The Canada150 Quiz Countdown trivia test: Day 39! -

The Canada150 Quiz Countdown trivia test: Day 39!

Where is the Marine Building located? If you know the answer, you could win today’s Canada150 prize—or just learn more about our country!



Canada is big—we’re the second-biggest country in the world. And we’re smart, too: We’re among the top 10 when it comes to high-IQ countries, according to a 2012 study. (Just ask the Maclean’s Genius, our trivia champ and CFL player Peter Dyakowski!) So maybe it only makes sense that this is how Maclean’s is building up to the country’s big 150th birthday celebrations: with a daily quiz, to see just how much you know about the true north, strong and free!

Here’s how it works: Every morning at 6 a.m., for each of the 150 mornings before Canada Day, we’ll be posting a new daily quiz of five brain-teasing questions from our quiz master, Terrance Balazo (and sometimes featuring special celebrity guests)! Show off your score on Facebook and Twitter—and if you got at least one question right, submit an entry to our daily contest. Every Wednesday at around 4 pm ET, on Facebook Live, we’ll pick the week’s seven winners (as part of Nick and Adrian’s Canada150 Quiz Countdown Corner on Facebook Live) to win a watch, which will help you keep track of time as we count down to Canada’s big sesquicentennial celebration on July 1! Subscribe to our Facebook page to be notified when we’re live, announcing the winners. We will also email you afterward if you have won. (Click here to see the full contest rules and regulations.)

First, take our quiz, below. Then, tap here to submit your entry for our daily contest!

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The Canada150 Quiz Countdown trivia test: Day 39!

  1. The “study” you have cited (and provided a link to) in this article ( “according to a 2012 study”) is highly controversial and is in fact GARBAGE. It was produced by a supposed expert in “social science” – NOT a real scientist – and has been thoroughly discredited.

    It is racist in nature, has zero credibility in terms of how the supposed tests were carried out and the study actually produced, and most telling of all, Richard Lynn is well known for having ties to far right and racist/white supremacist groups.

    I suggest you remove that link and provide an alternative one. I’m sure there are plenty around as yes, Canadians ARE smart!

    Best wishes