The Parliamentarians of the Year -

The Parliamentarians of the Year

Maclean’s magazine hands out awards for best overall MP, best orator, best rookie and more


The Parliamentarians of the Year were honoured at a ceremony in Ottawa tonight. Maclean’s editor-in-chief Ken Whyte handed out awards to this year’s winners: Jason Kenney, MP of the Year; Bob Rae, best orator; Megan Leslie, best rookie; Peter Stoffer, most collegial; Bill Casey, best represents constituents; Paul Szabo, hardest working; Joe Comartin, most knowledgeable. For profiles of the winners, pick up this week’s issue of Maclean’s, or check out our Parliamentarians of the year article.


The Parliamentarians of the Year

  1. They all deserve it although Jason Kenney is sometimes kinda cooky in the House. Watch out for him and what he says.

  2. A “Conservative” winning the “Best MP” award, as adjudicated by Ken Whyte? Wow. Didn’t see that coming.

    And the competition was just punishing this year. A real embarrassment of riches…

  3. Kenney is a gormless slob with the IQ of a cantoloupe. Sad.

    • If you’re going to compare someone’s IQ to a cantaloupe, you should spell the word “cantaloupe” correctly. Otherwise, you just look stupid.

  4. Congratulations Jason Kenney! This is an excellent choice.

  5. Jason Kenny is the best politician in this portfolio we have ever had. He has stood up to the groups who are out to destroy this country and has the fortitude to tell it like it is. He is correctly concerned about multi-culturalism, a failed Trudeau policy and immigration. I hope the powerful forces of liberalism and a parasitic legal profession do not prevent him from following courses of action which are needed to avoid the results we see in Europe whose face is to be dramatically changed for the worse by 2050 on the basis of their ill conceived immigration and multi-cultural policies. At the same time, he is aware of the damage that the HRCs are inflicting upon our once free country. Wake up Canada before it’s too late. The time for complacency is over. JohnS-BC

    • This is so idiotic I don’t even know where to begin.

      The Trudeau legacy of multiculturalism has manifestly resulted in a much more harmonious integration of immigrants in Canada than is the case in Europe. The Europeans often have a much more reactionary policies and attitudes towards immigrants than we do here in Canada (think of the universalist claims of the French state or the depressing banlieus outside major cities where immigrants are ghettoized; of how for decades the Germans barred Turks who had lived and worked there for years from obtaining citizenship; of the immigrant-baiting political parties that are a feature of many European countries, etc.)

      Canada is a MODEL for how to integrate immigrants and build a tolerant society. You mess with that at our peril.

      • Jean Prouix – You must be oblivious then to the lack of integraton of immigrants in our large cities. The ghettorization you claim is a European phenomenon, is clear to see. I agree that the Canadian approach has been better than that of the Europeans, but I fear that with groups who under the guise of multicultuarlism retain their vlaues and not embrace those of the country they have chosen, does not bode ell for the future of the country. John S. – BC

  6. Meh, my favorite MP is the one with the biggest breasts.

    • Jason Kenney may well be a contender in that category… That said the guy clearly did his job well (just look at where the Tories gained in 2008).