The latest on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford


TORONTO – Mayor Rob Ford has sparked yet another controversy and the threat of legal action when he appeared to accuse a newspaper reporter of having pedophilic tendencies in a televised interview.

The Toronto Star journalist, Daniel Dale, denounced any such suggestion as “categorically false.”

“It’s amazing. I don’t know what to say about it,” Dale said in an interview Tuesday.

“In the calmest terms possible, it is unpleasant when the mayor of the biggest city in Canada essentially accuses you, or suggests, you are a pedophile.”

The scandal-plagued mayor, who has lost most of his mayoral powers, made the comment in a Vision TV interview Monday night with former media baron and convicted felon, Conrad Black.

At one point in the interview, Black asked Ford about media intrusion on his family’s privacy, and Ford singled out Dale for an incident that happened in May 2012.

Ford had confronted Dale outside the mayor’s west-end home in an adjacent park the mayor was looking to buy.

“Daniel Dale is in my backyard taking pictures. I have little kids. He’s taking pictures of little kids,” Ford said.

“I don’t want to say that word but you start thinking what this guy is all about.”

Dale, who seemed bemused by Ford’s comments, said at no time did he ever take any photographs of the mayor’s family, house or even his property — and a police investigation bore that out.

He said the Star’s lawyers were pondering next steps.

Ford did not comment and neither Black nor Vision TV responded to interview requests Tuesday.

However, Vision’s code of ethics warns against misrepresenting or inciting hatred against any individual. It also promises to correct any “significant unfairness.”

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, who has assumed most of the mayor’s powers, denounced Ford’s view.

“It’s dead wrong,” Kelly said.

“It’s almost beyond comment. It goes beyond the pale and I think there should be an apology for that.”

Toronto Star lawyers could not immediately be reached for comment.

However, in a statement in response to Ford’s remarks, the paper’s editor in chief Michael Cooke slammed Ford:

“Just when you think Mayor Ford has said the most stupid thing, such as letting the whole world know about his sex life at home, he tops himself with another outrage,” Cooke said.

Among other things, Ford has garnered national and international attention for his admission to smoking crack cocaine, buying illegal drugs and making an obscene comment about a female aide on national television.

He has frequently denounced the Star, which in May carried the story of a video in which Ford appears to smoke crack cocaine, calling its reporters “pathological liars.”

Kelly suggested it was time for journalists to give Ford a wider berth.

“If the media didn’t follow the mayor as closely as it has, I think it would take the oxygen out of the room,” Kelly said.

Ivor Shapiro, chairman of Ryerson’s School of Journalism, said Ford does at times get too much media scrutiny, and journalists can lose their sense of proportion.

“I sympathize with people who think the mayor gets more attention than he deserves and that news media are somewhat obsessed with his every move and his every foible,” Shapiro said.

“(But) he is the head of a very large government and to hold the heads of government accountable for their behaviour is part of what of media do.”

At the same time, Shapiro said, Ford does give journalists a “lot of reasons” to be interested in his behaviour.


The latest on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

  1. Rob Ford is a disgusting human being.

    • I think Black is just as disgusting,for leading Ford down the garden path, as he so aptly did. Two repugnant individuals … on public television, feeding off of one another, hideous to say the least.

    • Disgusting? Yes. Human being? Not so much.

  2. The man has lost it. It is sad to watch him hold on to his job at the expense of his family, the city and his self esteem. Its only a job.

  3. I’d call Robo a pig but that’s way too demeaning to pigs. I like my bacon. I hope he chokes on his gravy. Freaking idiot this guy. JUST UNBELIEVABLE!!

  4. I don’t know how he is still the mayor? They’ve impeached presidents for less, why can’t we kick him to the curb. He’s such an embarrassment. Worst “Drunk Uncle” ever.

  5. If he would stop being such an idiot, the media would find someone/thing more interesting. He brings it all on himself. His wife and family must be so proud of this buffoon.

  6. Can we not put this juvenile in a time out? SOMEBODY???

  7. While a troubled country like Africa mourns the passing of one of the most amazing political and moral figures in history, Canada hides it head in shame at a monster like Rob Ford.

    • Africa is not a country – it is a continent. South Africa is a country. Just correction

      • People like embarassed are the reason Rob Ford was elected… the slow decline of society’s intelligence by the “middle class”

        • and the shrinking size of the upper class. Beware your numbers are going down.

        • Study a consensus of Ford’s riding and you will then understand what the remainder of Torontonian’s are up against. I’m not insinuating intelligence, reflects upon ethnicity but by golly, one has to take that into consideration, when looking at the voters.

      • correction cops…oyy…always telling us the obvious

        • Not so obvious to the writer, who failed to correct his/her comment.

          Mandela was human, therefore he was multi-dimensional, but unlike every other African leader of the past 60 years, he walked the talk and stepped down after a single term. He didn’t take revenge. He didn’t urge retribution. He provided moral leadership and leadership by example. That continent and its countries need more like him. And there are some who have tried to follow his lead. There were those who said Canada couldn’t force the end of apartheid in South Africa, but we played the biggest role, starting with Diefenbaker forcing South Africa out of the Commonwealth and then to Mulroney arm-twisting Thatcher and Reagan.

  8. Palaver over nothing. The spectacle of Canada’s journos closing ranks around a sneaky little coward like Dale is laughable. When are the they going to get it? People love Ford BECAUSE the journos hate him.

    • Rob Ford is not the first conservative politician to associate his political opponents to pedophilia, without any reason whatsoever. I have also noted a penchant to associate French-Canadian males to homosexuality. Strange people, those conservative partisans.

      • According to my research, Rob Ford is NOT A CONSERVATIVE. HE is INDEPENDENT. SO how’s about we stop saying he’s something he isnt.

        • He’s a giant C Arch-Conservative!

        • Well, your research skills seem to be somewhat lacking then.

        • There’s something wrong with your keyboard. The caps are sticking.

          Rob Ford is definitely a conservative partisan. His father was a conservative MPP, and (wiki) “After Ford Sr.’s death, Rob has maintained political connections with the provincial PC party and the federal Conservative Party of Canada.”
          Heck, Rob Ford even goes fishing with PM Harper.

          • You confuse “maintaining relations” which are useful when your city needs federal or provincial funding, and being an active card-carrying partisan. As for Harrington Lake, are you saying every world leader or Canadian leader who ever fished there with a Prime Minister shares that PM’s politics?

          • Hmm guess Google and wikipedia need to update their info. He is listed as an independent.

      • and is there something wrong with homosexuality?

        • You’re asking us (No) or Rob Ford (Yes) ?

          • Or himself?

        • I should have written that conservative partisans love to depict French-Canadian male politicians as women. I have read it here, at The Globe, so often that it puzzles me as to why. Haven’t you noticed that conservative partisans ridicule Trudeau by calling him Justine and ridiculed Dion by calling him Stephanie? Maybe it’s just a racist thing, but strange nevertheless.

          • With all due respect, it’s not a French thing. Worldwide, men are disparaged by being compared to little girls or boys. Harper, likewise. It’s immature, of course. But the maturity of comment sections in newspapers is typically below that of most primary school yards. In the case of Justin and Dion and Harper, their first names are simply switched to a French girl’s name very easily. But this is commonly done outside of French-English circles. It’s all about getting under the skin of the supporters of the opponent. And it works.

            I should add that women in leadership positions are also similarly disparaged. They’re too manly, not manly enough, act like little girls, etc. Ad hominem is never pretty (or acceptable in any human discourse).

          • was it really Margaret Thatcher who was the only one with balls in the party?

    • Yes, all 3 of Ford’s current supporters would probably agree with this.

      But in all seriousness, people shouldn’t let what other people think govern their views on a politician. They should look at the facts. And the facts are that Ford is a lying unqualified mayor who has embarrassed this city and his loved ones for too long. He needs to get over his own raging ego and resign before he makes this situation even worse, which he somehow manages to do on a weekly basis.

      Anyone who likes a politician because because a paper they disagree with hates them needs to take a serious look at their priorities. It’s quite a shameful concept.

    • no, you love him because you’re all a bunch of morons and see your idiot selves in him.

  9. Has this all been going on in some weird parallel universe? “TORONTO, Cananda – Mayor Rob Ford sparked yet another controversy…” Where is this land of Cananda of which you speak? I know not of such a place. (Cough! Editing Fail! Cough!)

  10. What is Conrad Black still doing in Canada?

    • No one else wants anything to do with him so Stephen in Ottawa has opened our doors and welcomed him here. Even though he renounced his Canadian citizenship to accept an appointment from HRM Elizabeth. He belongs England .

      • and who was it that got the terrorist khadr out of a Pakistani prison and welcomed him back to Canada with his herd.

  11. It is obvious to all sensible human beings that Rob Ford is in self-destruct mode.
    The question is will he take Toronto with him?

  12. Seriously? That foul idiot is a continuing embarrassment to the city, the province and the country. I was in the UK recently and Crack Smoking Canadians were all the joke. He needs to get his swollen head with the pea size brain out of his backside and go quietly into the night. He is a one man wrecking ball. Can we collectively sue him for the damage he has done us all?

  13. “Coun. Doug Ford, said the mayor did not suggest Dale was a pedophile.”
    Well, I guess if you want to get really pedantic about it, Doug, I guess he implied more than suggested…

    • Doug Ford is also a pathological liar.

  14. I suppose he’s hoping the Star will sue him so he can say he’s at war with and being persecuted by the Star in the lead-up to the next election? Maybe I’m giving him too much credit? Either way, his own reputation is completely shot so I don’t suppose he’s got anything to lose by some kind of defamation judgment. God knows he’s been chirp, chirping about suing journalists for months and has done absolutely nothing.

    • Of course, he is being persecuted by The Star.

      Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t get that? Just read the snippy comments by Robyn Doolittle in her twitter feed during the Black-Ford interview. If that doesn’t tell the tale, then one isn’t listening.

      • Most sane and rational people don’t see it that way. That excuses all of you Ford apologist/cultists.

  15. I think Deputy Mayor Kelly has it right. It’s time for the media to begin giving Ford the attention he deserves, which is absolutely none. If the media does feel the need to report on him, perhaps it should be as an after-thought … “in other news so-called Mayor Ford said/did another bone-headed thing” one sentence & that’s it – no more articles, no more columns..

    • It’s time for City Council to refuse to allow him back into City Hall until he 1) agrees to finally speak to the police and 2) agrees to sit down — without his brother — and openly answer a lot of very specific questions. Making a remark on a football show and sitting down with fellow sociopath Conrad “I’ve Also Shamed Canada” Black doesn’t cut it.

      • Both good thoughts – never going to happen. When one is dealing with bad behavior there comes a point in time when it’s obvious that the individual is unlikely to change, that the only sane coping strategy is to change one’s own response to the bad behavior. At this point Ford is mayor in name only & should be treated that way, time to start ignoring him.

        • I totally agree, but unfortunately that is easier said than done. He either does something or something is revealed on almost a daily basis that is very hard to ignore. Today Daniel Dale and his employer had every right to respond and while he’s staying to remain above the gutter so I am sure he’ll remain silent, Bill Blair has every right to defend himself also.

      • You just can’t handle the truth. If the answer isn’t what you want, it’s not good enough.

        • I can handle the truth. I just can’t abide Rob (and Doug) Ford’s lies, bullying, homophobia, racism, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, drunk driving, extortion, gang activity, and denigration of anyone — media, police, lawyers, judges, citizens – who say anything that he doesn’t wish to admit is true.

  16. Fair thought.

  17. One criminal interviewing another. What’s so strange about that? Conrad Black is a convicted criminal who gave up his CanadiaN citizenship to become a British “Lord”.
    When is this guy going tp be removed from my country. He’s just not welcome here.

    • Chretien forced Black to renounce his Canadian citizenship. Harper hasn’t forced Mulcair to denounce his French citizenship. There’s your difference.

      • That was stupid of you.

        • I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say. Conrad Black is a convicted felon. Mulcair is not. Conrad Black has U.K. citizenship where Mulcair has Canadian citizenship.
          At this point it really doesn’t matter how Black relinquished his citizenship. He was given a choice and he chose the Peerage.
          Now he’s not a Canadian and he is a criminal.
          There certainly are many differences between Black and Mulcair but I still don’t understand the point you wanted to make.
          In case you think I’m an NDPer I’m not. Just a concerned citizen.

      • No one ‘forced’ Black to renounce his Canadian citizenship. He elected to do it himself in order to become a British Lord. Chretien blocked Black from obtaining a peerage in the British House Of Lords. Big difference..

    • by my estimation, the entire first half at least was nothing but a pre-established narrative by the host. he even accused his own wretched self of providing leading questions, and then promptly continued to provide even more.

      for a while, it was beginning to feel like robbie’s practice run before taking the witness stand at some future dates, yet featured the same old rehearsed lines. then it occurred to me that it was more like a some kind of ‘my fair mayor’ grooming video from his lordship.

      i’d love to know who set up this televised mess. a consideration of the egos involved may be most revealing. i’m guessing moses, conrad, robert, douglas jr., and, perchance, dennis morris.

  18. There have been two huge worldwide media events featuring Canadian personalities in the latter half of 2013 – Mayor Rob Ford and Commander Chris Hadfield. My suggestion is that we make Hadfield the Mayor of Toronto and we send Mr. Ford into space.

    • The couldn’t get him into physical orbit.

      Mental orbit doesn’t count ;0

  19. Rob Ford is a pathetic little man, and made even more so because this petulant little boy act he carries on with. Thank goodness City Council finally decided to put a dunce cap on him and made him stand in a corner. Now if only they were allowed to use duct tape to cover his mouth, and all of Toronto would be smelling like roses

  20. As an American it gives me great hope that Toronto now rivals Chicago as the Political Clown Capital of the Free World.

    • It always did.

    • yours is the first comment i laid eyes on tonight, and it was the one that i’ve dreaded most but have thus far managed to avoid in this whole sordid tale.

      an american friend, feeling for us(!) in our time of deepest need. warm and sincere thanks, but you just had to pull out chicago, didn’t you? that one really stings. :)

      ’tis to weep.

  21. The mayor talks about a documented invasion of privacy by a whining reporter who showed up AT NIGHT to take pictures beside his house and someone twists this into sympathy for the weasel reporter? That’s the Toronto municipal media circus folks. The Toronto media is owned by the richest people in Canada. They don’t want a mayor they can’t control. And that’s why they’ve fought him since the day he announced his candidacy in 2010.

    • The point is that Ford can’t control himself. The very idea that you or anyone would take his word over the newspaper that has proved he is a liar again and again, only reveals that you are a resident with him in the land of denial. In other words you are a victim of persecution complex by proxy. Please get help for your anger and self-delusion.

  22. Rob Ford is right. Nobody should be subject to a reporter peering into your private home, where your kids are playing.

    • Which he wasn’t subject to, by all reliable reports. (And I’m not talking about Rob’s continually changing story)

      • Not true. The TO Star and the reporter admitted to circling his yard, in the dark, with a camera. Any normal person would react the same way – violated, angry and fearful for his family and for his kids in particular.

        • nice try in spinning it. the police cleared dale of any such thing and CCTV backed them up. but obviously they’re out to get ford, so they’re biased and want to take down the greatest mayor in history.

  23. If there had been the smallest whiff of inappropriate activity on the part of Dale, so many months ago, it would have been dealt with promptly.
    The interview was a sham and a shameful event.

  24. Google “megalomaniac.” Tweedledumb is a textbook example.

  25. Nobody ever presses charges against the Mayor, no matter what he does. Nobody sues. He’s still in office.