Trudeaumania with a mean streak

At a packed rally of red clad fans, the Liberal leader and Kathleen Wynne teed off on Harper

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau campaigns in Toronto Centre with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn in Toronto Aug. 17, 2015. (Peter Bregg)

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau campaigns in Toronto Centre with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn in Toronto Aug. 17, 2015. (Peter Bregg)

If you think the Liberals share much in common with the NDP, a red-clad campaigner will have you know they’re different. But at last night’s Liberal rally in downtown Toronto—held in the same theatre as Thomas Mulcair’s book launch last Monday—Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne had the Conservatives squarely in their sights, not the other party ahead of them in the polls.

Wynne, who has become Trudeau’s loudest political endorser, led the way to the stage as they zigzagged through the aisle of applauding people like a two-person conga line.

“So we need new leadership in Ottawa,” she said to interrupt the hurrahs. “Let me rephrase that. We need leadership in Ottawa.”

She outlined the absurdity of Stephen Harper’s roadblocks to her pension-reform plans, segueing to the conclusion that Trudeau will work with the provinces and territories, not against them.

Her speech went on—too long, according to one grumbler in the crowd who later compared her to the chatterbox of Lisa Simpson.

“And what about Mulcair?” Wynne eventually asked. “He’s all over the map. His ideas are either incomplete, or they’re unworkable, or they are impossible.” No further details followed.

The crowd was a vortex of red, wearing Liberal pins like poppies and swaying red signs like flags. There were red turbans, red shoes. The bathroom was red and, based on the rest of the colour scheme, you could not be sure if that was coincidence. Baby clothes were branded with Trudeau’s name, and a few kids were chanting their support, even if they were in it for the stickers.

Just as clearly as the support was red, the audience’s attacks were blatantly blue. A bicycle parked outside was plated with an authentic stop sign, complete with the word “Harper.” A couple with a banner, protesting Conservative plans for pipelines, held it at their chests until their biceps trembled. There was nothing against the NDP.

When Trudeau took the microphone for the keynote address—here in a province so important to the Liberals’ hopes of forming a government—his ammo was aimed in the same direction.

“If the Prime Minister had been doing his job over the past 10 years to secure Canadians’ retirement, to work with the province to make sure that Canadians actually have a safe, secure retirement, well then, Kathleen wouldn’t have to be doing his job on top of her job at the same time.”

He attacked the Conservative attack ads: “Let me tell you, my friends, not only am I ‘ready’ for this election, but I’m determined to win it. The fact that I can stand up here and credibly say the Liberal Party of Canada will win this election is not just because of me and my great hair.” The subsequent cheers had one man in the bleachers fully bouncing up and down. “Harper has spent millions and millions of dollars trying to tear us down. We’re going to prove to Stephen Harper that all the money in the world can’t stop change when Canadians want change!”

Trudeau reminded listeners that Harper believes in trickle-down economics, while Liberals focus on the people behind the economy.

Then, for a moment, he mentioned that Mulcair also does nothing to raise taxes for the upper class. “For the life of me, I can’t figure out why,” he said. “Maybe it’s because he’s afraid of Conservative attack ads.” And, just like that, the rage returned to Harper.




Trudeaumania with a mean streak

  1. Hmm…

    Perhaps TEAM TRUDEAU may want to rethink the strategy of having the Provincial liberls shill for them.

    Ontario went from a province providing equalization, to a province NEEDING equalization. Hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs were lost, and energy prices are through the roof.

    Everthing wrong with Ontario’s economy can be laid at the feet of McGinty, and Wynne. Not sure that’s the team you want on your side. Having a mental midget being boosted by incompetent managers doesn’t seem like a winning strategy.

    • James, try to focus lad. The provincial election is over with…..this is the federal one we’re on

      • Using the mess in Ontario is an example of how the Liberals messed up and is disturbing if you are a LIberal. The rest of Canada does not want to follow Ontario’s example,
        so James keep reminding all of us how the Liberals are not fit to govern a Province let alone a Country.

        • LOL Ontario is just fine. Cons are simply upset over their Harp debacle.

        • Great post….and so true!

          • Great post…and so true! Shoutout to DEMERS10

      • Emilyone – then tell WynneGate to stay out of Federal Politics!

      • Your everywhere EmilyOne, Who is the “TROLL”……..

    • The economy of Ontario is doing just fine in the 416/905 areas where this election is going to be won. Provincial Liberals are generally strong in that part of the province. there are thousands of houses being built in the region and new businesses are opening up every day. This is the sweet spot for all politicians and Wynne is dong a credible job in bringing Ontario sending under control while spending for the growth that is happening. Southern Ontario gains over 100,000 new residents every year, more than any other art of the Country.

      • terry,

        The Liberals may not be aware of this (or care)…but Ontario, is more than the sum of the region around Toronto. Of couse this region is doing “OK” compared to other areas…..Wynne and the Liberals are robbing folks who don’t vote Liberal, and giving it to those who do.

        Wynne is an abject failure….you just haven’t felt the full impact yet.

        • JamesHalifax – since 2003 the Lie-berals of Ontari-OWE have been a total failure.

          • Careful Kate…..

            Someone may accuse you of being a homophobe.

  2. I am delighted (and a little surprised) that both the Liberals and NDP have kept their sights on the Conservatives. While it is true that there are more volatility between Liberal and NDP, it is the ongoing erosion of the Conservative vote that most Canadians are looking for.

    • There is also the fact that some polls at least are showing the NDP is 3rd in Ontario, while Harper holds a comfortable lead.

  3. A vote for Trudeau is a vote for a Wynne coup, for an Ontario coup. Wynne needs to transfer Ontario’s debt to be Canadian debt. Trudeau is going to run deficits so Wynne can balance her budget.

    Lady MacWynne.

    • whyshouldi……

      Wynne is going to use the money she collects for “pensions” to pay off the debts and cover the other costs associated with very bad economic decisions (Green Energy Act anyone?) she and her predecessor have been making for the last 10 years.

      Frankly, Wynne is just like Trudeau when it comes to competence in running an economy. The only difference of course, is that trudeau knows he’s an idiot….Wynne remains unaware.

    • Thats a load of crap. Harper has starved the province by spending money in other parts of the Country or in areas of the province he wants to support without regard to the provinces needs.

      • Terry,

        Under the Liberals, Ontario has seen the credit rating be downgraded, we went from a HAVE to a HAVE NOT province, and the cost of power has increased 4-fold. As a result, we have seen hundreds of thousands of job losses. All due to LIBERAL provincial policies…it had nothing to do with the Feds.

        Wynne and the Liberals crapped the bed……..and you are happy simply to have a clean pillow.

        • James and about another 160++ scandals (crimes) too which there is still not an ongoing investigation. Lawsuits upon them from every walk of life.

          Mini Greece Ontari-OWE and if JT gets in full blown GREECE!

      • Harper bailed out Ontario’s auto industry and continues to provide billions of dollars of aid to auto parts makers and subsidies to retain auto production.

        Harper is paying for the new Windsor-Quebec bridge, even the American’s share. The largest infrastructure project in Canada, all at no cost to Ontario.

        Via Waterfront, the federal government funded a big portion of renewing Union Station and Toronto Waterfront lands…money that goes to Toronto that most other areas of Canada do not see (except for Montreal).

        • I don’t agree with bailouts. If a company can’t make a profit…let it go under. Someone else will fill the gap. If the newly unemployed workers are upset about the company going under, they can talk to the labour union leadership about the high costs of benefits to companies, and what this does to the profit margin when coupled with incompetent Provincial Government Policy. (Hello Liberals!)

          And yes…it’s all their fault.

          • If GM hadn’t been bailed out the US was threatening to move GM out of Canada then you WOULD have had far more serious job losses in Ontario. While I agree that in our kind of economy we should let companies dies if they produce crap and go broke in this case there were bigger issues. Ontario does not understand that the reason Canada has had deficits since the was because of GM who gave ridiculous benefits (pensions, medial) that had horrible forward costs. When crap they manufactured couldn’t compete with well-made Japanese Toyota Corolla (Made in Canada actually) they had problems – and they still do that can’t be overcome by advertising. Ford wasn’t so hot either. I remember visiting the Oakville plant and something got buggered up on the line and the guyswere installing doors of the wrong colour and just pushed the off the line, laughing. Ontario, in my opinion deserves ever dip even if it is hard on the rest of the country to have such a big HAVE NOT province.

          • That’s why I don’t have much use for modern unions. They have gone from being needed to protect workers for companies, to being an activist group used to soak companies and protect bad workers.

            The auto/postal unions are the worst, followed by the Public sector unions. They spend more money on efforts to promote anti0-semitism, and capitalism, etcl;.etc…

            all lefty causes since the marxists took over the asylum.

            Unions: SQUASH THEM DEAD (in Canada at least)

    • @ whyshouldIsellyourwheat… that’s how she ran the last election where she was bought by Unions! She was angry that Harper cut the transfers to her because they just created more scandals and crimes. Most of the money transferred used to create ‘la familia’ jobs

  4. Is Trudeau actually trying to chide the NDP for NOT raising taxes on individuals? Does he even understand how this stuff works? And everybody pretty much hates Kathleen Wynne. She’s been exposed as dishonest and a fraud, yet Justin Trudeau embraces not only her, but her least popular policies. I really don’t think Trudeau has a clue what he’s doing, and he’s just taking his orders from Gerald Butts, Dalton McGuinty’s former Chief of Staff.

    But hey, if you’re into paying higher taxes and having the government waste that money, the Ontario Liberals are your people! Lots of provincial bureaucrats in Toronto who love that type of thing.

    • Gerald Butts…the guy who presided over the $1 billion dollar e-health scandal, the $1 billion dollar ORNGE scandal, and the guy who presided over the multi-billion dollar alternative energy boondoggle in Ontario (where inflate electricity bills go to the financial friends of Ontario Liberals who build these projects which government guarenteed windfall profits).

      • Wheatabix in fantasyland again. LOL

        • EmilyOne is “TROLLING Again”

    • but Bill……

      If it wasn’t for Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals….who would teach our 12 year olds about rim jobs and fisting?

      See? She’s not all about voodoo economics.

  5. Warning….

    Don’t fall for the BAFFLEGAB of TTRUDEAMANIA!! He is just mimicking his father’s antics!

    • Well,

      He can’t mimic his father’s intellect, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he was practicing pirouettes for the last two years while he was doing his practice debates.

      He got his dad’s name….and his mom’s brain.

      Nice hair though.

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