Trudeau to take day in Japan to celebrate wedding anniversary -

Trudeau to take day in Japan to celebrate wedding anniversary

Prime Minister ‘This is the kind of work-life balance that I’ve often talked about as being essential’

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau is accompanied by his wife Sophie Gregoire as he arrives to give his victory speech after Canada's federal election in Montreal, Quebec, October 19, 2015. (Christinne Muschi/Reuters)

Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire: October 19, 2015. (Christinne Muschi, Reuters)

TOKYO — Justin Trudeau’s trip to Japan for bilateral talks and the Group of Seven summit will be about more than just business.

The prime minister isn’t planning to hold any meetings or events Wednesday, so he can celebrate his 11th wedding anniversary with his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.

The couple will spend the night at a traditional Japanese inn before Trudeau heads to the G7 summit on Thursday.

“The fact of the matter is we’ve been working extremely hard today and will be at the G7 meetings on Thursday and Friday, and in the middle of all this, I’m taking a moment to celebrate — on personal funds — my wedding anniversary with my wife,” Trudeau said of the down time when asked during a news conference whether it would cost taxpayers anything, including the potential financial burden of idle staffers.

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“This is the kind of work-life balance that I’ve often talked about as being essential in order to be able to be in service of the country with all one’s very best and that’s certainly something I’m going to continue to make sure we do.”

Gregoire Trudeau accompanied the prime minister Tuesday in Tokyo during his visit to the Meiji Shrine and with the Japanese emperor and empress.

She will also join him when he sits down for dinner Tuesday evening with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Trudeau held meetings Tuesday with Abe and executives from the Japanese auto sector.


Trudeau to take day in Japan to celebrate wedding anniversary

  1. I would call Justin an annoying, pompous, arrogant, entitled, unqualified, spoiled little twerp, but that would be insulting to annoying, pompous, arrogant, entitled, unqualified, spoiled little twerps.
    I truly admire opposition MPs who sit and listen to Bouffant Boy blithering on every day. I truly get nauseated listening to him for 2 seconds. Crappy Anniversary.

    • I knew this would be an irresistible opening for the Opposition and the haters: waste of taxpayers money, who’s paying for this day?, who would have the arrogance to take day off on business trip? who’s traveling with him on junket? swanning around Asia now, magazine self promotion.
      But I did not expect the articulate, well spoken, lofty vocabulary, and thoughtful insights we find in this post.

  2. The article says Trudeau is taking the entire Wednesday off. Trudeau says “I’m taking a moment to celebrate …”. Someone is not being clear here, as it’s hard to think of “a moment” as being a full day.

    Nonetheless, if he had said he was taking Wednesday evening to celebrate with his spouse, I could understand it.
    However, taking the entire day (if that is indeed what will happen) does make it seem like either the trip itself is not terribly important, or he is not terribly important to the outcome of the trip.

    And, it seems a bit excessive to explain this away as an example of work-life balance, when, to begin with, there are very, very, very few jobs in which your spouse is able to accompany you on a business trip to a foreign country totally on the company’s dime. To then go on expect to blow off an entire day (again, assuming that is indeed is what will happen) for an anniversary celebration just seems totally out of touch.

  3. When is he giving his TaxPayer Funded Nannies a day OFF??

    • When is Harper going to reimburse us for the personal hairdresser who followed him everywhere? The makeup artists? The bullet proof limos following overseas? What about tax dollars for Duffy and Wallin his personal flacks and puppets?