The world discovers Rob Ford: ‘Perspective … it ain’t good’

Toronto Mayor makes headlines from the BBC to Vanity Fair


Frank Gunn/CP

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The world discovers Rob Ford: ‘Perspective … it ain’t good’

  1. After the Obama stink of last week, Americans have nothing to talk about.

    • ? There’s partisanship, and then there’s crack-smoking-delusional levels of partisanship. To compare these two situations is laughable LOL !

      • Attention NDP and the Liberals leaders;

        In his book Obama admits to being a cocaine user.

        Americans elected him President.

        Look what they got. Wealth redistribution.

  2. I wonder if this attention will push a larger US tabloid to try and purchase the video…looking at you TMZ

    • I wish someone would purchase it so everyone could stop speculating. If he is addicted to crack, this would explain his boorish and erratic behaviour, oh, and his many absences from work.

  3. To my American cousins, after last week I would think that in your wettest dreams Obama would only be smoking crack. Even with his warts, Ford is the best mayor we have had in decades in Toronto. But not good enough to ban soft drinks within New York city limits.

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