Election 2015: The ultimate issues primer

The Ultimate Issues Primer

Everything you need to know about the 18 issues that defined the election campaign, and where the parties stand on each one.


Our current issue includes the above guide. For a deeper dive into the election campaign, check out our online primers.

Briefing notes on the issues of the 2015 federal election campaign:

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The Ultimate Issues Primer

  1. This infographic would be perfect…if only I could read it, view the image, download it, print it, e-mail it to myself, or anything else. I know that I could read the fuller version in the separate articles on the campaign primers, but why can’t I see this on here? I’m trying to find user-friendly information to post on Facebook for my uninformed friends, and this WOULD have been perfect…

  2. Each party is stating the billions of dollars they will be “giving” to the aboriginals. What I want is for the next Prime Minister to make these people ACCOUNTABLE for all this money!! With all we have seen over the years, the Chiefs seem to be living a very good life while their people are suffering in despicable poverty. I cannot understand why the governments over the years haven’t taken charge of these billion dollar “gifts” of tax payers’ money and made these people accountable. I know that if there was transparency of where this money is being spent, it would make the chiefs shape up and this in turn their peoples’ lives would improve in every aspect. The fact that ‘NOTHING’ has ever been done regarding accountability of these funds makes me very angry!! Do something NOW!!!!!