The royal treatment -

The royal treatment

The 10 most memorable moments, including protests and PDAs, from Prince Charles and Camilla’s Canadian tour



The royal treatment

  1. Republic now!

    Unfortunately, we'll be stuck with King Charles thanks to deranged Quebeckers refusing to sign the constitution or do anything to reform our system of government.

  2. Please., The Monarchy is a link to Canada`s past. and has an important role in our history and traditions. Most Canadians do honour Her Majesty and her family. It is very irritating to think that some people feel they need to tear down our institutions, especially whenever royal visitors are guests in our country. Are we really a rude people?

  3. Once again, the Quebecers find a reason to be rebels. Rebels without a cause, that is.

  4. I find it amazing that not a single media source (that I have ever seen) has ever mentioned/questioned the fact that Diana told the world media ( I did witness this telling) that she was "going to make an annoucement in two weeks that will stun the world" and one week later she was dead. No, I don't support Charles or his wife.

    • The big announcement would have been that she was pregnant. Before she died she was concerned about her unborn baby. Thereafter, these news were suppressed.

  5. All reports from the French Medical Examiners Office were unequivocal in the determination that she had not been pregnant. This had been a rumour that was proven to be untrue.

  6. Booo!