The Most Dangerous Cities in Canada: Overall crime score—by rank

2009 Maclean’s National Crime Rankings

Area Population Overall crime score
as a percentage
difference from
the national rate
SASKATOON 206365 163.23% 1
WINNIPEG 653733 152.98% 2
REGINA 183540 135.74% 3
PRINCE GEORGE, B.C.  73911 126.95% 4
EDMONTON 763732 110.36% 5
CHILLIWACK, B.C. 72491 75.38% 6
HALIFAX  215830 73.58% 7
VANCOUVER 609785 71.50% 8
SURREY, B.C.  425428 70.08% 9
VICTORIA, B.C. 95477 65.70% 10
PORT COQUITLAM, B.C.  59732 60.99% 11
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. 64161 60.09% 12
KAMLOOPS, B.C. 83527 54.16% 13
THUNDER BAY, ONT. 114286 49.96% 14
SAINT JOHN, N.B. 69357 46.75% 15
BURNABY, B.C.  221856 43.11% 16
BRANTFORD, ONT. 93156 41.54% 17
SAINT-JÉRÔME, QUE. 67600 35.36% 18
KELOWNA, B.C. 113109 32.86% 19
Lethbridge, ALTA.  82146 29.14% 20
NANAIMO, B.C. 83648 28.61% 21
ABBOTSFORD, B.C. 135253 27.25% 22
MAPLE RIDGE, B.C.  76267 23.85% 23
MONTREAL 1871846 23.15% 24
LANGLEY TOWNSHIP, B.C. 100591 22.79% 25
HAMILTON 519741 18.11% 26
CALGARY 1038481 17.12% 27
FORT MCMURRAY, ALTA.  54813 15.05% 28
TORONTO 2651717 11.66% 29
SARNIA, ONT. 74253 6.85% 31
MONTCALM MRC, QUE.  52828 0.71% 32
SUDBURY, ONT. 162438 -3.27% 33
FREDERICTON 52339 -7.86% 34
WINDSOR, ONT. 220569 -9.40% 35
RED DEER, ALTA.  97038 -11.31% 36
LONDON, ONT. 362561 -11.48% 37
CAPE BRETON, N.S. 103418 -12.25% 38
SAULT STE. MARIE, ONT. 76136 -12.71% 39
GATINEAU-MÉTRO, QUE. 251274 -14.81% 40
LONGUEUIL, QUE. 395168 -16.67% 41
TROIS-RIVIÈRES, QUE. 127190 -19.12% 42
ST.JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU, QUE. 88803 -19.87% 43
DRUMMOND MRC, QUE. – (DRUMMOND MRC, 24526) 95448 -21.23% 44
LAVAL, QUE. 381651 -22.21% 45
ST. JOHN’S 182605 -22.47% 46
DURHAM REGION, ONT. 595354 -23.98% 47
COQUITLAM, B.C.  133218 -25.20% 48
TERREBONNE, QUE. 121845 -25.33% 49
CODIAC REGION, N.B.  104650 -25.68% 50
THÉRÈSE-DE-BLAINVILLE, QUE.  80080 -27.25% 51
ARTHABASKA MRC, QUE.  67618 -27.42% 52
BARRIE, ONT. 139298 -28.31% 54
GRANBY, QUE. 60902 -28.44% 55
OTTAWA  846169 -28.68% 56
SAGUENAY, QUE. 144924 -28.97% 57
NIAGARA REGION, ONT. 433946 -29.58% 58
SHAWINIGAN MRC, QUE 51875 -29.74% 59
KINGSTON, ONT. 119423 -31.20% 60
MEDICINE HAT, ALTA. 60246 -31.77% 61
SHERBROOKE, QUE. 149875 -34.23% 62
KELOWNA,  B.C. (Rural) 51560 -34.37% 63
CHATHAM-KENT, ONT. 109123 -35.63% 64
RICHMOND, B.C.  193164 -37.91% 65
NORTH BAY, ONT. 56716 -38.08% 66
STRATHCONA COUNTY, ALTA.  51940 -39.16% 67
WATERLOO REGION, ONT. 496370 -39.75% 68
QUEBEC CITY 535321 -40.35% 69
PEEL REGION, ONT. 1222639 -40.68% 70
CHÂTEAUGUAY, QUE. 69899 -43.66% 72
OXFORD COMMUNITY, ONT. 62221 -49.37% 73
GUELPH, ONT. 120254 -52.85% 74
KINGS COUNTY, N.S.  55066 -54.80% 75
RIMOUSKI-NEIGETTE, QUE.  53667 -55.18% 76
TRACADIE-SHEILA, N.B.  54869 -57.53% 78
NORFOLK, ONT.  63864 -57.58% 79
HURONIA WEST, ONT.  51263 -57.58% 80
SAANICH,  B.C. 112335 -60.37% 81
DELTA, B.C. 103323 -60.80% 82
PETROLIA, ONT. 52661 -63.83% 83
HALIFAX COUNTY, , N.S. 169627 -63.96% 84
MRC VAUDREUIL-SOUL. 126383 -65.18% 85
SOUTH SIMCOE, ONT., MUNICIPAL, ONT. – (Bradford West Gwillimbury and Innisfil, 35275) 57584 -65.97% 86
NOTTAWASAGA, ONT.  54122 -67.01% 87
MIDDLESEX, ONT.  54417 -67.32% 88
NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. 90864 -69.59% 89
LAC-ST-JEAN-EST MRC, QUE.  51543 -69.99% 90
95717 -70.47% 91
WELLINGTON COUNTY, ONT.  88944 -74.48% 92
REPENTIGNY, QUE. 86644 -74.63% 93
YORK REGION, ONT. 975501 -75.25% 94
ST. ALBERT, ALTA.  64535 -76.98% 95
HALTON REGION, ONT.  468980 -79.33% 96
MASKOUTAINS MRC, QUE.  82456 -79.97% 97
LÉVIS, QUE. 133470 -80.93% 98
OROMOCTO, N.B. 59890 -82.41% 99
CALEDON, ONT. 73877 -86.69% 100

Source: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Maclean’s

Maclean’s obtained annual crime data from Statistics Canada for municipal police services with the 100 largest populations in the nation. Using 2007 rates per 100,000 population for six crimes—homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault, vehicle theft, robbery plus breaking and entering—Maclean’s calculated the percentage difference from the national rate for each of the six crimes. In consultation with StatsCan, we gave each crime equal weights and standardized the rates to obtain an overall score that measured each area’s percentage difference from the national rate. Data from Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are excluded from the provincial and territorial score calculations due to their extreme crime rate values, which are inconsistent with the distribution of the rest of the country.



The Most Dangerous Cities in Canada: Overall crime score—by rank

  1. Wow, your statistics are….wow lol.
    Its nice that you can cut down cities just by their stats but you’ve never/don’t live there.
    Minus the bad name your are giving these cities, you’ll never be able to take away how beautiful or friendly these places actually are.
    I do have to say your numbers are interesting but none the least I’m proud to live in the highest crime rate city. I still love it here and find it just as safe as your lowest numbered city on this list.

    • Good on ya, SK. Don’t let the numbers get in the way of emotional attachment.

      • Don’t let fraudulent numbers get in the way of your sarcasm. You can’t combine a 2006 census for a university town which has a temporary population of almost double with 2007 and 2008 crime stats combined. The worst numbers from both years and come up with whatever you want.

    • SK,

      The statistics don’t say anything about the quality of life in these cities, nor do they pretend to. How people interpret those statistics is up to them. The friendliness and beauty of the cities has nothing to do with crime. Also, as I am sure any intelligent person can infer, just as crime rates change as you move from city to city, they also change as you move from neighbourhood to neighbourhood within those cities. As such I am sure people aren’t judging these cities solely based on some statistics printed in a magazine.

      As a side note I grew up in Winnipeg and never felt unsafe there. Aside from my parents’ car getting stolen once by some joy riders (it was found 2 days later about 15 minutes away) nothing even close to scary or criminal has ever happened to me or anyone I know.

    • these stats arent meant to prove quality of life moron. there are tons of stats on the web that prove quality of life and beauty and how friendly it is, this is just one compilation of crime stats, and certain companies and people need to know the real crime stats

  2. It’s interesting to see Surrey in 9th and Delta, which is adjacent to Surrey, placing 82nd. It’s not as if the two are separated by a river, but instead by a road. Talk about being on the wrong side…

    • and both municipality’s cover a very large area with multiple town centers. So the fact that a “road” is the demarcation between the 2 means nothing.

      • 400K+ pop (surrey) vs 103K (delta) RCMP vs Delta pd reporting stats.  Makes all the difference in the world.  Stats; make em say what you want  :)

  3. Dear MacLean’s

    I’m normally a pretty optimistic andpositive type of person, but would it be too much to ask that you include a ‘column heading’ button which allows people to list the cities alphabetically, or to include a columnar table with all the various types of crimes listed beside the city name as well, running across the page? Instead, you force people to scroll down, peering to find their city, and you force people to click on each individual ‘type of crime’ link.

    Get with it – this really IS the information age, but you seem to have missed the boat completely.

    • not to mention, the population for Oromocto is NOT 59000

    • I assume you aren't aware that if you just press "ctrl+F" on your keyboard & type the name of your city/town, it will highlight it and take you right to it.

  4. It seems pretty obvious that there is something about communities with high native populations going on. The utter failure of government policy (across all parties) there has real implications, just like America’s unresolved racial issues.

    • totally. this generation of aboriginals is completely out of control. not racism, but a fact. I hear natives themselves say it too!

  5. “Instead, you force people to scroll down, peering to find their city, ”

    Ctrl+F. Even if I hadn’t known Toronto was 29th from the article, it wouldn’t have taken more than typing the city name into the Find box to locate it. Macleans is living the information age – they assume people know what their web browser can do. :)

  6. These derived statistics have a variety of possible flaws:
    1. All six crime categories are given equal weight. Homicides affect a small number of people, and thus (especially in smaller communities) are subject to large random swings,
    2. To know how dangerous a city is to an individual, you would have to know what proportion of the crimes involve stranger, as opposed to people known to each other. If all the murders are gang members killing each other or domestic disputes, the danger to an individual would depend on whether that individual was a gang member or in an abusive relationship.
    3. Population figures are used as the denominator. Areas with high numbers of visitors or transients will have artificially low denominators, giving exagerated rates relative to areas with lower temporary populations.
    4. Crime rate reporting is notoriously variable, and depends on the policies of the local authorities, as well as the willingness of victims to report crimes. Sexual assault, for example, is widely regarded as underreported; there may be large variations in the rate of underreporting.
    5. A city may be dangerous in general, or have very dangerous and very safe areas. Are you safer in the most dangerous area of the safest city, or the safest area of the most dangerous city?

    These are some of the problems with such attempts.

    • I agree with your reservations on these stats, and the term “dangerous” begs for qualification. That said, it highlights a few key problem:, first nation indians and drugs as major components of our criminal activity. Since both of these cane be readily addressed by government policy, this exercise may prompt some action.

      Of course, my own policy prescriptions – get rid of reserves and legalize marijuana etc. – are unlikely to be adopted, so this may all be academic.

    • Logician, all of your points are very good.

  7. The crime is highest where Natives live because they act up. It is NOT a matter of failed policy, but of natives being seemingly unwilling or unable to control themselves. It is not the govt. fault that they are addicts, racists and act like animals. Youl also find that where there are lots of blacks, the ranking is very high. Suppose THATS`ours and the govt. fault as well…..

    • Surely the effects of broad steretyping could play no effect….

    • youssef is greatly misinformed on policy in our country. It was the governments policy to take native children from their homes and place them among rapists and abusers (residential schools). When you have been beaten for speaking your language, or talking to your brother/sister and punished for it, there is sure to be some displacement. There are so called “animals” in all cultures. The most reprehensible part of your comment is the fact that your obviously ignorant to the facts of other cultures except your own. It must be nice to blame all our social problems on a couple of other races. I suggest you EDUCATE yourself further before posting something so narrow minded and offensive.

    • “act up”!? Small children and untrained dogs “act up”…but an interesting choice of words in this context.

    • Interesting that you call the Natives 'racist'…did you read your own comment? I am a Native person
      without a criminal record who lives in a town that houses differing Native communities…we don't even make
      some of the lists here. But I can sure tell a racist when I read one. You need to remember (or learn about)
      that the government brought the 'blacks' here on slave ships.,,,while they were busily wiping out the Native
      communities with reservation moves, loss of land, and disease. So you can look to them to clean up the
      mess that you feel has entailed from this. It takes years (in Europe, hundreds of years – and that's where
      the 'whites' came from) for a people to come back from this type of genocide and mass mistreatment. There
      is a sadness and unrest in the soul that is created in this. It takes generations to heal. Look at Northern Ireland.
      Lots of crime and murder there. But not many blacks and natives….
      Just whities! Now how could that happen?!

      • Sure, Because once again its somehow our ancestors faults that your community doesn't take advantage of the free schooling, tax cuts etc. or respect its own traditions. Apparently this generation of aboriginals don't care to return to or respect the "old ways" from which it came. Nope, instead they want their tupperware and internet like everyone else, except they dont want to work for it. Wake up and realize that is most often your own chiefs and bands ripping you off and not the ghost of my great grandfather! Dont wanna be stereotyped? then dont play the role of your stereotype. Help yourselves for a change!

    • I just found this article and I'm native and very educated, also without a criminal record. Maybe if the government would support the natives like they should be doing, it would make a difference. This is our land, we were here before anyone else, and they took it from us. But of course, if us natives went to Scotland or England and stole their land and oppressed their people, it'd be a different story, right?

      • the problem is…if we returned all the land, what would become of it? Would you natives make strides forward in medicine and technology for EVERYONE to take advantage of? We caucasians certainly have. Last time I seen houses/land given to a Native community in Ontario, within 6 months…it literally looked like a warzone! Packs of rabid dogs, people stumbling out of it on gas, brand new trucks bought and sold at a fraction of the cost for booze etc etc…..speaking of gas, are you aware that the chemical structure of gas had to be changed in some areas just so aboriginals would stop huffing it? Again I ask you, what beneficial change would occur if you got it all back?

    • i agree 100%. Its a pity all these armchair do-gooders who dont live near the downtown cores immediately call "racism" when you say this. The natives from remote reservations up north tend to be the worse…they get overwhelmed by access to drugs and liquor 24/7. The city i'm from originally (thunder bay, ON) is plagued by this. I suggest any caucasian that feels this is somehow unfair or racist to go hang out in downtown winnipeg or thunder bay at night….When a pack of natives jumps you over a cigarette dont sa i didnt warn you PS I have native family who even say the up northers and nish gangs are out of control…go figure.

  8. I know in my city which, ranks fourth on the poll, it’s mostly drug dealers perpetrating these crimes on one another. I feel this doesn’t reflect on Prince George very well. There are a few instances of it not being gang related, but for the most part, PG is a nice place to live. If the gangs want to regulate their world like that, go ahead, as long as no innocent bystanders get hurt. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  9. I was surprised by the fact the Western provs in general, and BC in particular, dominate the top of this list. What’s going on out there?

    • Probably demographics. Crime tends to be the domain of 20-ish old males.

    • The prosperity argument likely plays into it as well, as noted in the original article. Crime tends to follow two patterns: following prosperity, or systematic problems in long-term areas.

    • I know this comment will get alot of flack, but Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Regina are the top 3 due to their very large aboriginal populations. Period. Full Stop. There are social, economic and cultural reasons for this, but there is no denying that a disporportionate percentage of the stats for those 3 cities are instigated by people of aboriginal descent. I have lived in 2 of the 3 cities and have experienced firsthand the problems those centers face.

  10. boy oh boy…my turn. Reading all these comments is very interesting, there’s posts from seemingly educated people I.e Logician, and under-educated people i.e youssef. Fact of the matter is these statistics are arbitrary at best. hailing from Toronto myself, I laugh at the fact that Victoria, B.c is more “dangerous” than the GTA. These Statistics are too literal and cast the wrong idea about Beautiful places that might have had the odd Murder, or the odd violent crime that wasn’t random of course. But because of the small population it throws off the graph. Im Very sure if they had a category for most random, violent crimes that happens to innocent bystanders, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver would be on top. So you have to take these statistics with a grain of salt

    • …. What your saying may be true for cities like Prince Geroge and Chiliwack B.C. But ive lived in Winnipeg most of my life and I have been jacked many times on Main street and the downtown area, once by gunpoint! all for petty stuff, all by natives. Winnipeg does have very nice areas to live but Winnipeg ranked #2 is accurate

  11. I am a little shocked to see Victoria so high in the rankings.You can walk around this town any time of the day or night without fear or so I thought. I live in Edmonton and this is not a safe town but Victoria? Sometimes statistics can be misleading and I wonder about the accuracy of this report.

    • Maybe you should live in city before you comment. I have spent lots of time in Los Angeles but have never had a problem, I guess I could say the same about that city. Listen jerk I live in Victoria and have for a long time, I cannot go out for a walk without being begged for change everyday, I have stepped over many hypodermic needles in parks, been robbed at gun point, had my cell phone stolen by knife point, car broken into twice and my apartment once as well. Ohh and the guy in the apartment above me shot his girlfriend to death when they were high on meth, one of those bullets put a very large hole in my couch. (Thank god I went to bed early that night)

      Trust me these statistics are accurate….. but of course all you ignorant people know better.

  12. by far worst cities are in the west
    toronto and montreal pail in comparison for crimes on all levels besides homicides

    every cop knows this

    They might have bad areas in those cities but small when compared to the problems out west

    not even even a debate

    these are statistics by population you retards

  13. Note that all the top crime cities have one common factor – a high native population.

    • absolutely, but oh it must be the ghosts of our great grandparents somehow oppressing them again and forcing them into a life of crime right? nothing a payout wont solve

  14. I’ll tell you what a crime is. It is a CRIME to rate Victoria at #10 and Torontoat #29. What kind of moron writes this stuff. I sell real estate in Victoria and it is not perfect but COME ON!

  15. Two Kelownas in B.C.?????

    • God you are dumb as a doorknob! Maybe do some more research before making an ignorant post like this!

  16. I live in Canada’s most “dangerous” city and despite Maclean’s magazines intentions we do not have to walk around carrying weapons, fearful for our safety. There are parts of every city, including ours, that tend to be more crime ridden than others but that doesn’t make the city as a whole unsafe. In 2008, Saskatoon had 2 homicides all year, down from 9 the previous year (which the statistics for the report were taken from). The per capita rating system skews the numbers in the larger centers favour. Toronto had 81 homicides in 2007 and 69 homicides in 2008 and Metro Vancouver had 41 homicides in 2007 and 58 homicides in 2008. Maclean’s labelled Saskatoon as the “Most Dangerous City” in Canada when anybody with any common sense would know that a small prairie city would be one of the safer cities in Canada to live. The magazine was just trying to sensationalize the article to sell a few more issues. This is just another example of the media skewing the facts for their own gain.

  17. Yes, the top 2 cities do have the highest per capita Aboriginal population. I live in Saskatoon and I can tell you first hand that this is accurate. For the size of this city, there is no doubt in my mind that it is the most dangerous. Compared to 10 years ago..? ?i don’t go out now without a knife or pepper spray. Attacks are so random that there’s no way to be sure if you’re next. They occur in all areas of the city (although the westside is significantly worse – i wouldnt not walk down some of those streets no matter the time of day) A guy visiting our city from out west couldn’t believe it. He stopped on the west side to check one of his tires after hitting a pothole and was nearly killed by a group of young native men with machetes. This city is out of control and unless something is done about the way today’s aboriginal youth are growing up, nothing is going to change for the better. I hate to say it, but the basic concept of residential schools is looking like a good idea compared to the way some of these kids have it now. maybe not by the catholic church anyway…

    • Are you serious?! Yes, some of the west side is not the greatest but I know many people that live on the west side of Saskatoon (including myself) who have absolutely no problems with the area. It is an isolated area of Saskatoon that is really bad (no different than any other city). If you are walking around with a knife when you go out to defend yourself, you are part of the problem not a solution.

      • I’m not going to let some little gang-banger punk rob me or hurt my wife. I pay taxes, it’s MY city. not theirs. Gang members need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice.

  18. im almost embarrassed to live in hamilton now. we can’t even crack the top 25! what happened?

  19. Not surprise that top cities are those where the Canada Reformers came from. Their NAZI Facist idea now spread into all Canada. They changed their name once and ate the sheep PC and took the ‘conservative’ skin and came to east.

    In some years this table will be mixed because of the spreading of the NAZI Reformers. However the absolute crime wil be increase by 100% – 1000% easily, thanks to the reformers.

    • Who says the far left doesn’t have wingnuts?

  20. Living in Victoria BC and seeing Victoria on the top ten does not surprise me one bit.

    It is a bit shocking however that Surrey BC of all places is ranked 9th.

    I can say from personal experience that Victoria BC has gone down hill in the past few years.

    More Homeless than ever, more Crack than ever before, everywhere you look on many of the streets there is someone either sticking a needle in their arm or they are smoking their crack pipe.
    But don’t you DARE have a cigarette on an open patio or in front of a door way.

    I would have to say these stats do reflect the crime rate here.

    I can just hear the Rich Folk that don’t even live right in the city of Victoria Slamming their fist on the keyboard because of someone who would dare to ever insult the infaluble Victoria, but anyone who would dispute the stats here obviously live in the “Better” part of town like Saanich or Oak Bay where they don’t see it.

    • Thank you Alex!! I was so pleased to see your post. I am so tired of people trying to cover up Victoria's problems by denying everything and trying to make it seem like the "sleepy Victoria" people expect. Well it's not, it's a great place to live but as a long time resident it deserves the ranking it received!

  21. Not Surprising to see Victoria at #10.
    Next year it will probably be in the Top 5

    The City is a hell hole and basically a war zone.
    Known as the City of Gardens but should be Known as The City of Human Tragedies
    It is not safe anywhere in the city.
    Park your car in the city and there is a good chance it will be broken into. Drugs everywhere needles in parks and playgrounds. Bums,panhandlers and more homeless people than some third world countries have.

    Victoria dumps raw human waste into the ocean . they talk about treatment plants all the time and have been talking baout it for decades but never do anything about it. I guess talking is better than nothing. If they built a sewage treatment plan 25 or 30 years ago it would probably have been paid for by now. Lets just talk about it for another 30 years.

    Out of 100 cities listed about 20% are in British Columbia.
    The Province has no problem promoting this Province as the best place on earth..they have no problem spending 1 Billion Dollars on the 2010 Olympics but they cant look after the streets. The provincial government is run by what I call a one man show. Premier Campbell is what I call a pompous idiot who only cares about himself and his future pension.The Government gave itself Huge pay raises but homless people are dying on our streets every single day.

    Hey World !!!!! BC is NOT the best Place on earth and if you want to tell BC that then try doing something that will wake up the Province..BOYCOTT the 2010 Winter Olympics

  22. I was the victim of assault and vandalism on Dec. 28, 2009 in Saanich Municipality (Greater Victoria BC). I found out that the local police decided not to lay assault and mischief charges against the teens who swarmed attack me. The lawyer told me to request charges again. It seems like the local governments and police are lazy and useless. It keeps me up at night to see how corrupt, weak, and impotent Canadian law really is. The law seems to directly or indirectly punish the innocent and let the guilty go with insufficient punishment. It is the bleeding hearts of Canadian society who elect too many soft and wimpy minded politicians to Ottawa who gave us a broken legal system that is a joke. Countries with exessively harsh laws seems to have less troubles with people who don’t play nice and break the rules. They execute these social parasite creeps fast and to the point. There will always be damaged people and systems. It is cheaper and more convenient to just get rid of people than to reform and rehabilitate them. We can always have another unblemished human to replace the the screwed up ones.

    Recent news in Canada shows how people in Canada have gotten away with some awful crimes with little more than a slap on the wrist. Those teens who caused me some medical problems probably think they can get away with assault and vandalism. They may graduate to serious crimes like murder, robber, fraud, organized crime becaust the legal and law enforcement system doesn’t do its job.

    Greater Victoria used to be nice when I was younger. Now the region is just another shit hole full of shittier street freaks. The weak system needs to be toughen up a lot to be effective. That lawyer I saw gave me a 1 minute rant about his dim views of weak Canadian laws and scummy teenagers who thinks they are entitled to do anything they want.

    • What reason did the cops give for not pressing charges??

  23. Anything that provides evidence that Ontario is the best province is ok in my books. All you haters can go rob each other!

    • Ontario is a great province to live in if you want to lose your good job.

    • I'd rather deal with a little more crime than your aweful winters and unattractive province.

  24. There are two clear causes of high crime rates. First, welfare policy which literally pays people to lie around all day, get drunk, take drugs, have children they can’t take care of, and in general to “act up”. Second, narcotics prohibition is the cause of violent gang warfare, the same as alcohol prohibition in the 1920s.

    Both of these problems must be laid at the feet of government. Or rather, at the feet of the members of the public who tried to vote themselves a socialist utopia.

    But there’s no point worrying about it now – a correction is imminent. The last few pillars of economic strength which were being tapped to pay for the welfare/police state are in the process of being pounded into dust through the combined effect of monetary policy and “stimulus”.

  25. Totally misleading article …. We notice that Prince Albert Saskatchewan does not make the list … that in itself speaks to this as being just a random list of cities with no veracity to the claims … This indicates that Macleans is definitely on the downward slide to obscurity and is now ‘pulping’ in a manner akin to the worst tabloid journalism.

  26. I believe to the result. I moved to Halifax 2 months ago from Toronto. I find Toronto much much safer than Halifax. I could walk in the streets (not all, of course) after 11 p.m alone in Toronto. But in Halifax I feel to be attacked in most areas and most streets. People stare in here it is like they think somethings.

    • No way! Forget “feeling,” Aside from the North end (Gottingen-and you do say most streets) I walked all over Halifax at all h ours of the night and never once had a problem for the last year, whereas now in Toronto I just wouldn’t do that. I am talking high risk situations (late at nights, at bars etc) and on Spring Garden Road at all hours and saw nothing. Halifax’s crime must be highly concentrated in that bad strip north of the downtown.

  27. I don’t see how they get these results. alot of the populations aren’t correct, therefore how are the “Overall crime score as a percentage difference from the national rate” or the “rank” correct.
    If regina and calgary have the same high crime rate of 110 crimes in 2007 but Calgary had +6000 more ppl than regina.
    How would that make Regina more dangerous than calgary?
    The amount of ppl shouldn’t make a difference 110 crimes is a 110 crimes. Its still just as dangerous with 6000 ppl or 12000ppl.

    • First off, Regina has a population of 183,540. Calgary has a population of over 1,000,000.

      The reason that Regina is more dangerous in this study than Calgary is that you are MORE likely to bump into someone who has or who will commit a crime because there are the same number of crimes but fewer people.

      110/183,000 people means thats 0.06% of the population has committed one of the listed crimes (Homicide, Sexual Assault, Vehicle Theft, Aggravated Assault etc)

      110/1,038,000 means that 0.015% of the population has committed one of the listed crimes.

      Obviously there are criminals who would have committed more than one crime and so forth. But I believe it (this study) has a lot to do with the per capita crime rate.

      Again, the “safety” of cities is purely objective. I think that people should take these studies with a grain of salt. You could merely rank all of the cities by the number of police reports of violent crimes and have them state that as an indication of the dangerousness of a city. Don’t get offended if you live in a city that tops the list because the fact is the above ranks are purely subjective to the standardization methods of the researchers.

      I’m also not discrediting this report as this is as “fair” as I could see this report being.

    • What?! Population DOES make a difference. Using your example, if a city of 160,000 people (about size of Burlington or Sudbury) had 50 muggings in a year, that would mean your odds of getting jumped when you go out are still pretty good. On the flip side, if it was a town about less than 5,000 and it had 50 muggings in a year, it would mean that no matter where you are in town your odds of getting jumped are high. That’s why population matters in this study.

  28. I hate that they lumped all the municipalities of Peel into one broad “Peel Region”.

    After I married my south-asian wife last year, I moved in with her family in Brampton, and while we were there, I heard and saw some crazy shit in that community that either didn’t get reported, or couldn’t be prosecuted. I’ve been keen on getting a look at the Brampton crime stats ever since, because I’ve lived in some big cities, and I never saw as much shit going on anywhere else.

    I was so relieved when our new condo in Oakville was finally finished and we could get out of there.

  29. I agree Brampton and Mississauga stats should be separated. Brampton has a much higher crime rate.

  30. I am hard pressed to consider Caledon (population 73877) as the safest Canadian city (as news reports would have us believe), when Moncton NB, population 126,000 does not even make the list of the 100 most dangerous cities.

    • CODIAC REGION, N.B. 104650 -25.68% 50

  31. In order to lower crime rates and increase the safety of the public means that we have to take drastic measures. We need to develop a regional police force for the lower mainland of BC, amalgamating the various police forces is essential and vital. We as Canadians need to start taking a harsher approach on sentencing serious crimes. Our judges need to have to appropriate measures in which to choose from in order to make such violent crimes serious in terms of sentencing and judgments.

  32. I am confused. This is based on 2007 stats. What about Vancouver’s recent gangland killings? They are ranked 8th. I am not sure I’d want to walk the streets there at night…….. I suspect Saskatoon is safer.

    • Exactly! I can assure you, unless you plan to live, or hang out in a select very few ‘certain’ neighbourhoods, Saskatoon is quite safe… and lovely, with lots to offer! ALL cities have those ‘certain’ neighbourhoods… the folks at Macleans should and could do better than put out something with outdated data and skewed facts.

  33. I have just read the comments posted above and I wonder where the people who submitted them are coming from. Are they all on some sort of drug, or are they the ones who are responsible for the high rates that are reported for their regions.

    INSTEAD OF FIGHTING WITH THE STATISTICS, THEY SHOULD COME UP WITH SOME FORM OF POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS. They are living with the problem, they should have some answers.

  34. Filter out big city gang crime. Then take the crime stats and poverty stats of these cities and I’ll bet you find a corelation. Each $ spent on decreasing poverty is better spent that beefing up forces to fight crime.

  35. i dont see how toronto is 29th
    it is very dangerous
    i knoe that for a fact because i live there
    its my hometown
    i knoe B.C is pretty dangerous
    but i still dont see how toronto is 29thh
    and another thing,
    toronto does not have 2 million people
    it has over 6 million ppl

    • Population of TO is 2.5 million
      Population of the GTA is 5.5 million

      • Do you knoe that for sure?:)

      • 5.5 Million? No, It’s was 4 years ago in 2005.

        GTA already hit over 6 Million Population by 2008-2009 because

        Macleans did said Population in 2007:
        Toronto – 2,651,717
        Regional Municipality of Peel – 1,222,639
        Regional Municipality of York – 975,501
        Regional Municipality of Durham – 595,354
        Regional Municipality of Halton – 468,980
        Total = 5,914,191

  36. They based this on six crimes and gave equal rating to each of these crimes? That’s ridiculous. Basically they are saying that having your car stolen is equally as dangerous as being killed. I don’t think so Macleans.

    • A very good point Corra. Common sense should prevail when creating these kinds of stories, but apparently the common sense editor was on lunch when this was published.

      Dear Macleans – Common Sense Editor (if such a thing exists…)

      Using the example of an elementary level school…

      There are 12 classrooms in this school. One of the classrooms has a behaviour problem, with several of the students quite out of control. They steal from the other students in their classroom, they get into fights with the other students in their classroom, they engage in vandalism of that classroom and the belongings in it, and engage in other naughty acts in that classroom, creating the type of situation all of those types of behaviour are bound to create.

      The only thing is… aside from the occasional slip and dalliance outside that classroom, most of what goes on does remain in that classroom.

      Along comes some silly periodical writer who, after grabbing statistics about naughty behaviour in schools, decides not to look at the fact that for the majority of the students…. that school is safe and a perfectly good place to go to school because they succeed, they’re happy, they enjoy life in their classrooms… and so on. That writer ignores the fact that (for example) the 144 naughty acts on record for a particular year all happened in that classroom, while this writer places the next school on the list, (whose 120 acts happened in all of their 12 classrooms at a rate of 10 per room) lower down the scoring list… deeming it ‘safer’ because it had only 120 acts recorded compared to the 144.

      That writer ignores the fact that the students at the school with 120 acts might actually feel less safe than the students at the school with 144 acts, because it’s happening everywhere and that means no one can feel safe.

      Is it bad to have those 144 acts in the one room? Of course. But it doesn’t make that school less safe than the other.


      I do hope you think this through next time you’re planning to create these kinds of lists because your lack of common sense might actually cause someone to choose the less safe ‘school’ to send their children to because they took you literally.

      I’m sure you wouldn’t prefer to sell magazines and advertising more than you’d prefer to give people accurate and responsible information to base their decisions on, now…. would you?

  37. I think a more accurate way of giving these stats would be by ratio. Crime to population. 15:10000 or whatever the ratio would be. It would be even more reasonable to do each crime category separately. St John had 2 murders in 2007, so this is how the stat could read

    for example:
    City: St John New Brunswick
    Crime: Murder
    Ratio: 2(murders) : 69357(population)

    once the ratio is in place some simple math can be done to compare cities, but the easiest thing to understand would be to bring each city to a common ratio, say murders per 20000 people… then you could compare the cities to each other and have a pretty accurate idea about how the stack up.
    this would also solve the odd problem that they rank each crime in the same catagory. sure this would take more work, but then again… im sure macleans is paying their writers…

  38. The Halifax police are mad that Mcleans didn’t put the stats together for Halifax (7th) & Halifax County (84th), which would have resulted in a higher rating for Halifax.

    Could the reason be because Halifax is Municipal Police and the County is RCMP??? Looks good on the Halifax County Mounties… thats why I don’t live in the Metro area.

    • i agree with the breakdown. i think it is based on the policing, because from what i heard on tom youngs show the other day they took crime reports from the police hq’s of each region. if they had the same police then i assume they would have been in the same catagory…

  39. I do not agree with the way in which they calculated the results. It is very misleading for a lot or reasons.

    Cons Helping Cons

    • People are amazing. Empirical evidence is powerless before anecdotes. Crime rates must be wrong because you watch the evening news and someone gets stabbed every night, ergo, the city is very dangerous and growing moreso. Nevermind that violent crime is at a 30 year low.

  40. Despite what it says in the opening (“Maclean’s annual crime ranking of Canada’s 100 largest cities”), this is NOT a ranking of the 100 largest cities. It is a ranking of the 100 largest police services. Note that Durham Region, Ontario, is the 47th most dangerous ‘ciity’ on the list. Of course, it’s a region, policed by Durham Regional Police. Durham officers patrol five communities, (Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering, Ajax, Clarington) that all are large enough to merit a separate entry in the Macleans ranking. Clarington is smallest among them (populaton 77,820). There are several cities in the list with populations in the range of 52,000.

    There are several other regions in this list, presented as though they are cities.

    • Halifax and Halifax County (which doesnt exhist as far as I know) is one of them. Its all the same place, but there are municipal police in the city and RCMP in the “county”.
      What are the other ones? anyone know?

  41. These stats are very misleading, not to mention out of date…. cities are made up of neighbourhoods/districts which vary in demographics. Each neighbourhood can have drastically different stats than the city as a whole.

    According to the Saskatoon Police website, almost 50% of offences that occured in Saskatoon occured in a district of the city that only has 16% of the population. So, while there is a serious problem in this inner city area, it is ridiculous to label the entire city “dangerous”. Also, Saskatoon crime rate is down almost 10% for 2008 and the homicide rate was way down (only 2 homicides for the entire year).

    “Dangerous” is a subjective term here. Caledon only had 1 murder in 2007, while it is a small number, Caledon was dangerous to that person……

    I’m not really sure what the point of these “rankings” that Maclean’s puts out…. other than to be controversial.

  42. They really should check only the results from May-October, BC is winning all the awards because our criminals don’t take winter off…

    Its really hard to B&E and run away with a TV in 4′ of snow.

    • hehehehe…..My dad and neighbors once literally followed footsteps to the criminals lair of stolen stuff after a breakin.

  43. Hamilton..haha…that city is crap…is their a sh^t list

  44. I have to agrree that the Native population In every province in Canada really need to get their acts together and quickly. They are already behind in every demographic but they are in serious danger of being left totally behind. The reserve system is a failure, the three kids and you get a house on the reserve ( at least in Wabasca Ab.) is nuts! They need to integrate and fast… On the flip side however it was definitely not natives who stole $750.00 in giftcards from me and stole my neighbours car and went to Whistler to snowboard. Rumour has it it is the same cops kid who recently vandalized our elementary school that has been preying on some of us here in Kamloops.

    • Hey Mike, just to “Educate” you, as a “Good” Native should. There is no such rule, policy, nor system in WABASCA that says “3 kids, and you get a house”, on or off the reserve. In fact, many of the Status Aboriginals in Wabasca pay rent and or mortgages, on the reserve. They are educated people, and many earn a great income. Yes, you do have some on income assistance, but show me one race of people who are not. As the FIRST people to occupy this country, the “Native People” are under appreciated, overly judged. They have been lied to, and cheated out of much. If you want to comment on the Native population, read The Treaty Acts, The Indian Act, The Bill-C Act. Educate yourself on their history, and the injustice they continue to suffer, before making any ridiculous claims. Oh, and yes, the “Reserve system” is a failure. But, only because the Natives did not understand the language, nor terms, when agreeing to the “Reserve”, and any other “Promise”. How could any “Contract” be fair when 1) Whole tribes are being slaughtered, to sign or die, and 2) You don’t understand the language, nor terms. Anyone who thinks that the “Natives” got a great deal, should think again.

  45. These stats are absolutely garbage. There is no way these stats are true. This should not be posted unless it is correct.

    • So statscan is lying to us eh?
      Got any more interesting conspiracy theories?



  47. @TORONTO4LIFE, Canadian cities have more criminality than similar European cities, we like to compare to US because it makes feel us good but compared to the rest of the world (war zones excluded) we are at the bottom of the list.

  48. I got this new this week , and I would like to comment it, because it matchs with The Most Dangerous Cities in Canada: Overall crime score—by rank
    2009 Maclean’s National Crime Rankings


    TORONTO – Saskatoon is the most dangerous city in Canada and Caledon, Ont., is the safest, according to the latest survey by Maclean’s magazine.

    This is the second year the magazine has put out the lists and the second year in a row Caledon, northwest of Toronto, has topped the safest areas list.

    Saskatoon is followed on the most dangerous list by Winnipeg, Regina, Prince George, B.C., and Edmonton.

    Caledon is followed by Oromocto, N.B., Levis, Que., Maskoutains MRC, Que., which includes Saint-Hyacinthe, and Halton Region west of Toronto.

    As for Canada’s two largest cities, Toronto ranked 29th out of 100 cities, compared to 26th last year, and Montreal ranked 24th compared to 19th on the high crime list.

    Maclean’s says it based its rankings on 2007 per-capita crime rates, the most recent available from the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics.


    What means that, really?

    It means that If I where living in that city Caledon, northwest of Toronto, I should think about to do not lock my house door, my car’s door at all???? Why even thinking about keys…

    Should I forget just one night per week to close my house’s door in Winnipeg and never thinking about to close in Caledon?

    Instead to walk in the streets in Winnipeg, at night, on summer time around 1:00 am…and not being afraid of it…. (Not on the Main Street….aboriginal site, I know…) but at Caledon I can walk at the street, completely nude at 4:00 am, by myself? (Well, not that I would like to do that, just an example…) What will happen is that the girl would not be rape but instead the police would take her for a psychiatry hospital for that night…

    Do you know that in Brazil they advice you to do not use skirts at street, not show you skin very much otherwise if you get raped could be your fault! Because you‘re the one who attracted these bad guys….Serious ?? yeahhh… I read some reports, not just one but many of police and judges saying that for the women who was raped. That happens in Rio, Sao Paulo and Bahia….

    I think it’s because we came from a huge city like SP, Brazil, where you don’t know if you can pick up cash at the bank at noon or 4:00 pm, or even walking around being afraid to be kidnapping …As a Brazilian we Lock everything at any minute and check my times to see if we really locked…almost a schizophrenic reaction and we will be sure we get alarms + insurances, life insurance …..

    And the best would be going anywhere with a bullet proof car….if you‘re rich and you can afford that, but you should wish not being so millionaire that the bad guys would use a rocket lancer from the Paraguay’s army to take you from the Car, and kidnapping you for months, years …and also this creativity has been used for bank robbery too …. Even In small towns…. With less than 100.000 habitants.

    Well, in the end of the day…..if you have an AAA alarms company, you know you can come to Winnipeg and forget about Caledon!!!! Alarm‘s security? Any body knows there what is alarm for?

    My dear Canadian friends (who born here, not us immigrants that came all around the world with these kind of reality) …

    you really have no idea what is being in a very criminal city. Good for you, good for us…bad for our family and our lovely friends that live that reality every day and are so used to it that they think is quite normal, life’s like that….

    Brazil …..with all the beauty we have there …go search at net for pictures from “Chapada dos Veadeiros, Chapada diamantina, Angra dos Reis, Natal, Fernando de Noronha, Amazonia ” imagine this country without violence, criminality and corruption would be a country that everybody… would enjoy living there! it’s Paradise!

    …..I agree that there are many amazing parts of Brazil and being a Brazilian …People are sweet , happy somehow and always keep trying…..

    But, sorry…I’m here living In the 2.o most violent city of Canada!!

  49. I would like to add something to what I wrote. I said that just to you have some ideas that the violence here in Canada is not too bad if you compare with 3.o World countries.
    But of course I’m not happy to know that Winnipeg is the second place at this violence’s ranking. Looking from Canadian’s standard about criminality I believe that something should be done by the government to change that situation , because we don’t want that one day, this city turns in something like Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Right?

  50. This story is bullshit, and misleading. Moreover, I am worried that this article will provide ammunition for the current Government to “beef” up laws, and use this misleading, elementary level analysis to scare the crap out of Canadians and turn this country into a police state. Look at how Macleans has used population statistics. People, generally, identify themseleves as living in a city or area. Macleans has used suburb population counts for suburban police forces. Crime doesnt stop at a red light, or a bridge, or a small babbling creek underneath the highway. I challenge Macleans to re-do this story, but this time, use the census metro areas and we’ll see how different the rankings come out:

    Victoria – 330,000
    Vancouver – 2,116,581
    Calgary – 1,079,310
    Edmonton – 1,034,945
    Saskatoon – 233,923
    Regina – 194,971
    Winnipeg – 694,668
    Toronto – 5,113,149
    Ottawa – 1,130,761
    Montreal – 3,635,571
    Halifax – 372,858
    St. Johns – 100,646

    Source: Statistics Canada – sorry if I left out the smaller cities.

    • The Greater Toronto Area (locally abbreviated as the GTA) is the most populous metropolitan area in Canada. The GTA is a provincial planning area with a population of 5,555,912 at the 2006 Canadian Census.

      The Toronto Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) defined by Statistics Canada is 17% smaller in land area than the GTA planning area and had a population of 5,113,149 in the same 2006 census, this difference is primarily due to the inclusion of the Oshawa CMA and the city of Burlington into the GTA, but which are not included with the Toronto CMA.

      In 2006:
      CMS – 5,113,149
      GTA – 5,555,912

      In 2007
      GTA – 5,914,191

  51. I’m agreeing with the comment of March 7th, by ‘Safe in Saskatoon’:

    “These stats are very misleading, not to mention out of date…. cities are made up of neighbourhoods/districts which vary in demographics. Each neighbourhood can have drastically different stats than the city as a whole.

    According to the Saskatoon Police website, almost 50% of offences that occured in Saskatoon occured in a district of the city that only has 16% of the population. So, while there is a serious problem in this inner city area, it is ridiculous to label the entire city “dangerous”.”

    In the vast majority of the city, I feel perfectly safe to walk/jog/run in the dark hours of early morning or evening, my children walk to school without being bothered, and I do not live in fear of aggravated assault and robbery, homicide or sexual assault, B & E’s, or vehicle theft. I take reasonable precautions as everyone should regardless of what city they live in, and have a fabulous quality of life here.

    For most of us, our biggest concern right about now (with spring hopefully on the way) is potholes…

    …well, and wondering what to do about all the stupid people in the world who manipulate data in such an irresponsible way.

  52. I would like you to know that I will never, nor will I ever encourage anyone to, read this magazine. As a Canadian I am ashamed that it is thought of as a credible publication. If there is any justice, this magazine will lose it’s viability as an entity. Yes I am a westerner, and to me this magazine represents everything wrong with Canada. I will continue to endeavor to gain knowledge and grow intellectually, I would suggest the people manufacturing this magazine will one day decide to as well.

  53. For the ” 17th most dangerous city” this article is completly wrong. having grown up in brantford for 9 years and lived in all different parts of the city I know the ONLY bad part of the city is downtown. Over 75% of all crimes in brantford are commited there. Also less then 20% of the total population lives in that area. So much like the first comment I completly disagree with this article. Also did this writer ever live in all parts of the city long enough to realize what parts are good and not so good. No I don’t think so.

  54. The scary thing about Saskatoon being #1 is the won’t admit it so the are obviously not going to try and deal with it.

  55. Thomas, you are OBVIOUSLY not from Saskatoon, I completely agree with “also safe in Saskatoon” I have lived here for 25 years and have never experienced any trouble, nor have any of my friends or family, we do have crime, just like every other city but I feel these stats to be very unreliable. This is just not the case here. And also if you look at the stats for Saskatoon, crime rates are decreasing by quite a bit so to say that we aren’t doing anything about it is simply ignorant!

  56. Wow, thanks again Macleans … Your list is flawed and makes Saskatoon look like Kabul. Thanks to your flawed methodology you were used as the main resource for real clear world’s poorly researched top ten most dangerous cities list. Although Saskatoon does have its problems such as youth gangs and relitively isolated crimes that come with them, we are hardly comparable to Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro. In my opinion it is not even comparable to Surrey or Toronto and all the gun violence that they have been seeing for the last ten years. Thanks again Macleans …

    • Also, is it true that the stats for homicide are weighted the same as car thefts and break and enters? If this is so, it is no wonder your list is so flawed. I am sure Saskatoon hasn’t had more than 10 homicides in a year in a long time if ever. How many did Toronto or Surrey have last week?

  57. Saskatoon is in no way flawed the city has gone way down hill check the murder rates, assault, rape, burglary, etc… if Saskatoon is not first its in the top 5 the fact that anyone i saying its not a s dangerous is ignorant to solid facts although i agree its stupid to have it up with Rio i also agree with the fact that its due to aboriginals while ti is not entirely their fault for their situation at some point they have to take responsibility we have to follow what the Aussies did and until we do that nothings gonna change and this shit show is going to continue.

  58. People say that this list is flawed because it is not accurate. I disagree. You can't measure a city based on the overall crimes commited, because it would just put the large cities on top because they are simply so populated. This is why Saskatoon is so high. 10 murders in Saskatoon is equal to 100 murders in Toronto. And it is true probably more than 70% of crime in Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg is commited by Aboriginal populations. I wish they included all communities in Canada by crime rate, because I guarantee the top places would be mostly reservations in the west (i.e. Hobema, AB).

  59. If they made a list saying Canada was in the top 5 most dangerous countries in the world, It wouldn't bother me. Because I don't live in ALL of Canada, just like I don't live in ALL of Calgary. I'm just one guy, living in my small corner. This is why this article is so irrelevant. The article is made insignificant; not by the accuracy of its statistics but by the breadth of its scope. It is simply far too unspecific to carry any meaning whatsoever.

    I shouldn't say it is insignificant. It poses, in fact, a significant social threat through the reactions or the reader, and the misinformed opinions he will form. It is significant because, like most other lists in this publication, it is a breach of trust on the part of an established news organization, and is nothing short of public manipulation.

  60. wow, halifax being number 7 is actually unbelievable.
    i live in halifax and it is craaaaazy that its ranked that high out of 100. like com'on, sure there may be less safe places in halifax, but the dartmouth side is amazing. its really not good for tourism if its ranked 7th.
    i just think thats a load of bull.

    • Obviously you have never been a victim of these crimes. Ohh right that's bad for tourism, never mind that's more important!

      Hope that load of bull never happens to you!

  61. edmonton sucks

    • you suck your mom

  62. im from cambridge in waterloo reagon im 68 omg

  63. I don't believe for a second that Thunder Bay is the most dangerous place in Ontario. Why is York region so low? Haven't you ever heard of Jane and Finch? I went to York University for a year and there were numerous rapings on and around the campus.

  64. Facts: 1: Areas with high populations of Blacks or Natives, always results in more violence, this is true all over the world. New Zealand, it's the Maori who cause most the problems. In Britain, it's the poor London areas where Blacks reside that is the most dangerous. The US, no need to go into that country. Canada, is very much the same. The reason these races are so violent, too many to go into, we all know them anyway, but we can't say them out loud or we're labelled racist.
    2: Welfare: This has destroyed communities all over the world also, Britain has huge problems with lazy natives and migrants who are happy to claim welfare, not work, and then spend their days causing havoc out or boredom and general stupidity, this is much the same everywhere else in the world. These welfare reliant yobs then create bigger social problems, more drugs, more immigrants needed in the country to do the jobs the morons won't, etc etc.
    3: Policing: Because of human rights and laws that favor the criminals and make life unbearable for the law abiding, hard working, honest citizens, police have a nightmare.

  65. chilliwack bitchez

  66. i lived in halifax all my life, and its hardly that bad. sure each city has few places to avoid. i would feel safer walking the streets of halifax at night, then running around vancouver, regina or toronto. and lets be honest, higher population, leads to higher crime. at least were not in the USA, where every city is the most dangerous

  67. we are a family of 6 looking to move to surrey bc now im frightned should i be my 14 yr old son will be in earl marriott school help

    • earl marriott is a good school. if your son knows how to say no to the many offers for drugs he will get he should be fine. if you stay away from the trouble crowds you don't get into trouble

  68. check the stats for three months from Calgary and Winnipeg

    http://map2.winnipeg.ca/iMaps/Main.aspx (view report)

    in Calgary – 6 murders (homicides)
    in Winnipeg – 0

    total crimes : Calgary – about 10 000 (attempted car theft not included)
    Winnipeg – 2 100 (including 400 attempted car thefts)

    so which city is more dangerous to live in (even if u calculate population, say 1 mln in Calgary against 650 000 in Winnipeg, compare the rate per 1000)

    or somebody is mistaken, or somebody is lying?
    even last year there was only about 2200 – 2500 crimes in 3 months (according to their stats)

    so what is going on?

  69. what is the problem with controlling crimes?
    catch one bastard red-handed – fucking kill him right on spot that's it
    no legal expences, no tax-payers money wasted
    I know you guys will start this bullshit like human rights, turn another cheek, love your neighbor, how can we be so violent, we must give every criminal a chance etc

    absolute bullshit!

    catch the guy and kill him period
    the way it was long time ago and the way it should be
    otherwise do not complain when you get robbed, raped and abused

  70. I know this will actually sound a little strange, but part of the reason BC has such a high crime rate, is the good weather. Hear me out. It is 100 x more possible to be a homeless person in Vancouver, Victoria, or Surrey, where the weather rarely drops below zero, compared to pretty much the entire rest of Canada. Mental illness isn't treated properly anywhere in Canada, but the "Downtown Eastside" of Vancouver has become a gathering place for people with nowhere else to go. Despite the crime rate and high number of people living with HIV in that area, there is also a marginal amount of support for desperate people. The Union Gospel Mission just built a brand new facility and there are also other homeless shelters, etc. It really isn't a provincial problem, it's a federal problem. Until people with mental illnesses and addictions can get proper help for their problems, things will continue on in this way. I live in BC and I'm OK with these arbitrary labels. Whatever! My safety is not in jeopardy. What I'm not OK with, is seeing people suffer. If we, and I mean ALL of Canada, would invest in better education, social programs, counselling services for kids and teens, and addiction services for everyone who wants it, the "Downtown Eastside" would be a neighbourhood like any other.

    • Hi im ben and im hot………….i would be really happy if you read my comment right on top of yours and leave a comment…thank you xox

  71. All in all, if you do the crime be prepared to do the time….oh wait, there is no punishment for the crime. It's as simple as that. It does not matter what race you are, the fact of the matter remains that if the punishment were more severe the more likely the people commiting these crimes would be less likely to re-offend.

  72. I am wondering why Oromocto is listed and not Fredericton. Oromocto only has a population of around 8,000 people and Fredericton around 50,000. I think it's safe to say Oromocto is part of Fredericton (the provincial capital) not vise versa.

  73. I get the feeling that a lot of people, showing admirable civic pride, don't get what these statistics are all about. I grew up in a port town in Southern Italy and about 5% of the population were involved occasionally or full-time in criminal activities (chiefly smuggling and protection racket). Yet, it was relatively safe for me: I grew up there, had a few near-misses and learnt to spot potential trouble at twenty paces. Someone else might not have been so lucky (like a couple of French female tourists who were raped in the public square or the five or six locals who get killed every year by the local mafia…). So: this table is not to massage or prick the ego of local people living in these cities (or, more correctly, Police Authority Jurisdictions), but to give a broad picture of the situation, especially for the benefit of incoming outsiders. I mean: if you get robbed in the rough part of Saskatoon, and you're not from there, you get robbed in Saskatoon, no matter which part of town it is. In a way a statistic like this tells you how worried you should be about taking a wrong turn in a town you don't know. It's got nothing to do with locals perceptions.


  74. Net.

  75. I can’t help but laugh at all of the comments that start with “This report is bogus because I live in xxxxxx and I haven’t been the victim of any crimes!”

    People! These are simply STATISTICS! Given the limitations explained in the article, they are as accurate as any statistics can be. Whether or not you are personally affected by crime in your city is immaterial! The rankings are based on the numbers collected from each location. The rankings are based on simple statistics – crime rates by population, compared to the national average.

    Rather than whining that Macleans is purposely skewing results, how about putting some effort into EDUCATING yourselves? If a statistical analysis were carried out on the spelling and grammatical errors in the comments to this article, Macleans would have to declare that 77.6% of the people commenting on Macleans on-line articles are mental defectives, incapable of forming a coherent sentence. Face it people… It’s virtually impossible to put any stock in your opinions when you can’t even be bothered to spell-check your comments before posting.

    • Canadians are the most simple, naive denials on earth.

  76. That is a long list. The country would need an army of police officers and occupational hygienists to get those places under control.

  77. Petty crimes, stealing, thefts in Calgary are very serious, it’s just that the Police there neither have the resources nor the know-how to crack petty crimes that they don’t even bother to open a file for the reports that have twisted the facts.

  78. I’m not surprised at all that Chilliwack is way up there. However I am surprised that Chilliwack is worse off than Surrey is…. Says a lot right there.

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