo Mr. Gilmore! We should appreciate the difference and what we have. And we should try harder to share our bounty.