The Barry and Honey Sherman murder investigation by the numbers -

The Barry and Honey Sherman murder investigation by the numbers

Police have collected several terabytes of security footage and seized at least 150 items related to the Shermans’ deaths


Toronto homicide detective Sergeant Susan Gomes announced on Friday that police were treating the suspicious deaths of two billionaire philanthropists, Barry and Honey Sherman, as a double homicide. Gomes spoke to the importance of all the evidence so far collected. “Facts guide our focus,” she said. “Conjecture and speculation have no place.” She described the immensity of the investigation to reporters during a press conference. These are the numbers she highlighted:

6: How many weeks police spent searching the Shermans’ primary residence, a three-storey home at 50 Old Colony Rd.

150: Bulk or packaged items seized that are “currently being reviewed and forensically analyzed”

127: Witness statements that have been compiled (that number continues to grow).

348: Investigative actions related to the homicides that “have been assigned and are being vigorously pursued”

20: Judicial authorizations and searches either obtained or executed by police

4: Terabytes worth of commercial and residential security camera footage gathered during a community canvas

500: Approximate hours of footage per terabyte



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