Toronto deputy mayor to relay concerns to Rob Ford about latest allegations


TORONTO – Toronto’s deputy mayor says he hopes Rob Ford makes “the right decision” after a meeting today where he’ll relay concerns stemming from the latest accusations related to an alleged crack video.

Norm Kelly says concerns have been raised by councillors “from both sides of the spectrum” after police announced they had recovered a video that allegedly appears to show Ford smoking crack cocaine.

Kelly wouldn’t be specific but told reporters Friday they “already know the concerns.”

The deputy mayor says he hopes Ford will listen very carefully and look at the concerns “through the eyes of the people of Toronto, his colleagues on council and himself and his family.”

He would not elaborate on what decision Ford should make, saying it’s up to the mayor.

Kelly’s staff says the meeting with Ford will be private and no media update is expected until Monday.

Toronto police Chief Bill Blair announced Thursday that police had found video images “which appear to be those images which were previously reported in the press.”

Police allege a friend of the mayor, Alexander Lisi, tried to get his hands on the video. He has been charged with extortion.

Ford said Thursday he could not comment because the matter is before the courts but said he sees “no reason to resign.”

After reports of the alleged video first surfaced in the Toronto Star and the U.S. website Gawker in May, the mayor said he does not use crack cocaine and that the video does not exist.

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Toronto deputy mayor to relay concerns to Rob Ford about latest allegations

  1. No reason to resign? This guy’s from another planet! He may be a capable mayor (I don’t know if he is, or if there is such a thing), but his strong denial followed by conclusive evidence he was lying, very clearly undermines his credibility and sheds light on his character. He simply cannot retain his position as mayor of Canada’s largest city – it’s ridiculous.

    • If Ford does nothing but keep corruption out, he is a major success.

  2. Holy crap. Never liked the guy, but I am trying to come up with a scenario that could possibly explain everything that has been put on the table against him in a reasonable light…….nope just can’t manage it. The fact that he refuses to defend himself in spite of the optics of this campaign against him is unfathomable. I know it holds no merit legally, but he just looks and acts like a man that is up to no good. Very slimy!! Marion Barry Award winning performance!

    • For years now, followed by cops, media and even drug criminals, they don’t have much. People should ask why they spend so much time following, bugging and setting up Ford but no organized crime busts with mafia and payola?

      Perhaps it is the mafia, police, unions, liberal criminals that want Ford out as he isn’t loose with other peoples money.

      Maybe CSIS if not owned by mafia can eves drop and find out who is behind persecution of Fords? As it is obvious that Ford is in no ones pocket so it makes him half right in my books.

      • Sorry not buying it. They follow organized crime bosses for years and don’t arrest them either and I am sure the level of skulduggery is geometrically higher then Ford and his homeys actions allude to. This reticence to go to court is due to the onus for an ironclad case being extremely high. Following your premise mafia bosses are just being persecuted too. The only way I could be swayed at this point is to have Ford stand up and give a credible explanation to his electorate (this word needs to be underlined and in bold print) for his extremely suspicious actions with extremely suspicious characters. There is an implied duty to answer these allegations that is inherent to the office. Imagine how much more effed up the system would be if anyone could ignore, for whatever reason, public appeals for clarification. The conspiracy theory just smacks of sophistry, whether from Ford or his quickly disappearing supporters.

  3. Hey, if the Toronto police spent as much catching mafia and drug dealers as they do following Ford and friends….

    We would see more organized crime arrests and possibly bribery and payola.

    But hey, as the CBC Fifth Estate mafia guy interview says, they have the union, police, judges, prosecutors and even politicians in their pockets. But they don’t have Ford in their pockets.

    Hey Ford, keep up the good work. Ford is 1/2 right as he has every criminal and freeloader in a snit. I bet even SNC doesn’t like him.

    So who is watching the corrupt police? Anyone following police around for clandestine meets like they do Ford? Didn’t think so.

    • Ford and friends ARE the mafia and drug dealers.

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