Toughest Canada Day Quiz Ever -

Toughest Canada Day Quiz Ever

Yes, it’s even tougher than last year’s

Toughest Canada Day Quiz Ever

Toughest Canada Day Quiz Ever


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Toughest Canada Day Quiz Ever

  1. I suck: 40%. Though I guess that's 20% better than just guessing on everything.

  2. Ahhh, Canada Day quizzes: last year I cheated on our office one by editing all the Wikipedia entries after I answered the question correctly.

    • LOL, how brilliant :)

  3. Brutal. 25% for me. I only knew 1 question, the other 19 were guesses.

    • I got the same score, but you did better. I had an educated guess to one answer, the others were completely random.

  4. What a bunch of innocuous, who-gives-a-damn questions.

    • Chill out. How many did you g et right? :-)

    • I don't think the word "innocuous" is what you mean to say — the defintion of innocuous is : 1 : producing no injury : harmless 2 : not likely to give offense or to arouse strong feelings or hostility : inoffensive, insipid.

      • I don't think Jeet will find your having corrected his misuse of the world innocuous.

        • Sorry, that should have been WORD. I just wanted to get that corrected before someone else did it for me.

          • Probably a Freudian slip.

  5. Oof! 40%.

  6. I felt like crap but… since I was over 50%, maybe not so bad

  7. What is the point of some of the questions? Is this information given in the new "book" for new immigrants? How many hockey teams, who gave whiskey etc, different bands etc. Shouldn't these be basic like what are the political parties of Canada, and other relevant questions to living in Canada? Got 35%

    • The point was for you to get no more than 3 or 4 of them correct. It seems to have worked.

  8. my politics and sports SUCK!! 30%!!!!!! got a LOT of brushing up to do!!!

  9. Ouch. 30%, but even a few of those were guesses.

  10. Ouch too. 45%, including some outright guesses.

  11. Tough indeed. Still got one wrong the second time through…

  12. 30%! Not bad for 100% guesses and as I'm a UK citizen. Should 'tune me up' for the citizenship 'exam' when I get there. Mind you, Woodstock was my generation!

  13. Got 15% the first time around….Three attempts later 100%. Nothing like perseverance…

  14. 40%. Although there were a couple where I'd narrowed my answer down to two possibilities, and guessed the wrong one.

  15. Wow – I need to buy a lottery ticket right now. Almost all of my replies were not much more than WAGs (Wild-a** Guesses) but I got 75%.

  16. duceppe ahead of bouchard?? that's incorrect.

    • It's actually right, because the question was who was the first to be *elected* as a bloquiste. Duceppe won in a by-election, while Bouchard had been elected as a Tory before he switched.

      Granted, I still got the question wrong. But the question is right, not us.

  17. I got 55%, I'll take it.

  18. 30% only and some of them were guesses, better luck next year!

  19. 25– oof. at least i got the lighthouse one right, and im only 18!! but i actually only picked them because they were tthe only band on the list i had heard of… haha

  20. Straight line 50%. Had to guess on a few, for sure. It's sad how much I know about Meech Lake and Maurice Duplessis. Knew the Lighthouse one cuz I met Skip Prokop, and he told me that himself.

  21. I'm a United Statesian, and I got 25%. Sorry to see that some of my husband's fellow countrymen did as poorly as I did. I got the one about the provincial capitals right because we had to learn the capitals in 6th grade.

  22. I got 25%. These questions were not the best.

  23. I have answered 4 out of 20. Really tough to answer for me.

  24. Lol looks like most people did pretty poorly on this quiz.