The end of Occupy Toronto

Scenes from the dying days of the protest in St. James Park (VIDEO)



The end of Occupy Toronto

  1. The protest will go on.

  2. Why was the girl at the beginning wearing a poppy? Is that supposed to mean something?

  3. Occufail.

  4. I’m a little upset at the ruling, even though I’m an American citizen.  Its important for these people to be allowed to say their piece without being accosted by the police, like we’ve seen lately here in the United States.  

  5. Wouldn’t it be better if these people were demonstrating their skills for a job as opposed to their dancing or musical skills? They have great exposure. It’s a perfect opportunity to demonstrate what they can do. You can’t expect to have everything given to you on a platter. You have to work for it.

    • Everyone that is getting paid can rationalize somehow that they are good people because they have a job, and in some way they are being productive and contributing to prosperity.  This is a false premise, just look around, “milk it for all it’s” worth is a common motto. 

      If the people that had jobs were all being productive there would likely be more jobs for the people that can’t find work.

      • I have to agree, since if you cannot self sustain or produce a tangible, useful product…not money only, then you aren’t really working for the betterment of society.  There are many that are productive…cooks, transportation personnel, firemen, nurses, farmers, etc.  I get sickened by how everyone wants money for nothing anymore.  Wake up!  The reality is that we need to take back our country from industry so that we can be productive and happy again.

    • Someone has to say enough to corporate corruption and tyrany.  I applaud these individuals for their efforts.  Unfortunately, the average working class Canadian makes barely $20,000/year…if you are not in this wage bracket, you are one of the lucky ones.  And if you haven’t noticed, keeping a decent  job in Canada has become immensely more difficult as Government cuts are aimed at the working and lower class, not at those that have ripped us off.  Now, I have to say that I am also one of the lucky few that earns a decent wage, but I see the outrageous attitude that corporate Canada is pushing at those that are protesting; get a job?!?  How about stop stealing “our” (we the people) money.  The Government needs to tax the upper class appropriately and that includes businesses, as they are taxed lower than the impoverished.

  6. I like how the one guy protesting is holding a Starbucks coffee cup.  Isn’t the protest about the 99 percent?

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