Treasury Board bargained in bad faith with striking diplomats: ruling


OTTAWA – The Public Service Labour Relations Board says the federal government has been bargaining in bad faith with its striking diplomats.

But it does not impose a remedy.

The decision urges Treasury Board and the 1,350-member Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers to go back to bargaining to break the impasse.

A spokesman for the union says it waiting for Treasury Board to return to the negotiations with a revised offer, but the government has yet to comment.

The union which has been without a contract since mid-2011, has been staging rotating walkouts at more than a dozen foreign missions .

The foreign service staff want wage parity with their counterparts in other federal departments, who make as much as $14,000 more doing similar work.

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Treasury Board bargained in bad faith with striking diplomats: ruling

  1. The federal government has been nickel and diming the Canadian Foreign Service for at least 15 years, not just the 8 years, as has been reported. The FS union has shown, if anything, far too much restraint over the years on the issue of equality of pay with other groups of federal public servants doing comparable work in other Departments. As for the postings abroad, the work even in posts in “good” cities such as Washington, London and Paris is quite demanding, due to many years of staff freezes and cuts, along with parallel budget freezes and cuts. Beyond that, how many Canadians would eagerly accept postings to often dirty, polluted and unhealthy Third World capitals? — which are demanded of many Foreign Service Officers?

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