The Rankings: Canada’s most dangerous cities

Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Regina have the meanest streets. See where your city ranks.


The most dangerous cities in CanadaFirst, the good news. For the second year in a row, Caledon, Ont., 40 km northwest of Toronto and a world away, ranks as the safest city in Maclean’s annual crime ranking of Canada’s 100 largest cities. Its crime score is 87 per cent below the national average. If not for a single murder, it would put even more distance between itself and its nearest rivals, Oromocto, N.B., a scenic, riverfront community near Canadian Forces Base Gagetown, and Lévis, Que., a prosperous civil service enclave across the St. Lawrence from Quebec City.

Quebec’s capital, incidentally, is another safe haven. Its crime score for the six offences tracked in the Maclean’s index (murder, robbery, aggravated assault, sexual assault, breaking and entering, and auto theft) ranked 40 per cent below the national average in 2007, the last year for which Statistics Canada data are available. Even more impressive for a city of 535,000, it recorded not a single homicide that year—by far the largest of 34 cities that were murder-free.

THE FULL RANKINGS: Overall Crime Score: By RankOverall Crime Score: By PopulationMurderSexual AssaultAggravated AssaultRobberyB&EMotor Vehicle Theft

Canada’s two largest cities, Toronto and Montreal, also fared well. While news headlines leave the impression streets run with blood, the worst of the crime is committed within a few high-risk areas. Maclean’s ranked Toronto’s crime score a respectable 29th of 100 cities, improving from 26th last year. Montreal improved to 24th from 19th.

As for the blot on Caledon’s record, it warrants an asterisk. “That particular homicide was not committed in the Caledon area,” says Greg Sweeney, Ontario Provincial Police detachment commander for the region of 74,000. “The victim was brought back and left here. Within six weeks we had it solved and people before the courts.” Caledon isn’t free of big city problems, says Sweeney, “but the frequency of it is low.” It helps that Caledon is a semi-rural oasis, with a stable and prosperous population.

Life isn’t so sweet at the other end of the spectrum. Saskatoon has the highest crime ranking in the Maclean’s survey, 163 per cent above the national average. Winnipeg ranks second with a crime score 153 per cent above average while Regina finishes third at 136 per cent. The same cities were in a virtual three-way tie last year for the worst crime score.

The three cities share several things in common: much of the crime is rooted in poor, inner-city cores and targets its most vulnerable citizens. There is a large gang presence feeding off the drug trade and other illegal activities. Those areas also house a young transient population, with a low level of education, substandard housing and high levels of unemployment, broken homes, addictions and psychiatric issues—all risk factors for crime. They have proportionately the highest urban Aboriginal populations among major cities, about 10 per cent. This is a predominately young population, burdened with risk factors. “They are 10 times more likely to be victims and suspects,” says Neil Boyd, a criminologist at Simon Fraser University. “It’s basically a very tragic reality.”

The West continues to have chronically high crime levels. Of the top 10 crime centres, only Halifax (No. 7) is east of Winnipeg. The others in the top 10 include Edmonton (No. 5) and the B.C. cities of Prince George, Chilliwack, Vancouver, Surrey and Victoria.

While crime rates vary from year to year, comparing the results with data from 2002 and 1997 shows that specific crimes plague certain cities. Port Coquitlam, B.C., was Canada’s murder capital in 2002, and again in 2007. It also made the worst jump in the overall crime score, rising to 11th place from 34th in 2006. Saint John, N.B., led in sexual assaults in 2007. It was also in the top 10 both five and 10 years back, as were Prince George and Saskatoon. Auto thefts are chronic in several cities, notably Winnipeg and Surrey. Five cities—Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Vancouver, New Westminster and Montreal—were top 10 robbery capitals in all three surveys.

Few crimes afflict more Canadians than breaking and entering, and no region is more beset than the West. Chilliwack, Regina, Prince George and Vancouver consistently figure in the top 10. In 2007, the 16 cities with the highest break-and-enter rates are all from Winnipeg or further west. More remarkably, 13 of those 16 cities are in B.C.

The western crime wave defies easy explanation. Calgary alderman and police board member Diane Colley-Urquhart says many criminals followed the wealth to Alberta and further west. “Along with the economic prosperity that the western provinces have enjoyed comes the underbelly of organized crime.” Adds Boyd: “We have resource towns of young men. That’s part of the portrait as well.”

Drugs drive crime, especially in a port city like Vancouver, he says. And feeding drug habits is the key cause of B.C. property theft. Vancouver police are monitoring 379 chronic criminals with an average of 39 convictions each. Perversely, the jail time given the worst of these drops as their number of convictions rise, a study by the department found. A frustrated police Chief Jim Chu wants Parliament to pass a version of the get-tough American law that puts chronic offenders away after three offences. His uniquely B.C. take would be “30 strikes and you’re out,” he says. “We were actually willing to be 10 times more lenient.”

With Patricia Treble


The Rankings: Canada’s most dangerous cities

  1. More people die on the freeway than by the knife or gun, and driving a car is probably the biggest risk any of us take, so Macleans really isn’t talking about “danger” or it would be factoring in car crashes and occupational injuries and the like.

    You don’t even include vehiclular crimes other than theft, which has far less impact on victims than dangerous or drunk driving that causes a crash.

    Throwing around little disclaimers like “While news headlines leave the impression streets run with blood …” only obscures the fact that your “crime ranking” sensationalizes fear of certain kinds of crime.

    By the way, what’s the risk of stock manipulation in Saskatoon? Pension plan fraud in Port Coquitlam? Are my mutual funds safe in Winnipeg?

    • what does the stock market have to do with the report on crime? did you think about what you wrote?

      • There is a lot of crime involved with stock markets. The article did not specify “violent crime”.

        • “There is a lot of crime involved with stock markets. The article did not specify “violent crime”.”

          No, but it did specify dangerous which is generally perceived as fear of physical harm or death.

    • shut up toby or not you talk like you think you know it all… i grew up on toronto streets n i see alot more shootings then car accidents… i have had 3 good friends of mine killed by the gun and no one by car like you seem to think is more popular so put yourself in others shoes before talkin like you know everything….and macleans isnt gonna talk about car accidents anyways because this article isnt about that its about VIOLENCE….guns and knives plegue these streets n shits gotta be done about it im tired of friends gettin hurt n dieing… and if you dont think there is much to worry about on the streets other that cars then push your luck smarty pants n walk through my hoood for a day n see how long you last… jane st and finch…. walk down driftwood n tell me there nottin to worry about

      • u are cleary a member of a gang or something. Also on drugs! to say there are more shootings than car accidents is just plain dumb. I assume you listen to way too much hip-hop and now assume you’re some kinda gangster. YOUR NOT. you’re infact a loser and adding to the population of morons.
        But thanks for the laugh pal….

      • ur really are just a boi. im a skinny ass white kid grew up in the gta and worked in jane n finch for years. Stop tryin to be tough. Just cause you keep sayin you are doesnt mean anything. Bunch of thug wana be pussies as far as im concerned, good for nothin but whining like the rest of that shitty city

      • You think Toronto is so tough… I’m a girl, not a gangster or anything, but I’ve known 9 people who have been shot and killed, and I’m only 16. I’ve lived in Vancouver/Burnaby/Surrey and Regina. The west is so much worse, don’t the good place where you live for granted.

    • hi

    • In fact, along with those crime statistics, I would have really liked to get some statistics about cities where dangerous/distracted/drunk/under influence driving causes crashes. Because I do think it makes a city more dangerous to live in. I have lived in Québec, New-Brunswick and Alberta and I have to say that out of those 3 provinces, people in Québec are driving like crazies to the point where it is really dangerous. You have way more chances to being ran over or rammed in (almost by purpose sometimes I should say) than being attacked. I was in Québec once and I had to borrow my friend’s car and my father warned me to be careful while driving my friend’s Hyundai Accent because someone with a bigger car might want to get me off the road for being such a loser (only losers drive small, less expensive cars in Québec apparently). I was stupefied by that way of thinking.

      • I should add that road rage is something to think about also. In the last 2 months, there’s been two cases of people being killed on the side of the highway in Alberta because of road rage…

  2. I work in one of the poorest high crime areas of saskatoon in retail. we are not allowed to catch shoplifters for fear of being stabbed or assaulted in the process. these are orders from the top. so basically if we see someone walking out with an arm load of merchandise we stand back and watch them go. then they sell the stolen products in the parking lot right in front of the store. there have been several armed robberies as well as purse snatchings around here too lately. there are a lot of drunks and drug users and neglected kids that hang out in the store and it makes one wonder what the hell am I doing here.

    • Exactly – why the hell are you living there. Scarey very scarey.

      • right because a massive exodus of our home cities is exactly what will solve the problem…

      • It IS the most dangerous city BUT I live right in the heart of it. I installed video surveillance and word got around, I have have had no problems since.

        This is a great neighborhood with families that are trying to clean it up. Eventually it will happen and the riff Raff will figure it out.

        There are children that are being solicited for sex….on there lunch hour!!!!

        Time to take out the trash.


    • You are an idiot. I don't know where you are pretending to work but you're clearly lying. I lived on the west side of Saskatoon my whole life. I've walked down 20th in the middle of the night and been fine. I'd like to know where exactly the store owners allow people to walk out with their arms full of merchandise? My sister used to work at money express– a pawn shop on 20th. The clients were perfectly kind and no one ever stole with the staff being fully away. When they did suspect someone of stealing the person wasn't just allowed to leave they were confronted. I don't live in Saskatoon anymore but I love that city and I'll be damned if I sit here and allow you to insult it and drag the cities name through the mud even more. Move if your so scared but there is nothing to be afraid of and you know it.

    • bitch u stupid. dont bring that shit like whites and drunks doin shit come to north york toronto, scarborough, malton mississauga. sum bitch came to my building jus a lil while back nd got popped for tellin em to keep their dogs on a tight leash. this whole chart bullshit is crap cuz niggas know that if i go to b.c or west canada NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHIN, but if u walk these streets you'll get popped. its jus cuz the population difference is so bad. 30% of canadas population lives in the GTA dont act like fucking saskatoon is anything. stop bitching and farm ur animals


      •  This wannabe wouldn’t last 2 minutes in Riversdale in Saskatoon.

      • this kid has no clue what he is talking about. I have lived in gta my whole life, im a 165lb white guy 30ish with no crew or gang, i have worked all over this country and the only hardcore thing comming from TO is the whining.  You morons think if you tell ppl your a bunch of crazys that no1 will bug you guess what? the only ppl that give a rats ass about to is the ppl in it. Halton? really thats a joke. Hamilton is way worse then Toronto any day of the week.  No matter what they put in magazines about any city in this country we arent a bunch of gangbanging americans like you ppl want to think you are.  Grow up. as for the go farm your animals, saskatoon has tougher people which in a time where the system has turned its back on much of the people they will do what they have to to insure their familes eat. go shoot urself “truth”

  3. There is absolutely no way that Port Coquitlam is one of the most dangerous cities in Canada. I would say that this proves you can make numbers say just about anything.

    For anyone who’s interested. Our streets are safe here, that is if you dont count the wandering Bears.

    • I think the mass atrocities by Robert Pickton at his pig farm have skewed the stats on Po-Co. It is the 2007 murder stats that brought it up.
      I would chalk that up to the Downtown East side, but unfortunately it seems the actual murders took place on the farm.
      I agree Douglass, Port Coquitlam is a pretty , sleepy, safe town.

      • Yeah I was thinking about that. There is no other way we could be the #1 city for murder in 2007. We’ve been relatively quite since that man was put away.

        • Maybe Port Coquitlam is more dangerous than you thought and that you are actually very ignorant of what has been going on in that city. While you live a quiet privileged life, those less fortunate than yourself have turned to activity conducive to violence. You probably don’t see it because you don’t care to open your eyes or you are too self-obsessed: I don’t know. But the truth is now standing right next to you, so stop pretending that you live in paradise just because you aren’t in the same room as the violence. It takes a real living human being to care about the rest of humanity and that means paying attention to things besides oneself. While you are fighting the results of this study, others are fighting to live another day and sometimes this can involve situations of violent crime.

          • Well, thank you for judging me.

            No I am not delusional about my city. I am actively involved in my community from the bottom to the top. I know hard facts and numbers. I see our flaws. Crime does exist here. We have a serious shortage of Police officers. I know their problems of expansion of the Mary Hill detachment. There is also a need for a permanent station on the North Side. We have a huge homeless problem in the city. I also see the solutions. I see the mat program, the temporary shelter about to open as we wait for the permanent one on Westwood. I know and speak regularly to many of the members of MATH (the Mayor’s Action Team on Homelessness) and The Hope for Freedom society and have seen the good that comes out of these groups.

            I am not fighting the results of this study. I am saying that numbers can paint any picture you want them to. I just disagree with what Macleans has painted here.

    • Gotta agree with you there. Toronto is by far the most dangerous place to live. By far!!! Yet it ranks safer than Montreal! Unbelievable! I have lived in both cities (as well as Halifax, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec and Moncton. Maclean’s must be talking about another planet because out of therse cities none even come close to Toronto….

      • And… when exactly did you live in those cities? Because Toronto, outside of, as mentioned, a few problem areas (check the map on the Star’s webpage that keeps track of homicides – they’re concentrated in a four or five areas), is about as safe of a major city as you can get.

        Toronto and Montreal are, for all intents and purposes, statistically tied on this survey. One murder a year either way would probably reverse their ranking. It’s not something to be howling at the moon about.

      • It would be nice, TerryG, to support your claims with verifiable facts rather than your gut feeling. Maclean’s, afterall, isn’t constructing this list based on your own personal experience, but from statistics. It’s doubtful that anyone here makes personal decisions on what you think or how you have lived. If we did, we would all be sitting in front of a computer with a hole in our heads!

    • Douglass:

      For all that work you seem to do in the community, how is it that you missed all that crime especially since you “know hard facts and numbers”? I don’t deny the good your contributions make, but stop kidding yourself and realize that there is crime in the pretty, sleepy, safe town of Port Coquitlam.

      • ‘I don’t deny the good your contributions make, but stop kidding yourself and realize that there is crime in the pretty, sleepy, safe town of Port Coquitlam.’

        I do. There is crime here. I never called it sleepy. We are a city that is growing rapidly. There are all sorts of problems that arise from that.

  4. How can Caledon be singled out as a community in your survey? You have Peel Region as a community which includes Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon. Caledon is part of Peel Region?

    Thank you

    • These numbers appear to broken down by police structure: Mississauga and Brampton are served by Peel Regional while Caledon is served by the OPP. The same holds for Guelph and Wellington County.

    • who cares? Caledon don't got any crime anyway. 2 years ago Mississauga and Brampton had around 30-35 murders combined…. Caledon shouldn't even exist, it just milks off Brampton and Mississauga tax money. useless fucking farmers

    • just be happy you have the lowest crime rate in canada

  5. What a farce! Mr. MacQueen uses TWO YEAR OLD statistics, yet writes in the present tense to determine that Saskatoon is the most dangerous city. He ignores the changes that Saskatoon Police have enacted which has cut doewn on crime significantly.
    Today in Metro Vancouver, there was another shooting. Since January, 11 people have died in gun violence in more than two dozen shootings in the Metro Vancouver area. Please folks, if you have never been to Saskatoon, do NOT let this article using old statistics change your mind. While we have our problems here, as all cities do, it is a beautiful, relatively safe city in which to live.

    • Not really a farce at all. I’m from Regina and have lived in Saskatoon for the past couple of years and I must say that both of those cities are riddled with crime. I’m astonished at the poverty and the ghetto-ized neighbourhoods. When I went to university in Toronto and Ottawa, I thought I would be living in dangerous cities but both are like a walk in the park compared to my hometown and Saskatoon. Until people take their heads out of the sand and begin to address the stark reality, they’ll be living like you, David, in oblivion.

      • In Ottawa the crime was the robbery of your income via taxes, and in Toronto it was by David Miller trying to find another service you used to get through your taxes that he can levy an additional fee on….

        White collar crime doesn’t get added to the list; even though it has longer reaching pickpockets.

    • The statistics are the most recently available and they would be at most 14 months old since 2007 ended roughly 14 months ago. He is using the best source possible, so give him some latitude. Yes, Vancouver has a terrible turf war going on presently and perhaps for 2009 they will hold the dubious honour – but even in 2007 there were is a part of greater Van that had a higher murder rate than Saskatoon (as did Edmonton and Winnipeg). The most dangerous designation has a number of factors, of which one is murder – perhaps murder should be weighted more, but these are methodological issues. Are police doing a better job in Saskatoon? I think so. Are all parts of Saskatoon safe? I think not. We have very dangerous parts of our city that police alone cannot change. I wish it were different, I really do.

    • to really understand such communities i think you should experience the lifestyle only those succumb to the penalties life has to offer if they choose….you decide…dont count eveything as an evil.

  6. Ridiculous. This is crap. Obviously Ken (the author) has not lived in Toronto or Vancouver. We have shootings every night here for the last five weeks here in Vancouver. When I went for a walk near Gastown and saw stoned people breaking into the parking meters in front of the police station in the daytime I knew I did not want to be down there. I have lived in LA, Toronto and Vancouver. East Vancouver is the scariest place I have been in USA and Canada. The author should do what other students here are doing to raise awareness for the homeless as well – live like them for a week at Hastings and Main st. I won’t do it.

    • Hello Jim. I am an America from Fargo actually. I was just wondering what my chances are of getting shot at in Vancouver or Montreal. I was wanting to go visit there with my fiancee but she is afraid because we have heard so much about Montreal being a dangerous and slum-like city. We just want to be safe and leave our bullet proof vests at home! Thanks

  7. “I have lived in LA, Toronto and Vancouver. East Vancouver is the scariest place I have been in USA and Canada. ”

    Well, then I think the point of the article is that you should be glad you haven’t visited anywhere else higher than Vancouver on the list (although since the list factors population into account, I suppose Vancouver is worse on a gross, rather than proportional, level, and things have gotten worse this year if the articles in the past couple of weeks attributing the uptick in violence to a gang war being part of it).

    • The statistics don’t tell you much. On the one hand, there’s gang violence in Vancouver; on the other, there are very dangerous neighbourhoods like the Lower Eastside. When people talk about crime, I presume they’re talking about the danger level for ordinary folk, not the danger level for second lieutenants in the U.N. gang. The problem in the Lower Eastside is the drugs. When many of your fellow pedestrians are desperate for a fix and often crazy, owing to the drugs, you can’t predict how they’ll behave.

    • They need to hire more cops. Very sad becasue you western provinces have beautiful country. Many canadains love that little bit of paradise you have. Actually we are planning our first trip to Victoria this summer. …. I hope.

      • Wear a money belt and keep some pepper spray with an asp handy.

      • And stay away from Alberta … the drugs in that province is crazy, there is meth all over that place.

  8. think this method of “per-capita” is a bad way of messuring anything, especially crime. That would mean that some small town in any province with a murder and a couple b & e’s would have a a crime wave happening and would top off the entire country all because of “per-capita.” Sorry find a better way to measure between city size. Already Vancover is at 23 shootings since end of january this year than Saskatoon had murders all last year (9). Yeah way safer!
    Instead of picking cities, pick areas, or suburbs. that way the population base will be the same. It is impossible to compare a city or 250,000 to one of millions or even to 2,000.

    • Or pick reality.

      Corporate fraud that tanks a company , throws hundreds out of work and bankrupts a pension fund, has more impact on security of the person than B and E’s, as do lack of enforcement and poor food safety practices. Smog kills more people in a year in Canada than gang violence kills in ten decades.

      This ranking is a privileged eye view of what crime is, ignoring the massive impacts on society from white collar crimes like money laundering, stock manipulation, pension fraud and health and environmental safety violations. Those crimes don’t make the list because they are perpetrated by people who look and dress like the owners and editors and writers at Macleans.

    • Your soooo right! Wow finally. Peel Region had 35 murders. know are they going to tell me its safer to walk around Saskatoon then Mississauga? Go to Malton (part of north Mississauga) less then 50k people have already have 10 murders.

  9. The survey is about most dangerous CITIES, then why does your survey rank some from a city level and some from a regional level? Pickering as an example is a CITY and should have been considered separate from Durham just like you have done with some of the other cities like Caledon, which is a part of Peel region. It is not fair to assume that all of Durham represents the score in this survey, as we all know most of the crime is centered in Oshawa followed by Ajax.

    Not a very efficient survey….sorry!

    • i went to school in caledon and it's not a part of Peel, that's why it's O.P.P that is the police there not Peel police

  10. Soon enough, our beautiful Canada will become like many places in the States filled with crime. The recession will kick in and make it worse. However, this is the reason I believe in sharia law because if such laws existed, it would tremendously lower the serious crimes that take place. For example; rape, sexual assault, robbery or gang violence. In Saudi Arabia, when you see a man with his hand missing, you know right away that he was convicted of robbery or theft before. So, you will think twice to commit such a crime there, in fact; that is why the crime of theft there is lower than anywhere else. Same goes for the other crimes. But then let’s not get side shifted because, the leaders and those in authority are still corrupt much like the leaders in Canada and States who only think of themselves but at least in the public crimes are lower.

    • Yes, and think of how low our crime statistics would be if we removed the courts entirely and summarily executed everyone accused of a crime! It’d be AWESOME!

    • And crime would disappear altogether once we stoop to the level Mathias Alder suggests because we’d be all equal! That is, we would all be moral equivalents of criminals ourselves because we would be doing reprehensible and inhumane methods to address crime … we would solve crime with crime! Mathias your theory of moral justice is brilliant!

    • Yea….and thanks to Sharia Law…all our other rights will be taken away as well….and women will be oppressed and made like slaves….and all other religious faiths will be outlawed…yea sharia law…. the tool of oppression and enemy of freedom and democracy. Use your brain!

  11. Mr. MacQueen needs to clarify what he means when he says Winnipeg and Saskatoon are the two most dangerous cities to live in. I lived in Winnipeg for over 20 years and still go back to visit family members three to four times per year and have yet to see the kind of violence that he is talking about. I would agree that we do have some problems in the Native community and some issues with car theft but that is very mild compared to the ongoing violence we see here in Toronto and some of the surrounding cities. Drive by shootings killing innocent people going Christmas shopping, shooting people in parks, shooting people and dumping the body on the highway, the the list goes on and on, so many that you lose count. Please, give me a count of how many people have been murdered in Toronto over the past three years and then compare that to Winnipeg or Saskatoon and see where we’re at, and yes, I know Toronto is the “Big City.”

    • That’s the point of the statistics – that a community like Winnipeg has a much higher murder rate than Toronto. Toronto has more murders than Winnipeg, but just extrapolating by the data, I’d guess that Winnipeg has about 50% the number of gross murders while only having 25% of the population (… I think, someone check that based on the murder table). Toronto is above the national average in murders, but that’s really the only category in which it posts a high score. Since murders are sensational, it creates the perception that there’s a much larger threat than there otherwise would be.

      • Let’s put danger into perspective. Most of the murders that occur in Winnipeg are related to domestic violence or people who know each other. While this is sad, for the most part it poses no harm to the general population. On the other hand, the level of violence in Toronto is appalling. In the past two years alone how many innocent people have been murdered just going about their daily business. I feel 1000 times safer walking the streets of Winnipeg than I do in Toronto. Big city or not, Toronto is not a war zone!

    • Nate, by chance are you a poet?

    • And yet, by the same token, I’ve lived in Toronto for over 21 years, and have yet to witness any act of crime, and only in my most extended family can I find a case of one of the above (car theft).

      While defending Winnipeg, consider perhaps that the stereotype extends beyond that border and into other cities as well.

  12. Apparently, Fredericton is also home to the semi-literate with access to computers.

  13. I’m assuming you’ve never been to Mississauga or Brampton – Peel Region. You know, the immigrant-heavy communities that are FORTY PERCENT below the national average. And that’s without Caledon skewing the figures.

    York Region is also somewhat immigrant-heavy and even lower, although that’s balanced out by the fact that the immigrant population is concentrated in the south (Markham and Richmond Hill). Then again, that’s also where most of the population resides (and Vaughan is immigrant-heavy, as well, largely eastern european), so basically… you need to actually know what you’re talking about before spouting out ignorant comments like that.

  14. Don’t hold back on any more race/culture/ethnicity based generalizations you might have Jason.

  15. As a US citizen and a resident of the Los Angeles area for the past 15 years, I think I would still be happy to take my chances in Saskatoon. I have been robbed at gunpoint (twice) and at knifepoint (once) my car has been hit by random ‘stray bullets’ (twice) my various apartments have been broken into (three times) and let’s not even talk about car break-ins….

    • The first amendment is great, isn’t it?

  16. I live in Saskatoon an I believe this survey is quite relevant.

    It is “per ca pita” that they make their case.

    We have far too much violent crime for the size of our city.

    You can waste time blaming it on Natives, gangs, the police force, the government; but in the meantime no one wants to deal with the problem.

    They say Saskatchewan is the place to be for jobs, but lets face it half our citizens live in “poverty”.
    The rate of poverty always increases the rate of crime.

    If you have personal suggestions on how to deal with this – post them here, let Canada know that we care about what happens to our city.

    • At least you don’t live in Gary doesn’t Doer anything Manitoba. The premier has been missing in action for the last two years. The only action that seems to come naturally to him is asking Ottawa for more money. To their credit, the aboriginal leaders in Winnipeg are proactive in their efforts to champion change in their community.

    • Blaming it on natives is not waste of time, the sad fact is they are over-represented in the statistical crime mix. They harm each other more than they do anyone else. For the most part, Saskatoon for non natives is as safe as or safer than any place in Canada. Anyone who lives here knows that. And furthermore half of Sask residents do not live in poverty. Those who show up (for the jobs that are plentiful here) and work get ahead.

  17. Jason, you aren’t allowed to make such statements in Canada. If the city I live in had a murder rate equal to that of the native reserve nearby, it would be top of the list by a huge margin. With a population of fewer than 3500 they average 8 murders a year, and so many , violent assults, break-ins and rapes the police can hardly keep the records up to date. The common denominator of all this crime seems to be booze, which while it causes a lot of problems in society in general is a catastrophy in the native one.

    • You realize though that Saskatoon has a reserve inside of it right? And i am first nations and i am saying this changes the stats because this country has yet to fix issues with first nations people. So we have unrest economic hardship. The average household of Saskatoon makes 49,313 a year. Toronto’s average was $69,125. That is a huge difference statistically.

        • Chilliwack ….. Well I was born and raised here , and yes it has changed , but I honestly cant belive that this is the 6 most dangerous place to live ..yes I lock my house at night , ,but judging by this I should be sitting on my front deck in a rocking chair with a shotgun ( un registered of course ) and just randomly shot poeple that walk by and look at me wrong.

          • I would also be surprised that Chilliwack is #6 if it were not for it being on the list last year. I grew up in Abbotsford and there are certain places there that these days I would not walk around in. Vancouver scares me and you are constantly harrassed by beggars for money when you walk on the streets there (Vancouver was #8 however).

            I know that there is some crime here. I would not park my car outside because I know people break into cars in the so called “rich area” I live in and the mailbox in my complex has been broken into four times in the five years I’ve lived here. Other then the mailbox break ins I have never been the victim of a crime here.

            I delivered papers every night for 3 years. I delivered from 2am – 6am every night and I hardly ever saw any sort of crime despite driving past 2000+ houses a night and either Sardis Secondary or Chilliwack Secondary.

            I first delivered on the Chilliwack side. The strangest thing I saw here was three dead calves that were dumped on the road by some farmer wanting to unload them. That is not included in the stats of course. The next thing was I used to deliver to this creepy motel that looked like it came out of a movie set. Somtimes this white van would go into the motel in the middle of the night. I think they were collecting drugs. There were kids that would be up there at all hours of the night. I also once saw a five year old dancing naked in the window here. I never saw any robberies or anything like that on the Chilliwack side. Drug issues do not appear to be part of the stats.

            I later delivered on the Sardis side. i pretty much never ran into anyone when deliving on this side but I did once see some guy on his bike stealing junk from peoples yards. That’s probably the only crime I ever witnessed.

            One thing I do not like is how many people here let their dogs run loose. There are not enough animal control officers and they are not open at good times. This has nothing to do with the stats either, however.

  18. what a joke of a report. I feel extremely safe in Saskatoon. “per capita” ya do you understand how that messes up your results? Also this is stats from 2 years ago. This story might have been informative 2 years ago ?? Saskatoon has had 2 murders in 08…..TWO. Check your life out reporter.

    • It is not only murder that makes the “most dangerous” category – it is one component of it. The west side of Saskatoon is a legitimately scary place – I won’t go there in the day, let alone at night. In the past 6 months crime has been progressively bleeding into the east side, with numerous assaults and armed robberies (8th St). The use of knives instead of fists is escalating. The ERs are filled with knife wounds – ask any ER doctor that works at St Pauls. As much as I hate it, crime lives here and is growing.

    • Have u had to walk the streets of the westside at 1 in the morning befor, and get chased by a bunch of difrent gang units with crowbars and random homeade weapons (saw blade on a rope) bear mace,…….this is what the kids deal with, saskatoon is not safe…. lol in the night the Crazies come out to play

    • If you feel so safe….why don't you go for walks in any area of the city at any time and see how long you will feel safe?

  19. Every year I find this Mcleans report very entertaining at best. I am a proud gapper, and extremely proud of Regina and Saskatoon, the latter in which I reside. Anyone who has visited our fair cities knows the only thing you have to worry about 8 months of the year is getting from your vehicle or public transportation to work without getting frost bite! Gimme a break Mcleans, I will walk downtown in either of these cities before stepping foot in the slums of large centers like Toronto or Vancouver. In saying that Vancouver has had how many gun related deaths this year?,,,,actually count them up in the last 2 weeks and re-write your article.

    • chad, I walk downtown in Saskatoon and feel relatively safe – I agree with you there. But would you cross Idlewyld and walk into the west side into the alphabet streets? Few people here would willingly. I am proud of Saskatoon as well, but we have a real problem and ignoring it is not going to help. We have to stop all the people hurting each other and address the underlying problems.

      • Silvestrovitch, your problem with crossing Idywyld is that you’d have your tail between your legs. You’re like wearing a “knife me” sign! Coming over to the west side with an attitude like yours is gonna get some attitude back. I’ve lived on both sides of the city, and have encountered no increase of crime to myself on the west side. What I do notice though is the 30% higher prices on the east side to buy or rent a comparable house. I think you are getting robbed more than me!

        The underlying problem is that you keep the evil westside belief alive.

        • Thanks Steven. A number of my friends police the west side and what they see in a day in unreal, let alone what they do not see. I commend your bravery for living there. Do you have children?

          • When people say the west side of Saskatoon they are lumping it into one big group. There are many neighbourhoods on the west side of Saskatoon that are perfectly safe to live in and raise a family, one of which I live in. I would walk around my area any time of day and feel totally safe. It is when you get into the alphabet streets around 22nd street where there is the real problem. So those of you who do not know Saskatoon, not all people who live on the west side are thugs that are going to harm you. You just need to know which areas are not the best (which every city has) and stay away from them.

          • You are right, Jay. Sorry for painting all the west side with the same brush.

    • Nothing wrong with downtown Regina. That place is tame. I doubt you would ever walk through North Central Core of Regina though. Go and see real inner city poverty and forget about what you call “the slums of large centers like Toronto” you ignoramus.

    • My boyfriend is from Regina and lived in North Central. I’ve gone up there to visit family with him and his little cousin was THIRTEEN a prostitute and addicted to crack. His other girl cousins, most under 18 were all pregnant or all strippers and prostitutes. His uncle recently got shot 9 times and his wife was beaten brutally all because somebody wanted to steal his car. He feels much safer here in Surrey. OPEN YOUR EYES.

  20. The study is seriously flawed. For example, Port Coquitlam, like it or not, is simply a part of Vancouver. All the municipalites in this region, compromising what is known as Vancouver, would alter the stats for Vancouver. Same for St Albert which scored very low while Edmonton scored high. St Albert is bascially part of Edmonton. Combine the two in the count for a more realistic result.

  21. Yeah Jason, poverty and disadvantage breeds crime. Who woulda thunk it? Well actually, considering what is going on in Wall Street with the Madoff’s etc. apparantly extreem wealth also breeds crime. THAT is the truly “weird” part, I suggest.

  22. Thats funny…Kelwona BC is number 19 and 63

    • That is because #63 is referring to rural Kelowna. Learn to read buddy.

  23. Wow, as a Milwaukeean, this article and these comments were interesting but sad for me. I like to think of Canada in the romanticized way I always have, with the worst crime being the counterfeit Hello Kitty t-shirts sold in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

  24. I wish there was a clear cut answer to this circumstance. However there appears to be one point and that is due to the disadvantages that have been incurred on native people it stands to reason that the result would nothing different. From being excluded to being control and dominated, it has been nothing but an uphill battle for native people: Thus because of the resulting poverty we have the social problems that come with it. If there was one thing it would be to do away with the domination that stiffles an already disadvantaged people.

  25. i live in toronto and i think its more dangerous then some of thoes other cities just us toronto mans dont get caught…:D

    • the city isn't shit more people in these bad small towns grow up to be gangsters than people in the big city

    • the city isn't shit more people in these bad small towns grow up to be gangsters than people in the big city

    • the city isn't that bad, more people got good jobs there, while most of these small towns are harder to have good paying jobs so kids just sell drugs, and rob people

  26. This is ridiculously out of touch. We just had 8 shootings in 2 days in Metro Vancouver. Although technically this happened in several cities, it was all in the metro area. You tell me which is safer, Saskatoon, THAT HAD 2 MURDERS LAST YEAR, or Vancouver.

    One bit of the survey was correct however, Port Coquitlam really has more than its’ fair share of violent crime.

    • James, Vancouver has three times as many people as Saskatoon. It also has more newspapers and TV stations than Saskatoon. So of course you will hear about more shootings etc – – especially since Canadian media are obsessed with reporting any violent crime, even if it isn’t reflected in statistics.

      Look at Toronto. Its crime rate, including violent crimes, is at its lowest point in 40 years, and it’s the safest major city in North America. Yet if you read the city’s newspapers and magazines, you’d be convinced there’s a violent crime wave. The media need something to report on, so they pick up on whatever they can find. And in a city of 2 million people, even if it has virtually zero violent crime, you’re going to find the odd thing to pick up on. Tragically, this mythology causes Conservatives to win elections: They manipulate the false fears created by the media.

      Your chances of being exposed to violent crime in Vancouver are lower than they are in Saskatoon. In Toronto or Montreal, they’re far, far lower. (Vancouver has slums. Toronto and Montreal don’t – – their “crime-ridden” neigbhourhoods are safer than the “safe” neighbourhoods of western cities).

      • “Toronto and Montreal don’t – – their “crime-ridden” neigbhourhoods are safer than the “safe” neighbourhoods of western cities).”

        I wouldn’t quite go that far, but the crime, even at Jane and Finch and in Regent Park, is certainly less visible. Which, I recognise, is in and of itself a problem.

  27. Thanks for reminding me why I DID NOT renew my Macleans subscription. Nice use of two year old stats to get the story your were looking for! GO EAST!!! Ra Ra TO!! WOO WOO!!! Congratulations on spinning a great story to try to entice easterners to stay in the east where THERE ARE NO JOBS when Regina is booming!! (they’ll probably NEVER see through your smoke screen!)

    • wow, are you bitter Rae-Lyn. the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

      • yeah…TRUTH…that’s what you call THAT article…HA! Yeah…bitter…HA!!! (stay out east bitter…we won’t miss you in our fair city!)

        • Rae-Lyn, I have to diagree with you.
          I am a young woman living in Saskatoon, and I DO NOT feel safe. Quite simply, because it is not a safe city.
          In the past 2 weeks, my brother just happened to be at Pizza Hut when it was robbed, and they took hit hat, shoes, wallet, phone etc..
          The this past weekend I came outside, and my car had been completely destroyed by vandals.. for no reason.. on my DRIVEWAY!.. in Saskatoon’s wealthy northend neighbourhood.

          Our needle exchange program in the worst in the country.. we have the most drug users in the country.. And people arrested, don’t stay in jail. When they do, they escape, or they are released by mistake!

          We may not have the most shootings, but we have robberies, stabbings.. I am saddened that people in Saskatchewan are attacking Maclean’s.. instead of dealing with our crime issues..

          Why does everyone get so darn defensive? Why can’t we deal with reality?

          I am glad Maclean’s wrote this article.. it lets me know where it IS safe.. where I should go.

          Come on Saskatchewan.. who cares about the economy, if the crime is so so bad?
          And don’t say ohhh the statistics are old.. We’re consistently the worst year, after year, after year,
          Anyone who gets mad at Maclean’s is just responding with denial, instead of action.

          You’re afraid.. aren’t you.. But you don’t want to believe your home town.. where your property and family are located.. is the most dangerous in Canada. But, it is. So.. don’t blame Maclean’s.

          • I wonder how many assaults and murders included in that study are perpetrated on and by relatives and friends. My point is I’ve lived in the worst areas of Saskatoon, but though a victim of break and enter, I’ve never felt threatened or witnessed a violent crime.

            I wonder if the study numbers include the extra-curricular activities of our unpredictable and dangerous police force

          • To answer your question–NO I am not afraid–or in denial. Perhaps our cities, as close as they are in proximity are quite different after all. I have lived in Regina nearly my entire life and have never had my home broken into or ever witnessed a crime. I was in Calgary for one weekend and witnessed a knife fight on a C-train .

            It is unfortunate that we have a core area that is in trouble–I will agree with Maclean’s there. I wish there was something that COULD be done. When someone comes up with the magic solution to stop people in core Regina from killing one another let us know. In the meantime–let’s talk about how many Canadians were killed by people they did not know in 2007 and run a story on it.

    • I am very disgusted that you would even have the nerve to call Port Coquitlam a very dangerous city. I have lived here for 16 years and have kids and I have never once felt fear or in danger. Alot of other people that I know that have lived here a long time feel the same way. Please get your facts straight before you go making comments like that about the beautiful city that I am very proud to live in. It is not without some problems but compared to other lower mainland cities, it is still safer.

      • The worst serial killer in Canadian history murdered in Port Coquitlam(Robert Picton)Number One Murder Capital All Right.It really is a vicious town.,a girl was just murdered on Oxford Street in Port Coquitlam,ect,ect,ect

        • Robert Picton killed from 1997-2001…. so dont make it like hes still there….

        • Who knows how many Picton killed in Port Coquitlam,some say 80! and Clifford Robert Olson got the car he used to murder all those children from Metro Motors in Port Coquitlam,Olson knew Port Coquitlam very well. Three brutal murder’s were committed in the downtown Port Coquitlam ‘Macallister Apartments’,a guy was even murdered in the A&W parking lot in Downtown Port Coquitlam!a kid was murdered beside the lacrosse box in downtown Port Coquitlam,a girl was murdered beside the Coquitlam River in Port Coquitlam and when she screamed as she was being murdered not one Port Coquitlam resident who heard her screams came to her aid! Jesse penner a beloved Port Coquitlam youth was brutally murdered on Mary Hill in Port Coquitlam,there was a murder/suicide in a car while driving down Praire Ave in Port Coquitlam!!Children get hit and killed by cars and the killers don’t stop!!! Port Coquitlam is Canada’s Murder Capital bar none!!

    • Well said Lyn-Rae.

    • Rae-Lyn, your comments are childish. This isn’t a competition, it’s data that they are reporting – there is no need to take it personally. Talking about where jobs are has no bearing on this article.

      The data is NOT 2 years old, it is from 2007. This is done because you need a full year’s worth of data to make a proper analysis. Also, as stated, this was the latest data that has come from Stats Canada, since 2008 ended only a couple months ago.

      Secondly, they are working on the data from a purely statistical perspective. That means they look at crime as a *rate*, a percentage of the population, which is key. You cannot look purely at volume , since that is not an accurate reflection of the crime RATE. This means that the closer a city is to #1 on this list, the higher a resident’s chances are of being affected by crime in that city. Plain and simple.

      Also, to take into account all of the other factors that people are discussing here is irrelevant – whatever the cause of the crime, the data is the SAME.

      • Thanks for your enlightening rhetoric Leon. I too took a research and statistical methods class in university and I understand that we need to study stats that are two years old. I understand the value of that exercise.

        My point is simply that, while very entertaining and enticing, this article does little more than paint a bad picture for the west in a time when the west is booming and the east is holding on by its fingertips. That and give folks like us something to banter about.

        There is a very small percentage of the population in Regina that is involved in criminal activity. I understand what rate means(thanks for that though). Still–the crimes that are occurring in Regina are confined to one particular sector of society and do not affect the entire population except by happenstance–which is a rare occurance.

        To quote a fellow contributor “For someone who lives a clean lifestyle and obeys the law, Regina is a very safe place. For people who are into drugs and are participating in criminal activity, Regina can be dangerous. That’s how it goes, no matter where you live. Very little of the violence is random anywhere you go, and every city has its scary neighbourhoods. So, unless you happen to live in a city with no ghettos or crime whatsoever, there’s no reason to be afraid to move here. It’s an awesome place to live.”

        To list cities based on this data collection method as “The Most Dangerous in Canada” is simply irresponsible and unacceptable and discredits Maclean’s. Shame SHAME!.

  28. Statistics on this are fraudulent. Here is why. First of all population statistics are from the last census. That is combined with crime statistics. Saskatoon is a University town. During school year the population of the town swells to an almost insane number of 300,000 people. This is due to the almost 30,000 students families and support staff. Then you also have a halo effect where the added population also brings in the surrounding communities for recreation purposes to support this swelled population.

    So the per capita numbers are in error. Saskatoon is a small town that is a victim of the poor statistical analysis. The towns permanent population of 200,000 or so people are the nicest people you will ever know who make a point of using community watch programs and reporting all crimes. Saskatoon was also the declared the city with the highest amount of stalkers per capita of course this was only because of the high level of awareness programs used in Saskatoon to empower women to report these crimes. Basically Saskatoon gets a bad rep because of its strong crime prevention programs and halo effect from the University of Saskatchewan, surrounding communities and reservations.

    Last year Saskatoon had 2 murders. Which apparently due to statistics makes saskatoon the murder capital of Canada because the permanent census population is half of the real school year population.

    • Fredericton, NB is also a University town. Of our 50,000, we get another 10,000 of students. Oromocto, on the other hand, is only 20 minutes away, yet have half the population- most of the numbers they have for population in Oromocto are technically out in the country- not within town limits at all. Fredericton, after having no murders for ten years (or thereabouts) had three in the span of 4 months or so- and haven’t had any since. Two of those murders were University students- not counted as part of the population. Even I have to say they should check how they get thier stats- and how many of these murders are ‘transient’

      • On the “University Town has over-reported statistics” argument… well, that must mean Kingston is REALLY safe, since it’s 31% below national average.

        Okay, Kingston might not be the best example to use, since the second-biggest industry in the city after “providing booze to Queen’s students” is corrections. But even London and Waterloo, two big University towns, do very well. I suspect even if you buy into the argument that Saskatoon’s population is under-reported, its relative placement compared to similar cities wouldn’t change much. For example, Halifax, which I believe has a larger student population and a relatively similar overall size, is much lower on a percentage basis.

    • “swells to an almost insane number of 300,000 people”

      Insane number. That’s kinda cute.

    • Actually in the news it says that Saskatoon just had it's 9th homicide for 2010…wow that is a huge increase if it is true..it is in the Star Phoenix

  29. “When we’re looking at homicides in Saskatoon, usually they’re domestic violence situations or people are at a party and they’re drinking and it gets out of control.” Quote from a police officer.


    nice quote.. Saskatoon is a party town students and people getting out of control is the vast majority of the stats and with only 200,000 recorded population for a city who’s real population is almost double that right now including students and staff. It’s really stupid to rate Saskatoon this way.

    As far as walking around the town, you would not find a more safe town. I only wish Saskatoon had suburbs so that Saskatoon police could report crimes to a suburb to manipulate the crime numbers like they do in big cities.

    • “I only wish Saskatoon had suburbs so that Saskatoon police could report crimes to a suburb to manipulate the crime numbers like they do in big cities.”

      Um… yeah. Those crimes being pushed to the suburbs resulted in Durham having its -23% score, Peel its -40% score, and York Region its 80% score.

      Next crackpot theory?

  30. Here is the very sad part of these statistics. The racial bias.. i am close to considering this an underlying comment of MacLeans.

    Caledon Population Breakdown: Blacks 30.74%, South Asians 27.94%, Chinese 8.38%, West Asian 7.19% and Latino 6.79%[2]. Caledon also has small Arab, Japanese, Korean and Filipino populations. Absolutely no Native North Americans live in Caledon.

    Saskatoon has a higher percentage of First Nations population than any other major Canadian city at nearly 9%.

    Talk about racially bias MacLeans. Only way to achieve accurate numbers would be to combine census numbers in 2006 with crime stats in 2006. Which i am absolutely sure Saskatoon was not the crime capital of canada. Seems like Saskatoon is a victim of a population boom.

    • Try to actually pull the full quote from Wikipedia next time. Here it is, and it changes your point JUST a bit:

      “Just as many Southern Ontario municipalities, Caledon has seen a large amount of visible minorities in recent years. 4.97% of Caledon was a visible minority, of which the highest percent was of Blacks 30.74%, South Asians 27.94%, Chinese 8.38%, West Asian 7.19% and Latino 6.79%[2].”

      (What, you seriously thought no one would look at those numbers and, knowing Caledon, think “hey, wait, 30% Black seems just a little high?”)

      • “Here is the very sad part of these statistics” … yes, the very sad part of these statistics is that you do not know how to interpret them, jason. And when you tried to do your own work, Stephen busted you on your incompetence. Jason, my moral for you would be to stay away from numbers and figures until you understand them

      • I live just outside of Caledon, and frequently visit that small town… As a Black man myself, I have seen a handful (that’s less than I can count on one hand) of Black people in Caledon, so good try there J…… 30.4% BLACK….LOL

    • Racial bias..
      Well.. something like 75 percent of people in Saskatchewan jails are aboriginal so…
      If 75 percent of criminals had red hair, would we not be able to say so?
      It’s just a fact..
      They are poverty stricken.. they commit crime.. It’s just the way it is.

    • LOL’s…30% black…In caledon…psshh. Until very recently Caledon was 99.8% white. Caledon’s new influx of imigrants is becuase it shares a border with Brampton and that boarder is now being built on for subdivisions.

    • there is an comment that makes sense you are 100% right, edmonton is having the same problem…First Nations population !

  31. What about the cities that are not on the list? Are they even safer than Caledon?

  32. How can you ever forget Vancouver or for that fact Surrey?. And the murders that took place in Toronto in broad daylight?

    • So a high percentage of murders are okay, as long as they don’t occur in daylight?

      (And, as you can see if you click to the subcharts, Toronto does have a higher murder rate than overall crime rate, but is much lower in other categories. We’re an all-or-nothing type of town, I suppose.)

  33. Nice atricle, couldn’t you find any older out of date stats to use!. Why don’y you give 2 year old hockey scores in your sports section. This is why I’m not a Macleans subscriber.

  34. I just wanted to comment on this article, Kelowna BC appears in this article 2 times. Listed as # 20 population 113109 32.86% and listed as #63 population 51560 crime score of 34.37% . I think someone forgot to profread this article correctly . Which is the correct information for Kelowna,BC.

  35. For those criticizing the age of the statistics – they are not two years old. They are from 2007: In order to compile 2007 statistics, 2007 has to be over. It takes several months, into 2008, for Stats Canada and other groups to make sense of the numbers and methodically compile the statistics. These numbers were released in 2008, based on what happened in 2007. The numbers for 2008 have not been compiled and released yet. This is as good as it gets.

  36. It would be interesting to know the political leanings of each area.

  37. hang on a minute here. what about all those severed feet washing up in the vancouver area? there are two types of crime developing in canada’s cities: local, homegrown, out-of-work-so-they-need-to-steal crime + the totally absurd crimes like the beheading on a greyhound bus.

    hard to stop? no, vigilance is needed, and all can play a part to improve canada’s crime rates in its cities.

  38. this articles stats are on who gets caught more for crimes. in windsor they said in the newspaper our first murder of 2009 was in february, but ive heard of 2 murders before that in january, not in the news but on the streets. and that was just murders ive heard of, im sure there were some in the west end. i dont know maybe windsor criminals are just better at getting away with crime unlike the dumb hillbillies in saskatoon, regina, and winnipeg.

    • thats exactly it i live in the GTA and were not as stupid over here casue of the large police precence everywhere people here are a bit smarter about some of their crimes

  39. Prince Edward Island is so safe, Charlottetown is not even mentioned in the study!!

  40. I was born and raised in Saskatoon until last October when I relocated to Edmonton due to a job transfer. It was a very difficult decision to make but one has to pay bills. It is true there are parts of Saskatoon that I would not go to but here in Edmonton, I wouldnt even think of venturing out after dark. That is pretty sad because Whyte Avenue during the summer is a lot of fun, but who wants the take the BIG change of being robbed or worse. Sasktoon is a beautiful city, unfortunately it is being tained by some bad publicitiy.

    • I'm from Peel and went to school in the "safest" city caledon (which i did feel completely safe in. As well I have lived in Toronto and Edmonton and your right!! I would NOT go out in Edmonton at night!!! Idef noticed (actually first hand wittnessed) more crime in Edmonton! In Toronto you see more strange stuff… I've seen Santa in drag lol but the trany's were always nice, the large population of "drunks" I saw in Edmonton… not so nice. Now I'm not saying everything I saw or experienced voices exactly how each city is it's just that tho, my experience…

  41. Come on fellow Winnipeggers

    We can do better than number 2 – although truth be told – some times Winnipeg feels like a big number 2.

    Lets be number one again – not only for cold, mosquitoes and slurpees but for crime as well!!!

  42. well, sad statistics

  43. Thanks so much for suppressing my Opinion on Victoria BC and agreeing with the stats.

    Victoria BC is a war zone! Crack and needles everywhere people using hard core deadly drugs right out in the open but the City is more interested in giving fines to people who smoke cigarettes and Jay walkers than getting the hoards of the living dead off the streets.

    Do the moderators of this comment board have a vested interest in Victoria BC? Two posts criticizing Victoria one by me and one by another have disappeared.

    Makes me sick that people refuse to believe that this city has gone down hill big time.

    Victoria needs a slap in the face then maybe the citizens of this city will be treated better and so will the tourists that come here and complain of the bad customer service and the lack of real enforcement of the streets. It’s okay to smoke crack on a street corner but not okay to have a cigarette.


    Victoria should be rated higher on these stats.

    • yes Victoria at night downtown is frightening..

      Caledon…ppppffffffttttt…..there are hundreds and hundreds of little places like Caledon across Canada
      that are just as safe. Who made up this crock of crap??

  44. I was born and raised in Prince George, BC (#4) and moved from there to spend the past 8 years of my life in Regina, SK (#3). I have never felt unsafe in either place, although I have witnessed crime, and had my own car broken into countless times. These are just statistics, let’s not let them change the way we feel about our hometowns or the places we call home now.

  45. Okay, I am from Regina, and I have two beefs: Beef # 1) people who claim that the crime stats are skewed because Regina is a small city. This argument does not hold water. If you look at the rankings of these overall cities, you will see that from the top of the list to the bottom of the list, there are cities of all sizes. Among the top 10 are cities as small as Halifax to as large as Vancouver and in between. And that mish-mash continues throughout the list all the way to the safest cities. Caledon was Canada’s safest city for two years in a row and they only have about 70,000 people. So quit blaming our high crime rate on our small size; that has nothing to do with it. If your small, normally safe, city happens to have a couple of extra murders one year and you’re suddenly the murder capital of Canada, then you can blame the per capita rating, but not when your city is steadily close to the top year after year after year for over a decade. Regina has a high crime rate. Admit it, so we can keep addressing it. Beef #2) the perception that your level of safety has anything to do with your city’s crime rate. For someone who lives a clean lifestyle and obeys the law, Regina is a very safe place. For people who are into drugs and are participating in criminal activiy, Regina can be dangerous. That’s how it goes, no matter where you live. Very little of the violence is random anywhere you go, and every city has its scary neighbourhoods. So, unless you happen to live in a city with no ghettos or crime whatsoever, there’s no reason to be afraid to move here. It’s an awesome place to live.

    • AMEN Chris. Well said.

  46. I started a blog to count homicides between Vancouver and Toronto. I will update it weekly. It will help you keep track of who’s winning, and maybe you can place bets on your favourite city with your friends or relatives.

    The url is http://west–vs–east.blogspot.com/

  47. The problem, is in the age of the stats. Regardless of wether or not Saskatchewans twin cities have been routinely placed among the “Dangerous City” list. The focus has been placed on where is dangerous now. A city or province could adjust there police tactics, number of police, laws,or quite literally any conceivable measure to try to lower there crime rate in a year or two. Any journalism that uses aged facts is not reporteing accurate information. What are the ages of the other city stats? Are they the same or different? Regina has increased its population to a poultry 200,000 people since these numbers have applied which is an increase of over 8%, and according to saskatoonkiosk.ca, they claim a populatoin of 220000 which is an increase of 6.2%. Now if we apply this variance to all of the cities tallied we can clearly see that the inaccurancy would not be unlike a crooked shot over a long distance. Who knows where its going to land?
    While I understand the need for magazines and newspapers to capture the attention of its readers. It is dangerous to report this kind of information in a national magazine, when the west is under a campaign to bring workers out here in order to aid suffering canadians who are under duress in these hard times.
    There are going to be testaments and stories from both sides here. there are going to be people who post crime stories and others who have been lucky enough to have never been involved in a criminal act. As much as I feel a patriotic connection to my home province, my ultimate oath is to my country. There is no where, no matter how hard you try that is going to be 100% safe. But if you follow appropriate cautions, and keep your wits about you, there is no reason why you couldn’t enjoy any one of our fair cities. Even the ones that are in the top 3.

  48. edmonton? lots of shoplifting? no?

  49. We are writing to point out a number of flaws in the methodology Ken MacQueen used for his article The most dangerous cities in Canada. These flaws have resulted in an inaccurate portrayal of Port Coquitlam, and likely other communities.

    Key examples of these flaws:

    Calculating crime rates per 100,000 population – this over-represents crime in smaller communities such that two reported homicides in Port Coquitlam, a city of less than 60,000 residents, was sufficient to give our town the worst homicide rate of Canada’s 100 largest cities.

    Using two-year-old statistics – not all investigations are complete and completely scored within a calendar year. So while statistics from the Coquitlam RCMP 2007 Annual Report on Crime & Safety show three homicides in the entire jurisdiction in 2007, only one would have been associated to the city of Port Coquitlam. And that incident was ruled to be a matter of self-defence and no charges were laid by police.

    Using “equal weighting”– this assumes all crimes have exactly the same effect on public safety. Clearly this is not the case. For example, murders are often targeted, while vehicle theft and break-and-enters are mostly opportunistic crimes and/or the actions of prolific offenders. Pretending these differences either do not exist or do not matter presents a severely inaccurate picture of the real context of crime and safety in a community and the real level of risk for residents of that community.

    Considering communities in isolation from each other– this ignores the reality that crime and safety issues in a densely populated area like British Columbia’s Lower Mainland are borderless. The borderless nature of crime and safety issues is one of the key reasons that the RCMP in BC have worked with partners in policing and government to develop regional teams for issues–like gang violence and homicide–that are best addressed regionally while maintaining a strong municipal policing presence to address local priorities.

    The overall impact of these methodological flaws is an inaccurate story. Contrary to how MacQueen depicted our community, provincial and local statistics confirm that Port Coquitlam is indeed safe – and getting safer.

    According to crime trend statistics from the B.C. Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, overall crime rates in Port Coquitlam have declined from 1998 and 2007, while our population has continued to grow.

    In fact, from 2005 to 2007 alone, we achieved a 23 per cent drop in reported crimes. This decline is due at least in part to the local RCMP’s aggressive Crime Reduction Strategy, which was implemented in 2005. This strategy aimed to boost reporting rates and proactively target local prolific offenders active in specific crime types. So while the strategy actually increased reported crime and crime statistics it has ultimately resulted in a safer community.

    In conclusion, Mr. MacQueen’s article lacks strong methodology and, most importantly, local context and does not tell the real story about crime and safety in our community. In fact, it presents an incomplete and inaccurate perspective that has hurt the reputation of our community and caused embarrassment to our City and its citizens. As an intelligence-led police agency, the local RCMP is willing and able to verify statistical data before it is printed so that such errors can be avoided in the future.

    Mayor Greg Moore, Supt. Peter Lepine, Officer-in-Charge
    City of Port Coquitlam Coquitlam RCMP

    • I’m a resident in Port Coquitlam. I was deeply shocked by Macleans’ National Crime Ratings, in which our city was highlighted as the murder capital of Canada. I would like to know how the author made a community about 60,000 residents, where had only two offences classified as homicides in 2007 (neither were ruled as murders, one was suicide and the other was accidental), into an over 100,000 population pool, and made the city became the one he claimed. I think Macleans owe the city of Port Coquitlam an accurate explanation.

      • I’m originally from Poco, moved to Ontario in 1997. I’m proud of where I come from. A beautiful city with very friendly citizens. Although, that was over 10 years ago, so a lot can change in that time frame. Still hard to believe from such a small town.

    • Thanks Greg! Well said.

    • Port Coquitlam has a long ominous history of murder and mayhem.When the town was first settled Mary Hill was a’Spirit Site’ where the indeginous people’s of the area practiced ‘Tree Burials’ where the dead bodies were left in tree’s.exposed to the elements to allow the Spirits of the dead natives to ‘escape the bounds of this earth’.The settlers forced the natives to bury their dead in a swamp beside the Coquitlam River where their spirits could not escape the earth and even worse the ‘Tree Burials’ were cut down!strewing the bones and bodies around Mary Hill. A curse was said to have been put upon the whole Port Coquitlam area,as well as all the problems associated with ‘the wandering spirits’.There will be weeping and evil’ went the curse.And that curse came true when B.C.’s worst murderers were put into Colony Farm Forensic Unit,closeby the enforced Indian Burial site,weeping and screaming could be heard coming from Riverview Mental Hospital which was also located in this area.Through the years various bad omens occured in Port Coquitlam,disease,floods,fires and many people who moved away remarked how angry they were in Port Coquitlam.Port Coquitlam became a hunting ground for Clifford Olson and a murderous haven for Robert Picton Canada’s worst serial killer again the curse showed it’s evil face and most of Picton’s victims were First Nations women.Many terrible recent murders have occured in Port Coquitlam ,various Drug-Related murders,ect but none as horrible as the Coquitlam River murder where the poor girl was not helped as she screamed for Help and the residents turned a blind eye.The brutal murder of Jesse Penner on the site of the ‘Tree Burials’ was one that took what was left of the heart of Port Coquitlam away.Port Coquitlam is home to many small memorials of murder victims,even one for a homeless man who was murdered in Gates Park for wanting to be with a women,another closeby ,the’lacrosse box murder,’to a young man who only wanted friendship from kids he thought were his friends.One horrilbe murder was the rape and killing of a high school girl in the 1970’s.Many assaults,car thefts,attempted murders,break and enters, mudslides,floods,ect leave this town scarred,even going so far as having the former mayor ,who went to ‘Picton’s Piggy Palace Party’s’ up on charges for attacking his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.Time and time again Port Coquitlam is in the news for evil reasons.As the curse can never be lifted Port Coquitlam will continue to be plagued by car accident deaths,disease deaths,unexplained deaths,unexplained mental illness,suicide.It is said that some of the disturbed ‘Tree Burials’ were powerful Salish Shamans and that disturbing these have brought about the pall that hangs over this region.

      • The Port Coquitlam Curse

        “The Thunderbird shall rain Thunder upon your head”
        – At the turn of the last century the C.P.R made Port Coquitlam the rail yard hub creating a racket like the sound of thunder, that has rained down on the ears of Port Coquitlam for over 100 years!
        “Evil shall show it’s face and live amoung you”
        -Canada’s worst serial killer Robert Picton is a Port Coquitlam man and murdered his many victims in Port Coquitlam.
        “Fire shall consume you!”
        -Port Coquitlam has had many devasting fires,culminating in Port Coquitlam’s worst serial arsonist killer David Fleece,who set fire to many properties in the early 1980’s,killing an 8 year old girl,he was finally caught setting fire to the Golden Ears Hotel which would have killed many.David Fleece was a Port Coquitlam man who wanted to “Burn Poco to the ground!”
        “Your history shall be wiped!”
        -Port Coquitlam has lost almost all of it’s heritage buildings,the worst being the demolition of the great ‘Aggie Hall’ to make way for a small cement block Kinsmen building,most all Port Coquitlam historical buildings have been lost.
        “Water shall wash over you!”
        -Port Coquitlam has seen many devastating floods.
        “Weeping you shall hear!”
        Riverview Hospital and Colony Farm have emitted cries and screams for over 100 years.A sad legacy.
        “The vicious bear shall roam”
        -Serial Child Killer Clifford Olson roamed Port Coquitlam.
        “Your mighty shall succomb”
        -The greatest Port Coquitlam resident Terry Fox succombed to cancer at age 22
        “The fish shall perish”
        -The Coquitlam River once a huge spawning river is dead.
        “Your young shall be sent away”
        -Port Coquitlam sent it’s young men to World War 1 and 2
        ” ruler’s shall be corrupt”
        -Port Coquitlam Mayor Scott Young….wel…enough said!
        “The ground shall be poisoned”
        -various locations in Port Coquitlam are toxic and poisoned.
        “Minds will wither”
        -many unexplained cases of mental illness have occured in Port Coquitlam
        “The eagle will cease to soar”
        -Eagles in Port Coquitlam are now very rare.
        “Mischief shall prevail”
        -crimes occur in Port Coquitlam on a daily basis.

      • Might I ask how you’ve gotten this information about the “Tree Burials” and such , I am quite interested.

        • And a question for James Stuart, what’s that quoted from? The bible…? (laughs)

          • Watch the movie ‘Jeramiah Johnson’ with Robert Redford to see what happens when people disturb ‘Tree Burials’….

    • Do Mayor Greg Moore and Supt. Peter Lepine not understand the concept of a ratio? Their assertion that “Calculating crime rates per 100,000 population – this over-represents crime in smaller communities…” is ridiculous. In fact, calculating the homicide rate per 100,000 population as a ratio in the only statistically fair method of comparing cities of varying sizes! There’s certainly some other examples of poor understanding of statistics in their comment, but their misinterpretation of a simple ratio is the worst. The author was very clear on the source and reporting method of his facts; argue all you like, but using those data, in 2007, of the 100 largest cities in Canada, PoCo was the one with the highest homicide rate per 100,000 population. Note the word “rate”, as in ratio. As Winston Churchill said, “The truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it is.”

      • “There’s certainly some other examples of poor understanding of statistics in their comment, but their misinterpretation of a simple ratio is the worst.”

        With respect, Ross, your poor understanding of the risks of basing conclusions on a small number of reported incidents demonstrates that you have your own problems with statistics. Combined with your holier-than-thou tone, I’m afraid your comment fails the Internet Kook Test.

  50. As an immigrant, I am all for publishing race and origin based statistics, that will help all the hatemongers understand that most of the crimes in Canada are actually done by people born, raised and educated here. When it comes to criminality, Canada is worse than Europe and many of the “third world” countries, whether we believe it not. Cutting back on arrogance and starting to do something (I know, them old Canadian story…) would definitely be useful.

  51. Toronto has been doing pretty bad this year! I fear it’s getting worse, might have to move to Caledon haha!

  52. Maclean’s Magazine just lost so much credibility on this one. I think they can ill afford to lose any more credibility, or they may become Canada’s National Enquirer.

  53. i agree with regina having really high crime rate. i just moved to regina not thinking it would be actually this bad. its so different from windsor ontario.

  54. I have experienced the crime in Kamloops directly on more than one occasion. I have been left more frustrated after having to deal with an apathetic RCMP detachment more than having my vehicles broken into and stolen vehicles dumped in my driveway. Locking up criminals was deemed too severe and not the answere but letting them loose is even worse. Peolpe out here think a little pot is no big deal but look at what else it brings into our communities. B.C.s crime problem is all about drugs and their control. The poilce have all but given up, I don’t know what the answere is.

  55. How is Vancouver immune from this article? From ctv.ca “There have been 12 fatal shootings around metro Vancouver since late January, including gunshots every night this week. ” How does this not make the magazine’s radar?

    • those were all drug related shootings – worse cites – full of natives ? mmmm

  56. Port Coquitlam has it’s problems like most any town but it is not the most dangerous city by far. I have lived in Port Coquitlam all my life and have heard of some bad things happening and what not and who hasn’t in any town but to judge it as the murder capital of Canada based on old stats is just foolish journalism with out hard facts to back the claims up. We ended up getting tagged with a bad rep after the Pickton incident which was a sad event, but that probably skewed the stats and in turn caused this rag of a magazine to get false information about the general safety of the population in our city. Our crime rate is dropping from what it used to be and there was never any real concern to public saftey here. People are not afraid to leave their homes or walk outside by themselves for fear of being attacked. There has been change over the past couple years as expansion of the population but it is safe. I am not saying we are not without problems but I am saying that this magazine has made us sound like a town full of violence that dwells behind every corner where people are getting shot left right and center, which it is far from. I for one am quite unimpressed by this magazine and probably will not pick up another copy of it.

  57. Thanks for your enlightening rhetoric Leon. I too took a research and statistical methods class in university and I understand that we need to study stats that are two years old. I understand the value of that exercise.

    My point is simply that, while very entertaining and enticing, this article does little more than paint a bad picture for the west in a time when the west is booming and the east is holding on by its fingertips. That and give folks like us something to banter about.

    There is a very small percentage of the population in Regina that is involved in criminal activity. I understand what rate means(thanks for that though). Still–the crimes that are occurring in Regina are confined to one particular sector of society and do not affect the entire population except by happenstance–which is a rare occurance.

    To quote a fellow contributor “For someone who lives a clean lifestyle and obeys the law, Regina is a very safe place. For people who are into drugs and are participating in criminal activity, Regina can be dangerous. That’s how it goes, no matter where you live. Very little of the violence is random anywhere you go, and every city has its scary neighbourhoods. So, unless you happen to live in a city with no ghettos or crime whatsoever, there’s no reason to be afraid to move here. It’s an awesome place to live.”

    To list cities based on this data collection method as “The Most Dangerous in Canada” is simply irresponsible and unacceptable and discredits Maclean’s. Shame SHAME!.

  58. To all your morons that don’t understand the basis of SCALE:

    Port Coquitlam was Canada’s murder capital in 2007 BECAUSE you had a greater chance of being murdered in Port Coquitlam than any other city in Canada. Despite the small population and the small amount of murders, the numbers don’t lie.


  59. Wow, I didn’t know that northwest Toronto was the safest city.
    This kinda got me interested . I wanted to read more about it.
    I hope that you thought of that to . It’s fun learning knew things
    that that you don’t even know. Thaks sharing this, it was interesting : )

  60. I would love to see this story done again next time with US crime statistics rolled in for comparison. I wonder how Saskatoon compares to somewhere like Washington DC or Los Angeles? Add in the American cities and I’m sure we’ll all feel a little rosier about our happy northern Utopia :)

  61. Get rid of poverty and inequality, get rid of crime. It IS that easy.

    • Really?? WOW! I didn’t know pedophiles raped little kids because they were poor and not equal… I thought it was because they were sick fucks.. Thanks Mr. Sociology!!

    • The default position of liberals is that poverty and inequality cause crime. So how do they explain rich crooks like Madoff or all the poor people (my family included) who chose hard work over crime? People make those choices on the basis of character and culture. Some cultures have a work ethic. Some cultures are better known for the social pathology of guns, drugs and crime that they take with them wherever they emigrate. All cultures have individuals of high character and people of low character.

      Studying world history up to the present, it becomes apparent that many peoples have suffered oppression and even genocide. Slavery for example, was near universal and continues in pockets of Muslim dominated Africa. Those who used their eventual freedom to move on and up with neither apology or help from their erstwhile oppressors have set up healthy societies. Those who are mired in blame and a never ending demand for reparations from individuals who never did them or their ancestors any harm are degenerating. That’s because self-respect comes from achievement, not claims that one is so traumatized by what went on generations ago that one cannot function.

      There are people now who suffered grievous injury and loss of family during their own lifetimes but who, granted liberty alone, became productive citizens who pay taxes. Is it fair that those taxes are given ad infinitum to people they did not injure who feel entitled to support because of what may or may not have happened to their ancestors? Really, who has not suffered if you go back far enough in the family tree? Let the culture who is without sin cast the first stone. Surely “Cultural genocide” should be considered a little less painful than actual murderous genocide.

      And quite apart from fairness, it is a fact that those societies choosing the never-ending grievance route are killing themselves slowly because they lack self-respect. Self respect comes from being a contributing member of society and earning your own way, not complaining to and holding up people who have done nothing but pay and pay for sins their fathers didn’t even commit.

      • Your totally right! Too many people playing the handout crying game. I work 12 hours a day only to pay taxes and have them handed to people that would not pass the same drug tests I have to take in order to earn the money!

  62. 30 strikes and you’re out (not even, it’s just a proposal). Commonsense has left Canada.

  63. The title of the article isn’t very accurate. It should say something about crime since that is all they talk about, not a general “danger” index.

  64. It seems that people tend to forget that Newfoundland is a part of Canada also, therefore, I would like to point out that Newfoundland is probably one of the safest places in Canada.

    • Exactly what I was thinking Roberta! It seems, we are not even an afterthought to the rest of Canada! Do they not know Newfoundland and Labrador is also a part of this big beautiful country ? It's not a nice feeling to always be the group left out of everything! But then again, we probably know without stats that Newfoundland & Labrador is one of the safest place to live, not only in Canada but the entire world! I raised two children on this island and can't ever remember any serious crime being connected to their classmates or friends! The peace of mind in knowing you live in a safe community is worth more than anything money can buy! I hope our new found wealth, with all it's positive spin-offs, don't bring with it the negative side of a booming economy!

  65. What is Calgary even ranked at? I know the news said 27th but I am SURE much higher.

  66. Saskatoon is the most dangerous citie in Canada

  67. I totally agree that Saskatoon is the most dangerous city. In fact I have travelled to over 200 cities in my life and aside from Marseilles, France, Mexico City and Baghdad I believe that it likely ranks right up there in the top 10 cities in the world. I lived in Saskatoon for over 30 years and have seen what a disgrace it has become. You can't even let your kids out in the park without some degenerate wanting to steal their bike or beat them for their clothing. The city police are obviously NOT doing enough to combat the heathens on the street. Maybe they can't see them through their black sunglasses. They are a running joke internationally. I was in Saskatoon just the other day and noticed that the police officers that I saw Shaved Heads, Rediculous Facial hair, Biker sunglasses on and sleeves rolled half way up their biceps (to show off their tatoos) looked more like gang bangers then the bad guys did. The City Council needs to wake up. Maybe the Mayor should spend more time fighting crime and cleaning up the trash on the side streets rather than simply focusing on the street to his precious clothing store.

  68. Most Dangerous Area is simply west Torotonto(Rexdale, Jane N Finch) North Missiagua (Malton) and east brampton(Singdale) for ontario….

    B.c Hastings Surrey and Abbotsford……………

    Not some little white boys or natives in saskatoon BUDDY BRING IT TO ARE HOOD GET SHOT BBB

    • lol abbotsford… It’s perfectly fine to walk don any street in Abbotsford at night. Burnaby is getting bad, almost as bad as Surrey (Metrotown, burquitlam/burnaby area). Uncle was walking around the low income housing areas in Metrotown and someone slit his neck and robbed him, he’s alive though. I live in Burnaby and hear shootings every 2nd night.

    • HAHAH. Natives will f*ck you right up, they are CRAZY. especially the girls.

  69. Hi all,
    My 24 year old daughter is relocating to Halifax after university to work. Can anyone tell me the safest streets to live on in the downtown or what streets to avoid please? Also looking in bedford area. Thanks!

  70. Stephen u are absolutely right. These statistics do seem a little of but i think i can say with confidence that vancouver is probably one of the worst (maybe even the worst) in terms of scary, unsafe, crime infested, cities. There has been a ridiculous number of shootings this year. The gang problem has gone out of control. And ya, i used to live in east van and i know wat u mean. Step out ur door to see hookers, pimps, dealers, gangsters, and crack heads that will kill you for money so they can get their next fix. The overall GVA is gettin crazy. Shootings all over vancouver, surrey, coquitlam/poco, and heck even abbotsford. People say toronto is worse but then why is it so many different statistics made by different people rate toronto one of the safest metropolitan cities in canada?

  71. As for vancouver being worse than LA or other US cities: i dont think so. maybe worse then some parts of LA. Compareable to east LA maybe, south central is way worse than vancity. Detroit is also a very crime infested city. Probably one of the worst in the US. I hav family in Detroit and they say its pretty bad. I hav family in toronto and they luv it. I have family in vancouver and they all have problems. My uncle is homeless, one of my cousins is in a gang, one of my cousins is pregnant and shes 17. My aunt cant afford heating or a phone. For all those who dont know, look up "through a blue lens" or just look up vancouver DTES. Anyways, best of luck to everyone and their probs, and pushing crime from their cities.

  72. help! can anyone tell me what canada's worst crime rate in 2009 has been so far?

  73. Anyone who thinks Saskatoon is safe, go to Ave N S at 2am and walk around. Have fun getting robbed and stabbed.

  74. I live in mississauga and i've had my house broken into, been robbed twice, and have had countless friends stabbed in the past 2 years.

  75. I was just getting something from the food court in prince george when like 8 guys start scrapping and then buddy runs up with a knife and sticks the guy… then the guy who got stabbed shot the guy in the neck a week later.. biker gangs, native gangs, and other gangs have been controlling the town having people scared to go out at night.

  76. I know Prince George is a bad place to visit i use to live there the crime rate is horrible and most of the people are crackheads. the people do all sorts of crime just for this horrible adictive drug. they need more counselling and people to help them cope with this disease.and get all the dealers out or in jail.And stop the new gangs from getting in

  77. i agree with the three strike law as is the united states.Canada should have harsher punishments for repeat offenders,and more jail time for drug dealers.This would bring the crime rate down exstensively.So come on CANADA get harsher penalties,maybe we can save our children from harm and danger.

  78. Who knew that the chances of getting sexually assaulted in Sudbury is higher than in Toronto?

  79. I think it's important to realize that these stats cannot be taken seriously. They can sometimes be taken as a "guideline" (I say that very lightly).
    The University guide is also very flawed. I was visiting McGill university residences, which are ranked an A (meaning very good), and then I visit the Concordia residences (which received a D meaning "poor"). I realized right away that the Concordia residences should have been given an "A", and the McGill residences a "B".

  80. well i live in SherWood , a lil community outside of charlottetown , nothing ever happens here . Maybe a gun shot once and a while but mostly just lil "gang" fights nothing to series

  81. Well I think that if Toronto and Montral are not as High crime as out here in the west why is there such a group of belly winers out east that are down on the gun laws?

    • becasue the crime RATE per capita may be lower but toronto and montreal in total have the most murders in canada, yes they are larger and that is part of it but trust me its an everyday thing in toronto man shot woman shot dead 7 ppl shot at once , people shot at birthday parties even teh case where a guy was at a funeral for hsi friend who was shot to death and he was shot to death at the funeral. this happens all over its more specific to certain areas but it does happen all over the GTA its becoming a very big problem in the lower class public housing buildings ( toronto has the 2nd highest amount of public housing or "projects" in north america behind only new york city.) and even the middle class areas of brampton and mississauga have there big problems thats why too many ppl have been murdered by guns here many of them innocent victims hit by stray bullets dont let these statistics fool you

  82. either way a good majortiy of the crimes (specifically in toronto) are actually done by people who are born and rasied in canada, maybe they have immigrant parents but they were still born here there canadian and where i live now in the GTA the white canadians are actually half the problem along with some black canadians. my point is its more canadian born then anythung

  83. Shria law would be the worst way to have more control by violating peoples human rights. Violating innocent peoples human rights with ndraconian ideas and practices is not progress but is stepping back into medieval times of butchery and ignorance. There are solutions that dont need to use something that will never be welcome in Canada as a solution to anything. Iam a liberal and accepting person however anyone who cant live under canadian laws and cant forget about hqaving shria law here needs to leave canada alone and go back to their home country. We will never accept shria law in Canada.

  84. london ontario should be listed as the most dangerous place to live, for children and fathers……LPS is such a crookedly run city of lies and skewed false police reporting that LPS murder their own police officers (DAVID LUCIO) and cover it up? just how safe do you think you are when you are a father trying to be a parent to your own child when a mentally ill female cop (KELLY JOHNSTONE) murders a cop, and cowardly kills herself…and former police chief Moron Faulkner, oops Murray Faulkner, doesn't have thew decency to have it listed as a domestic crime….of course in 2007, the LPS list the murder of a woman by a man, but not the murder of a man (police officer) by a woman (former chief cop of child abuse section) . London Police services are run by crooks, policed by crooks, and viciously falsify domestic reports to drive their political agenda……of course, for money, lots and lots of money. I wonder how many men and women kelly johnstone was screwing including (allegedly) murray faulkner,,,,,Be aware fathers, the Gender Policy of LPS is "AS MEN YOU HAVE BEEN STRIPPED OF YOUR RIGHTS, AS FATHERS YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS" if you want a job that lacks integrity, intelligence and self respr=ect, be a london cop, after all, what self respecting male or female, works under such a filthy LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. To all those unhappy people… If it never happened to you, or you never saw it happen (or chose to close your eyes) doesn't mean it's not happening right around you. Now, we all know that there is a margin of errors, but considering what I have heard and seen, those numbers are close to being accurate.
    Except for considering the mistake which is to compare cities with regions, I'd agree with the numbers.

  86. This is not accurate Vancouver is generally safe. Their is some random street crime but the vast majority of it is related to gangs and drugs, violence in that groups generally stays between them with occasional spill over. Jim Chu is right though chronic offenders need to be put in jail, which will likely lead to a significant decline. Its a few offenders significantly skewing the results, remember those are only the 40 times they got caught.

  87. just an addition …Stay out of the downtown east side and your chances of any thing bad happening to you shrink enormously, the DTES is not a tourist destination and should be generally left alone. Even though its disgusting I'm not sure how dangerous it could be considered, I'm a local and live downtown and am exposed to that area on a regular basis, the druggies are usually to high to notice you and the pan handlers are not that aggressive and can be easily ignored. For tourists I recommend the Sun Yat Sen garden in china town but not much more so their is no real reason to stay very long in the area. I see tourists regularly in the area so it can't be that bad either way for you guys. Use your street smarts, (don't be too flashy around drug addicts etc.) and you'll be fine.

  88. Vancouver is the one with the real cesspool.

  89. ohh

  90. how can you value each and every one of the crime stats as

    equal weight!!!!!!!!!!

  91. hi

  92. In fact, along with those crime statistics, I would have
    really liked to get some statistics about cities where
    dangerous/distracted/drunk/under influence driving causes crashes. Because I do
    think it makes a city more dangerous to live in. I have lived in Québec,
    New-Brunswick and Alberta and I have to say that out of those 3 provinces,
    people in Québec are driving like crazies to the point where it is really
    dangerous. You have way more chances of being ran over or rammed in (almost by
    purpose sometimes I should say) than being attacked. I was in Québec once and I
    had to borrow my friend’s car and my father warned me to be careful while
    driving my friend’s Hyundai Accent because someone with a bigger car might want
    to get me off the road for being such a loser (only losers drive small, less
    expensive cars in Québec apparently). It had happened to my father in the past and that’s why he warned me. He since got himself an SUV, to make sure that this wouldn’t happen again to him. I was stupefied by that way of thinking.

    I should add that road rage is something to think about
    also. In the last 2 months, there have been two cases of people being killed on
    the side of the highway in Alberta because of suspected road rage…

  93. truth, shit like you this country dont need

  94. Ya, alll the criminals know to commit crimes in other areas of Ontario and then dump the bodies in Caledon cuz the OPP Caledon are too dumb and lazy to solve the case.  Everyone knows that..  

  95. t-bay = stabwound capital of canada

  96. Its about time that we bring back the death penalty and don’t give me the crap about ” oh the poor little misunderstood miscreant, they had such a hard life” and the rest of the bottom feeders that are responsible for the rest of the crap should be locked away until they die and at their expense and not ours. Anyone who thinks differently is either disallusioned or just plain stupid. Wake up people. It’s not getting better only worse and the really sad part is the police, goverment and especially the judges and lawyers in this country are to blame. If people have a problem with this give me the gun and I will pull the trigger, a box of .22 shells deals with 50 of these bottom feeders. Everyone has a choice and they made theirs and they keep making the same damn exuses and decisions  time and time again. Don’t get me started about the “mentally disturbed” excuses either. 

  97. The GTa is one of the safest places to live in ontario… toronto is NOT a big deal. my 11 year old sister went to a concert last night downtown toronto with a bunch of her friends.. obviously toronto isnt the safest place to stroll down the street, and i wouldnt reccomend going for a 2AM walk… much more dangerous. oakville, burlington.. BEAUTIFUL. i love oakville

  98. really regina? who ranks these cities I live in regina and yes there is problems but they are not even 10% of what mclaeans mentions? crazy….you mean to tell me Toronto is safer than regina I DONT THINK SO!

  99. testing

  100. People that are stating that there’s lots of crime happening in the Toronto area, well yeah, you hear about crime happening everyday…but guess what? It is the 5th largest city in North America, and is so huge that it can easily take over an hour to get from one end of the GTA to the other end! Most of the crime that does occur is in Scarborough, Black Creek/north-east corner/Jane-Finch (all next to each other), eastern side of downtown, Parkdale (going through gentrification), Mimico (mostly just rough with some bikers and is improving), Cooksville in Mississauga, the outer edges of Brampton with the highrises, Kerr Street Village in Oakville (mainly just bored punks), and when I lived in the GTA, I was approached by homeless people asking for change at the foodcourt in the Eaton Centre—but that was downtown. Basically I would never walk around the Dundas/Young Street area after 9 by myself, but the GTA is still pretty safe for it’s size.
    Ironically, tiny Victoria seems to have more crime. Downdown is littered with homeless people, and many of them are violent and have very serious psychological issues. Once when I was walking down Douglas, a homeless man kept staggering towards every pedestrian and shouting out threats to them—and to make matters worse, this was in BROAD DAYLIGHT! And things are getting worse as they seems to be expanding in residential communities including James Bay and Fairfield. Victoria is known for break-ins and vandelism on property belonging to those who mind their own business. And yes, there have also been murder cases.

    • Oneday Toronto will be a ghost city with plenty of poorest people.

  101. Most Dangarous gangsteres in Toronto. 2 nd to LA. All electromagnetic militory equipments tested and sold to Scarborough. Some gangsters work for RCMP. Day time RCMP under uniform. Night time with MEDUSA and other electromagnetic weapons with racing car. Misterious injustice city! Yet Toronto police is in a deep sleep, I am sure you know why.

  102. I live on the east side of Saskatoon and its not as bad as the west but its hood

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