Toronto man charged after encouraging Ford Fest food fight

Dilaz Rajwani turned himself in on July 25


TORONTO – A Toronto man has been charged after police say an online post urged people to throw food at Mayor Rob Ford during a party in a city park.

Police say they became aware Thursday of an Internet post on a Toronto-based website that referred to the annual “Ford Fest” event to be held the following day at an east-end park.

It’s alleged the author of the post offered free beer to anyone who threw eggs or tomatoes at Ford.

Police say Dilaz Rajwani, 37, turned himself in on Friday afternoon, and is charged with counselling an uncommitted indictable offence.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 3.

Hundreds of supporters and a handful of protesters showed up for Friday evening’s party, where the mayor shook hands, posed for pictures and signed autographs.

Ford’s role as mayor has been largely symbolic since November, when city council stripped him of most of his power following his admissions of alcohol abuse and drug use during “drunken stupors.”

He spent nearly two months in rehab earlier this year to tackle substance abuse problems.

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Toronto man charged after encouraging Ford Fest food fight

  1. Be careful what you wish for on the Internet, kiddies.

  2. These Lefties are always using or threatening violence to prevent other people from assembling peacefully. I don’t see anyone disrupting the activities of Olivia Chow. With the Leftie/Union Leader/Liberal Mafia coalition firmly in control at Queen’s Park, Toronto taxpayers can’t affort NOT to have Rob Ford as Mayor. Olivia Chow is a union leader stooge and John Tory is too weak to deal with them. Rob Ford is the only one who can stand up for Toronto taxpayers. Remember that the professional parasites will be out in force to vote for Olivia Chow. Let’s hope that taxpayers stand up for their rights by voting for Rob Ford.

    • How do you know he was “Leftie”?, maybe it was the Cons, under John Tory who set this poor slob up?, -we all know how good the Cons are at throwing their own under buses…

      The point is, and I agree, Rob Ford has shown at times, that he can stand up for the taxpayers, the average working joe’s,….
      Leftie, or Rightie, has nuthin’ do with it. Looking after your taxpayers is simply the right and proper thing to do, at ALL times.
      I wish Ford the best, for Toronto’s sake.