The Most Dangerous Cities in Canada: Overall crime score—by population

2009 Maclean’s National Crime Rankings

Area Population Overall crime score
as a percentage difference from
the national rate
TORONTO 2,651,717 11.66% 29
MONTREAL 1,871,846 23.15% 24
PEEL REGION, ONT. 1,222,639 -40.68% 70
CALGARY 1,038,481 17.12% 27
YORK REGION, ONT. 975,501 -75.25% 94
OTTAWA  846,169 -28.68% 56
EDMONTON 763,732 110.36% 5
WINNIPEG 653,733 152.98% 2
VANCOUVER 609,785 71.50% 8
DURHAM REGION, ONT. 595,354 -23.98% 47
QUEBEC CITY 535,321 -40.35% 69
HAMILTON 519,741 18.11% 26
WATERLOO REGION, ONT. 496,370 -39.75% 68
HALTON REGION, ONT.  468,980 -79.33% 96
NIAGARA REGION, ONT. 433,946 -29.58% 58
SURREY, B.C.  425,428 70.08% 9
LONGUEUIL, QUE. 395,168 -16.67% 41
LAVAL, QUE. 381,651 -22.21% 45
LONDON, ONT. 362,561 -11.48% 37
GATINEAU-MÉTRO, QUE. 251,274 -14.81% 40
BURNABY, B.C.  221,856 43.11% 16
WINDSOR, ONT. 220,569 -9.40% 35
HALIFAX  215,830 73.58% 7
SASKATOON 206,365 163.23% 1
RICHMOND, B.C.  193,164 -37.91% 65
REGINA 183,540 135.74% 3
ST. JOHN’S 182,605 -22.47% 46
RICHELIEU SAINT-LAURENT, QUE. 180,520 -56.33% 77
HALIFAX COUNTY, , N.S.  169,627 -63.96% 84
SUDBURY, ONT. 162,438 -3.27% 33
SHERBROOKE, QUE. 149,875 -34.23% 62
SAGUENAY, QUE. 144,924 -28.97% 57
BARRIE, ONT. 139,298 -28.31% 54
ABBOTSFORD, B.C. 135,253 27.25% 22
LÉVIS, QUE. 133,470 -80.93% 98
COQUITLAM, B.C.  133,218 -25.20% 48
TROIS-RIVIÈRES, QUE. 127,190 -19.12% 42
MRC VAUDREUIL-SOUL. 126,383 -65.18% 85
TERREBONNE, QUE. 121,845 -25.33% 49
GUELPH, ONT. 120,254 -52.85% 74
KINGSTON, ONT. 119,423 -31.20% 60
THUNDER BAY, ONT. 114,286 49.96% 14
KELOWNA, B.C. 113,109 32.86% 19
SAANICH,  B.C. 112,335 -60.37% 81
CHATHAM-KENT, ONT. 109,123 -35.63% 64
CODIAC REGION, N.B.  104,650 -25.68% 50
CAPE BRETON, N.S. 103,418 -12.25% 38
DELTA, B.C. 103,323 -60.80% 82
LANGLEY TOWNSHIP, B.C. 100,591 22.79% 25
RED DEER, ALTA.  97,038 -11.31% 36
VICTORIA, B.C. 95,477 65.70% 10
DRUMMOND MRC, QUE. – (DRUMMOND MRC, 24526) 95,448 -21.23% 44
BRANTFORD, ONT. 93,156 41.54% 17
NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. 90,864 -69.59% 89
WELLINGTON COUNTY, ONT.  88,944 -74.48% 92
ST.JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU, QUE. 88,803 -19.87% 43
REPENTIGNY, QUE. 86,644 -74.63% 93
NANAIMO, B.C. 83,648 28.61% 21
KAMLOOPS, B.C. 83,527 54.16% 13
MASKOUTAINS MRC, QUE.  82,456 -79.97% 97
LETHBRIDGE, ALTA.  82,146 29.14% 20
THÉRÈSE-DE-BLAINVILLE, QUE.  80,080 -27.25% 51
MAPLE RIDGE, B.C.  76,267 23.85% 23
SAULTSTE. MARIE, ONT. 76,136 -12.71% 39
SARNIA,ONT. 74,253 6.85% 31
PRINCE GEORGE, B.C.  73,911 126.95% 4
CALEDON, ONT. 73,877 -86.69% 100
CHILLIWACK, B.C. 72,491 75.38% 6
CHÂTEAUGUAY, QUE. 69,899 -43.66% 72
SAINT JOHN, N.B. 69,357 46.75% 15
ARTHABASKA MRC, QUE.  67,618 -27.42% 52
SAINT-JÉRÔME, QUE. 67,600 35.36% 18
ST. ALBERT, ALTA.  64,535 -76.98% 95
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. 64,161 60.09% 12
NORFOLK, ONT.  63,864 -57.58% 79
OXFORD COMMUNITY, ONT. 62,221 -49.37% 73
GRANBY, QUE. 60,902 -28.44% 55
MEDICINE HAT, ALTA. 60,246 -31.77% 61
OROMOCTO, N.B. 59,890 -82.41% 99
PORT COQUITLAM, B.C.  59,732 60.99% 11
SOUTH SIMCOE, ONT., MUNICIPAL, ONT. – (Bradford West  Gwillimbury and Innisfil, 35275) 57,584 -65.97% 86
NORTH BAY, ONT. 56,716 -38.08% 66
KINGS COUNTY, N.S.  55,066 -54.80% 75
TRACADIE-SHEILA, N.B.  54,869 -57.53% 78
FORT MCMURRAY, ALTA.  54,813 15.05% 28
MIDDLESEX, ONT.  54,417 -67.32% 88
NOTTAWASAGA, ONT.  54,122 -67.01% 87
RIMOUSKI-NEIGETTE, QUE.  53,667 -55.18% 76
MONTCALM MRC, QUE.  52,828 0.71% 32
PETROLIA, ONT. 52,661 -63.83% 83
FREDERICTON 52,339 -7.86% 34
STRATHCONA COUNTY, ALTA.  51,940 -39.16% 67
SHAWINIGAN MRC, QUE 51,875 -29.74% 59
KELOWNA,  B.C. (Rural) 51,560 -34.37% 63
LAC-ST-JEAN-EST MRC, QUE.  51,543 -69.99% 90
HURONIA WEST, ONT.  51,263 -57.58% 80

Source: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Maclean’s

Maclean’s obtained annual crime data from Statistics Canada for municipal police services with the 100 largest populations in the nation. Using 2007 rates per 100,000 population for six crimes—homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault, vehicle theft, robbery plus breaking and entering—Maclean’s calculated the percentage difference from the national rate for each of the six crimes. In consultation with StatsCan, we gave each crime equal weights and standardized the rates to obtain an overall score that measured each area’s percentage difference from the national rate. Data from Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are excluded from the provincial and territorial score calculations due to their extreme crime rate values, which are inconsistent with the distribution of the rest of the country.



The Most Dangerous Cities in Canada: Overall crime score—by population

  1. Not exactly a city……

    In the overall crime score–by population, I noted that Petrolia, Ont. ranked 83rd with a quoted population of 52,661. I know the town well, and on a good day, the TOWN (hardly a city) boasts a population of 5,000 or less. How does that work?

    • I noticed that as well, population stats seem somewhat screwed up here for eastern Canada as well. The population of Halifax regional Municipality is closer to 400K not 200K. Crime is bad enough here but it looks like these figures would be totally exaggerating the problem by a factor of almost 2. Not to say in the remotest way that this city, pretty much like everywhere, is pray to thugs that the courts seem unwilling to lock up for good, but these numbers just don’t seem correct. Of course an article in this magazine last year assured us that oil was headed for 200 a bbl. and that life would never be the same. So don’t believe everything you read and always consider the source. Cheers

  2. How about comparing real cities to real cities., comparing cities, counties,regions is not an accurate comparison. Bradford, West Gwillimbury, Innisfill (South Simcoe) is not a real city they are 3 towns that are in the Holland Marsh area of Ontario along with dozens of others between Toronto and Barrie.

  3. Anything that provides evidence that Ontario is the best province is ok in my books. All you haters can go rob each other!

    • Whooh, dude, what the heck are you talking about. Have a dube and chill out. Yikes!

      • I guess you missed the joke….Since you’re probably stoned, I’ll explain:

        It is no secret that Toronto/Ontario gets crapped on by the rest of Canada for thinking its the centre of the universe…or even better, for wanting to be New York/American…So, I played up that stereotype by suggesting that the rest of Canada are all criminals….Obviously, this is not the case…

        Perhaps it is you that should put the pipe down and give your brain cells some fresh air.

        I’m surprised your next post wasn’t wondering why the guy from Hamilton would be embarrassed by low crime rates.

        • The two cities with the highest crime are vancouver and toronto- places that are highly multicultural. I wonder what the crime rate was in toronto say 30 years ago when it was alot more white and did not have 150 ethnic gangs.

    • Toronto and surrey are THE WORST overall for all crimes, and most racist cities in canada

  4. Wow, I can’t believe such a blatantly rascist and hate inspiring message (by Chris) hasn’t been removed yet. For shame.

    • Hes not being racist when he’s pointing out the facts. Its not an hate inspiring message if its the truth. Its sad to admit but not even you can say its not true, If you deny it your obviously blind.

    • He’s just telling the friggin’ truth. For the love of God, people like you, sticking your head in the sand and enabling one group of people to never grow up, have purpetuated a rediculous situation to continue. My brother worked on a reserve years ago. It was insanity then, 1000 times worse now. That’s right, name call anyone who states the obvious, keep shovelling money to the chiefs and their cronnies and pretend everything’s fine. I might remind you that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same actions over and over and to expect a different result. Have a nice day.

      • Racist or not, it is interesting that people think that by censoring racist remarks, somehow the problem will go away.

    • What about freedom of speech ? I didn't get to read his comment because it was removed by the administrator. Coming from a heritage that has been and still are victims of racism, I still have to say it may have been a blatantly racist and hate inspiring message, but i have to ask on question ? I thought that people could say their opinions which ever the side on the scale of morality it may tip to.

    • Women beaten to death in surrey- hum probably a racist attack by a growing minority who is non white. They are trying to drive out all the races who are not one of ‘theirs.’ Two teens brutally beaten to death in the last 2 months in surrey, one 16 year old white girl waiting for her friends in the daytime to go to a football game- brutally attacked and beaten with a baseball bat, unprovoked, never met the people before. Same for the 17 year old just before xmas in surry coming from an interview alone, beaten to a pulp for no reason outside a transit station. So we see who the real racists in canada are now dont we.

      • Mode of operandi- baseball bats or cricket sticks, hum whose favourite sport is that??

  5. Il est intéressant de voir qu’il fait bon vivre au Québec. Peut-être que l’ouest pourrait s’inspirer de nos valeurs et de nos façons de faire, c’est-à-dire: moins d’armes à feu et moins de coercition tout en faisant plus de prévention.

    • What?

      • Rough Translation: It’s interesting to see that it’s good livng in Quebec. Maybe the West can be inspired by our values and our ways of doing things. That’s to say, fewers guns, less incarceration and more prevention.

  6. Vous avez raison Line.Quelle difference entre les Canadiens Francais et ceux de l’ouest.Je ne demeure plus a Quebec,mais j’observe depuis toujour! Gardez bien vos traditions et continuer de vivre en paix.

  7. We need to amalgamate police forces throughout the lower mainland of Vancouver BC Canada.

  8. Strange.

    Peel Region is identified as a City (its not).

    Caledon is identified separately, but it is part of peel region.


    • Notice the column heading….AREA

  9. Uh . . . this ranking does not prove a direct link between high crime rates and high native populations.

  10. I live in the little town of Oromocto NB and its population is 8,900, yet in this article it boasts a population of 59,890. What gives MacLeans……………….

  11. I am a Newfoundlander and have spent years living in Quebec and Ontario and let me tell you, if you want a role model for peaceful living , look eastward. St. John's, NL is the safest place I've ever been, and I've been places. No homicide, no rape, no guns. Anomie breeds crime; community coercion kills it.

    • You did read the whole article right? One of the highest robberies and by far the HIGHEST homicide rate in all of Canada.

    • A place that is almost all white! Also NB!! Only one gang in the east, toronto has 175 gangs! Do the math people. 20% of the homocides are by gangs targeting other gangs- I heard the police say.

  12. Amazing how four of the five most dangerous cities are places with high native populations.

    • Its not the native we need to worry about, they are not the people causing the violent crimes.

  13. It’s interesting how four of the five most dangerouse cities are places with high native populations.

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